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Where To Buy Whiskey Stones

Gift Or Enjoy Them Yourself

What is the âBESTâ? GLASS for whiskey ON THE ROCKS? (with ice)

They make a great gift you if want to buy the stones for a whiskey lover, or just enjoy them for your self. We have tried them a few times with single malt whiskey and they are fine. To be honest, weve never tried them in any other spirit, but we guess they work the same in any spirits regardless.

Enjoying whiskey becomes a passion for most people, it is really involved as much as tasting wine. Experiment with the types of whiskey you enjoy, if you like it on the rocks you will certainly enjoy using whiskey stones with your whiskey.

Stop Buying Your Dad Whiskey Stones They Suck

Whiskey stones have always been, and continue to be, terrible.

Each year around this time, at mens magazine offices around the nation, one question proliferates the office: Is that gift guide truly complete without including at least one set of whiskey stones?

On the surface, they seem to be the perfect gift: they let your bourbon-drinking father chill his drink without diluting it, an apparent sin in the drinking world, and they strike a perfect balance a touch too ridiculous to buy for yourself, but welcome when disguised with wrapping paper and a bow. And thus spreads the myth of the whiskey stone.

But the simple fact is, no one needs, wants or actually uses whiskey stones. They are almost entirely useless. Whiskey stones are intended to do two things: cool your drink down and prevent dilution. In each of these pursuits the whiskey stone fails.

In regards to the claim that whiskey stones cool your drink: In this arena, the stones, typically made of soapstone to help protect your highball because for some reason you decided to put an actual rock in it, are up against a world-class cooler. Ice is and has been the predominant way to cool beverages for centuries, so much so that it seems odd to have to explain why.

The second claim is that stones prevent dilution. This is true. This is also sometimes a bad thing.

Price: $17

Krylaz Whiskey Stones Set

Most people prefer their spirit drinks with lots of ice. But some experts are saying that the ice will dilute the drink and will ruin the drinking experience. The solution to this problem is the use of cooling stones. This set made by Krylaz includes 9 bourbon stones from polished 100% natural granite. This means that they are non-porous, small, odorless, safe, tasteless and reusable. They also come in a nice looking box, so they can make a great gift for men who value the real taste. The box also includes a velvet carrying bag and a pair of tongs.

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The Argument In Favor Of Whiskey Stones

The biggest argument in favor of whiskey stones and the argument that whiskey stone manufacturers highlight most frequently is that they make it possible to chill a drink without any dilution. While the importance of that point could be disputed, there is no disputing that an effective whiskey stone would achieve this goal.

One of the arguments against whiskey stones is that they dont chill a glass of whiskey as much as a glass of ice. Although true, its important to remember that a glass of whiskey starts losing its complexity around 45° to 50°, so the fact that whiskey stones dont chill as much as ice is intentional and by design.

When speaking to one of the master distillers from the WhistlePig distillery, their recommendation was also to keep the temperature in the 45° to 60° range. We kept this in mind when testing whiskey stones.

The 45° to 60° range makes even more sense when put into the context offered by Scotch Whisky distilleries: Scotch Whisky is produced and was originally consumed almost exclusively in Scotland, where the ambient temperature is lower than in many other parts of the world.

None of the whiskey stones we tested went below the 45° range however, the whiskey stones made out of soapstone did have a difficult time keeping the temperature below 60°, even with a starting temperature of 64° which is one of the major reasons why our top two picks were not made from soapstone.

Best Value: Brotec Round Granite Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones Reusable Ice Cubes

Brotec’s set of six disc-like whiskey chilling stones are made of granite and come with their own wooden display tray, plus two coasters. You can keep the entire tray in the freezer for storage.

Treat these stones like you would any other, and use three or so in your drink of choice after freezing them for at least several hours. Rinse after each use, air dry, and return them to your freezer. This set also makes for a great gift for the spirit or chilled wine enthusiast in your life.

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Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Set

If you already tried ice cubes, ice spheres or other shapes, and you want a new experience, then this set made by Corkcicle is the right choice. The Whiskey Wedge will provide a more artful way of enjoying your favorite spirits. Insert the silicone ice mold in the glass, fill it with water, and then place them in the freezer. After removing the mold, you will be left with a cool looking shape that will fill half of the glass, allowing you to pour the drink in the other half. This way your drink will be kept cooler for long, without it being diluted by the melting ice.

