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What Proof Is Belvedere Vodka

Proof Of Different Vodka Brands

Belvedere Vodka Review

The proof of Vodka varies widely. You will find many brands offering vodkas at 80 proof , but there are plenty of highly alcoholic options available as well. Here, I put together a short and sweet overview of popular vodka brands and their alcohol content in proof and ABV.

Absolut Vodka ABV: 40%, 80 ProofAbsolut Vodka 100 ABV: 50%, 100 ProofBalkan 176 ABV: 88%, 176 ProofBelvedere ABV: 40%, 80 ProofCiroc ABV: 40%, 80 ProofDevils Springs ABV: 80%, 160 ProofGrey Goose ABV: 40%, 80 ProofFinlandia 101 ABV: 50.5%, 101 ProofSmirnoff ABV: 40%, 80 ProofSpirytus Vodka ABV: 96%, 192 Proof

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Absolut 80 Proof & Flavored Vodka 750ml

Retail Price:$23.99

Product Description

80 proofâ Crafted only with Swedish winter wheat near the small town of Ahus.

Citronâ Made from natural citrus flavors and vodka distilled from grain grown in the rich fields of southern Sweden

Berri Acaiâ A flavor symphony of acai, blueberry, pomegranate blended with vodka distilled from grain grown in the rich fields of southern Sweden

Pearsâ Experience the fruity and delicate flavor blended with vodka

Wild Teaâ Absolut tea and elderflower is an unexpected combination of naturally sweet, fruity, floral flavors

Ruby Redâ Immerse yourself in the refreshing taste of zesty grapefruit, blended with vodka

Raspberriâ Feel the intense burst of natural Raspberry, blended with vodka

Pepparâ Made from natural peppers and vodka

Mangoâ Enjoy this rich and juicy flavor, blended with vodka distilled from grain grown in southern Sweden

Vanillaâ Experience the purest natural vanilla blended with the finest vodka

Apeachâ Be seduced by the complex flavors of natural peach.

Mandrinâ Mandrin is made from unique blend of natural mandrin and orange flavors

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Absolut Vodka Review By Becky


I used it in a Bloody Caesar and I mix strong, even still the taste was still rather good. It was slightly below room temperature the first time I used it. Ive had Caesars made strong with other Vodkas and I found the taste was almost overpowering when it was made as strong as I make it myself. At least once with Smirnoff I couldnt finish the drink. Im definitely sticking by Absolut for Caesars in the future.


Best Grain: Sobieski Vodka

Belvedere Intense Vodka

Poland may be best known for potato vodkas, but Sobieski Vodka is a great Polish rye vodka. It owes its name to the late 17th-century Polish king, John III Sobieski, whose image was on the label for many years.

Sobieski is one of the best clear vodkas youll find at a low price. Distilled from Dankowski rye, it goes through a continuous distillation process before its married to crystal-clear spring water. The rye gives the finished product a rich, silky taste thats quite enjoyable on its own.

In true vodka fashion, Sobi offers flavored options, as well. Its portfolio was extensive for a few years, but it has since been refined to only the most sophisticated flavors, including cytron, orange, raspberry, and vanilla. Theyre an excellent choice for any vodka cocktail, even those like the cosmopolitan, in which you might be inclined to pour a top-shelf vodka.

Region: Poland | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Spice, fruit, rye

Finlandia is a reliable vodka thats easy to find and can easily serve as any bars well vodka. The popular spirit is distilled in Finland from a special strain of barley that can handle the cold climate and 72 days of full sun each summer. It also undergoes more than 200 distillation steps and is blended with glacial spring water.

Region: Finland | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, citrus, fresh

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Belvedere Vs Grey Goose

When mixing ones favorite cocktail, one may think that the addition of various juices and flavors would make the base alcohol irrelevant. But it is crucial to incorporate a high-quality base liquor if you want a high-quality cocktail. And if straight shots or sipping are more your style, then it is even more vital to select a vodka made with quality ingredients and care.

Both Belvedere and Grey Goose hit the mark on this: both vodkas are renowned for the attention to detail that goes into each step of their processes, from ingredient selection to production method. You cant go wrong with either brand, but now that you know a bit more about their similarities and differences, you can make a more informed choice about which one may be best for you.

Belvedere Vodka Review By Anne


I think this a great vodka, very smooth and perfect to drink it straight or for a classy cocktail. I must admit that im a very big fun of the brand, last week i bought a bottle of Belvedere Pure and one of each flavor, citrus, orange and raspberry, got a great price for them at, and because i spend more than 100 the delivery was free! Very happy with my new addition to the bar, im thinking of tasting the Crystal Head, wich caught my attention at the same shop, love the bottle but dont know if the vodka inside is worth it, any hints??Cheers!

