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How To Create Your Own Vodka Brand

Will Activated Charcoal Make Black Vodka

How To Start a Brand Without a Distillery

Activated charcoal supplements have been suggested as a way to make black vodka. It’s not as good as the rice or food coloring options because the charcoal settles significantly and the vodka will become grey. Contrary to rumors, activated charcoal doesn’t lower blood alcohol levels, so don’t think it will reduce your hangover chances, either.

Also, be aware that activated charcoal can negatively interact with some medications. Unlike other toxins, the charcoal doesn’t bind to alcohol and the two together may cause gastrointestinal problems as well as serious health risks like a pulmonary aspiration. This black vodka hack is not worth the risks and, as a responsible drinker, it’s best to go with safer options.

Hello Who Are You And What Business Did You Start

My name is Umberto Luchini, and I am the founder and proprietor of Wolf Spirit Distillery, which crafts Blood x Sweat x Tears vodka, and imports Tom of Finland Organic Vodka. Our distillery is based in Eugene, OR .

Our flagship product is Blood x Sweat x Tears vodka, hand-distilled by Ben Green using locally sourced ingredients: soft white winter wheat from Hamilton Ranch and purified waters from our local Cascade mountains. The copper column distilled liquid is then freeze filtered to achieve an exceptionally smooth vodka that manages to retain much of the character of the grain. The brand name derives from Sir Winston Churchills famous World War II speech — “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat — which over time evolved into blood, sweat, and tears. That kind of effort captures the spirit of both our entrepreneurial journey and our vodka.

Clean All Your Utensils And Prepare The Area Properly

Fermenting is the next step when learning how to make vodka. Fermentation is conducted in clean, sanitized vessels that are sometimes open but often sealed from the air to prevent cross-contamination. Fermentation usually lasts for three to five days. It can be done in unsanitary;vessels,;but is not recommended.

Oxidative cleaners such as B-Brite are available at homebrew shops, as are sanitizers such as iodophor.

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How To Make Fruit Vodkas

Its no pretty jar of jam or row of canned tomatoes, I know, but I suspect that making your own fruit-flavored vodkas might just be the most fun way to preserve the season! This is also perfect for when youre not in the mood for a big preserving project, but want a quick way to make sure that handful of juicy berries, plump purple figs, or last peaches doesnt go to waste. Because a bottle of jewel-colored, summer fruit-infused vodka will never go to waste. Trust me on this.

I had always thought of fruit-infused vodkas as a Big Project requiring specially sourced liquor and months of waiting. In fact, it barely requires a tutorial like this one! Its as simple as choosing some ripe fruits, covering them with vodka, and waiting for a few days until the vodka tastes good to you. Once strained, this vodka can go into cocktails or pitcher drinks, or you can gift it to lucky friends in the months ahead.

I love single-fruit vodkas youre guaranteed to love the end result, and they tend to be the most versatile for crafting cocktails. But heck, you can get as fancy and crafty as you like! Combine fruits together, add spices or fresh herbs, and let out your inner mad scientist. You can also start with a single fruit, taste it, and then add another fruit or other spices. High-proof vodka will never go bad, so you can continue layering on more flavors until youre happy. If you can imagine it, you can make it.

How To Make Vodka

Make your own vodka

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Vodka is a neutral spirit that is usually not aged and can be made from grains, potatoes, sugars, and fruits that are fermented to produce alcohol. Home brewers should take extreme caution during the distilling process to discard the methanol, which can be fatal if consumed. Distilling alcohol at home is illegal in some places, like Australia and the U.S. Other countries may require you to register your still or obtain a license to distill alcohol, such as in New Zealand and the Czech Republic.XResearch source Be sure to check your local regulations before beginning this process.

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How Are You Doing Today And What Does The Future Look Like

Today were operationally close to breaking even, though that does not include the multi-million dollar investment in the distillery. As we have only been selling since March 2019, this is a fairly remarkable financial result: in 2018, we showed almost $0 in revenue; by the end of 2019 we should be close to $1 million, and our margins are above 50%. We are definitely helped by having worked in the industry for decades, so the little spending we do undertake is very effective: for example, despite being a newcomer, we are managing to keep our marketing cost to about $5/bottle, which is only slightly above the average of big companies with established brands. Our cost of goods, whilst high due to our low volumes, are within the range that allows us high double-digit gross margins.

Your Bar Becomes More Efficient

With accurate analytics, you can keep what you need, cut out what you donât, and optimize everything. In other words, if customers consistently request Titoâs in their vodka cocktails, you can change your menu to make Titoâs the default option. Or, if you typically have slow foot traffic on Saturday afternoons, you can use that knowledge to offer a deal on all Titoâs cocktails since you know your customers love them. While youâre at it, you can cut out the other vodka brands you have in stock that donât fly off the shelves like Titoâs does.

