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What Kind Of Glass For Gin And Tonic

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How to Make the Gin & Tonic –

There are plenty of fizzy gin drinks to go around. A Gin Rickey swaps tonic for club soda. A Tom Collins favors lemon over lime. A Sloe Gin Fizz requires a very specific kind of British gin-based liqueur. And of course, there are the non-fizzy gin cocktail classics, like the Gin Martini and the Gimlet.

What Customers Have To Say

A shopper shared that his dad is a gin lover, so he wanted to get him something gin-related. Then he found this glass, and he loved it. The pun is just perfect, and hes so glad he got this for him. Another one said that this was the ideal gift for a gin-loving friend of his. It’s good quality and looks nice.

How To Tell Your Rocks Glass From Your Highball

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Have you ever looked at the array of glassware available at, say, your local Crate & Barrel? The varieties of glasses they shelve seem overwhelming, even to a veteran boozer like me.

No need to stress out, though. Just a few pieces are enough to contain nearly any cocktail you might want to quaff.

For this entry, I’m going to focus on three types of glassware:

  • Stemmed, or up, glasses
  • Old fashioned, or rocks, glasses
  • Chimney-style glasses

These, plus a set of champagne flutes , should suffice for nearly any cocktail you’d encounter. In a later entry, I’ll return to this topic and suggest other pieces you might add to supplement the basics.

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How To Make The Best Gin And Tonic

Elderflower Gin & Tonic Cocktail Recipe

To make the best gin and tonic, pick a gin with botanicals that you enjoy, pair it with a quality tonic, and garnish with more than just a lime. The ratio of gin to tonic varies according to your own taste , but typically youâll want to use a ratio of 1:3. So, one ounce of gin, and three ounces of tonic.

Fill your glass with ice, pour in the gin first, then the tonic. Give it a quick stir. Add your garnish, giving any fruits or herbs a quick squeeze in your hands before adding them to the glass to release their natural oils, and enjoy!

If youre hosting a cocktail party at home, create a gin and tonic bar with a variety of gin, tonic water, and garnishes for your guests to create their own combination.

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Copa De Balon / Gintonica

Not usually part of the bar outside Spain, it is our favourite and our namesake. It is the reason why we are inspired by the G&T as a cocktail. It is also sweeping the world, although still difficult to find down under. The Copa de Balon means Balloon Glass in Spanish and no prizes as to why the other name is a Gintonica. It is anything from 600ml to 800ml in size, the large size holds lot of ice for summer in hot countries and less prone to melt quickly. All that ice, a generous serve of gin, some garnishes and the usual 1 to 3 proportion of tonic make for a winner for you and your guests. The ration can vary from 1 to 1 to 1 to 5 for those who want a less alcoholic version. While a large burgundy glass is somewhat similar, they dont have a round bottom, have finer glass, more delicate rims and a larger curve toward the top. This means a higher chance of damage, especially when adding the ice.

Lets Start With The Classic

Best used for long drinks, the Highball glass usually holds 12 fl. oz., so its perfect for mixed drinks such as a;Tom Collins, or a;Gin and Tonic. You could use a Highball for a Punch too, although many bars will serve a Punch in a dedicated cup with handle.

+;Designed to serve up tipples containing lots of ice and non-alcoholic mixer.+ Because theyre tall and narrow, a Highball glass will keep your tipple cool and carbonated.

Size: A Highball glass can contain 240 to 350 ml.Highball is also the name of;a;wonderfully versatile cocktail;with lots of flavors, but if your are more keen to sticking to the Gin, here are some fantastic alternatives to G&T;to tickle your tastebuds and make your forays into Gin far more adventurous.;;

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Quantity Of Gin To Be Used For Each Glass Of Gin & Tonic

The taste of your gin and tonic cocktail should be as you desired. How strong or light do you want your drink to be? However, there is a standard ration for it and 2:5 ration. You mix your drink with this standard measurement.

  • 2-ounce of Gin
  • 5-ounce of tonic water

You can simply put it this way, for every 2 parts of Gin, use 5 parts of tonic water

TIPS: Aside from garnishing with Lime, there are other garnishes you can actually try on your gin and tonic drink mix according to goodhousekeeping. See below;

  • Orange peel and star anise
  • Thyme Elderflower
  • Let your gin be mid to high shelf brand gin
  • Use original unflavored tonic water preferably
  • Ensure you use fresh lime
  • And also used large ice cubes
  • Best Short Stem Gin And Tonic Glasses: Durobor Alternato Ladies And Gentlemen Balloon Gin Glasses

    Sponsored: Spanish Style Gin and Tonic – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey

    Looks: Durobor Alternator balloon gin glasses have rounded and fun designed, and expertly made for her and him. It is called ladies and gentlemen balloon glasses. Theyre short stem glasses with a single large bubble at the stem base, standing 5.8-inches tall, 4-inches bowl diameter and 18.26oz with a rolled rim.