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The Five Best Vodkas For A Screwdriver

A Screwdriver is a classic cocktail that contains a simple list of ingredients. It consists of 1.5 ounces of vodka, 6 ounces of pulp-free orange juice, and ice in a glass, but there are subtle differences in the flavor and the quality based on the quality of the ingredients. Its essential, to begin with, the best possible ingredients, and this means finding the best vodka label. Weve taken the liberty of providing our picks for the five best vodkas based on their characteristics that influence the overall character of the drink.

Absolut Is A Proud Weirdo In The Vodka World

Belvedere Intense 100 Proof Vodka liquor black Review tasting

When it hit the American market in 1979, Absolut was like the shy new kid in the vodka schoolyard. The understated, apothecary-style bottle looked nothing like traditional and dominant Russian vodka bottles. An ad exec doing marketing for Absolut came up with the famously minimalist, richly graphic Absolut campaign.

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What Is Alcohol Proof

Alcohol proof is a unit of measure used to quantify the amount of alcohol in alcoholic beverages. Its a different unit of measure than Alcohol by Volume which measures alcohol content as an overall percentage . In the U.S. alcohol proof is defined as twice the amount of the ABV.

So if a spirit has an ABV of 50%, its considered 100 proof. However, many other countries measure alcohol content differently. For example, the U.K. and the European Union follow the recommendations of the International Organization of Legal Metrology .

The scale developed by OIML is known as the ABV standard. The ABV standard doesnt require conversion to alcohol proof, like in the U.S. That means liquor containing 50% alcohol using the ABV standard would simply be labeled as 50% ABV.

Can You Light Vodka On Fire

Yes, you can light vodka on fire, but most vodkas will not sustain a flame for long.

In fact, vodka is very popular in flair bartending that is the kind of bartending which creates drinks that are as impressive to watch being made and delivered as they are to drink.

The best flair bartenders are an entertainment draw.

The movie Cocktail, with Tom Cruise, is a great example of just how clever bartenders can be when making drinks.

Vodka burns with a bright, steady blue flame and thus, its a fantastic ingredient for a round of breathtaking late-night burning drinks.

But not all vodka burns well or consistently. This is because vodka is generally 80 proof and this isnt quite enough alcohol for a consistent flame.

At 80 proof, the alcohol will catch fire, but the water in the vodka will quickly extinguish the blaze.

Take a look at what happens if you put a torch onto a bottle of vodka:

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Alcohol By Volume For Popular Whiskeys Vodka Gin And Rum

In a recent post I mentioned the number of drinks it takes to become intoxicated varies depending on many factors. One of the factors is the type of alcohol and the alcohol by volume in the drink. Below you will find some of the statistics when it comes to ABV and the proof of a whiskey, vodka, gin or rum drink.

How Is Vodka Made


As a relatively straightforward spirit, vodka can be distilled from virtually anything. Its mostly produced by fermenting potatoes or cereal grains like wheat or rye. The majority of plain vodkas and almost all Russian vodkas are created with wheat, while Polish vodka favours rye and Finnish vodka goes for barley. When vodka is produced using something other than potato or cereal grain, like Ciroc, which is made using grapes, it must legally be declared on the bottle.

To make vodka, the potato or grain is heated to form a mash before being mixed with yeast to produce ethanol. This fermentation process can take anything from one day to two weeks before the liquid is purified to remove any odours or off notes. Then, its distilled in column stills or pot stills to reach its desired purity.

The vodka, at 95.6 percent, is then diluted to around 50% with purified or spring water before being distilled again, at which point infusions can be added. The spirit is finished in the pot before common additives like honey or sugar are added. Before the final step, every bottle of vodka goes through a particle filter before its chilled and sold.

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What Bac Do You Feel Drunk

BAC-Specific Effects BAC Level Generalized Dose Specific Effects 0.200-0.249% Needs assistance in walking total mental confusion. Dysphoria with nausea and vomiting possible blackout. 0.250-0.399% Alcohol poisoning. Loss of consciousness. 0.40% + Onset of coma, possible death due to respiratory arrest.

Billionaire Vodka $725 Million

Owned by renowned designer Leon Verres, Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive vodka brand in the world. As well as being produced with an original Russian recipe, the spirit is filtered with diamonds. It comes decorated with almost two thousand diamonds set in gold and, despite the price tag, is sold out worldwide.

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Quality Cannot Be Ignored

The processing of Belvedere Vodka is comparable to the highest-end vodkas available on the market. As seen in the Common Belvedere Vodka Prices Listbelow, this vodka finds itself in the $30 price range. With a price point like that, Belvedere needs to come through with superior taste and quality. According to the clear majority of reviewers, Belvedere Vodka does just that. With smooth, drinkable taste, Belvedere Vodka proves itself worthy of this price point that can be considered slightly pricey by the common vodka customer.

