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What Kind Of Rum For Daiquiri

A Little Daiquiri History

Best Type of Rum for a Daiquiri | Light vs. Aged vs. Jamaican

The daiquiri is thought to have been developed in the late 1800s in Cuba. The name comes from a small town of the same name near Santiago. It was either created as a medicinal treatment or in a “there’s no whiskey or gin around… time to doctor up the local rum” type of scenario. As is often the case with cocktails, there’s really no way to know for sure which is the truth. Both renditions likely have some factual elements.

Probably the most famous daiquiri lover was Ernest Hemingway. He also happens to have a variation named after him. The aptly named Hemingway daiquiri adds grapefruit and maraschino liqueur to the mix, and it is another fantastic drink worth trying out.

How To Make A Daiquiri

Why not add this classic daiquiri recipe to your repertoire? Its so easy to make, reminiscent of the and mojito with of its tart flavor. When we can, Alex and I like to create recipes that are easy to memorize. That way, you can always have them in your back pocket! So heres how to make this easy-to-remember daiquiri recipe: To make a daiquiri, to a cocktail shaker, add:

  • 3 tablespoons light or white rum
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • 1 tablespoonsimple syrup

Thats 3-2-1, got it? All you have to do is shake it up with some ice to chill it, then pour it into a cocktail glass and serve with a lime wedge.

Tips Tricks And Frequently Asked Questions

Try making it with different alcohols I love the flavor of a rich tequila, or let the strawberries shine with a flavorless vodka.

Pour leftovers into a popsicle mold for a grownup poolside treat later.

Muddle in some fresh basil for a strawberry basil margarita, or some fresh mint for a strawberry mint margarita.

Add a slice or two of fresh jalapeno to the bottom of the glass for a spicy strawberry margarita.

Try making it your own with different garnishes and add-ins.

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Andrew Meltzer 15 Romolo

You should always shake plenty of flavor into your Daiquiris. Using a boring white or gold rum will result in ice-cold limeade with an alcoholic bite. Rather, reach for a naturally flavorful white rum or a carefully aged and blended dark rum.

1. Funky. I ask my guests how funky they are feeling, and I reach for an appropriate Agricole Rhum Blanc. My favorite is Rhum JM Blanc, because it has the perfect balance of over-ripe fruit and grassy dryness. Other options are the crisp, fresh flavor of Clement Bleu Canne, or for the experienced imbiber, the uber-funky La Favorite Blanc.

Recipe: 2 oz/60 ml of white Agricole Rhum, 0.75 oz/22 ml fresh lime juice, and 0.5 oz/15 ml rich cane sugar simple syrup . Shake, serve up, no garnish.

2. Aged. I love an aged sipping rum that is diverse enough to work well in cocktails. The two that I use most are both very accessible. Bacardi 8 is not just great in a Cuba Libre , but it makes a sincerely crush-able Daiquiri. It brings just the right amount of oak, but its still light on its feet. If youve got a few extra dollars and want to taste a richer, more complex rum, Id grab a bottle of Ron Zacapa Solera 23. Its perfect on its own, in an Old-Fashioned, or shaken to pieces in a Daiquiri. Using a high-quality muscovado sugar will bring out the natural sweetness in the rum, so youll need less lime juice and syrup here.

Dont forget to shake your Daiquiri with lots of love.

BlackTails Perfect Daiquiri.

How Do I Pick The Right Passion Fruit

Strawberry Daiquiri

Rant: one passion fruit costs me $5 here in Texas. Do you know how frustrating that is for me when I can literally pick them off the tree at my aunt and uncles house for free!!?? And theirs arent puny, pathetic passion fruit, either. Alas, I have no choice but to be gouged if I want fresh passion fruit pulp.

