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Is Jim Beam Good Whiskey

Ginger Ale Ginger Beer Or Ginger Syrup And Soda

Whiskey Review: Jim Beam Rye Whiskey

You might be surprised to learn that ginger mixers taste fantastic with bourbon whiskey.

The ginger adds a lot of zing to the sweetness and spiciness of the bourbon, making for a drink that is quite refreshing.

Use a ginger mixer like ginger ale the same way you would use Coca Cola in a glass with ice and a mixture of about 1 part of bourbon to 5 parts ginger ale.

There are also many cocktails that incorporate ginger and bourbon including this terrific ginger ale, lemonade and bourbon cocktail:

  • Fill a high glass halfway with ice.
  • Add 45 to 60 ml of bourbon
  • Add lemonade until inch below the rim.
  • Fill the remainder with ginger ale or ginger beer
  • Garnish with a lemon twist
  • Jim Beam White Label Overview

    Buffalo TraceKnob Creek Single BarrelBookersAs an FYI, I bought and use these Glencairn glasses for everything : Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass Set of 6, Set of 4, Set of 2, or just one.Full transparency, this is an affiliate link, so I may earn a commission if you buy this or something else from Amazon.

    Basil Haydens Basil Haydens 10 Year Rye

    Average Price:$78

    The Whiskey:

    This is Beams high-end brand and their high-end rye within that brand. The barrels are the ones that made it to ten years and hit just the right marks of flavor and texture to be batched, proofed down to a very accessible 80 proof, and bottled.

    Tasting Notes:

    The result of the ten years of maturation is a softening of the spicy rye, giving this offering a much richer, more approachable flavor. Before you even take a sip, youre met with aromas of peppery rye, subtle toasted oak, and lingering vanilla. The sip leads you into a symphony of sweet toffee, rich caramel, and warming rye spice. Its all finished with a flourish of warming cinnamon and smoky dark chocolate.

    Bottom Line:

    Basil Haydens is a great line of whiskey. The one drawback is that all the bottles are only 80 proof or 40 percent ABV. That makes them very easy to drink, but sometimes they can feel a bit shallow.

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    Jim Bean Substitutes To Try Today

    To fully understand the meaning of whiskey, you need to have a taste of certain drinks.

    Many sophisticated drinkers always have a bottle of whiskey in their cart. Jim Beam will always be a favorite drink of many but on days, you can get your hands on a bottle, here are other substitutes that give you the same feel and smoothness.

    Knob Creek Knob Creek 12

    Jim Beam " 225th Anniversary"  Batch Bourbon Whiskey Limited Edition ...

    Average Price:$70

    The Whiskey:

    This is classic Beam whiskey with a low-ish rye mash bill of 77 percent corn, 13 percent rye, and ten percent malted barley. The juice is then left alone in the Beam warehouses for 12 long years. The barrels are chosen according to a specific taste and married to create this higher-proof expression.

    Tasting Notes:

    Youre greeted with that classic Beam cherry that has dark chocolate and brandy candy depth alongside clear Christmas spices next to a hint of menthol tobacco. The spirit carries on those paths as it layers in buttery and sugary streusel over tart berries with plenty of that spice next to a nice dose of salted caramels covered in a bit of bitter dark chocolate. The finish is spicy and sweet and fades gradually.

    Bottom Line:

    This Knob Creek hits so many high marks. The most important one being that this is amazingly easy to drink while still having serious depth and nuance. Better still, you can easily get this pretty much anywhere for a reasonable price. There are ten-year-old bourbons out there that cost two or three times as much as this and arent quite as refined. That makes this todays winner overall.

    As a Drizly affiliate, Uproxx may receive a commission pursuant to certain items on this list.

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    Jim Beam Vs Jack Daniels: Price Comparison

    Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

    • Jack Daniels is a better whiskey than Jim Beam. Both are a bit rough but Jack is more versatile as it mixes better with Coke and other cocktails and is not too bad when served on the rocks.
    • Jack Daniels is sweeter making it more appealing to most consumers.
    • Jack Daniels might well be the best spirit on the planet to mix with Coke!