Do Whisky Stones Or Scotch Stones Actually Work

If you prefer your quality dram to be completely uncompromised then scotch rocks might sound too good to be true. Indeed, in some ways they are. For one, nearly all of them take longer than ice to chill your dram in the first place. Two, most of them dont get the dram down to ice cold levels. Three, only a precious handful can keep the dram cold for extended periods of time. All of these shortcomings hold especially true when youre dealing with traditional soapstone or granite whisky rocks.

Naturally, there are exceptions to the rule, most of which come in the form of stainless steel whisky balls. Yet it should be noted that even the steel variants wont activate with the same expediency of ice, meaning youll be waiting longer for your drink to chill. In our opinion, thats a small sacrifice to make, but still one worth mentioning. Of course, if youre the kind of man who actually likes a discernible amount of water in his whisky, then you should skip scotch rocks altogether and stick with the ice cubes.

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Balls Of Steel Whiskey Stones

Made of quality stainless steel, these brilliant whiskey balls dont just chill your drink in style, but they keep that drink cold for up to a full hour. Plus, the profits from every sale of Balls of Steel Whiskey Balls goes to support cancer research. Whats not to love? Chilled whiskey and contributing to Get Caught in the Sips with the New Archie Rose Sydney Cricket Gin research, Ill drink to that.

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Other Finalists We Tested

Is BUFFALO TRACE Bourbon worth the hype? | Crowdsourced Review

While all of the finalists we tested were able to chill whiskey to some extent, most had at least one or two problems that could understandably lead consumers to have a negative opinion of them. In general, soapstones tend not to chill whiskey very much or for very long, while stainless steel stones/chillers can be heavy and clunky.

The Makers Mark disk was both clunky and ineffective at keeping its drink chilled. This was disappointing, as we had high hopes that the bourbon distillery would have produced a better product they should probably stick to spirits.

The Great White stones performed almost as well as the Kollea stones. However, since they look and feel almost identical, anyone considering Great White would be better off with Kollea instead.

Both the Spirit Stones and the Sipping Stones had the least amount of chilling, and their drinks started gaining temperature after about 15 minutes. An argument for both of these products is that you could remove them from the drink entirely if you only want to chill it four or five degrees.

For anyone considering whiskey stones, we strongly recommend using one of our top three recommendations: Balls of Steel, Kollea chillers, or the Teroforma Whiskey Stones.

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Best Stainless Steel: Rabbit Whiskey And Beverage Jumbo Chilling Stones

Rabbit is a trusted name when it comes to quality beverage accessories, and these jumbo stainless steel chilling cubes are no exception. This set comes with two 1.5-inch cubes, though only one is needed to cool down your drink in seconds.

It also comes complete with a storage case, which is perfect for safekeeping in the freezer. These durable cubes, which are ideal for use in a rocks glass, are also odor-resistant and dishwasher safe. Custom engraving is also available.

All Chill No Dilution

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Liquor / Chloe Jeong

The subject of whiskey stones is a somewhat controversial one: Many purists and experts tend to write them off as a contrived chilling method, but the overwhelming attitude of the bartending community is to drink what you want, the way you want it. Plus, whiskey stones have other uses besides just cooling down your spirit without dilution, according to Maggie Eckl, an NYC-based bartender.

Theyre super useful when youre sitting outside and enjoying some wine during warmer weather, she shares. They bring some environmental sustainability while giving more control to consumers who dont want an overdiluted drink. Lastly, Eckl notes, the flavors present in any spirit or wine vary at different temperatures, so stones are a great way to expand your palate.

We combed through the many options available to bring you this list of the best whiskey stones.

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Maximizing Your Whiskey Stone Experience

Whiskey stones require forethought and afterthought, since they need to be frozen before use and should be cleaned fairly soon after use as well although this is more crucial for soapstone than steel.

You should also make use of the linen bags included with your whiskey stones. They help prevent flavors in the freezer from being picked up by the stones, while also making it easier to find and keep track of them in your freezer.

If you are looking for the best chilling available from a whiskey stone, then a steel product, like Balls of Steel or Kollea, are the only way to go. The duration and amount of chilling is more than double any of the soapstone options.

