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What To Mix With Tennessee Apple Whiskey

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NEW Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Whiskey Review | First Taste Test
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A Truly Versatile Whiskey

As you can see, Jack Daniels is a very versatile whiskey that works with a wide variety of mixers and cocktails. If you enjoy whiskey, but cant find the right drink to enjoy it in, youre not looking hard enough. Jack Daniels offers plenty of options on its website for anyone wanting a new and exciting way to imbibe their alcohol.

Just because a whiskey has been around for more than a century doesnt mean it wont blend well with other flavors. Jack Daniels is proof of that. What weve provided is just a starting point. So whether you like your drinks sweet or sour, fruity or tangy, youre almost certain to find a way to drink your Jack Daniels that is perfect for your palate.

Christmas Eggnog Recipe With Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

This recipe is a great dessert for your any holiday parties like Xmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving.In a mixer-grinder, smoothly blend 6 eggs with ½ a bottle of Jack Daniels Sinatra Select at high speed. When done, lower the speed and blend again along with 1 cup of brandy, 1-2 oz liquid dark chocolate, 12 oz evaporated milk, 8 oz condensed milk, and 1 tbsp vanilla essence. Transfer in a bowl and store it in your fridge for a couple of hours . Serve ice-cold in small mugs with standing cinnamon sticks.

Eggnog Recipe with Jack Daniels Sinatra Select Whiskey

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Bachelor On The Cheap


Blended and flavored whiskeys are red hot right now, consumer demand for brown spirits continues to rise with American Whiskey in particular seeing some phenomenal sales growth.

Regular readers know that I am a fan of flavored whiskey, I’ve always got a bottle of something in my freezer for a chilled shot or a flavored specialty in the liquor cabinet to enjoy on the rocks.; My favorite in all this tasting fun so far, has been Yukon Jack Jacapple.

My most recent review was of Royal Crown Peach flavored whiskey.; Good stuff!

Today’s tasting is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple.; How will it stack up to my favorite flavored whiskey, Yukon Jack Jacapple?

Released just this week, the new spirit is the classic whiskey mixed with apple liqueur, which in my humble, flavored whiskey opinion is THE best spirit flavor pairing there is.

Here’s the description from Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett.; Tennessee Apple couples the character of our Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with the taste of crisp, green apples. Its like a freshly picked apple in a glass of Jack.

Costing me about $14 for a 350ml bottle, this 70 proof offering is priced at the higher end of flavored whiskeys but it’s well worth it and is most definitely a repeat buy.; In fact, it may have displaced Yukon Jack Jacapple as my favorite, I’m not sure yet, I may have to do a side-by-side taste test comparison…….

$pend Wisely My Friends…..

Does Jack Daniels Go With Ginger Ale

Jack Daniel

For many, the go -to will always be Jack Daniels and ginger ale the pleasingly alliterative Jack and ginger which is a snap to make and still delicious after all these years. Theres no reason to write off a drink as too simple or sophomoric if it tastes good, it is good. Updated Whiskey- Ginger Highball.

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Club Soda And Whiskey

If you are drinking a high-quality whiskey and dont want a mixer that obscures its flavor, use club soda. It will make your whiskey taste more refreshing without dramatically affecting its flavor.

Another advantage of drinking whiskey and club soda is that it will dilute the alcoholic content of the spirit, giving you a smoother drink.

To make club soda with whiskey:

  • Add some ice to a highball glass
  • Pour in 30 to 60 ml of whiskey
  • Add 180 ml of club soda
  • Stir with a mixing spoon
  • Orange Juice And Whiskey

    Although many purists would shudder at the thought of mixing orange juice with whiskey, it can work well with many bourbons and Irish whiskeys.

    The tartness and fresh flavors of orange juice work wonderfully with whiskey. Its also very easy to make.

    To make orange juice with whiskey:

  • Fill a tall glass with ice
  • Pour in 45 ml of bourbon whisky and 240 ml of orange juice
  • add a teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Stir with wooden spoon and enjoy!
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    What Can You Mix Whiskey With Other Than Coke

    5 Great Mixers for Whiskey That Arent Ginger Ale Lemonade. Sweet, tangy lemonade is one of the most refreshing things you can drink come summer. Club Soda . While Whiskey Gingers taste great, the sweet soda often covers up the intricate flavors of more nuanced bottlings. Sweet Vermouth. Apple Cider. Coffee.

    Tropical Milky Shooter With Jack Daniels Winter Jack

    Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple – Whiskey Review 123

    Pour quarter oz of each of JD Winter Jack Tennessee Cider, JD Single Barrel Rye liqueur, and coconut rum, each, in the shot glass, and then add 1 oz of chilled coconut milk to it. Sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg powder and shoot in immediately.

    Coconut Rum Shots with Jack Daniels Winter Jack Tennessee Cider

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    Jack Daniel’s New Apple Whiskey Is Officially Here

    Just in time for fall.

    Prediction: Jack Daniels brand new whiskey is going to change fall mixology forever.

