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How Much Is Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Review!
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Does Rum Have More Sugar Than Other Spirits

Not too long ago, we talked about dosagethe addition of a bit of sugar to the final product to determine sweetness levels. It was actually surprising to realize that within all the refinements and rustic precision of sparkling wine production, something so simple as a spoonful of sugar might have a necessary place in the quality of the final product. Lesson learned.

However, we definitely had no idea this was the case for rum. Like corn-heavy bourbon, sugar cane-derived rum is a perceptibly sweeter spirit. And like bourbon, its often described with terms that might fit on a dessert menu: caramel, fig, banana, tropical fruit, vanilla, brown sugar, the list goes on. But we always thought these were just perceptions of flavor that suggested sweetness, especially since no actual sugar can make it through the distilling process. As with bourbon, distilled rum is theoretically sugar-free. Best diet ever!

Here comes the mind-blown/the-more-you-know moment: finished rum is not necessarily sugar free, including many rums you know and love. Thats right, rum can actually have a dosage all its owna small amount of sugar thats added to the finished product to achieve a desired flavor profile.


Not that this impeaches the overall quality of a rum you know and love. Just remember, next time you polish off a tumbler of 23 year, you might wanna brush your teeth.

How Sailor Jerry Rum Is Made

Sailor Jerry rum is distilled and produced in the US Virgin Islands. Having been inspired by many Carribean rums, Sailor Jerry rum has added a combination of spices originating from that region to reproduce that unique flavor. Overseas, especially in the UK, the formula for Sailor Jerry rum has been modified to provide a sweeter taste to appeal to a larger audience.

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Celebrate Sailor Jerry Day With A Homage To The Art Of The Tattoo

Sailor Jerry Day pays tribute to the father of old school tattoos, Norman Sailor Jerry Collins with a limited edition tattoo flash sheet competition.

Sailor Jerry, the spiced rum brand named after tattooing pioneer and U.S. Navy veteran Norman Sailor Jerry Collins, will mark the 48th anniversary of the legendary artists death and honour his memory through the work of todays leading traditional tattoo artists.

To uplift his legacy of traditional tattoo craftsmanship, Sailor Jerry has commissioned five prominent traditional tattoo artists from around the world to paint their own versions of their favourite Sailor Jerry flash.

Henning Jorgensen , Andrea Giulimondi , Rosie Evans , Phil De Angulo and Marcus Yuen have collaborated to create a limited edition Norman Collins inspired tattoo flash sheet that pays homage to Collins.

Prints of this collaborative one-of-a-kind flash sheet will serve as prizes in a number of international social media competitions across both influential tattoo-related IG accounts and through Sailor Jerrys own channel.

In addition, three of the tattoo artists, Andrea Giulimondi, founder of Londons renowned Riverside Tattoo, Phil DeAngulo, tattooer and owner of Memorial Brooklyn Tattoo and bi-coastal tattoo artist Rosie Evans of Five Points in NYC and Marlett Tattoo in LA, will each offer one palm-sized Sailor Jerry tattoo, as well as 12 limited-edition flash sheet prints to their followers.


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Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum

This deliciously unique sweet pineapple rum was originally never meant for sale but has since morphed into a much-loved craft distilled rum that sets tongues wagging. Plantation cellar master Alexandre Gabriel and author David Wondrich created this great rum to share during the Tales of the Cocktail conference, in honor of Reverend Stiggins, whose favorite drink was the pineapple rum in The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.

The Fancy Pineapple Rum was such a hit that Plantation made it an official release, and its an outlier of great quality in the flavored rum market, that is perfect for a well-crafted pina colada or Mai Tai.

SelvaRey Coconut rum is made from an incredibly smooth, two-year-aged rum, infused with velvety coconut essence. According to superstar owner Bruno Mars, SelvaRey Coconut is designed to raise the bar in the coconut rum category and the world of tropical cocktails.

SelvaRey Coconut delivers the ultimate drink every time, said Mars at its pre-summer launch. Its hands down the best coconut rum youve ever tasted. Who wouldnt be happy with a SelvaRey pina colada in their hand? If coconut rum is not your thing, SelvaRey also offers white rum and chocolate rum versions, and a hard-to-find premium rum, Owners Reserve.

Banks 5 Island Blend Rum

A blend of rums from five distilleries, each aged between three and 12 years. The rums are from Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, and Guyana, but also include Batavia Arrack from Java. Batavia Arrack is a sugar cane juice and molasses distillate produced exclusively on the Indonesian Island of Java. The maturation process includes the addition of local fermented rice.

Banks 5 Island Rum is a big, characterful rum full of fermented molasses that boldly sits well in a classic daiquiri. Filtered until its crystal clear, this barrel-aged rum offers more character than most light rum types.

Banks 5 Island is just the type of expression thatll liven up any rum cocktail, or work just as well with lime juice, ice, and a little bit of fresh tropical fruit. Banks also has a golden rum blend of 23 rums from seven countries that we highly recommend if a sweeter Caribbean rum for sipping on the beach is more your kind of thing.

Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star 8 Year is a product of Haiti aged to perfection in 100% French Limousin oak. Barbancourt is produced from pure sugarcane juice and double distilled in a manner similar to Cognac. Aficionados often rate it superior to AOC Rhum Agricole but at a much more affordable price.

Norman Sailor Jerry Collins was an icon of ink, a sailor of repute, and an all-around interesting guy. Funnily enough, he didnt drink, but Ill never hold that against him.

