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What To Mix With Mango Rum

Pineapple Coconut Mango Rum Punch

Mango Daiquiri | Spiced Rum Cocktails | Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

This pineapple coconut mango rum punch is the definition of laying in the sand on a tropical beach with no worries in the world!

This post is sponsored by Bai Drinks. All opinions are our own.

I feel like I say this every time I make a cocktail, but I’m pretty sure this is my favorite recipe we’ve ever made! By we, I mean Mama Crowded Kitchen.

She’s our cocktail genius and always comes up with absolutely fantastic combinations that are just sweet enough without being overwhelming. This pineapple mango rum punch, which features sweeter-than-usual tropical fruits, still retains that perfect balance, thanks to the addition of coconut and ginger!

We partnered with Bai, makers of refreshing, sugar free antioxidant drinks, to create this recipe. It features their brand new flavor: Madagascar Coconut Mango!

We have tried a lot of different Bai flavors in the last few years. Although their Ipanema Pomegranate will always remain a top three for me, Coconut Mango is my new favorite! The coconut really shines through in this cocktail – it definitely has that beachy/tropical feel we all need in mid-March

Oh, and did we mention it’s National Cocktail Day?! We were going to celebrate with a cocktail today either way , but what better reason to try something new than a national “holiday” dedicated to drinks?

Cheers to #NationalCocktailDay!

  • 2 oz Bai Madagascar Coconut Mango
  • 1 ½ oz pineapple juice
  • 1 ½ oz mango juice
  • ¾ oz blood orange juice
  • ¾ oz meyer lemon juice
  • ½ oz ginger simple syrup

Punch It Up: A Pineapple Mango Rum Punch Recipe Inspired By The Caribbean

A rum punch recipe that will make you feel like youre in the Caribbean. Whos in?!

To kick off our upcoming vacation and celebrate the fact that tomorrow is World Cocktail Day , Im sharing a fruity rum drink recipe inspired by our upcoming travels to the Southern Caribbean.

Rum punch cocktails in particular are kind of the perfect cocktail IMO because they look cute, asset great, and are super easy to make which means theyre the perfect cocktail for parties and entertaining.

This recipe is a pineapple mango rum punch with some really beautiful garnishes orchids and orange zest anyone?!

Were headed to the Southern Caribbean and this rum punch seemed pretty appropriate for the occasion. Maybe theyll have something like this on the cruise? Or at one of the beaches were headed to.

Were hitting up Aruba, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Turks & Caicos on this trip and I cannot wait. Super pumped about Curacao and Aruba especially. I swear, no matter how many times I go to the Caribbean, I always feel like I could go again. I really do love tropical vacations more than any other.

That said, I recognize that not everyone is about to head out on a tropical vacation. BUT you can at least feel like you are with this rum punch recipe. Its a little bit sweet, but not too sweet.

And super fresh tasting too like it is straight out of a Caribbean pressed juice bar, that has been known to spike a drink or two. Now, thats a place I want to visit.

Mango Maui Cocktail Alcohol Drink

Want a Hawaiian cocktail? Try this amazing Maui mango rum cocktail recipe. This alcoholic drink is super refreshing and delicious. If you are looking for a new alcohol recipe then check this one out.

This drink is so good and super easy to make. No blender required for this cocktail just a shaker. Shake up a tasty and delish rum cocktail with this Hawaiian Maui mango cocktail. No need to spend hours looking for a alcoholic drink recipe when you can make this one.

Easy cocktail with rum, mango and pineapple. Its a great drink to take you back to Hawaii. Refreshing alcohol drink for sipping by the pool, making for parties, cocktail / happy hour or just for a yummy cocktail.

Get ready to shake up the BEST Maui mango cocktail.

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Captain Morgan’s Watermelon Smash

Experience has taught me that super-sweet alcohol does not lend itself to a positive drinking experience, but if you can handle something that “basically taste like a watermelon Jolly Rancher” without gastrointestinal consequences, read on. Captain Morgan’s watermelon-flavored spirit reportedly works best as a shot or mixed in spritzer-esque drinks, and it looks pretty as heck to boot.

Bacard Brings Mango Fusion And The Fusion Lounge To New York Los Angeles Chicago Miami And Philadelphia Over The Next Two Months

Tropical Mango Cocktail

The first sips of BACARDI rums newest flavor, Mango Fusion were savored at the BACARDÍ Fusion Lounge, hosted by BACARDÍ rum Flavor Ambassador Pusha T and DJ Envy, at New York Citys Tribeca Rooftop. The lounge fused the elements that make up modern basketball culture, including an exhibit from Sneaker Pimps, world class music from Just Blaze, art by renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon and the newest flavor of the game, Mango Fusion.

BACARDÍ will bring Mango Fusion and the Fusion Lounge to major U.S. markets over the next two months, with events in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia.

