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What Proof Is Tanqueray Gin

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How to Make the Tanqueray & Tonic Mixed Drink
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The Bottle Is Not A Tiny Fire Hydrant

Sure, we see a reasonable visual resemblance, but the Tanqueray bottle wasnt based on a fire hydrant. The bottle was actually, and carefully, modeled after a cocktail shaker, a marketing attempt at aligning the strangely assertive flavors of English gin with the more approachable, mutable flavors of the American cocktail scene. When Tanqueray 10 launched in 2000, the company used a similar shape but added a not uncool retro citrus reamer vibe to play up the aforementioned citrus.

Tanqueray Gin Tasting Notes

Unlike other gins, Tanqueray is not made with citrus; this leads it to be a much drier gin than other popular brands. The four types of botanicals used are combined to be very smooth when it hits your palate. The juniper flavor is not as overpowering and is much more subtle, with the coriander adding a sharp note at the end.

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Few Interesting Facts About Tanqueray

There are many interesting facts about Tanqueray. Some of them are mentioned below.

Fact #1: Unlike other gins, Tanqueray believed in sticking to a very simple recipe. He did not want to complicate the drink by adding too many botanicals to it. And that is why in todays date, the Tanqueray still involves the use of only four major botanicals, which are the Tuscan Juniper as its core and main ingredient, angelica root, coriander, and licorice.

Fact #2: Many people have experimented and even found that the taste of Tanqueray gin is very much similar or very much exact to the taste of Smirnoff Vodka. Although the distillery process, ingredients, and everything is very different from one another, the taste is alike.

Fact #3: The Tanqueray Company has its own Still called the Old Tom, which is 200 years old. This distillery survived World War II and with a few repairs here, and there is still in working condition. The Company holds it as some spiritual mascot, for being with them throughout their journey.

Fact #4: The Company also came up with another flavor for its Gin under the name Old Tom. This Gin was slightly sweeter compared to their original taste. It was made significantly for people who hated the bitter taste of it.

Tanqueray 10 Has Eight Botanicals

Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 1.75 L (94.6 Proof)

Tanqueray and Tanqueray 10 are the two Tanqueray products youre most likely to see or have seen, drink or have drunk . They both ring in at a solid 47.3 percent ABV, but Tanqueray has that aforementioned juniper assertiveness, whereas Tanqueray 10 was produced as a kind of concession to and/or celebration of the emerging craft gin market a market reaching out to more consumers, including those less in love with gins signature juniper note. The result is a mix of eight botanicals that is less juniper-forward and overlaid with not just earthy spice but brighter, fragrant citrus notes.

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Tanquerays Tinkering Led To Modern Craft Gin

When gin, and not equine toiletries, won out in Tanquerays heart, he dedicated himself wholly to improving what passed for gin at the time, taking on industry leaders Felix Booth and Alexander Gordon . While developing what would become his flagship recipe, Tanqueray stumbled upon his preferred method for distilling botanicals into a small quantity of neutral grain spirit before distilling the larger batch for the final time. It was one of the first innovations in botanical infusion, central to the whole how-is-this-delicious-gin-not-vodka? question.

Where To Buy Tanqueray Gin In The Usa

Although initially a limited production in 2006, Tanqueray gin is relatively easy to find in most liquor stores. However, it tends to be overshadowed by other, better-known brands.

Alternatively, its very easy to find online and can be simply picked up for $26 on Reserve Bar. Otherwise, you can use Drizly where its available for around the same price if youre in a hurry. While Reserve Bar is a traditional online retailer, Drizly works in partnership with local stores to deliver liquor to your door within an hour!

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Is Hot Gin Good For A Cold

The;warmth of the botanicals in the gin toddy may soothe a sore throat and reduce congestion. Of course, it will not cure your cold. In the same way as a cup of herbal tea, it may provide temporary relief, particularly when sweetened with honey.

There is no cure for the common cold, and drinking gin in any form will not prevent or kill cold and flu viruses. In 2018, there was even a claim that drinking gin and tonics could cure a cold. The original article did not cite the “study” reported to produce this evidence, but the headline caught a lot of attention and, unfortunately, it went viral. Some of these misconceptions are due to juniper berries, which are the key flavoring ingredient in gin. While the berries do contain antioxidants and vitamin C, very little of that is carried through to the gin.

It’s important to remember that alcohol can negatively interact with cold medications you may be taking and dehydrates the body. Studies have also indicated that alcohol may lower the immune system’s ability to fight viruses. If you’re sick and want to drink a toddy, stick to one then move on to other forms of relief, including lots of nonalcoholic fluids.

From Presidents To Rat Packs America Loves Tanqueray

Gin Blind Tasting Bombay Sapphire, Bulldog & Tanqueray / The ð? Goes To…

According to Diageo archivist Joanne McKerchar, Tanqueray was the first drink poured in the White House after Prohibition was repealed in 1933. Then, in the 1960s, the Rat Pack realized they loved the stuff, too, famously putting down more than a few Tanqueray Martinis in the Buena Vista Social Club. Says McKerchar, Sales of Tanqueray doubled in a year without a penny of advertising money being spent on the brand.

