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How To Make Sunrise Tequila

Best Tequila For A Tequila Sunrise

How To Make the Perfect Tequila Sunrise

Heres the key to how to make a good tequila sunrise: buy a good tequila! A cocktail is only as good as the alcohol you use. Look for a mid-price range tequila, since the price is typically an indicator of quality.

You can use either tequila blanco or tequila reposado in this cocktail recipe. Since its a pretty straightforward beachy drink, we went with tequila blanco here. But, it would be even more interesting with tequila reposado: it adds subtle notes of vanilla and oak.

Go With Quality Tequila For A Classic Tequila Sunrise

We love to go with a good quality white tequila when making this Classic Tequila Sunrise. Quality always makes a better drink.

This is a nice alternative to a Classic Margarita when youre serving Mexican food.

This drink is perfect for serving poolside, too.

When was the last time you had a classic cocktail this yummy?

You know, a tequila sunrise has been around for a long time. And as you would expect, its got quite the long history. Learn more here!

I think its time to pull out that top-notch bottle of tequila, grab some fresh orange juice and grenadineand make this beautifully delicious cocktail.

How To Make Tequila Sunrise

We’ll start by getting our cocktail glasses and adding the orange & lime juice, creme de cassis, tequila& simple syrup. Fill your glass with crushed ice then add the splash of triple sec & club soda. Mix well and that’s it!

Make a large batch of this cocktail for parties just by mixing all ingredients except the triple sec & club soda. You can add the splash when you serve each individual glass.

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How To Make Simple Syrup

If you don’t have simple syrup handy, you can make your own!

Just mix equal parts sugar and water: Mix sugar in hot water and stir until water is clear again, then pour into jar and refrigerate.

Should last for one to three weeks, so I try to make pretty small amounts at a time. You can also make it with honey or agave and infuse with anything.

Enjoy Tequila recipes? Try my Classic Margaritas or my Chamomile Tequila Sour.

Or if you want another citrus recipe try my Vodka Collins that is super delicious and refreshing!

Did you make this recipe?!? Id love to know how it turned out! leave a comment and a rating below? thank you!

Is Tequila Sunrise A Well Drink

Easiest Tequila Sunrise Recipe: Only 3 Ingredients

Yes, this is a well drink.

A well drink consists of the least expensive alcohol at a particular bar.

Usually, this includes tequila. There is also top-shelf tequila.

Top-shelf alcohol is more expensive and would not be considered a well drink.

If youre ordering at a pub, you should ask the bartender for clarification.

This way you dont end up blowing your entire nights budget on one drink.

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Tequila Sunrise Drink Origin

This drink has a colorful appearance and story behind it. It was created by bartenders Bobby Lozoff and Billy Rice in the 1970s at the Trident bar in Sausalito, California. The drink gained major attention and popularity in 1973 after Jose Cuervo put the recipe on the back of its tequila bottles, the Eagles song Tequila Sunrise was released, and The Rolling Stones ordered it across the country during their tour that same year. It was, indeed, the rock and roll party drink! These events made the cocktail go mainstream and cemented its International Bartender Associations inclusion.

The original Tequila Sunrise was served in the 1930s, which consisted of crème de cassis , lime juice, and soda water. It was sparkling and light, with a dark purplish hue nothing like the popular version today that includes orange juice and grenadine. I guess it didnt have any rock and roll bands to help promote it. HA!

How To Make The Perfect Tequila Sunrise

Squeeze the oranges and strain. For 90 cl of orange juice, a medium-size orange should be enough.

Pour tequila into a tumbler filled with ice.

Add the orange juice, mix gently and then add the grenadine, which will slowly slide down to the bottom, creating the wonderful chromatic effect that gave the name to the cocktail.

Garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry and enjoy a delicious and super refreshing cocktail.

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A Little Bit Of History

The drink was first served in Arizona at the Baltimore Hotel in the 1920s. Its popularity soared when served in Sausalito in the 1970s, by bartenders Bobby Lozoff and Billy Rice. The story goes that in 1972, Mick Jagger tried it at a party and liked it so much, that the band ordered it everywhere they played in the United States.

