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Is Bourbon And Whiskey The Same

How To Drink It

The Difference Between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey

There’s no wrong way to enjoy a good whiskey but to get every nuance, pros recommend taking at least a sip or two straight. If you find that a little potent for your tastes, a few ice cubes or drops of water will provide some dilution that makes the experience smoother on the palate and can actually reveal subtle flavors that the alcohol might mask.

Of course, that’s far from the only way to bring your bottles into play. Whiskey is the basis for a number of classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Sazerac while bourbon specifically serves as the spirit in beloved tipples like the mint juelp and boulevardier. Try your hand at a few of these timeless sips and, to really get a feel for the different styles, experiment with how switching up the type of whiskey can change the cocktail’s flavor profile.

Why Is Jack Daniel Not Considered A Bourbon

While ticking all the boxes of a bourbon, Jack Daniels takes it one step further in the distillation process that makes it different to a bourbon.

Jack Daniels, before placing the spirit into the barrels to age, slowly filter it through their signature maple charcoal, giving it the very distinctive taste that many love.

What About Tennessee Whiskey

Now, what’s the difference between bourbon and Tennessee whiskey? One extra step. “Jack Daniel is a Tennessee whiskey and it qualifies 100 percent as a bourbon,” says Fletcher.

To be a Tennessee whiskey the spirit must be made in Tennessee it’s geographically restricted. Next, it has to qualify as a bourbon whiskey. “That means it must follow the 51 percent corn minimum,” says Fletcher, “the distillation maximum of 160 proof . We always have to age in a new, charred oak container/barrel and it has to go in at 125 proof or below. We hit all those criteria.”

Finally, the Jack Daniel Distillery adds a final step referred to as charcoal mellowing. At Jack Daniel they make their own charcoal on the premises from maple wood burned to complete coal. The coal is packed tightly into a large vat, then the freshly distilled, un-aged whiskey is filtered through the charcoal.

“If you’ve ever used a water filter like a Brita, there’s charcoal in it, but it doesn’t flavor your water,” Fletcher says. “The concept is similar. The whiskey goes in clear and comes out clear and then goes in the barrels to age.” Fletcher says this expensive final step, which was once used by bourbon-makers in Kentucky, is a differentiator for Jack Daniel, and meaningful to their brand. “Even though our product does qualify as bourbon,” he adds, “we prefer to be identified as a Tennessee whiskey.”

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Can Bourbon Be Made Outside Of America

No. The federal standards governing the identity of bourbon dictate that it is a distinctive product of the United States and that the word bourbon shall not be used to describe any whisky or whisky-based distilled spirits not produced in the United States.According to Swati Sharma, Co-Founder, The Dram Club,;sweetness is what marks bourbon from the other varieties of whisky. Since bourbons are made of copious amount of corn they have a delightful sweetness with pronounced notes of vanilla that cant be found in most barley and rye-based whiskies, she clarifies. They also tend to be a bit smoky due to the charred oak. But it takes years of practice of nosing and tasting even for experts to tell the difference between the vast styles of whiskies. The best way to keep getting better at it is to try a mix of both Bourbon and Scotch/other styles and make notes of the difference you can perceive in the nose and on the palate.

Since bourbons are made of copious amount of corn they have a delightful sweetness with pronounced notes of vanilla

Gandhi sums it up best when he says, The best whisky is the one enjoyed with friends and family over lots of banter and fun. Sláinte!

Bourbon Vs Whiskey: Whats The Difference

Whats The Difference Between Whiskey And Bourbon?

Weve previously discussed the difference between the Celtic countries Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky. Though if we turn our gaze towards the west we can see something else on the horizon, Bourbon. So what is this mysterious Bourbon Whiskey, and how does it differ from Irish Whiskey? Lets dig in and find out.

Whats the difference between Bourbon and Irish Whiskey?;

Its worth noting that while most Bourbon brands use the spelling of Whiskey containing the e, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau note the spelling in their regulations as Whisky without the e. For the sake of this article, we will be spelling whiskey, bourbon, or otherwise with the e.

While what we call Irish Whiskey today is as different from that original product as a cow to a cat, Irish Whiskey has its roots centuries ago. From the first written reference to Irish distillation,; from the mid-14th-century;book the Red Book of Ossory,; the gifting of a cask of whiskey to Queen Elizabeth I in 1541. To the formation of the four great Dublin Distilleries: John Jameson & Son of Bow Street, John Powers & Son of Johns Lane, George Roe & Co of Thomas Street, and William Jameson & Co of Marrowbone Lane, Irish Whiskey flourished.

The history of the two products is startlingly similar, considering the years and countries between them. When we get down to the products themselves, however, thats when we see the difference between bourbon and Irish Whiskey.



Pot Still

  • Bourbon Whiskey

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Get Whiskey Bourbon And Scotch Delivered With Saucey

After all that, were pretty confident that youre an expert on whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. Theres just one last missing piece of the puzzle before you can truly call yourself an expert: you need to start sampling different whiskies, scotches, and bourbons.;

The truth is, you can read about and learn about everything there is to know, but if you havent tried these spirits for yourself, you wont really know the difference in tastes and flavor profiles. So, what do we recommend you do?

