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Where To Buy Bushmills Whiskey

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Bushmills Irish Whiskey – The Original Single Malt
22 x 15 x 28 cm 700 Grams
Item model number
Best stored in a cool dark place.
Serving Recommendation Try neat, over ice, with Ginger Ale or why not try a “Burning Bush” cocktail: 25ml Bushmills Original over ice with equal parts Apple Juice and Ginger Beer, and a lime squeeze
Manufacturer contact Proximo Spirits UK Ltd. Mitre House, 44-46 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1B
Country of origin
Country of origin of primary ingredient Northern Ireland
Awards World’s Best Single Malt Irish Whiskies å¨çæä½³ç±å°å°åä¸éº¦è½å¨å£«å¿
Package Information
4.8 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank 34 in Whisky
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Date First Available 22 Sept. 2010

New Addition To 2021 Bushmills Causeway Collection

Bushmills Irish Whiskey unveils 27-year-old Bourbon cask finish single malt

Bushmills Irish Whiskey today announced the release of its 27-Year-Old Bourbon Cask from its 2021 Causeway Collection, the ground-breaking selection of extremely rare and unique cask finished Irish single malt whiskeys are from The Old Bushmills Distillery the worlds oldest licensed whiskey distillery. Only 678 bottles of this latest release are available exclusively from The Irish Whiskey Collection at The Loop, Dublin and Cork airports.

Following the launch of The Causeway Collection to worldwide acclaim last year, Bushmills Irish Whiskey is making waves again with its new series of exclusive and elusive Causeway Collection releases for 2021.

The 27-Year-Old Bourbon Cask is a limited edition, cask strength and non-chill filtered Irish single malt. This unparalleled single malt was distilled in 1994, maturing in third-fill bourbon barrels for six years. It was then re-casked into first-fill bourbon barrels from Kentucky, USA, where it spent an incredible 21 further years. The result is a unique straw gold whiskey, with key notes of crème brûlée, cinnamon spice & tropical fruits.

Colum Egan, Bushmills Master Distiller, said:

All the whiskeys used in The Causeway Collection have been expertly created and cared for by craftsmen steeped in a unique whiskey-making tradition passed from generation to generation for more than 400 years here at The Old Bushmills Distillery.

The Irishman Single Malt: Best Value Irish Whiskey

This staple bottle is a firm favourite for all kinds of Irish whiskey loverseasy enough to drink for beginners but complex enough for aficionados to enjoy, too. This triple distilled expression is soft and sweet, a comforting bottle that sits firmly in the middle when it comes to all kinds of notes.

A warm amber bottle, The Irishman Single Malt is heavy on the fruits, with apricots and mangos taking centre stage on the palate. Its good value ensures youll never feel like youre wasting this bottle, whether youre sipping on ice or mixing into a round of cocktails with friends.

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How To Drink Bushmills Irish Whiskey

There isnt a single best way to enjoy Bushmills Irish Whiskey, but, being the experts we are, you should start by drinking it neat. Doing so will allow you to fully appreciate the different flavors in this Irish whiskey, from sweet and delicate to the more nutty and exotic. Dont forget to use the appropriate glassware, such as an Old Fashioned or rocks glass!

If Bushmills is too harsh for your naked palate, you can further experiment by adding a bit of water or serving it on the rocks. This will cut back the alcoholic bite and further open up the bouquet and flavors of the whiskey.

Its also a great idea to have Bushmills in your favorite mixed drinks. Its flavors will work extremely well when paired with club soda or ginger ale.

Single Pot Still Whiskey

Buy Bushmills Red Bush Irish Whiskey

is made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley completely distilled in a pot still within a single distillery. This differs from single malt whiskey through the inclusion of raw, unmalted grain in the mash. This style has also historically been referred to as pure pot still whiskey and Irish pot still whiskey, with older bottlings and memorabilia often bearing these names. Single pot whiskeys were the most common style of Irish whiskey until the emergence of blends in the 20th century.