Our Top Pick: Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel are the industry standard for whiskey stones. A combination of effective chilling, ergonomics design, and great company ethos make this an easy #1 pick.

Bryan Vu, Editor

Bryan is our cooking and kitchen expert, with more than 15 years of experience of cooking and testing kitchen products. When outside of the kitchen, he enjoys woodworking, photography, videography and figuring out how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. He thoroughly enjoys discovering the best, whether its ingredients or equipment, and finding products that can stand the rigors of daily use.

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Whiskey Stones

I bought this for my husbands birthday and he loved it! 5 stars

There is nothing on website about the FREE GIFT

I purchased THE CONNOISSEUR’S SET – RESERVE GLASS EDITION for my father for Christmas. It shipped quickly and was packaged well. My father loved it! Everything about this set was perfect. Highly recommended!

The presentation and craftsmanship of this set makes it the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the finer accessories that accompany mixology.

This replaces my 1 star review.After establishing that replies to my original email complaints were undelivered Quentin established contact and was very helpful.Matter resolved to everyone’s satisfaction and I will try the stones this evening. Bound to be an improvement over ice as even one ice cube is too much for most single malts

Bought two sets. Would do it again. Amazing!

Ordered the Crystal Nosing Set for my husband for Fathers Day & he was very impressed with the gift as I was as well very well put together I will be ordering again because I was very happy with the the Nosing Set.

Really beautiful glasses with a very nice shape and a perfect weight. The crystal is thick and clear, very good quality.

Arrived very fast and the product is awesome!

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A Complete Guide To Whiskey Stones

In our opinion, there are few things better in life than a glass of premium Scotch or bourbon served at room temperature, but for some folks, that dram goes down even smoother when cold. For that, you can add some dense cubes of ice or, if you prefer a drink of the non-diluted variety, a few whiskey stones . And what exactly are whiskey rocks, you ask? The answer is pretty straightforward: theyre cubed or spherical alternatives to ice that are made using materials like soapstone or even stainless steel. Because they dont melt, whiskey stones wont dilute your quality single malt. Now for the more important question: do whiskey rocks actually work?

The good news is that whiskey stones or whisky stones, depending on where you hail from do work, generally speaking. The bad news is that most of them dont work too well, and wont sustain a chill factor with the same efficacy as ice. That said, some scotch rocks will actually bring the temperature of your dram down by 11.1 °C , and keep the drink nice and cold for a good while. We discuss all this and more in our complete guide below, which includes the best whisky stones you can currently find.

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Adoric Set Of Ice Cube And Ice Sphere Trays

If you are serious about your drinks and cocktails, you already know that large ice cubes or spheres are more practical than small ice cubes, since they dont water down too quickly. If you cant decide whether to go for large cubes or spheres, you can just get this set made by Adoric, which includes a tray that creates six 1.78 ice balls and six 2 ice cubes. To make perfect spherical ice balls, just gently pour the water in through the small hole at the top until they are full, and then put it into your fridge carefully. They are FDA approved, BPA free, easy to clean and also dishwasher safe. Get them now and be prepared for your next party or poker game with friends and family.

How We Selected Finalists To Test

On The Rocks Puzzle! (This is NOT Real Whiskey)

The 40+ hours spent researching and speaking with experts in the industry helped us narrow our focus and build a short list of whiskey stones to test in-house.

Ultimately, we were able to narrow the field by using the information gathered during our research to find the brands that had the most consistently positive coverage, which included favorable reviews on sites like Amazon and Google, as well as positive mentions and review articles on both whiskey and non-whiskey websites and blogs.

We also looked for products that had what we considered to be prerequisite criteria: everything from being made from food grade material to simple things like the inclusion of a freezer-safe container or bag.

From there, we were able to further narrow the field so that we would have a representative sample of the major material types that whiskey stones are made of. More specifically, we chose whiskey stones made from soapstone and steel.

Finally, we made of point of including at least one brand name in each material category, so that we could determine if there was a notable difference between brand-name whiskey stones and some of the lesser-known brands.

We were a little surprised to find that, yes, the big brands in this product category actually did earn their reputation in the whiskey stone market. More specifically, Balls of Steel and the Teroforma soapstone whiskey stones performed better than the lesser-known brands in their category.

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