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Other Tips And Tricks On This Boozy Mango Lemonade Recipe

  • You can either made the lemonade and mango nectar from scratch or use the pre-prepared versions. Either is totally fine! I tend to lean towards making this recipe using the pre-made lemonade and mango nectar because its easier, especially if you are making it for a party!
  • To make your own mango nectar:
  • Dice up 1 cup of mango
  • Place it in a blender and puree until smooth
  • You can use spiced rum or vodka instead for a bit of a different flavor!
  • Additional add-ins that taste amazing are 1 cup pineapple juice, a squirt of lime juice, or a bit of peach juice.
  • Why You’ll Love It

    Now, I will confess, I’m usually not one to go for the frozen drinks. In this case, I will definitely make an exception. Frozen mango rum cocktail with mint has made a convert out of me. LOL! I want to clarify something, I prefer mango nectar to mango juice because it is a bit thicker and holds its texture much better. In other words it doesn’t become watery right away like some frozen drinks. I love the intense yellow orange color too. As for the rum, I am leaving it up to you. I prefer the clear rum, so that is what I am using in this recipe. The mint adds a bright flavor touch, plus it makes a pretty garnish too. I have an awesome mint patch in my yard that grows just by looking at it.

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    How To Make Pineapple Mango Rum Punch

    This rum cocktail is so easy to make. Start by filling a cocktail shaker with ice. Then pour the juice, rums, and triple sec into the shaker. I did a 3 part juice to 2 part rum to 1 part triple sec ratio for this cocktail. Your measurements can increase or decrease depending on how much of the cocktail you want to make.

    Shake the cocktail for roughly 20 seconds until the outside of the shaker begins to get condensation almost crystallization. Then pour it into a tall glass filled with ice. Leave room in the cocktail if you want to add some sparkling water or soda to the cocktail to make it a sparkling cocktail.

    I used pineapple flavored sparkling water for this cocktail. Ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, or just soda water will also work for this Hawaiian Rum Cocktail if you are wanting to make it sparkling.

    Tell Me More About Copalli Rum

    Cruzan Mango Rum Review

    Copalli Rum has an exciting and intriguing story from their origins to all of their organic ingredients and putting it all together through their distillation process.

    Heres some exciting press about the company that backs up what they do! Not only are they receiving accolades for their achievements, but the company is also supporting sustainable efforts by creating their clean rum with just three ingredients! Fun Fact Their farm is home to the first certified organic farm in Belize! Check out more about what theyre doing here.

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    Common Questions About Making Lemonade

    What ingredients do you need to make lemonade?

    To make homemade lemonade, the ingredients you need are sugar, water, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    How do you make lemonade fizzy?

    If you want to make lemonade fizzy, you just need to add sparkling water. For this recipe, I would add about 1 1/2 cups sparkling water to the mango lemonade. If that is not enough, you can adjust to taste.

    How do I make fresh lemonade?

    To make fresh lemonade, you will need:

    • 5 cups water
    • 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
    • 3/4 cup sugar

    In a small saucepan, bring sugar and 1 cup of water to a boil. Once sugar is dissolved, set aside and let cool.

    Once cool, combine the simple syrup with the remaining water and lemon juice. Mix until well combined.

    Tiki Tastings: Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur

    When a friend traveling out of the country stops at duty free just to look for unusual liqueurs and unavailable rums, you know that you have found a real friend. One of Robs friends picked up a bottle of Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur on his way out of the Philippines. The distillery that produces it Destileria Limtuaco & Co. is the oldest operating distillery in the Philippines. This particular liqueur is unique in that it is the only mango rum flavored completely with natural fruits, blending ripe mangoes and aged rum to build the finished product. The liqueur is mango-colored and comes in a pretty frosted bottle. We havent seen it for sale in any of the liquor stores that we frequent, but there is fairly wide international distribution of this liqueur, so it might pop up in places besides duty free.

    We love the look of this liqueur, since you tell that it is made with fresh mangoes just from looking at it. The liqueur smells like mangoes, with just a hint of rum. The mango flavor feels quite natural and it is not overly sweet, though this liqueur is only 16% ABV. In addition to the mango, youll pick up a hint of sugar-and-vanilla rum flavor and the faintest trace of anise. This slight touch of licorice gave the liqueur some depth and, frankly, made it stand out from the pack of artificially flavored mango syrups and liqueurs out there. The opaque liqueur is not too syrupy, but it is a bit thicker than a bottle of straight spirits would be.

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    Before You Get Started

    How do you pick a mango?

    Given that its the star of the show, you want your mango to be at peak ripenessand flavor. Youre looking for fruit that has a little bit of give when gently squeezed. As a comparison, think of the way you might select an avocado. The softer they are, the riper. Dont focus too much on color it is not always an indication of ripenessespecially since different varieties have different hues. Pick up a few extra fruits and add these tasty mango recipes to your recipe rotation.

    Whats the difference between light and dark rum?

    While theres no definitive answer about whether light or dark rum is better, each liquor has different flavors and properties. All rum is made from sugar cane. And light rum is light because its been aged for less time, giving it a subtle flavor ideal for mixing into cocktails. Dark rum is aged before being distilled, lending to bolder colors and tastes. Its best for sipping straight. For this recipe, we recommend light rum to let the fruit flavors shine.