Picking the perfect passion fruit is easy. The skin of the fruit should be wrinkled, and the fruit should feel heavy for its size. The larger the fruit, the better it is because it means youll have more pulp to extract. The more purple on the skin, the riper it is. Likewise, the more wrinkles you see, the riper the fruit. Because theyre so expensive for me, I cant afford to use the pulp to make the juice. Instead, I use juice from a carton. You can store the carton of passion fruit juice in the pantry, making it great when you want to prepare this cocktail on a whim.

The pulp is mainly for textural contrast, visual interest, and to say theres pure passion fruit in it.

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How Strong Is The Strawberry Daiquiri

Adding a full cup of ice to the frozen strawberry daiquiri adds volume and creates a low-proof cocktail. Though it’s just an estimate, the alcohol content should be around 8 percent ABV . The shaken daiquiri is a little more potent and will fall in the range of 12 percent ABV . While it is light, sweet drinks like this have to be consumed with caution, as their sugary flavor will make you ask for more.

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History Of The Daiquiri

While most vintage drinks lack documentation proving their precise point of creation, the daiquiri’s origin is backed up by an actual cocktail recipe card signed by a “Jennings Cox” in 1896.

Cox, an American engineer who lived and worked in Cuba after the Spanish-American War, is believed to have invented the daiquiri after running out of gin while throwing a cocktail party. Since rum is plentiful in the country, it proved a convenient substitute in a punch he was serving. Unlike what’s stated on his recipe card, the drink was made with limessince lemons were unheard of in Cubaand brown sugar. It turned out to be a huge hit, and Cox christened it the “Daiquiri,” naming the drink after a nearby port town, which also happened to be where the U.S. first invaded Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

However, considering the island has a bounty of lime, sugar, and rum, it’s likely that Cox was merely the first to pen the recipe of a cocktail that had already existed in Cuba. Not to mention that a prototype of the daiquiri”grog” with lime juice, sugar, rum, and waterhad been saving the British Royal Navy from scurvy for centuries before. And variations of rum-lime-sugar drinks previously populated Cuba and the Caribbean .

Papa Hemingway’s super tart recipe eventually evolved to the more drinkable Hemingway Daiquiri, a classic that now includes grapefruit juice and maraschino liqueur, in addition to rum and lime.

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Recipe Variants Of The Strawberry Daiquiri

If you are preparing a shaken version, use strawberry liquor, not berries that are fresh. Start with one ounce and adjust according to your taste.

You can experiment with spiced rum also as it gives a strong taste. There is also the option to use an old rum, or mix two rums that are light and dark.

You can also add some herbs such as rosemary, basil, and mint. All of these spices make a perfect combination with strawberries.

The History Of The Daiquiri

PINEAPPLE RUM DAIQUIRI – Plantation Rum Maraschino!

The daiquiri is a simple mix of rum, citrus and sugar. The story of how this combination became known as the daiquiri can be traced back to the 1890s and an American engineer: Jennings Stockton Cox. He insisted on a monthly rum ration for the engineers he employed and apparently made a special cocktail for guests which he named after the Cuban mining town, Daiquiri, where he was based.

The Second World War saw the daiquiri rise in popularity in America as vodka, whisky and gin from Europe became difficult to get. Rum from Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean on the other hand, was readily available and on their doorstep.

An elevating cocktail, as Nate Brown from Merchant House says, a daiquiri should be fresh and energising, sharp like a sting from a bee! So, how to achieve this at home? Keep it simple and fresh.

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Double Or Triple It For A Crowd

This recipe makes enough for 2 drinks, which is great for whipping up for you and your partner as you sip daiquiris as you watch the sun set. But if youre serving for a party, multiply those quantities for more servings in the same amount of time! Use the 2x button or 3x button in the recipe below. Depending on your blender, you may be able to fit 4x the recipe.

The ability to multiple blender drinks is a major advantage to the frozen daiquiri versus a classic daiquiri, which is made in a cocktail shaker. A cocktail shaker only fits 2 drinks at a time, making it time-consuming for whipping up for entertaining.

