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Can I Drink Vodka On Keto

Can I Drink Spirits On Keto


Can I drink whiskey on keto? Does tequila have carbs? Can I have vodka on keto? I hear these questions ALL the time.

Yes, you can. As long as your spirits are not mixed with other sugar-loaded ingredients like fruit juice, syrups, sodas, or energy drinks. Its that simple.

Manufacturing spirits requires the use of carb-loaded ingredients like potatoes , grain , agave , or sugar cane .

But is liquor keto after this process? How can vodka be keto when its made from a very not keto vegetable?

Yes! Because all the carbs in these spirits turn into alcohol during the distillation process and they end up with no carbs left at the end.

Lets have a look at how many carbs you would find in spirits.

  • Campari

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  • Drinks with soda or juice Including regular cola or lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, orange juice, cranberry juice, etc.
  • Sweet wines Such as riesling, moscato, port, sherry, etc.
  • Liqueurs These are loaded with sugar and typically made with some kind of syrup.
  • Hard ciders or wine coolers These are essentially spiked fruit juice.
  • Sangrias The wine in them is usually fine, but the added fruit, sugar, and/or juice is not.

Can I Drink Alcohol On Keto

Yes, you can drink alcohol on keto. In fact, there are many keto-friendly alcoholic drinks available. Just remember that like all keto-related questions, it is always the quantity that matters!

If one glass of wine is keto-friendly, it doesnt mean that you would still be in ketosis after 4 glasses! And you are more likely to fall for sugary food when intoxicated.

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Keto Diet Alcohol Guide

If you’re a boozy babe, you’re likely to ask the million dollar question: “Can I drink alcohol on the keto diet?” This keto diet alcohol guide will point you in the right direction.

First, to answer your question: yes, you most certainly can have alcohol on the keto diet.

Thats right, not all booze has carbohydrates in it!

Most spirits have 0 carbs. Take a shot or four two of vodka, tequila, or gin and youre still sitting well below your daily carb limit.

A glass of white wine, like pinot or sauvignon blanc,;only has about 3 net;carbohydrates per serving.

For the most part, you’re SOL with beer due to the gluten and high carb count. You’ll see in the table below that you can technically make some light beers fit your macros , but I’m going to go ahead and give beer;a big thumbs down as a keto-approved beverage.

In fact, I have a whole comprehensive list of alcoholic beverages sorted by carb count at the bottom of this post;if you want to jump to the nitty gritty details of alcohol nutrition data.

But before you run off and get white girl wasted with celebratory low carb drinks, theres a few things you should know about drinking alcohol while you’re in ketosis.

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Keto Alcohol Guide and 5 Best Alcoholic Drinks

Now that you have a better idea of how alcoholic beverages affect you in ketosis and know which low-carb alcohol choices are better than others, you can decide whether alcohol consumption even has a place in your meal plan.

If youre new to the keto lifestyle or havent reached ketosis yet, consider taking a break from alcohol to help you get there. If you decide to imbibe, take it easy. Your keto alcohol tolerance will be much lower once youre in ketosis.

For seasoned keto veterans you should have no trouble sipping your favorite adult beverages, provided you account for the carbs in your daily macro budget. A friendly reminder: Dont consume too many drinks each week or in one sitting. Always have a designated driver and practice responsible, safe drinking.

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What Alcohol Is Lowest In Carbs

The carb count in alcohol differs greatly depending on what you are drinking.

  • Alcohol with a high percentage of carbs include:
  • Beer around 13-24g per pint
  • Wine 12g per glass
  • Champagne/sparkling wines up to 30g in one glass!

Low carbohydrate alcohol options include :

  • Dry white wines around 0.75g of carbs per glass
  • Spirits like vodka, whisky and tequila with zero carbs!
  • Keto specific wines, like those from Keto Wines Co

Alcohol isnt necessarily bad for you.

Alcohol is actually recommended in moderation by many health experts and doctors because moderate consumption has been shown to be beneficial for your health overall!

That being said, there are some pitfalls to drinking alcohol on Keto that you should be aware of so you can make an informed decision on whether to drink alcohol on Keto.

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Mixers & Chasers To Avoid

Simple Syrup 1 oz = 50 Calories, 14 Carbs

Cranberry Juice 1 oz = 17 Calories, 4.27 Carbs ;;

Daiquiri Mix 4 oz = 190 Calories, 46 Carbs

Pina Colada Mix 4 oz = 180 Calories, 43 Carbs

Whiskey Sour Mix 4 oz = 260 Calories, 40 Carbs

Sweet & Sour 4 oz = 90 Calories, 23 Carbs

Amaretto 1 oz = 110 Calories, 17 Carbs

Grand Marnier 1 oz = 76 Calories, 6.5 ;Carbs

Triple Sec 1 oz = 103 Calories, 11 Carbs

Peach Schnapps 1 oz = 72 Calories, 6.6 Carbs

Kahlua 1 oz = 91 Calories, 14.7 Carbs

Creme de Menthe 1.5 oz = 187 Calories, 21 Carbs

What Alcoholic Drinks Are Keto

Can I drink Alcohol on a Keto Diet?