    Jim Beam Red Stag Bourbon Whiskey

    • Colour: Golden


    Jim Beam is one of the pioneers of flavoured bourbon, and they released this mix of black cherry and Kentucky straight bourbon in 2009. It has since become immensely popular and deservedly so.

    Jim Beam Red Stag is a flavoured bourbon produced by infusing 4-year-old straight bourbon with black cherry liqueur.

    On the Nose

    Soft black cherry and new leather lead on the nose, with hints of cinnamon, hard-boiled fruit sweets, and oak.

    On The Palate

    The rum-like sweetness of the dark cherry blends with fiery cinnamon on the palate, with undertones of oaky bourbon. A warm and smooth finish shows lingering cherry and oak.

    Best Served

    Enjoy this unusual whiskey on the rocks, mixed with cola or lemonade, or in a Cherry Brass Buck.

    Pricing & Info

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    For Sipping On The Porch: Jim Beam And Watermelon

    Few things are as refreshing as biting into a juicy watermelon, those clear and crisp flavors, the summer air all around you, but weve found a way to recreate that no matter where you are, with this Jim Beam bourbon and watermelon, mixed drink.

    The gentle sweetness of the watermelon is a great compliment to the bourbon in this drink, but it can be hard to find in season. So we recommend using a good quality watermelon juice, such as Tropicana.

    To make this Jim Beam and watermelon mixed drink, pour 1 part Jim Beam bourbon and 3 parts watermelon juice over a glass with ice, add a squeeze of fresh lemon, stir gently, and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint to finish.

    Jim Beam Substitutes For Cooking

    Whiskey Review: Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon and Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey Special Reserve

    What kind of bourbon is good for cooking? Whiskey has a way of adding a flavor to a recipe whether you want something sweet or spicy. While Jim Beam is an amazing whiskey to use for cooking, it can be a bit pricey and on days you cant get your hands on a bottle, here are 5 ideal Jim Beam substitutes for cooking.

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    Jack Daniels Is A Tennessee Whiskey While Jim Beam Is A Bourbon

    To be labeled as a Tennessee Whiskey a dram must comply with the following:

  • Made in the state of Tennessee.
  • From at least 51% corn.
  • Distilled at no higher than 160 proof.
  • Barreled at no higher than 125 proof.
  • Aged into a new, charred oak barrels.
  • Filtered through charcoal before bottling.
  • Jim Beam is a bourbon whiskey. This type of whiskey must adhere to the following rules:

  • Can be made anywhere in the United States.
  • From at least 51% corn.
  • Distilled at no higher than 160 proof.
  • Barreled at no higher than 125 proof.
  • Aged into a new, charred oak barrels.
  • Spirits that meet these requirements and have been aged for a minimum of two years, may be called Straight Bourbon.
  • Bourbon aged for a period less than four years must be labeled with the duration of its aging.
  • If an age is stated on the label, it must be the age of the youngest whiskey in the bottle.
  • As you can see there are many similitudes between Tennessee and bourbon whiskies but enough differences to receive different names.

    Is Jim Beam Whiskey Or Bourbon

    Last Updated on August 25, 2022 by Lydia Martin

    Whiskey and bourbon are two of the most popular types of alcohol in the world. Some people say that Jim Beam is a bourbon, while others claim that it is a whiskey.

    So, is Jim Beam whiskey or bourbon? The answer may surprise you, so read on.

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    Does Coke Go Well With Bourbon Whisky

    Yes, bourbon and coke make a great combination, and together, the drink is flavorful and attracts the drinkers. But, one thing to remember is, not all Bourbons have the same spirits. All are different and produce different flavors that one may like and others will not.

    Therefore, choose the bourbon that suits you and gives you the kick that you desire.

    Jim Beam Honey Liqueur Review

    Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70cl

    Ok before an angry The Simpsons style mob gathers outside my door I know this isnt a bourbon or indeed a whiskey really, it is a Whiskey Liqueur that contains bourbon. I got it from a well-meaning relative at Christmas and as I am not prejudiced, I thought I would give it a whirl.