What Goes In Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Heres what you need for Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris:

  • Fresh strawberries mostly frozen and some fresh. If you only use frozen, it comes out like a sorbet texture that you need to eat with a spoon. So I like to use a combination of frozen and fresh!

  • White rum Bacardi is my white rum of choice but you can use any, like Havana Club, Appleton, Cruz. Bacardi is a mid shelf quality white rum. With the fresh flavour of strawberries in this cocktail recipe, you can get away with using any good value or mid level white rum. I personally choose not to use top-shelf liquor for flavoured cocktails because I think its a waste.

  • Lime essential for a true daiquiri!

  • Sugar syrup just a mixture of equal parts white sugar and water, dissolved. Dont use sugar thats not in syrup form because this is a cold drink so the sugar wont dissolve. I have a jar in the fridge at all times for cocktail emergencies!

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Bacardi Superior White Rum

Speaking of Jennings Cox, the one spirit used in his original daiquiri recipe allegedly came from a shipment of Bacardi rums from Puerto Rico so, according to bartender and brand ambassador Ramon Diaz of Rums of Puerto Rico, the Platonic ideal of a daiquiri must include Bacardi Superior White Rum. The daiquiris history dates back to 1898, when North Americans arrived in Cuba and started exploiting the iron mines. General Jennings Cox used to drink Bacardi rum lime and sugar. He shared this drink with a group of miners Daiquiri. One day, they decided to name this cocktail after the mines. From that day forward, the cocktail was known as a daiquiri. Because of this, I believe that there definitely is no better rum for a daiquiri than Bacardi Rum, just as it was originally created, says Diaz.

The Best Rum For A Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Recipes
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In these hot, muggy times, the thoughts and hearts of drinkers turn to the perfect hot-weather drink: the daiquiri. Now, when I say daiquiri, I’m not talking about anything fruity or frozen. I mean the original, the classic: the simple sour of rum, lime juice, and either simple syrup or sugar.

I usually like mine bone-dry. I’ll usually mix one with 2 ounces of rum, either 3/4 or 1 ounce of lime, and a couple of barspoons of superfine sugar. Then I shake the hell out of it on ice to dissolve the sugar and pour it into a chilled coupe glass.

Back in February I started exploring the best ingredients to use in a Negroni. I’m now on a similar mission for the daiquiri.

This drink is easy to test. Lime juice is lime juice , and white sugar is white sugar. But the rums, oh the rums. That’s where you can have some fun.

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K Hana Koho Hawaiian Agricole Rum

A style of rum originating in the French Caribbean, rhum agricole is distilled directly from sugarcane juice rather than from molasses, and the resulting spirit has a uniquely grassy, almost vegetal profile. Rhum agricoles popularity continues to grow among inquisitive drinkers, leading distilleries located outside of the Caribbean to dabble in this type of rum-making. One such distillery is K Hana, located in Hawaii. Lead bartender Alicia Yamachika of Nobu Honolulu explains her affinity for K Hana Koho Hawaiian Agricole Rum in a daiquiri as follows: For me, a cocktail experience is about aroma and texture as much as it is taste. K Hana Koho Hawaiian Rum Agricole, made from the ancient Hawaiian sugarcane variety Kea lends a of baking spices from its chardonnay and Makers Mark cask-resting, along with Keas tropical aromas of overripe banana. the Oahu terroirs sea-level imposed brininess gives K Hana Koho its full-bodied mouthfeel. When shaken over ice with fresh lime juice and a little house-made simple syrup, not only a beautiful, flavorful daiquiri, but also the perfect homage to French Caribbean rum heritage, local Hawaiian culture, and culinary artistry.

Kevin Diedrich Pacific Cocktail Haven

I love to cut my Daiquiris with the Plantation Pineapple and the Banks 5 Island. The Plantation Pineapple is amazing in a Daiquiri, but I like a little funk in mine, so I cut it with Banks 5 to get some cool, funky, over-ripe fruit notes in it. I also like my Daiquiris on the dry side, so amping up the lime juice and cutting down the sweetener balances this out nicely.