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If you have no idea what youre looking for, thats even better. Explore different brands to read more about them, and the specific flavor notes that make them stand out. Add a few different types to your cart. Maybe start by trying a whiskey from each category, so you cover all your bases. If youre making cocktails, dont forget we have mixers, bitters, simple syrup, and more to help you cross off everything on your list.;

What Is Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon is a variety of barrel-aged American whiskey that is predominantly produced from corn as opposed to malted barley like Scotch whisky.

According to US regulations outlined by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureaus Federal Standard of Identity for Distilled Spirits, bourbon whiskey must be produced in the USA.

Bourbon whiskey may feature other types of grain as long as at least 51% of the mash consists of corn. Like all American whiskey, it must be distilled to a maximum of 80% ABV, aged in new charred oak barrels at no more than 62.5% ABV, and then bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV.

When distilled to a higher proof, a spirit loses its flavour compounds, but it results in more liquor once it has been diluted. The aforementioned thresholds are set in order to preserve the whiskeys quality.

Most foreign authorities respect the USAs definition of bourbon. For instance, bourbon sold in Canada must conform to the entirety of the USAs requirements. Meanwhile, the European Unions requirements are a little looser but the whiskey must at least be produced in the USA.

However, given the export costs for distributors and that the EU requires whisky to have been aged for at least three years, its unlikely that whats sold there wouldnt also conform to American standards.

Conversely, there is no strict minimum age for standard bourbon in the USA. Its entirely possible for bourbon to be bottled after only a few months.

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Bourbon Has To Hit Certain Abv Marks

When bourbon is barreled, it also has to hit a certain proof, or alcohol content in the spirit. The mash must be distilled at 160 proof or less, and aged in barrels until it is no more than 125 proof or less. Before bottling, bourbon is filtered and diluted down to no less than 80 proof . Other whiskeys have different ABV standards for barreling and distilling. The minimum bottling strength for Scotch whiskey, for example, is also 80 proof or 40 percent ABV, but there is no maximum or minimum ABV for the distillate.;

It Doesn’t Need To Come From Kentucky


You may have heard that in order to be a bourbon, the whiskey has to be from Kentucky. That’s not quite truebourbon can be made outside that state. But to be designated a “Kentucky bourbon,” the spirit has to be both distilled and aged in Kentucky. The name “bourbon” even comes from old Bourbon, what is now Bourbon County, Kentucky. Most bourbon is made in Kentucky, but not all, so it has become synonymous with the spirit, much as the Champagne region in France is synonymous with champagne, even though sparkling wine using similar methods is produced elsewhere. So next time you order a bourbon, you know that what you’ll be getting in your glass isn’t just a whiskey, but a specific kind of whiskey.;

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What Does It Mean

Rye whiskey must have at least 51% rye or more by U.S. law.

A 100% Straight rye is a delicate, much more complex process in the mashing stage. Thus, making the straight rye in a small batch is preferred when not adding additives or corn to the recipe.

But whats the Proof?

When alcohol is distilled, it always derives off the still at a more significant proof. But the method also removes everything that isnt alcohol from the liquor, including its flavor.

Therefore, this is why our rye vodka is essentially tasteless.

Richer with deeper tones

Bourbon Is Made With At Least 51 Percent Corn

What makes bourbon distinct from other whiskeys is the way it is manufactured and aged. All whiskey is spirit made from fermented grain and then aged in barrels. But the kind of grain and the kind of barrels determines the variety of whiskey. Per the American Bourbon Association, in order to be classified as bourbon, a whiskey needs to be distilled from a mixture of grains, or mash, that’s at least 51 percent corn. That corn gives bourbon its distinctive sweet flavor.;

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Faqs About Canadian Whiskey Vs Bourbon

What is different about Canadian whiskey?

Canadian whiskey is produced with different mashes which are blended together to create the final product, unlike the traditional American whiskey which is made with corn, rye, and malter barley.

What is a good Canadian whiskey?

If you are trying Canadian whiskey for the first time, and you want to try the best there is, you should try Crown Royals Canadian whiskey which has vanilla and cherry notes with brown sugar and deep oaky flavor.

Which is the best Canadian whiskey for this year?

Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve is rated as the number 1 Canadian whiskey for this year thanks to plenty of its consumers who put it on the scale of 90.

Variants Of Whiskey Glasses

I Have The Same Bottle Of Old Taylor Whiskey Unopened. And ...

A rule of thumb in whiskey drinking is knowing that the glasses are made with delicate hands and with pure intention in mind. There are many kinds of whiskey glasses, and although one may suit specific cocktails or liquors, each has been made differently to support the senses. Let’s take a look at a few popular variants.