    Tennessee Apple, which was officially released October 1, is a blend of JDs signature with and finely crafted apple liqueur.

    Honestly, can you imagine the cozy drinks you could make with this? We can just see ourselves sipping spiked apple cider by the fire, or mixing up an autumnal twist on a classic cocktailapple-flavored old fashioned, anyone?

    The whiskey maker even came up with their own recipe to start things off: The Jack Apple Fizz, which calls for Tennessee Apple, lemon juice, and soda, looks delicious.

    Mr. Jack was known for being an innovator and always exploring how to do things differently, including adding different flavors and ingredients, said Jack Daniels Master Distiller Jeff Arnett in a statement. Tennessee Apple couples the character of our Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with the taste of crisp, green apples. Its like a freshly picked apple in a glass of Jack.

    Tennessee Apple is 70 proof and features a perfect blend of green apples enhanced by the sweet bold notes of Jack.

    Its available in four sizes: 50 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1-liter. The standard 750 ml bottle will set you back $26.99.

    If you just cant get enough apple in your life , weve got you covered: Check out our absolute favorite apple desserts right here.

    Ginger Ale And Whiskey

    Ginger Ale and whiskey are a surprisingly delicious combination. Ginger adds an invigorating punch to the whiskey without your drink becoming being overly sweet.

    The aromatics and lighter flavors of the whiskey are still present and sit above the taste of the ginger ale.

    The popularity of ginger ale and whiskey can easily be seen by the many names that it goes under.

    You can order it in any Irish pub using the names Irish Buck, Whiskey Ginger, or Jameson and Ginger.

    Ginger ale and whiskey traditionally use Irish whiskey because of its smooth, clean flavor.

    To make ginger ale with whiskey:

  • Add some ice to a highball glass
  • Pour in 45 ml of Jameson whiskey
  • Add 150 ml of ginger ale
  • Add a squeeze of lime
  • Stir with a mixing spoon
  • Garnish with a lime wedge
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    How Many Shots Of Jack Does It Take To Get Drunk

    A shot of Jack has about as much alcohol as your typical beer. Itll creep up on you though because you usually drink them faster or drink more. I weigh 170 and drink a good bit and 4 would probably get me tipsy , 6-7 would get me drunk , and 9-10 would get me really drunk , and 12+ would get me hammered.

    What To Mix With Jack Daniels Whiskey

    Jack Daniels
  • 3.8 Jack Sour
  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is one of the worlds most popular alcoholic drinks.

    Its no wonder it has a delicious sweet flavor with plenty of caramel, vanilla, and oak present.

    Not only can Jack Daniels be enjoyed straight, but it can also be used to make some incredible cocktails and blends well with a range of mixers.

    This article will share a few ideas on what to mix with Jack Daniels.

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    Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Whiskey

    Each sip of this whiskey manages to be sweet without being cloying, a significant feat considering its not particularly spice forward. Enjoy this new offering from Jack Daniels is best enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail. It plays best at a party, swaying non-whiskey drinkers while still impressing connoisseurs.

    Slush Recipe Using Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey

    In a large bowl, mix 2 cups of strongly brewed sweet tea liquor , 1½ cups of JD Black Label whiskey, and 12 oz of lemonade, 6 oz of pineapple juice concentrate , and 6 cups of chilled water. Keep the bowl in the freezer undisturbed for 7-8 hours. Take out the bowl and stir it for a while, and then freeze it for 2 more hours. Take it out from the freezer 15 minutes before you decide to serve. Stir it and serve in ice cream bowls.

    Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey Slush with Lemonade

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    What Is The Flavor Profile Of Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels meets all of the requirements of an American bourbon whiskey but there is some argument over whether it is one or not .

    It is made in Tennessee using a mash bill that is at least 51% corn, along with malted barley and rye.

    It is then distilled in large copper stills.

    The distillate is aged in American white oak barrels for at least two years.

    The key difference separating Jack Daniels from other bourbon whiskeys is that it is filtered through sugar maple charcoal before bottling.

    This process strips the bourbon of some of its harsh flavorings, creating a smooth and easy-to-drink bourbon.

    This technique, called the Lincoln Country process, is why Jack Daniels is often called a Tennessee whiskey instead of a bourbon.

    The dominant flavors in Jack Daniels include caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, oak, lemon, corn, molasses, smoke, bananas, nuts, a hint of spice,

    Easy Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Whiskey | One Minute of Liquor Episode #48

    If youve never tried a spiked cider drink, Ill tell you something the strong spice and fruitiness of the cider, the warmth of the bourbon, the sweetness of the maple syrup it is the perfect way to celebrate season transitions. Whether youre pouring yourself a drink to cheer the five oclock autumn sunset or if youre celebrating the holidays with family, this Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail will bring a smile to your face.

    Be sure to check out ten more amazing spiked apple cider cocktails at the end of the post too!

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    Apple Cider And Whiskey

    Apple cider is a fantastic mixer for bourbon whiskey as it adds plenty of acidity, tartness, and freshness to a drink.

    The zesty flavor of apple cider complements the vanilla and caramel flavors in the whiskey beautifully.

