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How To Make Your Own Tequila Brand

Sotol Hacienda De Chihuahua


Just like tequila, but a bit different. Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua is housed in a legendary hacienda. As the company, Sotol, states: The Hacienda Tabalaopa, a family jewel since its establishment in 1881, has historically embraced Sotol as the spirit of the region.

Sotol is a bit different to tequila. Distillers create sotol with agavacea variety termed Dasylirion. Dasylirion only grows in the Chihuahuan Desert of northern Mexico. This Mexican-owned tequila is an example of how the industry is diversifying, encompassing other regions of Mexico.

You Will Need To Know Your Target Market And How Youre Going To Reach Them

With so many competitors fighting for attention, marketing is crucial. If your particular area of expertise doesnt include marketing, this is the time to contract out. Get in touch with experts who know how to reach tequila consumers. Even if you make the best tequila in the world youre not gonna go far if people arent driven to try it. Its also not going far if people cant find it.

In addition to creating a compelling brand story, its just as important to clearly identify and articulate how your tequila fills a void in a distributors portfolio, and how it fits a need behind the bar, says Cohen.

All tequila drinkers are not created equal, so it is critical that you know which segment of the market you are going after. If you are looking to produce a cheap tequila to be served in bars as a well product in a nightclub, for example, you wont be able to target aficionados and bartenders with that same product.

If your product uses the diffuser/yeast accelerants/column still/additives production process, youll find it difficult to get bartenders and aficionados to take it seriously.

So, that brings your next challenge

Blanco Silver Or White Tequila

Blanco tequila is a transparent spirit that isnt necessarily completely colorless and is diluted with water, to the proper bottling ABV. To be considered a Blanco or silver tequila, you can mature or age the spirit in oak barrels for zero to two months.; If you age your Blanco tequila for more than two months, it will be considered a Reposado tequila.; Which well cover next.

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You Need To Have A Unique And Compelling Story If You Expect Anyone To Care

As any good marketer will tell you, you have to have a great story. I love tequila so I decided to make one might be true, but its not a compelling story.

However, if you happen to be born into a tequila dynasty and you missed your chance to inherit the company from your famous grandfather who sold it to a big corporation before you were of age, but you went out, earned money, and took back your grandfathers nearly 100-year-old distillery, fired it up again, and found it made great tequila, then youd be onto something.

Ok, so you werent fortunate enough to be born into a tequila dynasty Now what do you do? Go back to your Why. What makes you passionate about doing this project?

Just as an aid, here are the stories weve heard a lot recently.

    I bought the recipe from an old family in Mexico that was the original ________ brand.

    The master distiller at our brand used to work for ______. He/she; was the secret of their success.

    I created a true sipping tequila to change peoples minds about tequila from their college experiences.

    I am creating a tequila for women.

    Im creating the Titos Vodka of tequila.

Its Not All About You You Will Need To Do Some Objective Product Testing

Alcohol Decanters Infusion Kit

Its not a good idea to rely solely upon your tequila preferences, or even that of your friends. If youre going to sink millions of dollars into this, you need to be certain that the tequila in your bottle is what it needs to be. Objectivity is critical.

Assuming you are going to contract out an existing distillery, before you sign any contracts, you should get a good idea of what youre likely to expect once your product is done. You can start by checking a distillerys reputation by looking up the ratings of all the products they produce. The easy way to find this out is to do a tequila NOM search on Tequila Matchmaker, and drill down into each of the brands and products from that distillery.

Youll also want to try the distillerys products yourself. Each distillery has its own particular style and you should see some similarities, even between different brands. You can do this without stepping foot in Mexico. Instead of asking them to send you samples, buy some of their products retail to get an idea of what theyre already releasing in the market.

Distilleries that white label will often sell you pre-made, bulk tequila theyve got in storage. If you arent interested in creating your own batch, thats an easy solution.

But if you want to create your own small batch, one that matches the flavor profile you have in mind, theres another layer of work ahead of you. This is why its so important to know how to taste, and what kind of profile you want.

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El Tesoro Aejo Tequila

Reserve Bar

If you want to discover an authentic Mexican tequila with a bold yet traditional flavor, then order a bottle of El Tesoro. El Tesoro may be owned by Beam Suntory, the Japanese company responsible for Suntory Whisky, but this tequila is still made from traditional methods and local agave. In fact, the grandson of founder Don Felipe Camarena oversees production today. The Añejo variety is aged in American oak bourbon barrels for up to three years, which results in a nice blend of warm agave and oak flavors. If you try this tequila neat, youll notice notes of maple, vanilla and caramel, balanced with pepper and floral tones.

The Importance Of Authenticity

In 2016, a global survey conducted by communications agency Cohn & Wolfe found that nine out of 10 consumers would reward a brand for its authenticity. More than half the consumers surveyed said they would recommend that brand to others, while 49 percent said they would pledge loyalty to the brand.