    How To Make The Mango Rum Swizzle

    Pin on Our Best Cocktail Recipes

    Its said that theres no wrong way to make a swizzle and thats something I support since I love to have fun with ingredients while keeping it simple! Here are a few notes for this recipe.

    • I used white rum, but this could be substituted for a dark rum, or one of Copalli Rums other varietals Barrel Rest Rum and Cacao Rum.
    • Dont have any mango juice? Try exchanging that for a splash of pineapple juice and orange juice!

    I started the Mango Rum Swizzle by adding fresh mint leaves, simple syrup, and lime juice to a double old fashioned glass. Muddle, muddle, muddle until the mint flavor infuses the simple syrup and lime juice. If you need to let these flavors infuse for a few moments, you can do that too. This will be the base of your Swizzle.

    Next, fill the same glass halfway with crushed ice, and here comes the best part! Add Copalli White Rum and mango juice to the glass. Next, grab your swizzle stick and hold it between your palms. Slide them against each other, spinning the spoon until the liquid is combined and frothy. If you need to, add more crushed ice and top with a few dashes of bitters. Remember to garnish with a mint sprig, orchid flower, and lime round for the finished look!

    And if youre like me and enjoy ordering products from the comfort of your home, then choose from four online retailers here or add your zip code and find a store that sells Copalli Rum nearest you!

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    Serve Right Out Of The Bottle


    OPEN. The beautiful bottle is begging to be opened. To leave a bottle sitting on the shelf is to deny yourself the magic of the infusion experience.POUR. Chilled, straight up or over ice.DRINK. Experience the amazing infusion of nature’s perfect fruit and Premium spirits as a perfect cocktail.

    Simple Malibu Rum Drink Recipes

    There are pleny of delicious drinks to make with Malibu rum. Whether you’re reinventing a classic or creating your own cocktail, Malibu rum adds sweetness, complexity, and a coconut taste of the tropics to your mixed drinks. The trick lies in knowing what goes with Malibu and other types of coconut rum. Malibu rum is a perennial, versatile favorite sure to please all kinds of cocktail lovers.

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    What Is A Rum Swizzle

    A Rum Swizzle can be defined as any rum-based tipple inclusive of some sort of sugar and citrus thats mixed together using a swizzle stick or a bar spoon.

    The Rum Swizzle isnt so much named after the ingredients, but more so the technique thats used to achieve the frothy end result! And adding a spirit like rum to this libation is the perfect liquor for the summertime to give you that tiki-cocktail feel. So I knew I had to create this incredible cocktail with a premium rum!

    Cue Copalli Rum, a specialty organic single-estate rum made from organic, heirloom sugar cane, canopy water, and yeast sourced from an all-organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize! They offer 3 unique varieties White Rum, Barrel Rested Rum, and Cacao Rum and for this recipe, I used the Copalli White Rum.

    The History Of The Rum Swizzle

    Mango Cocktails – Mango Martini with Rum

    The Rum Swizzle is often referred to as Bermudas National Drink. But this cocktail is so much more. It brings a whole lot of flavor in a small glass and my favorite part about a Swizzle? Not one recipe is the same and thats what makes it so special! This mixed drink is a blend of fruit juices, citrus, bitters, and Copalli Rum, making it one irresistible creation.

    So, move aside Dark N Stormy because theres a new rum-based cocktail in town and right in time for summer! The Mango Rum Swizzle is a glass of excitement from start to finish!

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    Note For Making Larger Rum Punch Batches

    If making a rum punch in a large batch, rather than a single drink, treat the ounce numbers above as parts instead.

    So, for example, if youre making a large batch of pineapple mango rum punch, youd use 3 parts pineapple coconut juice, 3 parts coconut rum, 1 part mango juice, and 1 part orange juice.

    Ive been to the Caribbean a few times, like I mentioned, and every time Ive visited, there are always, ALWAYS a few rum drinks on hand. Theyre pretty much everywhere!

    So, Im hoping that this recipe will give you all of the tropical vibes today.

    Hawaiian Rum Cocktail Ingredients

    The ingredients for this mango-pineapple rum punch are simple. I love buying the juices in the clear bottles in the juice section for easy mixers. Plus my kids can then drink the juice as they want as well. For this cocktail, I used the Tropicana branded juices. You will also need your stock of rum to make this rum cocktail.

    Be sure to have these ingredients to make this cocktail:

    • Pineapple Mango Juice
    • Sparkling Water or Lemon-Lime Soda

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    Frozen Mango Rum Cocktail With Mint

    Published: by Author: Analida Word count:458 words. About 3 minutes to read this article.

    The perfect summer poolside drink: Frozen mango rum cocktail with mint. Served alone or with your favorite tapas, this fruity cocktail rocks, to say the least! It’s perfect for day parties, a relaxing dinner with friends, or pairing with an uncomplicated summer Sunday brunch.

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