A Tequila Sunrise has been one of my favorite cocktails to enjoy during the warm summer months. It has just the right amount of sweetness from the grenadine balanced with the smooth citrus flavor of orange juice. But fair warningyou wont taste the tequila. This beauty goes down easy and packs a punch.

Cocktail Club Host Jackson Cannon Explores The Origin Recipe For A Drink That Became The Tequila Sunrise

How to Make a Tequila Sunrise

Corina Rainer on Unsplash

Stare into the accepted recipe for a tequila sunrise and no amount of imagination will help you conceive of a craft backstory to this juice-bomb club drink of seventies fame. With its simple call of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine, the most a quality minded tender can accomplish is to choose a reputable tequila, fresh squeezed orange juice, and make their own grenadine from real pomegranate juice. Even with the finest ingredients the mix remains a vapid punch, although its appeal can be understood as refreshing in a context where imbibers are dehydrated by other primary intoxicants popular from the 70s disco through 80s club and 90s raves.

For a rework of this drink its often noted that orange juice is a fatal problem. Although some classics like the Bronx and Ward Eight do use the stuff, in its current breakfast form, orange juice lacks the intensity and flexibility that its cousin citrus does for balancing in compelling classic cocktails. This hasnt stopped a generation of tinkerers from offering subversive riffs on their parents tequila sunrise.

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History Of The Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

This cocktails name comes from its layers resembling a beautiful sunrise. The original Tequila Sunrise was made with Tequila, creme de cassis, lime juice, and soda water and was served at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in the 1930s or 1940s by Gene Sulit.

The more popular modern form of the drink, which includes Tequila, orange juice, and grenadine, was invented in the early 1970s by Bobby Lozoff and Billy Rice while working as young bartenders at the Trident in Sausalito. Mick Jagger tried one of the cocktails during a private party at the Trident in 1972 to kick off the RollingStones 1972 tour in America and loved it so much that he and his entourage began drinking them. They later ordered them all over the country, even dubbing the tour the cocaine and tequila dawn tour

At the time, the Trident was the largest tequila retailer in the United States. In 1973, Jose Cuervo saw the new drink as a marketing opportunity, putting the recipe on the back of their tequila bottles and promoting it in various ways. Later the same year, during the height of the drinks popularity, the Eagles recorded Tequila Sunrise on their Desperado album.

Adding to the popularity, Tequila Sunrise, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Mel Gibson, and Kurt Russell, was released in 1988.

How To Mix Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise is one of the easiest drinks you can make, and one that looks fancy at that. Learning how to mix tequila sunrise is easy.

No need to break out the shaker for this drink!

Youll simply add the orange juice and tequila to a glass with ice and stir. After the OJ and tequila are mixed, then slowly add the grenadine syrup.

The syrup will sink to the bottom of the glass, creating the rising sun look youre going for. No need to stir in the grenadine!

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If You Like This Try These

The obvious sister to the Tequila Sunrise is a Screwdriver, which’ll do the trick if you’re short on tequila but stocked with vodka. Then there’s the Mimosa with OJ and champagne, to which you can even add a teaspoon of Grand Marnier, to give it a backbone.

Photography and Prop styling by Heidi’s Bridge

What’s The Difference Between A Tequila Sunrise And A Tequila Sunset

How to Make a Classic Tequila Sunrise

Quite often, tequila sunset is just another name for a tequila sunrise. Then again, it can be an entirely different recipe. Some use grapefruit juice instead of orange, while others use a blend of pineapple and orange. In all of those, though, the grenadine is at the bottom, just like in a sunrise.

For the opposite effect that places a red layer at the top of the drink , you’ll need to use a lighter ingredient than straight grenadine. One option is to mix a little soda with grenadine before adding it to the tequila mix. Blackberry brandy is commonly used as a substitute for grenadine in a tequila sunset, and most brands should be light enough to float on top. Other red liquors may work as well, depending on their specific gravity. You could even use dark rum mix it with food coloring if you really want the red layer. With all of these tequila sunset options, pour the top layer over the back of a barspoon so it floats.

