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What Drinks Can You Make With Watermelon Vodka

Rinse The Glass With A Strong Flavored Spirit Or Liqueur

Vodka infused Watermelon – How to make Vodka infused Watermelon Recipe by Drink Lab (Popular)

Take your vodka soda to the next level with a rinse of absinthe, Campari, elderflower liqueur, or allspice dram!

Any potently flavored spirit or liqueur will add another level of flavor or a subtle nuance to your vodka soda.

Simply pour a small amount of the liquid into your desired glassware , swirl to coat the inside of the glass, and then discard the fluid. Fill with ice and build the drink as usual.

I love to combine an absinthe rinse with muddled pineapple and a squeeze of lime juice. Incredible flavor without a lot of cals or carbs!

Pineapple Lime Vodka Soda with an absinthe rinse

Tipsfor Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

  • Make sure that all the watermelon chunks are completely covered by the vodka and simple syrup mixture. This will help to ensure that your vodka stays nice and flavorful.
  • If you want a sweeter drink, add in an extra ounce or two of the simple syrup. For a tart cocktail, add in an extra squeeze of lemon or lime.
  • If you want a stronger drink, add in more vodka. However, if you want it weaker, add in more club soda or sparkling water.
  • Serve chilled over ice with a straw and a fresh sprig of mint.

What To Mix With Watermelon

When making a cocktail using watermelon or watermelon juice you want to stick with neutral or citrus liquors and mixers. Watermelon is sweet and wont need any additional sweeteners. Try using vodka, white rum or gin with watermelon juice. To add citrus you can try triple sec or lime juice, or both! Play around with ratios until you find that perfect balance of sweet and sour.

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Related Drink: The Bahama Mama

Want to try a variation on the Malibu Sunset? Opt for the Bahama Mama instead! The Bahama Mama is a popular beach drink thats very similar to the Malibu Sunset, but it adds dark rum and swaps orange juice for lime juice.

We like to serve our Bahama Mama frozen, so its an icy blender frozen drink. But you can also serve it on the rocks, with the gradient effect just like a Malibu Sunset. Head to that recipe for more details.

Most people love drinking. It is an activity that adults can enjoy any time and for any reason. Some drink to celebrate a milestone, relax after a tiring week at work, or to reconnect with old friends. Whatever the case may be, people in these situations rarely say no to well-mixed, delicious drinks. From beer, to vodka, to rum, there are always different cocktail recipes that can be concocted to suit your taste buds.

One of those drinks that never go out of style is rum. Cocktails made with rum are some of the most well-loved alcoholic beverages. In fact, there are a lot of rum cocktail recipes that are so easy that you can mix them yourself. You and your friends no longer need to go to a bar to get your rum cocktail drinks.

What Is Good to Mix with Rum?

Here are some of the best rum mixers that are easily available for you to use:

Coca Cola

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How To Make A Cucumber Ribbon Garnish:

Watermelon Vodka Cocktail made with Blended Fresh Watermelon

Cucumber ribbons make the most elegant garnish for this watermelon cucumber cocktail. They look so pretty, I would do it even if I skipped the cucumber in the drink. The best part is how easy they are! Heres how to make them:

  • Use a vegetable peeler to create even ribbons of cucumber.
  • Stop when you get to the center of the cucumber the seeds at the core dont make good ribbons and rotate the cucumber all the way around to peel the other side. I typically get about 8 ribbons/ cucumber.
  • Store ribbons on a damp paper towel.
  • Gently fold the ribbon like an accordion. I prefer to keep the width of the folds about 3/4-inch wide.
  • Pierce the folded cucumber ribbon with a cocktail pick. Store finished garnishes under a damp paper towel until ready.
  • Note: the longer the cucumber, the bigger the garnish will be. You want a strip thats at least 4-inches long, but its best to start with the longest piece you can and trim after its been folded.

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    How To Make Coconut Rum Cocktail

    Three ingredients will make all your Pineapple Orange Coconut Rum Cocktail dreams come true.

    Equal parts of orange juice and pineapple juice, and a splash of coconut rum to seal the deal.

    Mix it all up, kick back, relax, and sip on this lovely drink and pretend you are on the beach.

    For those of you on a three-day weekend, I hope you have a restful, safe and lovely weekend!

    If you make some of these yummies please let me know what you think in the comment box me. I would also love to see pictures of your Coconut Rum Cocktail on , so tag me and show me your drinks!

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    White Peach And Mango Sangria

    Sangrias always make a splash at parties. When you want one thats a little lighter and brighter, turn to the white peach and mango sangria recipe. Its a very flavorful sangria that combines mango rum, peach schnapps, and Pinot Grigio. Add a trio of fresh citrus fruits, then finish it with lemon-lime soda and its ready for the party.