    Flavored whiskey drinks of any kind generally seem to be met with at best a slight sense of trepidation and at worst utter resentment in the whiskey community, bourbon legally cannot contain added flavoring and it is a bit of a gray area with other whiskeys. I did used to be quite partial to the Jim Beam Black Cherry many moons ago, but a honey version didnt really tickle my fancy. Anyway, without any further ado, here is my review of the Jim Beam Honey:

    On the bottle:

    Jim Beam Honey contains all the pride of the Beam familys 220 year history with a smooth take on family tradition. Our distillers have infused sweet delicate honey liqueur with fine Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey.


    Very faint but some citrus, sherbet, honey and a hint of pepper.


    Its very, very, very sweet. Loads of honey to the point it is almost like drinking a glass of the stuff. It has a very Hot Toddy feel to it. Some toffee apples and ginger cake then more honey. Its also very syrupy and the sweet flavors are not subtle and natural like in bourbon, they are artificial and a little sickly.


    Very little, just a bit more honey and the slightest touch of pepper.


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    Auchentoshan American Oak Scotch Whisky

    Auchentoshan is another worthy whisky to substitute for Jim Beam.

    This has been around since 1823 which not only speaks of its quality but it also shows that its a scotch whisky that can weather any storm with you. This has a reputation of being light and also its the only Scottish distillery making triple distilled whisky.

    American Oak Scotch Whiskey is pretty smooth enough to be a substitute to Jim Beam. Furthermore, this has a sweet flavor with a tiny bit of spiciness that suits any whisky lovers taste buds perfectly.

    Jack Daniels Vs Jim Beam

    The most powerful ideologies are not those that prevail against all challengers, but those that are never challenged because in their ubiquity they appear as nothing more than the unadorned truth. Michael Parenti

    Ubiquity, defined as appearing everywhere or being very common, is a double edged sword. When it comes to bourbon, on the one hand the legacy brands pride themselves on this characteristic. Being very common means that you have the production capacity coupled with the popularity to place your products in every corner of the world. When it comes to the worlds most popular bourbon, there are few who can rival Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

    The other edge of that sword is that, for many people, these brands are overlooked. Because theyre always available, theres no urgency to give them a try unless youre already a die-hard fan or following some specific instructions. In America, home of these two behemoth brands, they occupy seemingly every bar shelf and whiskey aisle in existence. In my all-too-limited travels around the world, Im greeted by the same apparent ubiquity. If you find yourself in, say, a bar in Marrakech and discover youre thirsty for a taste of Americas Native Spirit then, in all likelihood, you will be offered one of these two options.

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    What To Mix With Jim Beam

    Few brand names have the longevity, global appeal, and timeless quality of Jim Beam. Having been one of the leaders in not only bourbon, but the spirit market as a whole, for nearly a century now, Jim Beam has seen remarkable growth and development, but one thing has remained unchangedthe quality of the bourbon.

    This is perhaps down to the fact that the mash bill and flavor profile has remained pretty much unchanged since the days when Jim Beam was just a fledgling family business! Which in a way, it still is, despite having been acquired by drinks giant Suntory, Jim Beam remains a family-run and helmed distillery, having been passed down over seven generations.

    With its subtle notes of vanilla and caramel, and piney forest spicing from the charred oak, you know exactly what youre getting with Jim Beam bourbon.

    Jack Daniels Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey

    Jim Beam [White Label] Review

    Love it or hate it, you will find Jack Daniels all around the world! Jasper Newton Jack Daniels started the Jack Daniels distillery around 1875 in Moore County, Tennessee. Jack Daniel developed the Lincoln County process. This is where the whiskey is filtrated through sugar maple charcoal before maturation. This process is of crucial importance to the finished whiskeys character. Whiskey from the Jack Daniels distillery is bottled as Tennessee whiskey.

    The distillery remained in Jacks family until 1956. It was sold to Brown Forman, a Kentucky distilling company. The Jack Daniels brand of Tennessee whiskey has become the highest-selling American whiskey in the world.

    The Jack Daniels Old No 7 whiskey has a mashbill of 80% corn, 8% rye, and 12% barley. After the charcoal filtration, the new spirit is aged for at least 4 years in new charred American Oak.