There are several alcohols that are fine on a keto diet. The main ones are:

  • Wine: Dry Red wines Dry White Wines , Champagne, Prosecco, Dry Sparkling Wine, Dry Rose.
  • Light Beer: Be careful here! Non-alcoholic beer is NOT the same as light beer! Only light beer is keto-friendly.
  • Hard liquor: Bourbon, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey are all keto-friendly. If you like them in cocktails, read my cocktail section below!
  • Dry cocktails: Dry Martini, Dry Manhattan, etc.

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What Are The Best Alcohols To Drink On Keto

Since not all alcoholic beverages are created equal when it comes to sugar content, there are definitely some better choices you can make if your goal is to stay in ketosis.

Steering away from beer and sugary drinks are your best bet. Pure alcohol products like rum, vodka, gin, tequila and whiskey all contain no carbs, says Jonathan Valdez, RD, owner of Genki Nutrition and spokesperson for New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Even though hard liquor is made from natural sugars (grains, potatoes, and fruits, during the fermentation and distillation process, that sugar is converted into ethyl alcohol instead of glucose, Valdez explains.

These are the best alcohols to drink on keto based on calorie and carb content, according to Valdez:

  • Tequila
  • Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Vodka/soda
  • Gin and slimline tonic
  • Vodka martini
  • Rum
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Champagne or sparkling wine

But its not just the alcohol itself you should be paying attention to. Mixers can easily kick you out of ketosis.

According to Valdez, these are the best mixers to use if youre on keto:

  • Seltzer/club soda
  • Crystal Light drink mix

What Alcohol Can You Drink On Keto

So, what drinks are ok on keto? There are a few different categories of low carb alcoholic drinks and keto friendly alcohol drinks:

  • Hard Liquor Vodka, rum, tequila, gin, brandy, whiskey, etc. Most of these have 0 carbs, which is great, but you need to be careful with what you mix them with.
  • Dry Wine Dry red wine, dry white wine, dry rose wine, dry sparkling wine, etc.
  • Light Beer Most light beers are fine, but you can look up the carb counts of your favorite brands.
  • Light Seltzers These are basically spiked flavored seltzer water, with no sugar added.

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Keto Sweeteners For Sugar Free Vodka Cocktails

To make this vodka lemonade cocktail sugar-free we add keto approved sweeteners. I recommend using a powdered keto sweetener, especially if you are making the vodka and lemonade over the rocks. The Confectioners sweetener dissolved better than the gradulated form.

Any sugar alternative will work in this vodka drink recipe. You can use monkfruit, erythritol or stevia. The two powdered sweeteners that I like to use are Lakanto and Swerve. Swerve measures cup for cup with sugar; however, Lankanto powdered monkfruit is 2x as sweet as sugar, so you will only need to add about 1/4 cup Lakanto powdered monkfruit.

Beverages To Eliminate When Youre On The Keto Diet

Keto Vodka Cocktail â BEST Low Carb Mixed Berry Vodka ...

Its always easier to hear bad news first. That gets it out of the way, so you can start to get excited about the good news.

So heres the bad news about keto and drinks: the list of beverages you should avoid.

And not to pile on, but almost all of the coffee drinks at Starbucks and most mixed drinks contain lots of sugar and/or carbs and are on the keto naughty list.

Well start the good news even before we get to the next section, though. There are keto-friendly and delicious substitutes for many of the drinks that are off-limits.

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Does Alcohol Turn Into Sugar In The Body

This is a common misconception. No, alcohol is not broken down into sugar. It is actually the opposite. The consumption of alcohol tends to decrease the blood glucose level. The number of calories in alcoholic drinks is mostly coming from alcohol.

However, many alcoholic drinks also contain carbs. Carbs in drinks are much faster to enter your blood than the equivalent calories in food like pasta or bread. As a result, alcoholic drinks that do contain sugar can take you out of ketosis extremely fast!

Alcohol can also increase your hunger. This can lead to eating more than necessary and is another risk for your ketosis.

Another thing to be aware of is that your liver already works a lot when you are on a keto diet. It produces Ketones to keep you functioning. When you drink alcohol, it has to work overtime to remove that ethanol from the bloodstream. It can result in either longer intoxication or increased fat storage , which may affect your weight loss!

Is Vodka Keto Friendly

I had this same issue, and I pulled out my phone to see if I could get a Vodka tonic without hurting my progress towards reaching ketosis. I gathered some of my findings below to answer this question is vodka keto friendly?

I also have given you a quick answer to this question if you are in a hurry.

Vodka is keto friendly, but you have to be careful what you mix it with while on the keto diet.