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The 15 Best Rum Brands For Cocktails In 2021

Nothing gets the party started quite like a rum cocktail. Rum production is rising in the US and Caribbean Islands. Old favorites, matured expressions, and a fleet of flavored rum bottles from independent producers are all part of the thriving landscape.

Many rum cocktail enthusiasts seem to fall on one side of the dark rum or white rum line. Others still split the difference with sweeter gold rum. Youll find all types and more in the list below.

This collection of the 15 best rum brands for cocktails in 2021 showcases some of the best bottles in everyday rum crafting. Its a diverse group that varies in style and region of production, level of filtration, alcohol content, taste, and purpose.

Best Buy

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a Venezuelan aged rum distilled in copper pot stills and aged for 12 years. Diplomatico is produced from molasses and sugarcane honey from the syrup left behind from the canes first boiling. Its a subtly spicy, dark rum, with the banana flavors augmented by notes of vanilla and dried fruit.

Distinctively bottled in green, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a great rum for sipping neat, in a premium ginger beer mixed drink, or for crafting top-quality tropical fruit cocktail choices.

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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

This popular sailor jerry spiced rum is created by the company Sailor Jerry Ltd. The company initiated to honor Norman Collins aka, Sailor Jerry who was the sailor that later turned into a tattooist. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum crafted after a rigorous exploration into ancient nautical rums that is why Sailor Jerry spiced rum serves a smooth and rich flavor rum, which is indeed every sailors choice.

The recipe of sailor jerry spiced rum is based on the sailors tradition. Normally, spiced and edge off rum is crafted in two ways. One is to age the spirit in oak wood kegs, which sailors do not bother to do. And the other way is to blend spices in the rum. The latter method is loved and practiced by most sailors. The spiced rum is a mixture of various Caribbean rums infused with natural flavorings and spices.

Enjoy A Ginger Daiquiri

  • 1.5oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
  • 0.75oz Ginger Syrup
  • 0.5oz Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

If youre looking for a classy drink that will leave your tongue tingling and warm, consider trying a ginger daiquiri. Consisting of only three ingredients, you can choose to have this drink chilled or enjoy it at room temperature. To make a ginger daiquiri, first pour all three ingredients into a mixing glass. If you prefer to have your drink cold, you can also ad some ice. Be sure to shake very well to blend the ingredients together. Strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy!

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Other Rums From Virgin Islands

Country of origin, especially the location of the ingredients utilized in the manufacture of a rum, have a strong impact on the resulting taste, scent, and value of a rum. While Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum may not be the best option for your personal taste, there are other rum options from Virgin Islands. Below are some other great rum choices.

Wray And Nephew Overproof White Rum


Iconic Jamaican rum brand Wray and Nephew topped our list of best white rum to try, and its also right near the top of our cocktail drinking list. This bottle is responsible for 90% of domestic Jamaican rum sales and is the pre-eminent strong overproof rum sold worldwide.

Wray and Nephew is an overproof rum that carries an extra wallop and is designed with your party in mind. It has a natural, sugar-sweet aroma with overtones of fermented molasses. The palate is fruity, and the extra booze kick is tangible alongside notes of banana and a little oak.

The finish is long and filled with a flavor synonymous with Caribbean rum. Its a fiery white spirit for the rum lover who enjoys holding court in social situations, and its strength adds power and punch to any cocktail.

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Fast Facts About Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Of all the information available about a specific type of rum, there are four main staples that differentiate them in terms of both quality and flavor. The type of rum, the price point/quality of the rum, its country of origin, and the ABV . The fast facts for Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum are below.

Rum Type

Smooth and warm with a hint of cinnamon, black pepper, and black cherry.


bitter and tannic.

Nose, Taste, and Finish are the three main qualities that discern different types of rums from one another. The Nose is the scent of the rum. The Taste is obvious, its the mouthfeel, and the different flavors you can determine when you take a sip and swirl it around.

Finally, the Finish is when you swallow the sip you took, the flavors that come through when its sliding down. To the left are the tasting notes for Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Brugal Extra Dry White Rum

The pride of the Dominican Republic, the fourth and fifth generations of the original Brugal continue to honor his legacy, by acting as the personal guardians of the entire rum-making process. The Brugal family rum recipe is a closely guarded secret. After going through the distillation process, Brugal Rums are aged for up to eight years in hand-picked American oak casks.

Brugal Extra Dry Rum is a clear rum blend of American oak bourbon barrel-aged, double-distilled rums aged from two to five years, triple charcoal filtered, and then bottled at an easy-going 80 proof. Brugal offers spice and subtle sweetness on the nose followed by coconut, vanilla, and baking spice.

The finish is warming and spicy with cardamom and coriander. If youre looking for an inexpensive clear rum to become a favorite rum for cocktail making, then Brugal should be near the top of your list.

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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Appearance

Appearance of the Bottle and Packaging

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum comes in a transparent glass bottle with black and simple printing of the name of rum and company aside from which there is a picture of a girl dressed in fashionable attire. The cap of the bottle is black and has a golden printed Sailor Jerry on it. Overall packaging is classic, represents a blend of modern and classic clean appearance that is an accurate reflection of the spiced rum within.

Appearance of the Rum Itself

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is the perfect rum for spiced spirit lovers. It has mellow and deep flavors of various spices. The rum has a smooth and bitter finish. It has the subtly sweet flavor of vanilla and cinnamon that give the rum a spiced punch of taste. The spirit can be enjoyed on the rock or fused with cocktails.

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