Speaking of Titoâs, letâs move now into the real reason weâre here: the most popular vodka brands, according to our clientsâ sales data.

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Big Brand Hard Seltzers

Several companies have produced a hard seltzer in response to the growing demand for hard seltzer.

  • The earliest brand was Bon & Vivant. It is now called Bon Viv.
  • One of the most popular is White Claw. At 100 calories and 5% alcohol, White Claw comes in Natural Lime, Black Cherry, and Mango.
  • Bud Light hard seltzer also has; 100 calories. Made with spring water and natural fruit, it comes in Strawberry, Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Cranberry.
  • Vizzy Hard Seltzer is; 5% alcohol and 100 calories. Vizzy has added Vitamin C and antioxidants to its Blueberry/Raspberry, Pineapple/Mango, Strawberry/Kiwi, and Black Cherry/Lime flavors.
  • Vyne Botanicals has added hops to sparkling water to produce a hard seltzer with no calories. It is also sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. Natural flavors include Floral, Herb, and Citrus.
  • Truly Hard Seltzer comes in thirteen flavors. It is 5% alcohol, 100 calories, one gram of sugar, and naturally flavored.
  • PBR actually just announced an ABV Stronger Seltzer. It is 8% alcohol.

To get into hard seltzer sales, vodka companies are offering their own variations. Smirnoff has released a Sparkling Seltzer in a stunning array of flavors. It has zero sugar, zero calories.

You can purchase Smirnoffs, naturally-flavored Infusions. Infusions are available in naturally flavored Cucumber/Lime, Strawberry/Rose, and Watermelon/Mint. Add four ounces of club soda to two ounces of your favorite Infusions flavor and youve got a great summer drink.

How To Start A New Vodka Brand Business

How To invest in A Liquor Company

Creating a new vodka brand takes two sets of skills. One is the knowledge of how to make a good vodka from grain, potatoes or other source materials. The other is the knowledge of marketing. With a skilled marketing campaign, you may convince vodka lovers to try your private-label spirits, but it’s quality that will bring them back.

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Its Almost Impossible To Differentiate Yourself In The Market

Ask Yourself Why? Why does your brand need to exist?

There are so many tequilas on the market these days you really have to ask yourself what niche your new tequila would fill. What would make it different than whats already available?

Great tasting juice and an attractive package, those are table stakes, says Greg Cohen, a Dallas-based marketing advisor who specializes in spirits brands. The challenge is to demonstrate how and why your brand satisfies an unmet need in the market, he adds.

What about a quality, affordable tequila? There are a handful of tequilas that are already doing a pretty good job of that. A luxury tequila for people who like a lot of wood ? That category is overflowing with contenders.

Theres always room for a high-quality, traditionally made tequila with unique aromas and flavors in our opinion, but thats not necessarily the quickest path to mass market success, so if you go that route you have to have passion and patience.

Let The Fun Stuff Begin

So far, you probably think this information is on point and relevant. You also may be thinking this does NOT seem exciting, lively, sexy, fun, or unique. Like I said before, this is a business and I strongly recommend you cover the necessary steps and foundational matters very diligently and professionally. I promise you, the exciting stuff is coming!

Once you decide on which type of alcoholic beverage you want to create, I recommend writing a summary of your idea and answer the following two questions: 1) What will be unique about my product and brand that will cause people to want to buy it? 2) What price point would I like to see this product on the shelf at my local liquor/package store?

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There Is A Long And Steep Learning Curve Ahead

So, youve figured out why your tequila should exist, do you know how it should be made? There are a variety of both traditional and industrialized processes in use that can radically affect your final product.

Whether you are going to build your own distillery, or contract out an existing one, you need to know about the different kinds of tequila making processes. Dont try to do all your research online. You have to come to Mexico, visit distilleries, meet tequila producers and really see how things work and taste! on the ground.

And a big part of this is understanding the dynamics of the agave price cycle and its relationship to various types of tequila production, Szczech says.

This is because when you make your tequila, and how you make it, not only affect your costs and quality, but also the industry at large. Producers who choose an industrialized diffuser process tend to use younger agaves, taking them out of the market before traditional producerswho rely on mature agaves for their higher sugar content and flavor complexitycan use them.

Which kind of producer will you be? Start by identifying which brands you like, and learning about what it takes to make a quality tequila.

But thats not all. Youll also need to learn about the complicated tequila regulations in Mexico, how to register your brand name, and how to get your labels approved by both the USA and Mexico.