    While apple cider and whiskey is usually consumed on ice, it can also be heated, which makes for a very comforting drink in the cooler months.

    To make apple cider with whiskey:

  • Combine 45 ml of bourbon whiskey with 150 ml of apple cider and a splash of Angostura bitters in a cocktail shaker.
  • Shake vigorously
  • Pour into short glass filled with ice
  • Garnish with thin slice of green apple
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    Faqs About Jack Daniels Mixers

    What is the best mix for Jack Daniels?

    If you have used to drink Jack Daniels plain or with ice, it might be best to try it with cola, lemon, apple cider, soda water or cranberry juice.

    Can I combine Jack Daniels with coffee?

    Yes, of course. You can put the Jack Daniels No.7 and you can also combine it with whipped cream and brown sugar too.

    Are Jack Daniels Canned cocktails any good?

    If you are not good at making cocktails there is always a possibility to purchase already ready ones, and Jack Daniels truly offer a great range of different canned and glass cocktails, so they are an excellent option!

    What Is A Good Mixer For Jack Daniels Apple

    Jack Danielâs Tennessee Apple to launch in global travel ...

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple for a fresh summer drink Jack Apple & Tonic. Put 4 cl of Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple on ice, fill with tonic water, garnish with apple slices and enjoy. Jack Apple & Soda . Pour 4 cl Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple and 1 cl lemon juice on ice, fill up with soda and garnish with a slice of lemon. Jack Apple & Ginger Twist.

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    Best Apple Whiskeys To Sip By The Fire

    As the temperature drops, we reach for the soothing beverages of the season, from hot cocoa to spiced apple cider. Alcoholic cider gets a bad reputation for its sweetness and low proof, but you can still get a taste of the holidays in your booze. Pour something a little stronger and get cozy in front of a fire . We tracked down the best apple-flavored whiskeys that back up that saccharine palate with a gentle burn.

    What Kind Of Whiskey Should I Use For This Spiked Cider Recipe

    Any mid-range whiskey will work for this recipe. I had Jack Daniels Gentlemen Jack on hand after making these to-die-for BBQ sauce for slow cooker grilled ribs;over the summer.


    I;loved Gentlemen Jack in the drink, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand, or even substitute with your favorite bourbon.

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    Simple Jack Daniels Electric Lemonade Party Drink

    Gently stir ¾ oz of both of Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade whiskey* and Berry Punch, with the same amount of blue curacao liqueur, along with 1 oz of sweet and sour mix, in a standard cocktail glass. Fill the rest with lemonade/Sprite, or any energy drink like Monster, and throw in a lemon slice before you serve.

    Jack Daniels Electric Lemonade Whiskey Drink

    Peach Juice And Whiskey

    5 APPLE Jack Daniels Cocktails (Jack Daniels Apple Whiskey Cocktails) Steve the Barman

    This fruity, spicy, and refreshing combination is ideal for a warm summer afternoon. The sweetness of the peach is balanced by the oak and malty flavors of the whiskey.

    You can make peach juice and whiskey using the same formula as apple cider and whiskey. You can also enjoy peach juice and whiskey by making a Bourbon Peach Smash:

  • Dice half of a large peach
  • Place diced peaches, 30 pls of simple syrup, and 4 mint leaves into a cocktail shaker
  • Muddle the ingredients
  • Add 60 ml of bourbon and ice to the cocktail shaker
  • Shake then strain into a short glass filled with ice
  • Top with ginger ale or soda water
  • Garnish with a mint sprig
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    Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Drink Recipes

    Jack Daniel’s web siteJack Apple Fizz

    • 2 ounces Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple whiskey
    • 1/3 ounce lemon juice
    • Soda
    • Pour Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple over ice
    • Top with soda
    • Garnish with lemon

    Jack Daniel’s Apple with Sprite

    • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple whiskey
    • Sprite or your favorite lemon lime drink
    • Pour Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple whiskey in highball glass filled with ice
    • Add Sprite to suit your taste.

    Jack Apple Mule

    • 2 ounces Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple whiskey
    • Ginger Beer

    How To Make This Easy Apple Cider Drink Recipe

    This simple recipe can be made in a matter of minutes. If youre randomly in the mood for a fall bourbon cocktail or if youre in the midst of prepping for the holiday gathering, you can whip this together quickly.

    To make this Apple Cider Whiskey;recipe fill a cocktail shaker with ice, then add the cider, whiskey, and maple syrup. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass, then top it with an orange slice. If youre feeling festive, add an apple slice or cinnamon stick.

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    Homemade Jack Daniels Downhome Punch Recipe

    This is an ideal party drink to surprise your guests. To make it, first, take a large pitcher or can and pour in 1 part of each of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, 7-Up soda or club soda, peach schnapps and sweet & sour mix, along with 2 parts of orange juice and a dash of grenadine. Pour plenty of ice cubes and stir for a while again. Strain into drinking glasses and serve chilled.

    Homemade Jack Daniels Downhome Punch with Tennessee Whiskey

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