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How To Avoid A Hangover

Dont drink on an empty stomach.

Eat while you drink: Fat, protein & fiber slow alcohol absorption

Make sure you have low carb snacks on hand the munchies are real

Stay hydrated. Shoot for one glass of H20 for every cocktail better yet, Two

Limit your consumption to one drink per hour

Clear Liquors like Gin & Vodka cause fewer hangovers Darker spirits like wine, whiskey, & tequila cause more

Drink two glasses of water before bed with a dash of sea salt for electrolytes or bone broth

Pickle Juice Drink a shot or two of pickle juice to help replenish electrolytes before you go to sleep & the morning after.

Ask a friend to take your phone away if you are prone to drunk dialing ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands:)

If youre practicing your mixology skills at home, Ive collected 34 keto-friendly cocktail recipes -organized by spirit- to get you started.

Moderate Drinkers: Fundamentally Different

What Alcohol Can You Drink? (While On KETO)

Many studies have shown that alcohol consumption when graphed against mortality risk is a J-shaped curve. Abstainers have slightly higher mortality risks than moderate drinkers and heavy drinkers have the highest risks of all.7

In a 2007 New York Times article, Gary Taubes says he is suspicious of these sorts of epidemiological findings: The question I always had about these studies was whether or not people who drink alcohol in moderation are just different than the teetotalers, who drink none, and the binge drinkers, who drink to excess. Maybe by looking at a glass or two of alcohol a day youre selecting out for people who live their entire lives in moderation, people capable of living well without excess.

The takeaway: Be honest with yourself. Can you easily stop at one or two drinks max? If you cant, our experts say be very cautious with alcohol and consider abstaining. Dr. Naiman notes that at higher levels of consumption, alcohol may be toxic to multiple organ systems and is linked to hypertension, nerve damage, cancers and cognitive decline.8

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Watch Out For Heavy Pours

At the bar, it can be nearly impossible to know if your whiskey-based cocktail or champagne spritzer is mixed to keto-friendly proportions.;

Unless you can watch the bartender make your drink or know the weight of the wine in different glasses, its difficult to know if your serving truly is within your macros.

If you enjoy alcoholic beverages at home, you can monitor your alcohol portions. Develop a habit of measuring the alcohol with a digital food scale as you pour it to keep your portion sizes in check.

Do this enough, and youll be able to gauge whether that glass of white wine at your favorite restaurant came with a heavy pour. If it does, adjust the rest of your macros and account for it in your meal plan.

Keto Drinks: Choose Low

There are many options when it comes to keto drinks, but water is the only one necessary for your survival and overall health.;

Others like bone broth, tea, and coffee can offer various health benefits and can be consumed in abundance on a keto meal plan. Coconut water and kombucha add a little flavor to your keto meal plan but should be consumed in moderation.

When it comes to alcohol, limit it to social gatherings, and choose hard liquor with a zero-carb mixer and citrus.;

The ketogenic diet is all about being your healthiest self, so making water your preferred choice is the best way to keep your body running in its optimal way.

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How Can I Drink On Keto In A Healthy Way

Now weve covered some of the reported health benefits of drinking alcohol on Keto, and explained the negative effects on your Keto lifestyle.

The decision is yours, so if you decide to drink alcohol on Keto, here are some ways you can ensure it is not doing too much damage.

  • Track Alcohol Intake: Tracking your alcohol intake can be a useful way of making sure that it doesnt have too much of an impact on weight loss efforts. You can track your alcohol intake by using the My Fitness Pal food diary app. Alcohol is one of the easiest things to track, as its listed in every type of bar and restaurant around you!
  • Alternate Alcohol Intake: if you do decide to drink alcohol on Keto, make sure you alternate between alcoholic drinks with water or unsweetened tea/coffee so that you re not getting a big hit of carbs without any other nutrients. Alcohol also dehydrates you so its important to make sure that youre staying hydrated with water too!
  • Plan Ahead: If there is alcohol being served at an event or party, do some meal prep before attending and create your own keto-friendly alcoholic drinks using a low carb alcohol mix like Zero Alcohol . This will ensure you have a keto-friendly drink with no added sugars and keep track of your macros.
  • Dont binge drink: Alcohol can also trigger emotional eating , so its important that you dont overdo it if youre trying not to gain weight . Keep your drinking in moderation with one or two drinks per night max.

Is Wine Ok On Keto

Keto Cocktails & Low Carb Alcohol: Ultimate Guide To ...

Yes, you can drink wine on keto in moderation. Choose dry wines over sweet.

Refer to the table above for wine carb counts based on type.

I personally love natural Dry Farm Wines. They have no sugar and low carbs , low sulfites, no artificial additives, and must pass incredibly strict standards for taste. If you want to try them out, theyre offering my friends a bottle of wine for $0.01 with your first order.

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