The Finish Line Is In Sight

Vodka Your Way

Before you pull that plug and swing into full production, lets get some finalized product in the hands of some talented folks to make the sales pitch to some wholesalers/distributors. I strongly recommend that you approach this very structured and professionally. This point is where the wholesalers are going to really see the brand and who you are as a viable company behind the brand. These folks are going to want to know the product is excellent quality, unique, looks impressive, and has sturdy legs behind it from a capital AND workforce standpoint. When the stars align, and there is a MUTUAL good feeling between the brand and the chosen wholesaler partner, the magic begins.

The key here is to remember that wholesalers are not just customers of the brand. These folks are vital elements to the success of your brand. Youve poured your heart and soul and finances into creating something very special to you. We want to select the right wholesaler who will embrace the brand and get on board with you.

Remember, at the end of the day, this is your brand. Its your responsibility to take the lead on all things marketing and promotional. Its your responsibility to let the masses know you exist.

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You Need To Have A Unique And Compelling Story If You Expect Anyone To Care

As any good marketer will tell you, you have to have a great story. I love tequila so I decided to make one might be true, but its not a compelling story.

However, if you happen to be born into a tequila dynasty and you missed your chance to inherit the company from your famous grandfather who sold it to a big corporation before you were of age, but you went out, earned money, and took back your grandfathers nearly 100-year-old distillery, fired it up again, and found it made great tequila, then youd be onto something.

Ok, so you werent fortunate enough to be born into a tequila dynasty Now what do you do? Go back to your Why. What makes you passionate about doing this project?

Just as an aid, here are the stories weve heard a lot recently.

    I bought the recipe from an old family in Mexico that was the original ________ brand.

    The master distiller at our brand used to work for ______. He/she; was the secret of their success.

    I created a true sipping tequila to change peoples minds about tequila from their college experiences.

    I am creating a tequila for women.

    Im creating the Titos Vodka of tequila.

Since Launch What Has Worked To Attract And Retain Customers

Our first goal was to be present in high traffic chain stores ; then , the most important goal was to give consumers a chance to taste our vodka: you cannot build a spirit brand without trial, so we invest heavily in in-store tastings. You have probably seen these in your local liquor store. Alcohol brands cover the costs to make these happen so that consumers can try before they buy. I have executed many, many in-store tastings myself, simply as part of owning the brand, but also to gather direct consumer feedback. Our current conversion rate is about 28%, which we are happy with considering we are a new brand that generally costs $25/bottle.

As a next step, we are growing our distribution in bars and restaurants: while we sell less volume that way, it is truly an even better way to allows consumers to try before they hopefully buy . In this sales channel we also benefit from the halo effect of the great bars and restaurants that carry us, and the fact that the consumer is in effect paying to sample him- or herself. Plus, we make some money, as do our distribution and restaurant partners.

For our web site, we started with just a landing page. As the brand grew, we added the brand backstory and a press page; now we are working on the nationwide store locator. Similar to the way the whole company is grown, we focus on lean development when and where it’s needed.

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Selecting A Brand Name

Trademarking the name and the logo will be strongly recommended. The main point I want to leave you with on this topic is to make sure you trademark both the name AND the stylized mark for the brand you create. Im not a trademark attorney, but I believe most trademark attorneys would heartily agree with this strategic approach.

How Black Are The Cocktails


If you are trying to bring a non-black drink into the darkness, do some experiments first to see if it will give you the look you’re going for. Depending on the mixers in the drink and their proportions, this black vodka should, in the least, turn it a darker hue. It is not guaranteed to turn the entire drink black.

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Get Restaurant Sales Data You Can Rely On With Wisk

Overall, if you donât already have easily accessible sales data on hand to do some analysis of your own, visit for more information on what we can do for you. In addition to sales analytics, WISK saves bar managers tons of time when doing inventory, placing purchase orders, and more. You can start using our app by clicking the button below to sign up. We think youâll cherish the data you receive.

How To Start Your Own Liquor Brand

Exciting. Lively. Sexy. Fun. Unique. These are some of the words Ive heard over the past 20 years describing what its like to be a part of the liquor industry. Lets face it, something is intriguing about being in this space. Its a great conversation starter. Imagine being at an event where a bartender is pouring a particular product, and you happen upon the founder of that brand. Ive been there, and I can personally tell you it is a very proud moment.

So, what does it take to get into this industry?

First of all, its no less daunting than any other venture. This business is competitive, regulated, and requires experience and capital. Much like cooking, where you can add your own unique flavor and personality to a signature dish, the liquor industry affords you the same opportunities. Take a shot! Get in there and bottle up your distinctive personality and showcase it to the world.

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