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It’s All In The Details

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 90 points – – Toasted oats, honey roasted walnuts, coconut flesh, and golden plum dominate the nose. Smooth and round mouthfeel, with fruit coming forward backed by minerals and honey. A sweet but balanced finish ensues..March/2015

Bushmills the golden member of the family. Its a blend of triple distilled single malt whiskey with a lighter irish grain whiskey. The folks back at the old distillery will tell you its an approachable whiskey with a rich warming taste of fresh fruit and vanilla. Me? Well – to me it has a fruity burst that sits on my tongue before turning to honey in my cheeks. Try it and youll see what I mean.

40% abv

Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Madeira Cask: Best Irish Whiskey To Drink Straight

Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Madeira Cask is widely recommendeda bottle youll admire upon first sip and hurriedly hunt down to add to your prized collection on the bar cart. Known for being one of the most interesting Irish whiskeys around, this Madeira cask-finished bottle is a stunning dram from start to seriously long finish.

Golden raisins and walnuts are two of the most prominent notes youll pick out here, alongside that fortified Portuguese sweetness from those extra years of ageing. Concentrated and well-rounded, this ever so slightly caramel-spiced bottle is a pure pleasure for drinking straight.

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Bushmills Malt 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey

750 mL bottle | LCBO#: 131870

Ten years in used bourbon barrels add to the profile of this dram. Aromas of ripe pear, toasted oak, caramel, citrus peel and white pepper. On the palate, it is warming, with a light sweetness and medium body flavours of tree fruit, caramel, citrus and toasted almond play on a long finish.

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Reserva De La Familia

Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey | The Whiskey Dictionary

Reserva de la Familia was introduced in 1995 to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the distillery. Reserva de la Familia is a high-end offering of 100% blue agave tequila, matured in the La Rojeña distillerys private cellars. Its first edition sold out weeks after its release. Reserva de la Familia is classified as an extra añejo tequila, meaning it is 100% agave aged over three years in an oak barrel, giving it a deeper golden color with a richer flavor more typically tasted in scotch or brandy. It would become Cuervos first extra añejo offering after the high-end distinction was created in 2005. It was named on Bloomberg Businessweeks 2009 list of the worlds 20 best-tasting tequilas, and on a list of the 18 best tequilas in the world in in 2013.

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The Charm Of The Irish In Bottled Form: The Best Irish Whiskeys

Live it up like the Irish.

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Smooth, silky and suspiciously underrated: theres just something about Irish whiskey thats impossible to replicate.

An underdog of the whiskey industry, the list of the best Irish whiskey brands is something that continues to grow, catching up with its Scotch partners across the pond at a rapidly increasing speed.

Irish whiskey might only be a stones throw away from its closest competitors, but its unique edge promises a world of difference from its delicate palate to its lighter hues. As the craft distillery movement continues to grow, so does the careful curation of new top rated Irish whiskey distilleries across the land.

Just one sip reveals an entire history of whiskey like youve never experienced before. With a floral edge like Japanese whisky but the same rugged depth as Scotch, a good Irish whiskey is an attention grabber, a conversation starter and an essential to your proudly stocked bar cart.

The Emerald Isle might just be home to the next generation of top whiskeys. Read on for all of our favourite drams.

Bushmills Distillery Reserve 12 Year Single Malt

The only bad part about Bushmills 12 Year is that you likely cant get your mitts on a bottle without traveling to Old Bushmills Distillery thats the only place its officially available. But if you can grab a taste for St. Pattys Day, youll find that the sweet citrus notes linger on the nose of the 12 Year, with vanilla and floral undertones. The body is subtle and straightforward, with a clear reminder of the sherry casks where this expression spent the majority of its years.

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Glendalough 25 Year Single Malt Oak Finish: Most Expensive Irish Whiskey

Glendalough 25 Year single Malt Oak Finish is gloriously intensea bottle with its very own come hither appeal that youll find yourself dreaming about long after youve taken the final sip. While its expensive, its price is more than justifiable, thanks to its lengthy ageing process and intricate combination of notes.

