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Where To Buy Neft Vodka

I’m A Sucker For Cool Packaging And Neft Knocks It Out Of The Park It’s A Squat Oil Can With Blocky Cyrillic Lettering It Absolutely Looks Like The Kind Of Vodka We’d All Be Drinking In Some Kind Of Dystopian Nightmare Where Russia Won The Cold War

Here’s to Versatility. | NEFT Ultra-Premium Vodka.

Here’s just one weird hiccup: this brand that checks all of the Russia boxes is made in…. Austria? My reaction was eerily similar to all of those cowboys who ran out of Pace Picante Sauce.

The NEFT Vodka isnt a hard pass from me, but its a pass nevertheless. The value just isnt here considering the flaws.

Here’s where we get into the veritable grab bag of some good, some bad. We’ll start with the good. The nose is quite nice on this Vodka. Mark that on your calendar, because it’s probably one of the few times you’ll ever hear me say it. There’s some nice honeydew melon along with some citrus rind and cake frosting that makes for a great first impression and suggests some distinctiveness. A nice change from your typical vodka nothingness.

I got some of that on the development, too. Along with the melon, which at times reminded me of a good Japanese sake, I also picked up some dates, vanilla, and star anise. Additionally, there was some savory stuff to dig into, like a salted butter flavor that popped up from time to time. These are the makings of something great: the kind of Vodka that, inexplicably and against all odds, seems to taste like something.

Consider those negatives alongside the price, and the reality is that you’re paying another $20 over good vodka for one that comes in a really cool package.

If it worked for Lucky Strike, NEFT might as well give something similar a try with this Russia-by-way-of-Austria vodka, no?

Product Review: Neft Vodka Because You Like To Have Nice Things

If you are like me, the many restrictions brought on by the pandemic have not dampened your desire to have nice things, or the quest to keep comfort and joy in your life as much as possible. In practice, this means that if I cant go to a bar for cocktails, I bring the bar to me in the form of keeping my favorite spirits and mixers stocked and ready to pour. Pandemic Drinking: You Are Doing it Right.

As a woman who has a bottle of Vodka in the freezer at all times, I like to keep up on Vodka trends. Today I am going to tell you about NEFT, a small-batch Vodka with a taste as memorable as its container. As you can see by the photo above, NEFT; comes in a portable, unbreakable and best of all resealable barrel; that keeps contents cold for up to six hours. For those who live with a no-glass-by-the-pool rule, the packaging alone is a game changer.

NEFTVodka is made from water filtered for fifty years, four ancient grains of rye, and nothing else. Using the finest distillation processes with the purest ingredients starting with spring water sourced from the Austrian Alps and non-GMO grains the result is a premium, varietal Vodka; smooth and rich, with a sweetness born of ingredients, not sugar. NEFTis not a new product, but it is new to me, and its time has come.

Honey Bear Cocktail

Watermelon Julep

Neft Vodka Where Presentation Meets Flavor

Something about springtime always has me feeling ready to try out a new cocktail. If youre like me and you love treating your tastebuds to new fruity concoctions, then you will want to stick around and try out the recipe at the end of this review!;

NEFT Vodka is emerging as a leader in the category, bringing vodka connoisseurs a vodka that is the perfect combination of creaminess, rounded earthiness, and a smooth finish that can be enjoyed while sipping it neat. NEFT promises that you can taste the winter it was planted and the summer it was harvested and you can! Even mixed as a cocktail, NEFT Vodka has a delicious cool-breath sensation.;

The coolest aspect of NEFT Vodka is the container it comes in. The vodka comes in a portable and unbreakable barrel that, once chilled, can be kept cold for up to 6 hours! And if youre wondering why they chose to sell it in a barrel, NEFT means oil in Russian.;

Drinking should be about the experience and NEFT Vodka ticks all of the boxes. The barrel design is unlike any other vodka on the market and its sure to impress your friends at the next cocktail party. It also packs a punch at 40% ABV.;

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Opening The Neft Vodka Barrel

The barrel is opened using a twisty plastic top, a bit like a ring-pull on a can. I was warned that some people find it tricky, so much so that theres a YouTube video showing you how to do it! The fact that it has been watched over 16,000 times probably says something.

You first pull the little ring up, like a ring-pull, which I did. Youre then supposed to wiggle the ring and slowly pull the pourer up out of the barrel. I wiggled and wiggled and the pourer barely budged. My finger also got sore, pulling on the ring, which is as tough as if it was made of metal. I wiggled some more and put more pressure on the ring, until the entire ring snapped off, leaving the pourer inside the barrel. This wasnt a problem as the pourer still worked, though not as it was meant to.;

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We have a reputable heritage for knowing good vodka, how it should taste, and how it should affect the mind. – Founders of NEFT

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Review: Neft Vodka Is The Perfect Combination Of Presentation And Flavor

Do you find yourself getting bored with choosing between the same three types of vodka? Are you looking for a new premium vodka to enjoy? If so, you are going to want to purchase a barrel of NEFT Vodka! Thats right, you read that right. A barrel.;

NEFT Vodka is made using only the purest, cleanest ingredients pristine, oxygen-rich spring water from the Austrian Alps and only four gluten-free, non-GMO ancient rye grains farmed in lower Saxony. These ingredients arent just for show, they are ingredients that you can taste!;

Every Story Needs The Right Ingredients

In our industry, vodka brands are fighting for the same oxygen. But when you stay true to who you are, you arrive at the very thing everyone else is chasing something unique with a story to tell.

Discover the fundamentals of a true original. We use a gentle, slow distillation to bring out a soft, smooth and rich flavor, with a sweetness borne of ingredients, not sugar. Like water, 50 years filtered in the Rhaetian Alps; a blend of four ancient ryes; and a distiller whose family has had the terrior running in their veins for five generations. And since wed landed on a taste like no other, we preserved it in a shape like no other.

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Born Of Innovation And Integrity

Taste for the finest.

We started with the fundamentals, simple things wed learned from our Siberian roots. We drew water from the Rhaetian Alps in Austria where slate and granite filter out the pretension. Discovered a blend of ancient rye in Lower Saxony that had been blowing in the wind for 5,000 years. And then partnered with a distiller who, for five generations, had been handcrafting rare, curated spirits and winning Distillery of the Year a family with terroir running in their veins.

Precise formulation.

We used a gentle, slow distillation. Sipped the first batch. Tasted the softness, flavor and skill passed down over a century. It was smooth and rich, with a sweetness borne of ingredients, not sugar. Turns out, we werent alone in our reaction NEFT went on to win consecutive Double Gold medals. And since wed landed on a taste like no other, we preserved it in a shape like no other, the NEFT barrel in honor of our grandfather, a Russian wildcatter who always knew how to tell a story.

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