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    Is Coconut Rum Good With Coke

    Theres nothing better than when the sweet carbonated bite of Coke and the silky flavor of rum come together effortlessly. Whats even amazing is how adaptable this drink can be when it comes to flavor combinations. It is possible to combine Coca-Cola with your preferred type of rum, making the drink even more outstanding. Malibu and Coke are two popular alcoholic beverages

    Start With Watermelon Juice

    Extreme Vodka Watermelon

    The basis for all our watermelon drinks: watermelon juice! Its seriously easy to make: all you need is a blender and a strainer. Chop the watermelon and then whiz it up in a blender until it liquefies. Then strain it through a fine mesh strainer to remove any floaties. Youll come out with a watermelon juice thats bright pink and naturally sweet: perfect for making all the watermelon drinks!

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    Tips For Making This Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

    • To garnish, make sure to reach for ripe, brightly colored fruit. That way, it adds a nice pop of color but also, if you or your guests eat it, it will taste amazing.
    • If you cant find the red, white, and berry vodka, you can use classic vodka to replace it. It will reduce some of the flavors, but honestly, it will still be a refreshing party cocktail.
    • This makes 8-10 servings, but you are more than welcome to reduce the ingredients to make a single cup or double to serve even a larger crowd.
    • Swap the lemon with lime for a different twist of flavor.

    How Do You Make Flavored Vodka Taste Better

  • Whats the significance of the strawberries being first in the recipe?
  • Adding some blueberries to vodka gives it a sour-sweet taste, and the aftertaste is refreshing and pleasantly sour.
  • Infusion of mangoes
  • Infuse apple cinnamon in this recipe
  • Im making a mint infusion
  • Basil Infusion is a drink made from basil leaves that has been steeped in alcohol
  • I wanted to make a cucumber infusion.
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    Ingredients For Vodka Watermelon Cocktails:

    What do you need? Not much, its simple!

    • Vodka. Find a good quality vodka! I like Prairie Organic Vodka or Titos. You can also sub it with Sprite or Topo Chico to make this drink a family-friendly fun mocktail!
    • Watermelon juice or chilled watermelon. There are lots of options. You can totally use fresh watermelon, which is amazing. But if you dont want the hassle of blending watermelon, these cocktails work great with store-bought watermelon juice. In my opinion, Trader Joes Sparkling Watermelon Juice is the best, but you can find Simply Watermelon Juice at pretty much any grocery store this time of year.
    • Freshly squeezed lime juice. Fresh is best, but in a pinch bottled works just fine.
    • Sprite or sparkling water. This is optional, but I really love for my cocktails to have a bit of fizz. If Im not using the Sparkling Watermelon Juice from Trader Joes, I like to top this drink off with Sprite or something similar.
    • Fresh mint and fresh watermelon. Totally optional for garnish, but so pretty, especially if youre entertaining!
    • Ice. Dont skimp on the ice! You want this drink to be plenty cold.

    How To Make This Infused Vodka

    FRESH Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

    Step one

    Gather the ingredients watermelon, vodka and a jar.

    Step two

    Get a 32 ounce ball jar and add watermelon into it, minus the seeds. Fill it all the way to the top.

    Step three

    Pour the vodka into the ball jar to meet up with the watermelon. It took about 2 cups of vodka to cover the fruit.

    Step four

    Screw the cap on the ball jar and place it into the refrigerator. Let it sit for a week. Take it out once a day to shake it.

    You can taste it after a four days to see if the infused vodka is done but I find it takes a full week to be perfect.

    This is what the watermelon infused vodka looks like after a week in the fridge.

    As you can see, the watermelon shrinks.

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    Sure enough. The watermelon had released nasty juices through the box I had placed it in and onto the floor of my trunk.


    So now, a week and a car shampoo later Im still trying to get that nasty smell out of my car.

    So funny story.. but also not so funny for me.

    On a side note. Ever wonder how to pick a good watermelon?

    This drink is basically like watermelon agua fresca meets cocktail! Its delicious!

    Watermelon Vodka Slushie How To Make Watermelon Slush

    Watermelon Vodka Slushie watermelon slush using frozen watermelon chunks and vodka. A quick, easy and delicious drink thats perfect parties big/small or just a drink at home.

    We just cannot get over this Watermelon Vodka Slushie drinks!!!

    Also, known as Watermelon Slush, this has been our favorite summer after summer and make for a perfect long weekend drink for just you or your party.

    And that means Monday is a holiday and a lot of people would even take Friday off for long-distance travel.

    Its also the official go-ahead for the grilling season in USA, so you can imagine lots of grilling and BBQ happening around.

    If you remember, last week, I had mentioned that the guys have already planned for a golf weekend and whoever is not going, will be staying back at our place.