Ex-Bourbon casks, seasoned Oloroso Sherry casks and virgin Irish oak casks all take turns patiently waiting for this whiskey to age. The finishing result? Something unique, something one-of-a-kind and something that feels seriously indulgent. Limited to 1,800 bottles, the Glendalough 25 Year Old was the first Irish Single Malt to be aged in Irish oak. Its also arguably the best.

What Its Made Of

Bushmills Irish Whiskey 70cl

Bushmills Irish Whiskey is made from barley grown in Cork, south Ireland. It is malted and ground to a grist and blended with water from the nearby Saint Columbs Rill, a tributary of the Bush River. The premium ingredients ensure a spirit with a unique depth of flavor and trademark smoothness.

It is then blended with column-distilled grain whiskey purchased from Midleton, a neighboring distillery.

Bushmills Original and Black Bush are made from this blend: 55 percent single malt and 45 percent grain whiskey, and 80 percent single-malt and 20 percent grain whiskey.

The labels 10, 16, and 21-Year-Olds are made from single malts.

The final spirits from all lines are bottled at 40 percent ABV, except for the 1608 line at 46 percent, which was a special release celebrating their 400th Anniversary.

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Roe & Co Irish Whiskey: Best Irish Whiskey For Cocktails

Roe & Co Irish Whiskey is fragrant and remarkable, a blend of single malt and grain whiskeys matured exclusively in bourbon casks that sells itself with a bright and reassuringly amber bottle. Its velvety, creamy texture makes it a brilliant base for whiskey cocktails, providing a smooth and reassuring kick that steals the show in Old Fashioneds and Whiskey Sours.

Creamy apple and pear are two of the most prominent notes here, accompanied with sour lemon, unripe mangoes and other contrasting fruits. Hints of vanilla and spice just add to this bottles well-rounded effect. Mix it into cocktails and prepare yourself for endless compliments on your great taste in whiskey.

Bushmills Original: Best Budget Irish Whiskey

Bushmills is a household name in the world of Irish whiskey, which means you cant go wrong with any of its offerings. Drinking on a budget? Bushmills Original is our top choice for a bottle thats deceivingly affordable.

Aged for five years, this impressive whiskey combines blossom, sweet vanilla and citrus notes into a blend that tastes far more expensive than its price tag reveals. A cardamom and ginger final touch adds to its never-ending appeal, with an easy to drink finish that goes down well every time. Clean tasting and simplistic, a dram of Bushmills is never a bad idea.

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Jameson Irish Whiskey: Most Popular Irish Whiskey

Youre in luck if youre a big fan of Jameson Irish Whiskey, as this seriously popular bottle can be found virtually anywhere. Luckily, its also one thats easy to drink, with a smooth, sweet appeal that always goes down easily.

Loved mostly for its pear, hops, green apple and vanilla notes, Jameson Irish Whiskey ticks plenty of boxes with its budget friendly price tag and drinkability. Its one youll likely buy to use in mixed drinks or cocktails, but one that also goes down nicely if you fancy a neat drink and dont fancy sourcing another bottle. Check our in-depth listing of the Jameson whiskey price and bottle sizes to see all the available options.

Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey

Whiskey Review – Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey with Bushmills Classic Comparison

750 mL bottle | LCBO#: 61374

Triple distilled, with a high proportion of single malt whiskey that has been aged 8 years in Oloroso sherry casks. Distinctive aromas of spice, raisin and dark chocolate with nutty, sweet fruit and toffee-like flavours. The palate is smooth and balanced with a rich finish. Enjoy on the rocks or in your favourite cocktail.

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Yellow Spot Single Pot 12 Year Old: Best Sipping Irish Whiskey

This warm, gold Irish whiskey warms you from the inside and the outside something youll spend a few seconds admiring the way it glows before you take your first sip. Yellow Spot Single Pot 12 Year Old is velvety smooth, aged in Bourbon barrels, Sherry butts and Malaga casks with a selective combination that promises a unique finish.