    Firm to hold in your hand all night long, whether youre standing in a bar or seated at the dinner table. Durobor Alternator balloon gin glasses featured a vintage Gin motif style sun hat for her gin glass and top hat for him gin glass decoration on the front bowl of the balloon gin glasses, making them a perfect gift for the lady and gentleman in your life.

    Quality: ;Theyre thick and sturdy balloon gin glasses not flimsy at all. Theyre very strong, durable and dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze at the end of your party. Their unique shapes allow you to stack them alternately upside and down, saving you valuable space in your cupboard.

    The vintage motifs on them make them a good present to any gin lovers, couples, boyfriend & girlfriend, fiancé & fiancée in your life. They will definitely love these gin glasses. Theyre heavyweight but not too heavy and durable for everyday use and parties as well. You will receive your order in a good packaged box and bubble wrapped.



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    Best Handmade Gin & Tonic Glasses: Lsa International Gin Balloon Glasses

    Looks: LSA International balloon gin glasses are contemporary handmade gin balloon glasses that come in a set of 2 characterized by a flared stem, wide, wide bowl and thick base. It featured, height: 6.75-inches , bowl diameter: 4.3-inches , foot diameter: 2.95-inches and 14.25z capacity.;

    The bowl of LSA International Balloon gin glasses is small, making good for the people that like their drink small. The distinctive shape is designed to enhance gins aromatic botanicals.

    Quality: LSA gin balloon glasses are lovely and on-trend. Theyre of the same high quality with normal thickness. These gin glasses are elegant but very delicate, youre to handle them with care because of the hand-painted metallic stem.

    And the glasses should not be thrown into the dishwasher, theyre not dishwasher safe in other not to break or lose it aesthetically looks but should be carefully hand-washed after usage. They may not be good enough for everyday use but perfect for parties or any formal occasions.



    Bottom Line: LSA International is of one the high quality and best gin and tonic glassware on the market. They are highly recommended for those who want high end, modern and classic gin and tonic glasses, and for those who also love their drink small.

    The History Of Gin & Tonics

    The main ingredient in tonic, quinine, was a traditional cure for malaria at the end of the nineteenth century. It was commonly used by the British East India Company and was also used to treat workers that dredged the Panama Canal. But quinine tasted bitter, so it was mixed with soda water and sugar to make it more palatable. It is said that British officers then added their ration of gin and lime to the tonic water, and thus the gin and tonic was born. Since quinine is no longer used as an antimalarial, tonic water made today contains much less quinine than it did historically.

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    Best Gin Glasses For Gift: Season Storys Crystal Balloon Gin Glasses

    Looks: Season Storys balloon gin and tonic glasses are specifically designed to trap the aromas of the botanicals in the gin and tonic for better taste.

    Theyre the biggest gin glasses in our best glassware for gin and tonic review, these gin glasses are beast to compare with others 23.7oz capacity is not a childs play, standing 8.25-inches high, 4.52-inches bowl diameter, 3.35-inches rim, and foot diameter respectively, giving the balloon gin glasses a maximum stability to prevent tipping over the table.

    The overall flared lips make drinking out of them effortless. The gin Season Storys balloon gin and tonic glasses look thin enough to be elegant but not too thin to be shattered easily about 1mm thick, made from non-leaded crystal glass materials with a clinking sound.

    Quality: ;Generally, these balloon gin and tonic glasses are fabulous and of high quality. They have the luxury feel and suitable not only for your gin and tonic but also for all types of wine such as red wine, white wine, pinot noir, burgundy, etc. Nice and perfect to be a holiday gift for her or him.

    The bowls are designed to hold enough ice and fruits garnishes, sturdy to go into your dishwasher without worries, making them easy to clean. They have a nice weight, are crystal clear and gives you value for money. They are gorgeous and high-end gin glasses but one thing you must note about these beautiful gin glasses is that they are very delicate.



    Nick And Nora Glasses

    Gin Glasses Gin Tonic G&T Spanish Balloon Copa Cocktail ...

    Nick and Nora glasses are starting to become as common in craft-cocktail bars as coupes. Nick and Noras are more bell shaped, in between a coupe glass and a very small wine glass, says Piacentini. In a perfect world, I love Nick and Nora glasses for stirred-up drinks and coupe glasses for shaken-up drinks, because the smaller Nick and Nora glasses fit three to four ounces of liquid perfectly. Though if you are looking to keep your glassware to a minimum, theres nothing you would serve in a Nick and Nora glass that you couldnt also serve in a nice coupe. Nick and Noras are also generally a little bit more specialized and therefore harder to source.

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    Also Try: Schott Zwiesel Gin & Tonic Glasses

    After extensive testing, our team found these Schott Zwiesel Gin & Tonic glasses as a great alternative for those looking to enjoy an authentic experience but prefer sturdier stemware. These glasses feature a hefty stem and a bowl that can easily fit all of your favorite garnishes accompanied by plenty of ice.