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I Love This Drink Because

  • Looks amazing: Fun, light colors make this drink a must-try. I mean who doesnt love putting a cute two-toned drink on their Instafeed.
  • 3 Ingredients: You only need 3 common ingredients to make this. Most people keep a bottom of Tequila on the house, but if you dont you can pick up an affordable choice at your local liquor store.
  • No Fancy Bar Equipment: No cocktail shaker or blender is needed.
  • Sweet Taste: The tangy orange juice and sweet grenadine make this a favorite among those who dont drink very often.

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Join us Thursday, Sept. 2, at 7 p.m. for Boston.coms Cocktail Club with host Jackson Cannon and his special guest Brian Hoefling, author of The Cocktail Seminars. This week they are exploring craft updates of disco era cocktails, catching up about the Boston restaurant and bar scene, and sharing tips the pros use to make great drinks at home. Theyll be mixing the Morgenthaler update of the amaretto sour and exploring the origin recipe for the drink that became the tequila sunrise. Everything you need is in the shopping list here.

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History Of The Tequila Sunrise

Historically, the Tequila Sunrise as we know it today is far from what we consider the original today. It was mixed for the first time in the 1930s by a bartender called Gene Sulit. Back then, there was no Grenadine and also no orange juice in the list of ingredients. The drink was a blend of Tequila, Creme de Cassis, lime juice, and soda water.

More than 40 years later, Bobby Lozoff reinvented the Tequila Sunrise and thus is the creator of todays commonly used recipe of Tequila, orange juice, and Grenadine. And lets face it: if Mick Jagger hadnt loved the drink so much, we wouldnt have to suffer the consequences today. But from the beginning

Lozoff worked at the Trident when developing the Tequila Sunrise. And to kick off the Rolling Stones Tour in 1972, Mick Jagger and his colleagues had a private party at this location. Of course, Mick Jagger had the chance to try the Tequila Sunrise. He apparently enjoyed it so much that he kept ordering Tequila Sunrise at every stop in the US during the whole tour. Later on, Mick Jagger even named the tour thecocaine and tequila sunrise tour.

The Trident was, at this point, the largest outlet for Mexican Tequila in the whole US. As soon as Jose Cuervo heard about the success of the Tequila Sunrise in early 1973, they boosted the hype by printing the recipe on the back of their Tequila bottles. At this point, the victory march of the Tequila Sunrise was unstoppable.

Raise A Glass To Sunny Days And Balmy Nights With This Refreshing Tequila Cocktail Made With A Simple Syrup You Can Keep On Hand In The Fridge

How to make Tequila Sunrise

Enjoy the sweet, refreshing taste of a tequila sunrise. · add the tequila and stir. Tangerine lemonade is joined by grenadine for a sweetly tart . Alright, yes, i’m a day late for halloween and five days late for the. 500ml chilled orange juice. Total wine & more provides the lowest prices on ingredients for wine, liquor, . Three tequila sunrise cocktails with cherry orange garnish and cocktail shaker. · fill the cup with ice. First, let me say that the tequila sunrise is a terrible drink, . Raise a glass to sunny days and balmy nights with this refreshing tequila cocktail, made with a simple syrup you can keep on hand in the fridge. · pour in the orange juice. Serve this tart, tropical tequila sunrise at a weekend brunch or happy hour. Shop this recipe to make the best tequila sunrise cocktail at home!

· add the tequila and stir. Serve this tart, tropical tequila sunrise at a weekend brunch or happy hour. · pour in the orange juice. Total wine & more provides the lowest prices on ingredients for wine, liquor, . 500ml chilled orange juice.

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How Many To Get Drunk

Well, I wont be able to answer that one for you! With so many variables in play, you have to know you.

However, I can tell you that this drink contains roughly 13% alcohol in each drink.

Each drink contains 1.5 ounces of tequila. This is equal to one shot here in the USA.

So, how many shots of tequila does it take for you to get drunk? Thats a good estimate of how many tequila sunrises it will take.

Please, if you drink dont drive Do the tequila sunrise crawl? Sure.

