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What Proof Is Sauza Tequila Silver

Sauza Signature Blue Silver Tasting Notes

Sauza Silver Tequila *REVIEW* Budget Booze Review

Sauza Tequila samples provided by brand representatives. All photos and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

40% alcohol by volume / 80 proof

Sauza Tequila describes the color of this expression as bright silver with crystal hints. Ill be completely honest with you; it just looks clear to me. It has aromas of deep grass, some fruit, perhaps pineapple and banana with hints of peach and grapefruit. Official notes lean more toward herbal notes with hints of spice.

The taste is crips. There are deeply rooted notes of grass with sharp earthiness. It is light with little to no sweetness. Official notes include citrus flavors. I completely agree with their take that the finish is warming. The flavor does not linger long, so better take another sip!

Sauza Signature Blue Silver can be sipped on the rocks of course. But its so much more fun to make a cocktail, dont you think?!

Villa Fontana Cocktail Recipe

I love a great Margarita, but theres so much more to tequila that that. Villa Fontana couples tequila and apricot brandy ideally, but it also makes this an alcohol heavy drink. It is a sophisticated and flavorful drink. There is underlying tequila flavor with a mouthful of fruited flavors. The sweet factor is nicely balanced, so no sugar coma from just one drink.

Villa Fontana

1/2 ounce Lemon Juice

1/8 ounce Simple Syrup

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until well-chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Original measurements for Villa Fontana call for 1/4 teaspoon bar syrup, and a dash each of orange juice and lemon juice. Changes in the above recipe are suited toward my preferences. Tweak this awesome drink to suit your taste preferences by playing with the juice and syrup measurements.

Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

  • 72Rating

This is way better than I thought it would be!! Fruity and sweet, makes a really great marg.

Smells and tastes like water with a short peppery finish.

Alcohol, bitter, not much flavour of anything

  • 50Rating

Drink anything else on the Bar Menu before choosing Sauza Silver. I wont ever rate/review Blanco Tequilas in this class after this.

only for big parties frozen margs

  • 53Rating

Some smoke like burnt vegetation, leather. Taste is bitter smoke and leather little sweetness. More bitterness on the somewhat smooth finish. Not so good as a mixer either. Will not recommend, drink or buy again.

  • 60Rating

In view, its a crystal clear tequila, presents nice silver tones and shoulders.In nose, notes of fresh agave and fiber, some citrus notes. In mouth, has a velvety mouthfeel and presents notes of anis and black pepper in the back taste. A good choice to mix or enjoy in a cocktail.

  • 68Rating

I sipped it…not as bad as I thought it would be. The aroma is a bit sweet and nicer than the flavor but…I have to admit Ive had worse!

Citrus aroma with a citrus flavor the finish is earthy

  • 55Rating

The nose isnt as bad as I thought, but lots of plasticky alcohol with a slight hint of pear.The flavour hits hard then falls right off.Not my fav.

  • 52Rating

Not much on the nose and taste is sterile but it is good for making margaritas.

  • 53Rating

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Sauza Blue Tequila Silver

Sauza Blue Tequila Silver is 100% Blue Agave crafted at the renowned Sauza Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The agave plants are put into tequila production within 48 hours of being hand-picked, then milled and steeped prior to cooking in a process called Fresh Pressed Agave, resulting in the freshest, natural, crisp agave flavor.

How Is Sauza Tequila Made

Sauza Silver Tequila  Newfoundland Labrador Liquor ...

Sauza tequila is made from the fruit of the blue weber agave plant, a type of plant that only grows in the Jalisco region of Mexicos arid drylands. These plants are carefully grown and cultivated to produce the sweetest, ripest fruits before harvest. The nectar of the blue weber agave plant is extracted from the piña and cooked to begin the fermentation process.

The tequila is then distilled and aged from anywhere between a number of months to a handful of years. Depending on how long the tequila is set aside to age, this affects the spirits color and overall flavor and smoothness. The older the tequila is, the more golden-brown in color they appear, having pulled this color from the oak barrels in which they age.

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Sauza Signature Blue Reposado Tasting Notes

Sauza Tequila representatives also sent along this tequila gem. Sauza Signature Blue Reposado is bottled at 40% alcohol by volume / 80 proof. It is pale straw in color or as their information states; amber in color.

The aroma was like hone and vanilla on the nose. Grassiness is much more mellow in the Reposado than it is in the Silver. There are hints of banana and trace notes of coconut. Not the suntan lotion type of coconut. I mean the sweet, nutty flesh of fresh coconut.

The taste is much heavier than silver. I detect a bit of wood. The flavor is sharp and spicy with barely there detectable dark sugar.

I didnt make any cocktails with this at the time of tasting, because quite honestly I thought it was excellent for sipping. But whats happy hour or Cinco de Mayo without an actual cocktail? Sauza recommends making a Bloody Mary with this expression. Perhaps thats because the tequila already had a little bit of spice kick to it. Find more recipes here. While youre there, look for the Tequila-Infused Whipped Cream. I bet it would be super delicious on top of numerous desserts and Jello shots too of course.

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