Lets just put it out there that the authenticity of a celebrity-owned tequila brand is a nuanced topic. Carlos Santana is the only tequila-associated celebrity to have been born in Mexico, and the others may not have much of a tie to the country or to its distilling traditions. Theyre not investing to build distilleries, or distilling these products themselves. Heck, they may not even have ever visited the distillery.

But some celebrities look to create authenticity in another way, saying that they founded their companies because of a genuine love of the spirit. In that case, the message certainly seems more believable when it applies to a grassy, herbaceous tequila over a less flavorful vodka, for example. For consumers, the perception of authenticity may also increase when the celebrity owns the brand , and when they claim to have had some role in the products creation.

As with most things, authenticity and a true reason to believe are what often sets the great brands apart, says Ann Moran, project director of Chicago-based consultancy firm Thoroughbred Spirits Group. Great brands evoke emotion. Great celebrities know how to do this, too.

Teremana Small Batch Tequila

The Rocks premium tequila brand has been flying off store shelves ever since its launch last March. Now, fans of Dwayne Johnson and tequila alike can purchase Teremana online and get it delivered to their door.

The ultra-premium highlands tequila uses all the beverage buzz words, like small batch production, and distilled in handmade copper pot stills. But beyond the hype, its a smooth, easy to drink option; naturally sweetened with the rich aroma of mature agave plants, with a clean finish.

The name, Johnson explains, was inspired by his Polynesian background. TERA means of the Earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us. Spirit of the Earth, he says.

Tequila Rose Can Go In Anything

How To invest in A Liquor Company

Since Tequila Rose is a cream-based product, it doesn’t only have to be used when you’re making cocktails. In fact, you can add Tequila Rose to your coffee in place of your favorite creamer or add it to a homemade milkshake for a bit of an added bite. Make sure to clear off a shelf in your refrigerator because once your family tries your first batch of homemade Tequila Rose, they’re sure to demand you for more.

Formation And Protecting Your Name

Prior to entering into an agreement with any distillery, the first step will be forming a company. Whether you form an LLC, S corp, or choose another corporate structure, you want to shield yourself and your partners from personal liability.

Keep in mind that the state costs of forming a corporate entity can change from state to state. New York, for instance, has a publication requirement for LLCs that can cost over $1,000 on its own. You may also choose to work with an attorney to draft documents, like an operating agreement for your LLC. Once the entity is formed, youll also want to register your trademarks.

Be sure to register your trademarks before you start working on your brand strategy. It makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars on a designer for your labels and marketing materials only to find out that another brand holds the trademark for the name youve chosen.

The Search For A Tequila Distillery Is Not Easy

If you dont have your own distillery, you need a partner. This can be complicated, especially if you dont speak Spanish. According to the Tequila Matchmaker distillery database, there are currently 135 active tequila distilleries in Mexico. Finding the right one is not easy because each distillery is unique.

Youll need to start by doing your homework. Which distilleries are capable of producing the flavor profile you are interested in? You can start your research by scanning through our tequila distillery rankings to get an idea of the overall quality of the tequila they are producing, based on ratings from Tequila Matchmaker app users.

Once you find one you like, will they even give you the time of day? Not all distilleries are willing to white label their product.

And the distillery owners we know who make great, traditionally-produced small batch tequilas are few, and cautious when taking on new brands. This is for a good reason: they have to be worth the time and effort because their reputation is also at stake.

I want to know that has the right motivation and a partnership with them will be sustainable, says Salvador Rosales, Jr. of Tequila Cascahuín. His family distillery gets a lot of interest from would-be brand owners, but their small-batch, artisanal approach means they have to be very selective.

Are you ready to be a good partner?

What Kinds Tequila Are There

There are several kinds of tequila: blanco, joven, reposado, anejo, and extra anejo. Each of these names relates to how long the tequila has been aged. You can technically age tequila for as long as you want, but there arent many brands out there that age it for longer than seven to ten years .;

The most obvious difference between these types of tequilas is their color, which is influenced by their age. Some tequila is clear, while others are a golden color, and others are a dark caramel color. A general rule of thumb regarding the colors of tequila is that the longer it is aged, the darker the color will be. The only time when this rule does not apply is when some companies simply add coloring to their tequila to change the color, and it is not actually aged. Most of the time, however, it is safe to assume that a dark-colored tequila has been aged significantly longer than a clear-colored one.;

There Is A Long And Steep Learning Curve Ahead

FadedIndustry on Twitter: "Own your very own brand of ...

So, youve figured out why your tequila should exist, do you know how it should be made? There are a variety of both traditional and industrialized processes in use that can radically affect your final product.