    Haymans True English G&t Glass

    Best highball gin glass


    • branding on the glass

    The gin distillers at Haymans took inspiration from a 19th-century glass design;found in their family archive;to create this stylish glass.

    The design is said to encourage a balanced serve of one part gin and two parts tonic. The glass holds 300ml in total, which allows for a full glass of ice, as well as 100ml tonic and 50ml gin.

    These glasses are tall, slim and elegant, with a thick tulip-style lip; the result is not only an ice-cold G&T, but also a wonderfully aromatic drink. Its heavy base also makes you feel like youre drinking out of a well-designed glass.

    It seems that;Haymans has got the ideal gin-drinking receptacle down to a perfect science, which is no wonder considering the distillery has been producing gin for more than 150 years.

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    Anton Studio Designs Speckle Gin Glasses

    Best patterned gin glass


    • delicate stems

    From personalised gin glasses to colourful copas, patterned glasses not only look the part, but can handily denote which glass is yours. These pretty glasses are mouth-blown and handmade and as such, each glass is unique and come in a set of four .

    We particularly enjoyed the long, elegant stems, and how the colours of each glass appear to infuse the gin and tonic when drinking. However, the stems are quite delicate, so its worth being a bit cautious when holding onto them.

    On top of being functional, these glasses are a great option for entertaining, and also look the part when used to serve colourful;flavoured gins such as orange or lavender. Handily, they can also be popped in the dishwasher.

    Available from:

    Best gin glass for portability



    • doesnt keep your drink cold for as long as other glasses

    When it comes to picnics, barbecues and G&Ts by the sea, transporting your glassware collection isnt the most practical;option; but that doesnt mean you have to drink your gin out of a tin.

    These crystal-look tumblers from Lakeland are surprisingly deceptive; while being made from shatterproof acrylic, youd be forgiven for thinking theyre the real thing, especially when filled with your favourite gin.

    On top of being lightweight, theyre an ideal size and fit comfortably in the hand. They can be popped in the dishwasher, but handwashing is recommended.

    • handwash only
    • could be bigger
    Available from:

    What Does A Gin & Tonic Taste Like

    Well Drinks with Gin | Gin & Tonic, Gin & Soda, Gin & 7

    If youâre new to gin and tonics, youâre in for a treat. This classic cocktail is also known as a G&T, and in some parts of the world itâs simply known as a gin tonic. Gin is known for its botanicals, and we list all of the potential aromatics below. But a classic gin and tonic cocktail should be bright and refreshing. The piney fragrance of juniper paired with the zesty aromatics of citrus fill the glass and awaken your senses. These traditional gin aromas are balanced out perfectly by the bittersweet flavor of tonic chilled with ice.

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    How To Pick The Best Glass For Your Gin Cocktail

    The question becomes does it really matter what vessel you sip your gin from?; But the best glasses for your gin cocktail are what you have and what you like.

    Or it depends.; Do you like rules and tradition and formality?; Then YES the vessel for your gin matters.; Do you prefer reckless abandon and pandemonium?; Then drink your gin from whatever is closest to you.; Your shoe even. No judgement. ;

    If you are just plain curious about some gin vessel options, here you go.; And happy partaking of the worlds best spirit. ;

    First Up What Are The Different Types Of Gin Glasses

    Like most things, there’s different variations of gin glasses. You can use everything from balloon glasses to highball glasses, and tumblers to goblet glasses.

    The most common type of gin glass is the copa glass. These glasses are shaped with a large bowl to increase aromas and enhance flavour, much like certain beer glasses. You’ll also find highball glasses are often used to serve gin, too. These work well as the long, narrow shape gives you plenty of room for ice and mixers.

    In truth, you can use most cocktail and wine glasses when serving gin. Just make sure you adjust the ratio of gin to tonic!

    For a selection of our favourite gin glasses, take a look at our top picks below.

    Since you’re here, make sure you check out our favourites bottles of gin .

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    Why Is Gin Commonly Served In A Balloon Glass

    If you want your gins flavor to stand out, it is best if you use a balloon glass, also known as Copa de Balon glass. A balloon glass looks similar to a wide wine glass. The spacious shape traps the flavor and aromas.;

    Moreover, you get to experience the privilege of smelling every satisfying botanical fragrance in your drink. The bowl shape also slows down the melting of ice.

    Old Fashioned Or Rocks Glass

    Cookware, Dining & Bar SET OF 6 LARGE RCR CRYSTAL GIN AND ...

    The Old Fashioned or Rocks glass is another good option. Some of my friends always serve their G&Ts in a rocks glass and never go with anything else. -Which, funny enough, often feels a bit strange to me. Dont get me wrong. They work perfectly well to serve a Gin Tonic. But the low volume combined with a wide opening makes for a completely different experience.

    That doesnt have to be bad at all, but I definitely prefer a Copa or Longdrink glass as my vessel of choice for a Gin and Tonic.

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