A bottle thats perpetually recommended, Yellow Spot Single Pot 12 Year Old is opulent and silky, with lots of umami and soft rancio notes and a slightly syrupy finish thats comforting and enjoyable. One of the best Irish whiskeys out there, its a safe blind buy for all kinds of drinkers.

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Bushmills 21 Year Old: Smoothest Irish Whiskey

Bushmills 21 Year Old is a bottle thats designed to impress and one that constantly sits at the head of the table when it comes to crowning the best, smoothest whiskey. A staple bottle that youll quickly find becomes a top choice whenever youre in the mood for something top shelf, Bushmills is renowned for producing excellent drams and the 21 Year Old is possibly the best example of just that.

Once this bottle has aged individually in seasoned, hand-selected bourbon barrels and sherry casks, its aged for a further two years in Madeira casks, adding a sweet touch and extra complexity.

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Its All In The Details

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 90 points Toasted oats, honey roasted walnuts, coconut flesh, and golden plum dominate the nose. Smooth and round mouthfeel, with fruit coming forward backed by minerals and honey. A sweet but balanced finish ensues..March/2015

Bushmills the golden member of the family. Its a blend of triple distilled single malt whiskey with a lighter irish grain whiskey. The folks back at the old distillery will tell you its an approachable whiskey with a rich warming taste of fresh fruit and vanilla. Me? Well to me it has a fruity burst that sits on my tongue before turning to honey in my cheeks. Try it and youll see what I mean.

40% abv

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Distillation & Production Process

Bushmills 10

Bushmills Irish Whiskey is triple-distilled and made from 100 percent single-malt barley.

The first distillation takes the whiskey up to 25 to 30 percent ABV and then to 70 to 84 percent after the second and third distillations. The spirit is then diluted with water to reach an ABV of 63 percent before being put inside the appropriate barrel to age. Check out the most expensive Irish Whiskeys here.

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Podaj Dane Kontaktowe A My Damy Ci Zna Kiedy Towar Bdzie Dostpny

  • Bushmills Original / 40% / 0,7l
  • Wybierz rozmiar, o którym mamy Ci powiadomi:

Nikt dzi nie wie, kiedy debiutowa White Bush , równie nie jest jasne, czy oryginalnie bya to whiskey single malt czy blended.

Biuro destylarni zostao zniszczone podczas drugiej wojny wiatowej i szansa na rozwizanie tej zagadki oddala si coraz bardziej. Wiemy, e w kocu lat 40. ubiegego wieku White Bush by blendem i dowiadcza popularnoci zarówno w Irlandii, jak i w Europie i za oceanem. Na pocztku lat 70. bya to najlepiej sprzedawana irlandzka whiskey w USA, cho kategoria reprezentowaa zaledwie 0.006% obrotów na rynku whiskey w tym kraju. Dzisiejszy Bushmills Original to kupa trzykrotnie destylowanego single malta Bushmills i grain whiskey pochodzcej z kombinatu destylacyjnego Midleton starzonych rednio od trzech do piciu lat niemal wycznie w beczkach po bourbonie.

Aromat: lekki, wanilia, karmel, patki kukurydziane, zielone jabka, szczypta czarnego pieprzu, nuty siana i dbowych wiórów.

Smak: patki zboowe, jabka i gruszki, grapefruity, wanilia, miód, brzowy cukier, nuty pieprzu i dbu.

Finisz: niezbyt dugi, z nutami wanilii, miodu, pieprzu, patków zboowych i dbu.

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy: Best High

Midletons Barry Crockett edition was named after the distillerys master distiller and comes with all of the lengthy, smooth, refined notes youd expect from such a bottle. A firm favourite that struggles to get anything less than a 9/10 review, this deep, cherry-wood coloured Irish whiskey was designed to be enjoyed with friends or taken out proudly after a sumptuous dinner.

Its light, floral aroma paves the way for an entire orchestra of notes, filled with sweet tobacco leaves, sugared peels, toffee and honey from each mere sip. Released in limited quantities, its a bottle to never pass up.

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