    I paired this bourbon with some KFC to see how it would work. See which bourbon paired best with the fried chicken. I have also done a side-by-side comparison between the Old No 7 and Gentleman Jack to see how big the difference is.

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    The Main Differences Between Jim Beam Vs Jack Daniels

    The main differences between Jim Beam vs Jack Daniels are:

    • Jim Beam is a bourbon which is a type of whiskey, whereas Jack Daniels is a sour mash whiskey, identified as a Tennessee whiskey.
    • Jim Beam comes from Kentucky, whereas Jack Daniels is made in Tennessee
    • Jim Beam is aged for 4 years, whereas Jack Daniels is aged from 4 to 12 years in order to get the same taste.
    • Jim Beam is bottled at 86 proof, whereas Jack Daniels is bottled at 80 proof.

    Best Whisky To Mix With Coke

    Is your whisky and coke combination not giving you the kick you desire? Finding the perfect Whisky that blends well with coke is not tricky. The Whisky that suits your taste and gives you the kick you want will go perfectly with coke.

    Everyone has a different perspective and preference when choosing a Whisky. Whisky has everything to do with aromas and spirits. Some people like its smokiness and some love its sweet notes. Trying Whisky with coke is the safest combination.

    Did you know Jack Daniels and coke is one of the best combinations to drink? It is not only refreshing but is it famous amongst young whisky lovers? Through this article, I have selected the best whiskies to mix with coke.

    Read the article, and I am sure you will find your best way to mix Whisky with coke.

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    Pop Your Whiskey Sour Cherry

    One fun new take on the traditional whiskey sour is to replace maraschino cherries with ripe whole cherries. You can skewer them, hang them over the edge of the glass with their rugged stems, or you could slice, pit, and freeze ripe cherries and drop them into the glass along with ice cubes. Theyll cool your drink and as they thaw theyll sweeten it with a delicious natural flavor!

    Jim Beam Devils Cut Bourbon Whiskey

    Jim Beam Black Bourbon Whiskey, 750 mL
    • Colour: Deep Amber


    Jim Beam uses a proprietary process to extract the liquid trapped in the barrels wood to make this unique bourbon. They call this the devils cut, a play on the angels share, the portion of the bourbon that evaporates during ageing.

    Jim Beam Devils Cut is a bourbon made from 6-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon blended with the liquid extracted from their barrels and bottled at 90 proof.

    On The Nose

    The nose reveals smoky oak soothed by vanilla, cinnamon, and burnt brown sugar.

    On The Palate

    Woody oak continues on the palate with vanilla, cinnamon, and hints of black pepper. The finish is smooth and not too spicy, revealing dry oak, vanilla, and lingering smokiness.

    Best Served

    Best served neat, on the rocks with a slice of orange. Consider adding a splash of water to open it up a little more. Although you could always try a Dancing with the Devil cocktail.

    Pricing & Info

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    Jim Beam Lineage Bourbon Overall Thoughts And Score

    I pulled out 3 Bookers to do a blind comparison with and see how this compared and who came out on top. The combatants were Pigskin Batch, Boston Batch and Kentucky Chew and 3/3 times the Lineage took number one with the KC coming in a fairly close second . And if youre curious the Boston came in 3rd twice. This bourbon is something else though and for the sake of curiosity, I took it on a roadshow.

    A very good friend of mine recently turned 50 and so we had a small, outdoor, whiskey event in his honor that ended up being a 50+ bottle share. I brought the Jim Beam Lineage Bourbon and let some very educated palates give it a taste. It was an instant hit. So much so that the bottle disappeared by the end of the night. Through a convoluted series of events we got the bottle back, but still, it was a coveted bottle that night.

    If you add some water to this extraordinary bourbon, oak rises further to the top along with some molassesy brown sugar notes on the aroma. On the palate, it picks up a light biscuity quality along with even more oak and an explosion of peanuts and hints of clove and black tea which slides a bit more into the finish as well. Lineage is a GTR, and the price reflects that, but I can honestly say, without a single doubt, that Lineage is the best bourbon Ive ever had from Jim Beam.

    SCORE: 5/5 Superstar

    Jim Beam Lineage Bourbon Review $250



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