Whether you are going to build your own distillery, or contract out an existing one, you need to know about the different kinds of tequila making processes. Dont try to do all your research online. You have to come to Mexico, visit distilleries, meet tequila producers and really see how things work and taste! on the ground.

And a big part of this is understanding the dynamics of the agave price cycle and its relationship to various types of tequila production, Szczech says.

This is because when you make your tequila, and how you make it, not only affect your costs and quality, but also the industry at large. Producers who choose an industrialized diffuser process tend to use younger agaves, taking them out of the market before traditional producerswho rely on mature agaves for their higher sugar content and flavor complexitycan use them.

Which kind of producer will you be? Start by identifying which brands you like, and learning about what it takes to make a quality tequila.

But thats not all. Youll also need to learn about the complicated tequila regulations in Mexico, how to register your brand name, and how to get your labels approved by both the USA and Mexico.

Not Quite A Noob: The Mexican Flag

Much more genuine, in that youll actually find the Bandera de México in tequilas homeland, this slightly more refined shot imitates the green, white, and red tricolor flag of Mexico in three separate glasses. Put fresh lime juice into the first, a worthy blanco like Don Julio Blanco Tequila in the second, and a shot of spicy sangrita in the third. You can find pre-made sangrita in Latin food shops, but you can also make your own. Simply mix two parts fresh orange juice, roughly 1½ parts fresh lime juice, to taste, and one part Grenadine. Then, add chili sauce or chili powder according to your own preferences; or sub in tomato juice if preferred. One of the best things about the Mexican Flag is you can alternate between each shot to compare and contrast flavors. As an added bonus, you wont have to lick your hand.

A Step Up: Palomaville

The Margarita might be the best-known tequila cocktail north of the border, but in Mexico, the Paloma is far more popular a citrusy, refreshingly tasty tequila highball that almost anyone can make well. The basic version uses blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, plenty of ice, and a zippy grapefruit soda like Jarritos, Squirt, or Fresca. Salting the rim of the glass, Margarita-style, is entirely optional. To level up, squeeze your own fresh grapefruit juice and add bubbles with plain soda water instead of grapefruit soda. Or add equal parts lemon and orange juice to create the Palomas slightly more complex cousin, the Cantarito.

Let’s Get It Started Today


Live the experience of creating and produce your own custom tequila.

Work directly on our production plants with the guide of our masters tequila distillers.

  • Enjoy the selection of the perfect agave
  • Walkthrough on agave fields and production plants
  • Choose and design your own tequila profile and flavor

How To Make Tequila Rose

How To Start a Brand Without a Distillery

To make your own mixture of Tequila Rose, simply combine heavy cream, condensed milk, vanilla extract, strawberry syrup, and tequila in a blender and mix until smooth. This recipe yields about six servings of the popular strawberries and cream ingredient. This will last for one to two weeks provided it’s properly refrigerated.

  • 1½ cups sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • In a blender, combine all of the ingredients.
  • Blend until thoroughly mixed and pour into a pitcher.
  • Refrigerate until it’s time to use/serve.
  • The Agave Plants Importance In Making Tequila

    The amazing agave plant is used to create tequila. Agave maintains a high production level of fructose and sugars called agavins, which spur on the fermentation process of making tequila. Agave thrives in Mexico because it needs rich, sandy soil filled with nutrients. The hot, dry climate makes for the ultimate agave growing conditions. You could technically grow these plants elsewhere, but they are traditionally grown in Mexico for the sole purpose of making tequila and mezcal.

    Once this succulent reaches around five years of age, yellow flowers sprout on top, and this represents the end of the agave life cycle. Even more crazya fully grown agave plant can reach heights of seven feet tall!;

    How To Make Tequila

    Tequila goes hand in hand with lime, salt and a good time. Bring the fun of this party drink home by making your own with our guide on how to make tequila.;

    Traditionally, in Mexico, tequila is enjoyed by drinking it neat and at room temperature. But that is not the only way that you can enjoy tequila.This liquor can also be added to many cocktails and mixes.;

    A pure tequila has a very unique taste.;However,;when you add it to mixes, something brand new, different and bold is created.; ;;

    Danos Dangerous Tequila Aejo

    Reserve Bar

    One of the most-awarded bottles on our list, Danos Añejo Tequila is aged 18 months in virgin French white oak barrels and produced using 100% agave at a family-owned distillery that dates back to 1840. A small sip reveals aromas of roasted agave with woody notes, before the tequila opens up with hints of caramel, coconut and oak.

    Founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2018, Danos Tequila just won Best in Class Añejo at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Danos also won the Gold Medal in the 2019 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Tasting Competition, and the Double Gold and Gold in the 2018 SIP Awards.

    Think of this as the cognac of tequila best for sipping neat, or with an ice cube.

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