Belvedere Vodka Review By Ben

Belvedere Vodka Review – On The Rocks

No Rating

Well, my friend and I did the big vodka showdown. Sobieski, Svedka, Belvedere, Grey Goose and Chopin. All were room temp or slightly cooled. I found Belvedere to be less sweet and more mellow compared to Sobieski head to head. Overall, I preferred Belvedere, but I was rooting for Sobieski admittedly. Chopin was a bit smoother and mellow, but had some funkiness to its flavor and I had to give Belvedere the nod. Grey Goose was very similar to Belvedere, but was a bit harsher and had more heat and lingering bitterness after the swallow. The nod went to Belvedere. It also mixed well with my Mountain Dew. My friend had similar conclusions. I didnt do side by side shot comparisons with Svedka, though.

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How Many Beers Equal A Vodka Shot

One standard bottle of beer is equal to a single US shot of vodka . This means that for every shot of vodka you take, you are effectively consuming the same amount of alcohol in one beer. Vodka with a proof above 80 will have more alcohol, however, and potentially be equal to 1.5-2.5 beers per shot.

Absolut Vodka Review By Taffyg2003


After having a decent, though undistinguished, Belvedere martini while out with my wife last night, I was curious to try one made with the ubiquitous Absolute for comparison. Based on the reviews that I had read on this forum and from some friends opinions over the years, I was not expecting much.

The aroma, along with the initial flavor of the sip, was somewhat nutty this was very different from any other vodka I had tasted. I was not sure that I liked this, but it definitely got my attention. Then, as the martini flowed to the back of my tongue as I was beginning to swallow, I noticed how surprisingly smooth it was! Wow, what a pleasant vodka, I thought. Then reality kicked in, and the vodka began to burn strongly after the swallow followed by a disturbing peppery aftertaste that lingered long afterwards. I found this roller-coaster-like taste experience with every sip of the martini. Yuck! Never again.

Absolute is by a wide margin my least favorite vodka to date, and its eighth place ranking on my list of eight vodkas so far will likely fall as I continue to taste test other more distinguished options.


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Old Facility Versus New Brand

Belvedere Vodka is relatively new compared to the facility it is distilled in. The building that houses the distillery is in a town called Polmos Zyrardów, Poland. Built in 1910, under communist rule, the facility produced a variety of products. At that time, it was called Distillery and Rectification of Spirit and Vodka. Belvedere Vodka began being produced in 1993 and is currently the only vodka in production at the facility.

Kors Vodka 24k George V Limited Edition $24500

Belvedere Pure Vodka 1.75L

Kors combines delicious vodka and history in its bottles. Each bottle is handmade out of crystal and its recipe is an ancient one ordered by Russias Czar Nicholas II. Its thought that the Czar created it as the perfect-tasting vodka using a complex method involving solid gold pipes and infusing it with diamonds. Its limited edition label comes from the fact that only 250 bottles of this vodka were ever released.

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Things You Should Know About Absolut Vodka

Even if you dont drink vodka, youre probably familiar with Absolut, thanks to its ridiculously successful marketing campaign. Even if you do drink Absolut, there are probably more than a few things you dont know about the product, or the company itself. From a surprising level of environmental awareness to ancient water sources to that pesky old gluten question, here are 10 things you should absolutely know about the iconic label.

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Ology: How We Select Test And Rank The Best Vodkas

Vodka has kept its title as one of the most popular spirits in the world for many years, which means there are hundreds of different brands to choose from. However, while there are more brands to sample than we could ever reasonably sip, there are a handful that are known for being consistently excellent.

When we put together this guide of the best vodka brands, we looked at all of the new vodka brands that have joined the market in recent years as well as those that have kept their title of success for a longer period of time. We looked at the process used for distilling the spirit, the number of times each bottle was distilled as well as any unique factors included during this process.

We took into account the quality of the grain, potato or other base product used by each brand as well as its sustainability and whether or not the alcohol was produced locally. Then, we factored in the price of each bottle, its purpose and versatility, and its range of flavours and aromas.

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What To Do With This

All in all, I think there isnt much you can do to make a 100 proof vodka taste good. The people at Belvedere certainly gave their best, and the result is pretty good. But I would always rather be drinking the regular stuff.

My suggestion is to use this in mixed drinks if you want them to be a bit more intense than usual.

Absolut Vodka Review By Mohammed

All In The Proof (44): Tito’s Handmade Vodka

No Rating

You are being generous on this rubbing alcohol vodka. really three stars ! and you gave x rated vodka 3 stars and vox 2 stars. vox is better than absolut so why you rated vox less than absolut ! I definitely desagree with this review . i think you should rated it 1 star. and this is why .the first vodka i had was absolut because it was popular and my friends drink it . I tried shot of this vodka and it was like rubbing alcohol very burn and bitterness . Yuk! it was hell when shoting it.So I hated vodka because I thought all vodkas will burn like absolut until I tried ketel one which changed my mind about vodka.


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