What Does Tequila Sunrise Taste Like

Tequila sunrise tastes like a fruity drink without the abundance of alcohol flavor.

For the most part, youll taste the orange juice and grenadine syrup.

The grenadine flavor comes from pomegranate and sugar.

This combination actually gives you a sweet and slightly tart flavor in your drink. Its quite refreshing and a good change of pace from other cocktails.

The hint of tequila is quite mild, not like the heat of a shot at all. No need to lick salt and suck on a lime wedge with this drink!

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What Goes In A Tequila Sunrise

Heres what you charge for this deceptively abeyant cocktail:

  • Tequila use a mid ambit one which, in Australia, is about the $40 to $50 range. Assets the bigger being for bubbler straight! I use Jose Cuervo which is a top-mid ambit Mexican tequila

  • orange juice the fresher the better! Abstain the candied reconstituted being with endless of added sugar

  • grenadine syrup a non alcoholic red amoroso abstract fabricated from concentrated amethyst juice. This is what makes Tequila Aurora red see beneath for how!

Ingredient Notes And Shopping Tips

how to make a tequila sunrise
  • Tequila: For this drink, I recommend either a Blanco tequila or a Silver tequila . Whatever tequila you choose, ensure youre choosing a tequila that is 100% agave.
  • Orange juice: Freshly squeezed is best. However, if youre looking to cut calories or carbs consider a store-bought low-sugar version.
  • Grenadine syrup: Grenadine is a syrup available in the mixers section of your grocery store. I found mine near the cocktail mixes/tonic waters. It adds a wonderful sweetness and gorgeous color to cocktails like this one. I also use it in my nonalcoholic Shirley Temple too. Traditionally, grenadine was made with pomegranate juice, and it still retains that fruity flavor.
  • You can also garnish with orange slices and/or maraschino cherries.

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Is Tequila Sunrise A Girly Drink

This colorful and fruity drink is ideal for those who want a cocktail drink without a boozy flavor.

Some may see the colorful cocktail as a girly drink.

However, is there really such a thing? Is tequila sunrise a girly drink? Hmm. Perhaps, perhaps not.

Regardless if youre a man or a woman if you like the flavor of the drink bottoms up!

Mexican Sunrise Drink Aka Corona Sunrise

The cool thing about this cocktail is that you can use the beer bottle to make the cocktail. And if you are a Corona fan that you will enjoy this variation. Youll need tequila, orange juice, grenadine, lime and lime juice. The tequila makes it a sunrise and orange juice makes the sunrise of the drink.

  • Drink Corona down to the top of the label
  • Add tequila.
  • Add orange juice halfway up to the neck.
  • Add a splash of grenadine.
  • Squeeze the lime juice the lime into the bottle.
  • Cover the top of the bottle and gentle flip down and up to mix ingredients. Add lime wedge and enjoy.
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    How To Make A Better Tequila Sunrise

    The recipe is simple and easy to make. You dont even have to shake things, as this would only ruin the layers. So now, how do you bring more complexity to this one-dimensional, sweet drink?

    Lets start with Grenadine. Common Grenadine has an artificially bright red color to it as well as an artificial taste. Something that ultimately screams not pleasant. It is also very, very sweet, which is why I, like many others, try to avoid using it. One way to better counterbalance the sugary taste, is to reduce the amount of Grenadine used in the drink. You can mix Creme de Cassis with Grenadine to preserve the red-colored layer.

    To create a more complex orange flavor in the drink, mix it with Cointreau. Cointreau is an orange-flavored liqueur thats also a key ingredient in a . This addition will create a way more elaborate drink. Besides its different orange taste, Cointreau also brings a subtle bitterness to the Tequila Sunrise that balances the sweet ingredients perfectly.

    Using a high-quality Tequila will also improve the result. But which type of Tequila is the best fit? Well, you should make sure you use a 100% agave-based Tequila. I prefer to use an aged Tequila, either an Añejo or Extra Añejo Tequila, for making the cocktail. If your budget is limited and you dont have an Añejo at home, get yourself a Reposado Tequila.

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