    Hence, Im arranging a variety of food and drinks especially these Watermelon Vodka Slushie!

    If youre a fan of boozy drinks, then this is your best bet for a party as its only 2 ingredients and you can make tons of it in minutes.

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    Summertime Fruit Punch Lemonade

    The summertime fruit punch lemonade is a vodka cocktail with sparkling pink lemonade, so itâs very refreshing. It also includes fresh watermelon, which is paired with fresh parsley for a surprising twist. Itâs a unique recipe and an easy one to transform into a punch so you can share the taste adventure.

    Making A Wine And Vodka Punch

    Easy Vodka Watermelon Mojito with Sprite

    Depending on the type of wine and vodka that you use, the variation in each recipe can be huge. This allows you to mix the ingredients in an endless number of ways. Whether you decide on the citrusy orange lemon vodka punch or the tart cranberry wine punch, youll be glad that you used wine and vodka as the building blocks for your drink.

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    Watermelon Vodka Cocktail With Cucumber And Basil

    This watermelon vodka cocktail is the most perfect summer drink. Its filled with the flavor of ripe watermelon, cool cucumber, and an herby hint of fresh basil. Vodka adds a bite of alcohol, but the purity keeps the focus on watermelon and cucumber. Serve it icy cold with a cucumber ribbon garnish it doesnt get more refreshing!

    Its important to use the sweetest watermelon you can get your hands on. The flavor of this cocktail hinges on blended watermelon, so dont waste your time with a sub-par melon. It wont be the same!

  • How to Make Mixed Drinks From Amaretto Liqueur
  • Watermelon vodka is created when the ripe, juicy taste of watermelon is distilled in crisp vodka. You can buy watermelon-flavored vodka or make your own by infusing chunks of fresh watermelon in plain vodka. Store-bought watermelon vodka tends to be sweeter than the homemade variety but either way you can use it to create delectable cocktails to cool you off in the heat of summer, or to enjoy throughout the year. The fresh watermelon flavor blends well with a variety of juices, sodas and spirits.

    How To Make A Vodka Watermelon Drink

    To make this simple watermelon vodka drink, start by filling the cocktail shaker with ice. Add to the cocktail shaker, two parts of watermelon juice, to one part vodka, to one-half part of triple sec. Also, put a couple of mint leaves into the shaker. Close the shaker and give it a good shake.

    Shake the cocktail for about 20-30 seconds to get the cocktail good and cold. When the outside of the shaker starts to freeze you have reached the sweet spot of iced down cocktails. Pour the watermelon cocktail over ice in a tall glass filled with ice and garnished with more mint, watermelon slice, and a lemon slice.

    Leave room at the top of the glass for a splash of sparkling lemon water. If you dont love carbonation, you leave the sparkling water out of the cocktail.

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    What Is A Tequila And Coke Called

    The Tequila and Coke is one of the simplest tequila drinks to make. Learn how to take this cocktail to the next level by following these steps. Try a Tequila and Coke cocktail, often known as the Batanga! When the earthy, fruity flavor of tequila is blended with the caramel flavor of cola, the result is something quite interesting.

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    Heres What Youll Need To Make It

    Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

    While a classic traditional martini is made with gin, this recipe uses vodka to let the clean fresh flavor of the pineapple come through.

    To get the pure sweet tropical flavor of pineapple in a martini youll need just a few ingredients. Ive kept it super simple so you can enjoy this easy pineapple cocktail any time.

    • Pineapple juice look for 100% pineapple juice with no sugar or other flavors added. You can get it in a jar or fresh in the produce section. If you have access to fresh-pressed pineapple juice from your local juice bar it will taste even more authentic.

    You can also use homemade. Its easy to make pineapple juice at home from a whole pineapple with or without a juicer. To make it without a juicer, just core and peel the pineapple, puree it in a high power blender and strain it to make fresh juice.

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    How To Make Easy Watermelon Cocktails:

    Its SO super easy to whip these cocktails up!

    Simply stir together watermelon juice with vodka, fresh lime juice and sweetener of your choice. Add ice and enjoy! If you want your cocktail fizzy, top it off with club soda, Sprite or another fizzy soda. Garnish with fresh mint, lime slices and/or small watermelon wedges.

    If you would prefer to use fresh watermelon to make your cocktail, Ive listed instructions for blending the watermelon in the recipe card, below. Either way, these cocktails are so refreshing and absolutely irresistible!

    My Love Of Watermelon

    Living with a Cypriot whose breakfast in summer is watermelon and halloumi without fail, I wake up to a breakfast table full of it every morning. Whats incredible is the watermelon is always so sweet, thats what I am used to!

    When I opened the bottle of CÎROC Summer Watermelon Vodka, I was sent right back to that breakfast table. It was summer in a glass!

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