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What Is The Best Gin In 2019

WORLDS BEST GIN. Worlds Best London Dry Gin. Best Irish. Australia. Manly Spirits Co. Australian Dry Gin 43% Brazil. YVY Destilaria. Mar Gin 46% Canada. Parlour Gin. London Dry Style 40% Croatia. Dubrovnik Republic. Dalmatian Dry Gin 47% Denmark. Marstal No. London Dry Gin 42% Germany. Foersters. Heide Gin 44%

Tanqueray: A Simple Recipe

Gin production is relatively easy: Theres no malted barley that has to be blessed by a Celtic priest or banjo-serenaded bourbon barrels required. Theres only juniper. Many recipes go well beyond with unexpected ingredients; Scottish rowan berries, lavender, love but for 180-plus years, Tanqueray stuck by the seemingly simple combination of only four botanicals: Tuscan juniper, coriander, angelica root, and licorice. But dont let numbers fool you. With just those four botanicals, Tanqueray presents a blooming gin bouquet.

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Dos And Donts For Tanqueray


  • Always check the seal on the bottle. Buy a bottle that is sealed properly. If the seal has tampered, dont go for it.
  • Serve chilled. If you want to add ice, you can do it as per your choice. You can use a freezer to make your drink chilled.;
  • Serve it with berries like cranberry. It will enhance the taste of the Gin. You can serve it on a plate, or you can put them into the glass as well.
  • Handle the bottle carefully.
  • Donts

  • Do not add an excessive amount of ice to it. It will dilute your drink and spoil its taste. Prefer freezing rather than adding ice to your drink.
  • Do not consume an excessive amount of Tanqueray gin. It will imbalance the pH of your stomach and causes you to lose motion.
  • Do not serve Tanqueray gin to minors. This drink is suitable for adults. If you are under 25, do not consume it.
  • The Difference Between Tanqueray Gin And Tanqueray 10 Gin

    Tanqueray Dry Gin 94.6 Proof 750ml

    Its been nearly 14 years since Tanqueray first launched Tanqueray No. Ten Gin. In that time, Tanqueray Ten has become just as recognizable as;Tanquerays London Dry Gin.;Tanqueray Ten is considered by many to be an ideal martini gin, and its a frequent ingredient in many key gin cocktails at craft cocktail bars around the world. While theres no need to change anything inside the bottle, Tanqueray has decided to update the Tanqueray Ten packaging, ditching the tall thin ridged bottle for a shorter, squatter bottle which is more in line with the classic Tanqueray shaker-style bottle. The new bottle also has a dimple ridged base which looks a lot like a juicer, which is no surprise as Tanqueray 10 is defined by the use of fresh citrus.

    At Drink Spirits we tend to cover many new releases, and unfortunately that means that some of the great classic spirits dont have coverage. We felt the re-launch of Tanqueray Ten was a perfect opportunity to revisit both;Tanqueray London Dry Gin and;Tanqueray No. TenGin, discuss what makes them unique, and why youd ask for one over the other.


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    Tanqueray London Dry Gin

    The cornerstone of the brand, this gin epitomizes a quality London dry gin. Tanqueray London Dry Gin is distilled four times and includes only four botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, and licorice. It is bottled at 47.3 percent alcohol by volume , and that higher alcohol content adds a nice boost to the flavor.

    Tanqueray is a perfectly dry gin. While citrus is included in most gins, this one doesn’t have thata fact that may add to its versatility. This means it’s a great all-around gin for any cocktail, especially those with a hint of citrus, because you can customize that element to perfectly suit your own taste. Expressing the oils of a lemon twist into a gin martini adds an instant lift, and the lime wedge that traditionally adorns a gin and tonic should not be considered optional with this gin.

    To really taste the beauty of those four botanicals, be sure to try Tanqueray in a hot gin toddy. The heat intensifies the aromatic bouquet and makes it seem like a far more complex gin. It’s also quite impressive when simply dressed up with amaretto and a hint of bitters and sour mix in the Tanqueray almond cocktail.

    Tanqueray Gin 175 Liter Price

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    Things You Should Know About Tanqueray Gin

    Not only is Tanqueray almost 200 years into the gin game, the company actually helped drive the evolution of the category itself. It was part of the mission to transform gin from Christmas tree fire water to something actually respectable. From its role as early innovator in gin production to being one of the only things that could and God forgive them make Idris Elba look mildly unattractive, here are 11 things you need to know about Tanqueray.

    Alcohol By Volume For Popular Whiskeys Vodka Gin And Rum

    â?° 5 London Dry Gin Reviews in 5 Minutes: Bombay East, Sipsmith, Beefeater, Tanqueray and Bulldog

    In a recent post I mentioned the number of drinks it takes to become intoxicated varies depending on many factors. One of the factors is the type of alcohol and the alcohol by volume in the drink. Below you will find some of the statistics when it comes to ABV and the proof of a whiskey, vodka, gin or rum drink.