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Flor De Cana Extra Dry

Flor de Canas Extra Dry rum is as neutral as can be without letting the sharp and sweet of lime and sugar get in the way. Its simple and clean without coming off as too sweet. The flavors that give it character arent entirely filtered out, making it perfect for a refreshing poolside cocktail. Grab the Extra Dry for batched Daiquiris that are both affordable and delicious. Average price: $13.

El Dorado 3 Year Old White Rum

Macadamia Coconut Daiquiri Recipe | COCONUT RUM DRINKS

When head bartender Nils Schabert of Fairview Bar & Restaurant in Alberta, Canada makes a daiquiri, he reaches for El Dorado 3 Year Old White Rum, a fantastic English-style white rum from Guyana to use in daiquiris and all sour-style cocktails. Its aged vanilla notes and modest personality shine through in a daiquiri without overwhelming the drinks citrusy bite. The best choice if youre looking for a very classic daiquiri.

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Whats The Difference Between A Margarita And A Daiquiri

Daiquiris and margaritas are both tropical cocktails which I love. But Id say this Strawberry Daiquiri is my favorite cocktail so far. Ahhh wait, wait..Im still deciding between this and my Mango Margarita.

But what is really the difference between a margarita and a daiquiri?

First off, a daiquiri uses a rum and lime juice combo while a margarita uses tequila and orange liqueur. Second, in serving these drinks, a margarita is served in a margarita glass as opposed to a cocktail glass for a daiquiri. And lastly, a margarita glass is most of the time rimmed with salt while daiquiris arent.

Bartenders Weigh In On Which Bottles They Prefer To Use In This Simple Classic

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The Daiquiri is often a bartenders favorite drink, a classic that is deceptively simple-sounding but takes some skill to pull off properly. The basic ingredients are rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. The first is the most important, of course, and there are so many different styles to choose from depending on what type of Daiquiri you are making.

Light or white rum is often used, but dark rum is just as welcome in this drink. There are high and low-proof options to consider, as well as the different flavor profiles each bottle brings based on its country of origin, barrel aging, and the way its distilled or blended. We asked top bartenders around the country for their recommendations on which rum to use for a well-made Daiquiri, and they came up with options for every budget and palate.

Here are the best rums we’ve found to make your next perfect Daiquiri.

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What Is A Daiquiri

You might first think of frozen daiquiris, like the virgin strawberry daiquiris you ordered as a teen and thought you were oh so sophisticated. Turns out, a classic daiquiri is not frozen at all! A daiquiri is a family of rum cocktails made with white rum, citrus juice , and a sweetener. A classic daiquiri is shaken, strained, and served in a cocktail glass. Its on the list of International Bartender Associations IBA official cocktails, and is thought to have been invented in the 1800s in Cuba. Heres whats in a daiquiri:

Frozen daiquiris are mixed alcoholic drinks with pureed ice the texture is similar to a smoothie. There can be all sorts of frozen daiquiri flavors: strawberry daiquiri, lime daiquiri, banana daiquiri, mango daiquiri, pineapple daiquiri, and so forth. If you live in the US, this is probably the type of daiquiri that you think of, which has become ubiquitous.

The Best Daiquiri Recipes For Fall

10 Cane Hemingway Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

The colder months are an exciting time for drinks lovers. As we say adieu to the frozen concoctions of more humid days, the chillier weather means a reintroduction to old friends like Hot Toddies and mulled wine.

But there are some drinks that go beyond a single season. One such cocktail is the Daiquiri, which has a delightful simplicity that allows for seemingly endless opportunities for riffs and variations taking the rum drink from summer to winter with just a few easy swaps.

Read on for seven inventive ways to winterize the Daiquiri with recipes from VinePairs library.


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