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Why Do Bourbons And Whiskeys Taste Different

The reason bourbons or whiskeys taste different from one another has to do with sourcing of the ingredients inside the bottle, not the label on the front. A spirit made from distilled corn will taste different from one made from distilled rye. After all, it’s a different recipe.

And at Jack Daniel Distillery, for example, they inoculate their fermentation using a yeast strain that they can date back to Prohibition. “It’s still grown fresh from the mother culture in our lab every day,” Fletcher explains. “That yeast is a massive source of flavor for our whiskey and if we use a different yeast than the next distillery, that’s a major flavor difference.”

Kerri Richardson, president of the Bourbon Women’s Association located in Louisville, Kentucky, says female bourbon drinkers frequently choose higher proof bourbon as their favorites, and she has medical and anecdotal data to back it up. Sensory studies done in the 1990s demonstrated that women have a genetic predisposition to picking up scents and flavors thanks to larger olfactory centers in the brain.

“When you have a very high proof whiskey, there’s usually a lot of interesting things happening in that bottle and really tend to go for that,” she says. “We had a blind tasting a year ago of Heaven Hill products and I knew what would be in that lineup. I didn’t know which was which, but I knew the one we would pick as our favorite the highest proof and I was right.”

Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish Canadian Whisky

Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish Canadian Whisky is made using all of the natural elements and it uses pre-modern distilling methods in addition to climate-controlled warehouses to bring out the robust flavor profile. This whisky has a very creamy texture to it in addition to being very thick in its composition so it will leave your mouth with a slightly dry feeling after consuming a drink of the whisky.

Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish Canadian Whisky has hints of white pepper in the flavor profile and it also contains a lot of spice elements which add a nice overall base to the whiskey. Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish Canadian Whisky dry sherry is a wonderfully crafted whiskey option that has a lot to offer in the flavor department.

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Kentucky 74 Presents ”arkay” Bourbon Whiskey Alternative

Laredo, Texas– – Kentucky 74 presents Arkay the world’s first alcohol free bourbon alternative. Arkay is offering consumers a healthier non-alcoholic version of bourbon whiskey, while at the same time continuing to provide the same color, smell, and taste of the alcoholic version.

Kentucky 74 presents Arkay Bourbon Whiskey

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:


It took 10 years to our master mixologist to create and perfect the formula for Arkay bourbon whiskey alternative, by blending flavors of caramel, corn, malt, whiskey, and oak aromas, as well as other distinctive flavors.


For decades, we searched for the perfect Bourbon alternative as we tested most of the biggest alcohol-free spirits brands in the world, and bang, we found that Arkay Bourbon alternative to be the best one, in few words Arkay is like bourbon, but better.

Arkay is beautifully non-alcoholic spirit crafted to complement your favorite bourbon cocktails, it serves up a high quality, smooth finish, underpinned by familiar notes of caramel, vanilla, malt, and oak… without the regrettable, I-need-to-rethink-my-drink next days.

Arkay bourbon alternative is No GMO, and does not contain alcohol, calories, carbs, sugar, or gluten. Crafted and blended with love not distilled which means it is truly alcohol-free.

The perfect option for anybody looking to better their lifestyle.

0% Alcohol

Whats The Difference Between Scotch Whiskey And Bourbon

Bourbon Whiskey vs Scotch Whisky: What is the Difference?

This might be common knowledge for some, but it’s worth a refresher before you go out and buy a bottle.;Let’s start with a burning question we answered back in 2008: what makes a whiskey bourbon?

The law. While knocking back a dram of bourbon is a decidedly carefree exercise, making it is exceedingly technical and requires that the whiskey meet a rigid set of criteria. The Federal Standards of Identity for Bourbon stipulate what is and what isnt bourbon. For a whiskey to call itself bourbon, its mash, the mixture of grains from which the product is distilled, must contain at least 51% corn. The mash must be distilled at 160 proof or less, put into the barrel at 125 proof or less, and it must not contain any additives. The distillate must be aged in a new charred oak barrel. If you distill a whiskey in your kitchen that meets all of these standards, congrats, youve made bourbon. Also, youve broken the law; the ATF is probably outside your house right now.

The main difference between scotch and whiskey is geographic, but also ingredients and spellings. Scotch is whisky made in Scotland, while bourbon is whiskey made in the U.S.A, generally Kentucky. Scotch is made mostly from malted barley, while bourbon is distilled from corn. If youre in England and ask for a whisky, youll get Scotch. But in Ireland, youll get Irish whiskey .

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Whiskey Is A Distilled Grain Spirit

According to Whiskey Advocate, whiskey is a distilled spirit that is made from grain. All other distilled liquors are made from other sources. For example, brandy, such as Armagnac or Cognac, comes from grapes. Whiskey makers use malted barley or other grains to make the spirit. They soak the grains in hot water to release the sugars and then add yeast to ferment the sugar into alcohol. Finally, they distill the liquor and age it in barrels.

Bourbon, Scotch, and rye are all types of whiskey. There are other types of whiskey as well.

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