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    It Was A Choice Between Gin And Horse Feet

    According to former Tanqueray master distiller Tom Nichol, Charles Tanqueray was a genius. More accurately, I think he was a genius who told everyone he was a genius, Nichol says. We dont know if Tanqueray was both annoying and super smart, but we do know he dressed like Santa Claus on a Tinder date and carried around a notebook filled with ideas. Among the more prominent: recipes for animal medicines and a supposedly improved horseshoe polish, since theres nothing worse than bad horseshoe polish. Were glad he went with gin.


    What Is The Best Top Shelf Gin

    10 Gordons London Dry Gin Juniper. 9 Tanqueray No. TEN Gin. 8 Boodles British London Dry Gin Juniper. 7 Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin. Rich & Sweet. 6 Sipsmith VJOP London Dry Gin. Juniper & Spicy. 5 Bombay Sapphire Gin Spicy & Earthy. 4 Citadelle Gin. Spicy & Sweet. 3 Hendricks Gin Floral & Herbal.

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    Is Tanqueray Better Than Hendricks

    It depends what kind of gin you like. Tanqueray is a perfectly fine traditional London Dry gin with a significant juniper taste, which is the older style that most people think of when they think of gin. Hendricks is much more contemporary, with a mix of botanicals and heavy on floral flavors.

    Thoughts On Yes Beefeater Gin Is Now 44% Abv

    Tanqueray No. TEN Gin, 750 mL (94.6 Proof)
  • John

    Where can I protest going from 94 to 88 proof?

  • John

    It may be time to switch to Tanquerayhear that Beefeater?

  • Lee A Wells

    Ive been drinking Beefeater for 40 years and started noticing a change in the flavor last fall and Im not happy! It wasnt until Christmas that I figured out they had lowered the ABV. It definitely changes the flavor profile. I couldnt return the two cases i bought at that time so I guess they will gather dust as I search for a new go to brand.


    Found a couple 1.75 liters of 94 proof bottles at Walmart liquors in Florida last month January 21.Will save these in the back of my liquor cabinet for special occasions. Been drinking this stuff for 50 years. Bring back the good stuff!

  • Marc Wexler

    Beefeater has been one of the great London dry gins of all time and has been one my of go-tos for many years. Now I feel my loyalty to the brand has been betrayed by Pernod Richard watering down the proof of the sprit to a level that impacts the quality of the product. This is a real poke in the eye to your many millions of loyal customers.

    This reminds me of the trend in candy bars where the size shrinks while the price remains unchanged a shameless and disgraceful grab for money, disrespecting and indeed insulting to your many, many loyal customers.


  • Ed

    Im not happy either and will now look elsewhere. Thanks th or the memories

  • W. Ames
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    Tanqueray Gin 750 Ml 946 Proof

    • Perfectly balanced spirit that has a unique herbal quality and dry finish
    • Expertly crafted blend featuring juniper, coriander, angelica and licorice
    • Developed over 180 years ago in Bloomsbury, London
    • Mix with a splash of premium tonic water in a coupe glass and a wedge of lime for a classic gin and tonic

    Other Tanqueray Gins: Rangpur And No 10

    Tanqueray distills the primary London Dry Gin but, over the years, has produced other fan-favorite gins. One of these is the Rangpur Gin, which was initially introduced to the Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C. markets. This gin, unlike typical Tanqueray, has a distinct citrus flavor. The flavor comes from the Rangpur Limes, where it gets its name, ginger and bay leaves all added during the distillation.


    What was once a once-off in 2006, Tanqueray Rangpur is now readily available across the United States, even in 2020.

    Tanqueray No. Ten was released initially in 2000, targeted at the martini market. Its bottle is a more art-deco style with recognizable green glass featuring distinct vertical lines, often compared to a cocktail shaker.

    This gin is also known for its more distinct citrus flavor and has a broader palette of flavors when compared to the standard Tanqueray gin. Just like Rangpur Gin, Tanqueray No. Ten is easy to purchase and is widely popular for martinis and cocktails.

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    Yes Beefeater Gin Is Now 44% Abv

    It is true in the United States Beefeater Gin has dialed down the ABV. Formerly Beefeater Gin was bottled at 94 proof or 47% ABV. It has been since turned down to 88 proof or 44% ABV. In either case, it is still higher ABV than in the U.K., for example where it is bottled at 40%.

    The intention of the ABV change is to provide a more consistent brand experience globally for our consumers. Our Beefeater London Dry Gin at an ABV of 44% recently won a Gold medal at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020.

    Beefeater Gin US

    The recent change brings Beefeaters flagship gin more in line with the other major gin brands at lower ABVs; however, it does represent a shift for the esteemed brand who for a long time was a relatively premium offering at its price point. This combination of facets led to Beefeater Gin being a well pour of choice at high end cocktail bars. With the change in proof, it will be interesting to see if it maintains its lead in those spaces.

    While there was no formal press announcement of the change, people across the states had begun to see the lower ABV Beefeater first begin appearing over the summer. At least, thats when I first began seeing questions about it on this site.

    On Twitter, the decision was explained as follows:

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