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How To Make Tequila Mule

Moscow Mule With Tequila

How to Make a Jalisco Mule | Sponsored by Patrón Tequila

All of our recipes start with the purest tequila. Created in the famed hills of Mexico, our tequila is distilled using column and pot stills to give it a perfectly smooth and balanced taste profile. Great on the rocks, plus our spirits are ones you’ll love shaking into all the best cocktails! See some of our variety recipes below Tequila is a very interesting distilled spirit, that’s made unlike any other, from the agave plant. Specifically, the blue Weber agave native to western Mexico, is the only agave plant used to create 100% pure tequila. A. tequilana has four varieties altogether. Azul, Azul Listado, Siguin, and Pata De Mula

Click yes if you are old enough to drink legally in your country Tequila Mule One of the most popular Mexican cocktails that are served with some heat is the Tequila Mule Recipe . We say heat because this drink comes with a spicy surprise of jalapenos in it

Ginger Beer Vs Ginger Syrup

This is just a personal taste, but Ive fallen in love with this Ginga Syrup from Iconic Cocktail, a local cocktail mixer business in Phoenix. Its made with all-natural ingredients and has less sugar than ginger beer.

If Im going to drink ginger beer, I prefer one with a stronger ginger flavor and less sweetness. Please do not use Ginger Ale, which contains more sugar and has a very weak ginger flavor.

Both Fever Tree and Q Ginger Beers are excellent ginger beers.

Do You Need A Copper Mug

Short answer no, you do not. A highball cocktail glass is perfectly fine to use.

But. The signature copper mugs in which Moscow mules and by extension tequila mules etc. are served actually play a role in the overall experience of the cocktail. The metal quickly takes on the temperature of the cocktail and creates the feeling of an extra cold drink.;

Not to mention that when the Moscow mule was devised in order to promote the consumption of both vodka and ginger beer the copper mugs became the signature vessels for the beverage. Their iconic appearance has become integral to the enjoyment of a mule.;

If I may Chris and I love this hammered copper set which comes with copper straws and a jigger.;

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Mexican Mule Aka Tequila Mule

This Mexican Mule combines two things I love Tequila and the moscow mule! So what is a mule? At its most basic, its a combination of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice.

Which means its entirely open to experimentation! So whether its a Kentucky Mule or a Moscow Mule made with grapefruit vodka, Ive never found a variation I didnt love.

And love it I did! Combining tequila and lime is a classic. But Tequila and ginger beer? Genius! Its sweet, tart, and a little spicy with hints of vanilla and caramel I was really tempted to have more than one of these it was that good!

This adult beverage is perfect for hanging out by the pool, or as the signature cocktail at your next fiesta!

Easy Tequila Mule Crowded Kitche

Kicky Mexican Tequila Mule Recipe + Variations!
  • t leaves and lime slices. If using ginger beer- Mix tequila and lime juice in a mug or glass and stir. Add ice and fill with Ginger Beer. Keyword Cocktail, Mexican Mule, Moscow Mule
  • We have found the most balanced Mexican mule proportions to be the following: 1/4 part simple syrup, 3/4 part lime juice, 2 parts tequila and 4 parts ginger beer. As always, make the tequila mule recipe as follows and then tweak the cocktail to your liking, if necessary
  • A twist on the classic Moscow Mule, a Mezcal Mule replaces vodka with the intriguing flavors of mezcal.Mezcal’s complex and smoky notes mix beautifully with spicy ginger and citrus flavors to create a new summer classic

The Kentucky mule, or horsefeather, uses a shot of bourbon for the liquor. A drink called the Mexican mule prefers tequila. While a Cuban or Jamaican mule features rum, the dark ‘n stormy calls for a specific dark rum. Warm things up in winter with pear vodka and ginger beer to create a steaming Christmas mule A Moscow mule egy igazán népszer long drink. A neve alapján azt hinnénk, hogy orosz ital, de Amerikában pakolták össze elször 1941-ben. Egy 3,5-4 decis, hosszúkás üvegpoharat vagy rézbögrét teletöltünk kockajéggel, ráöntjük a vodkát, a limelevet és a gyömbérsört, majd kicsit elkeverjük

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Tequila Sunrise Koktl Recept Melegebb Napokra Street

Chef George Duran shares favorite recipes for National Tequila Day. Peach Moscow Mule. Food52 – Jacob K Thomas 14h. Author Notes I started doing research on the Moscow Mule a while ago. It is one of my favorite cocktails. In theory it’s a straightforward cocktail. That’s the thing though, it’s not so easy, just like.. The Jalisco Mule recipe is a twist on the Moscow Mule, with Nosotros Tequila The Mexican Mule Recipe. This highball cocktail is a riff on the vodka-based Moscow Mule, which dates back to the late-19th century.The Mexican Mule adapts the recipe, trading vodka for tequila. To make one, fill a copper mug with ice, add tequila, lime juice, and ginger beer, and garnish with a lime wheel Ghost Tequila. Discover what happens when a 100% agave tequila meets the exotic flavor of bhut jolokia peppers in this perfectly balanced blend of clean heat. The subtle spice intoxicates your senses, then disappears without a trace, for an exceptionally smooth experience that keeps you coming back for more

Im Talking About Ginger Root

In addition to gingers spicy flavor and pungent aroma, it has numerous benefits for your overall health, including improving your metabolism, settling an irritated stomach or acting as a natural anti-inflamitory.

We always had a bottle of ginger ale in our frig growing up, both to enjoy with dinner and for its healing properties.

Its an integral part of my Thai-style coconut chicken curry, the dressing for my Chinese chicken salad and gives;hot spiked cider a little extra punch.

But today ginger is star of this Mexican mule cocktail.

Traditionally a Moscow mule consists of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer, but I

swapped the vodka for tequila,

added a splash of Cointreau,

and a couple of jalapeño slices for heat.

As much as I love a Moscow mule, this tequila mule with a hint of jalapeño pairs so well with the spicy ginger beer that it just may be my new favorite.

And speaking of ginger beer, there are plenty of tasty versions available in the store, but I really prefer;homemade. When you make it yourself, you can control the sugar so youre not left with a cloying, too sweet cocktail and that spicy ginger flavor really comes through.

Its simple to make, but it does require a couple of days to ferment, so plan accordingly. As it ferments, you need to loosen the cap, VERY, VERY slowly and carefully to release the pressure.

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A Moscow Mule With Tequila

You guys, tequila is for so much more than margaritas and palomas! This Mexican mule recipe is here to prove it- its a delicious Mexican cocktail with tequila! The main difference here is were switching up the vodka for tequila.

Mexican mule ingredients are:

  • Mint

Some recipes include simple syrup; while others do not.

This recipe does not call for simple syrup as frankly, most mass-produced ginger beers have PLENTY of sugar.

Now, if you like your cocktails on the sweet side you can absolutely add 1/2 ounce of simple syrup- or triple sec, as were working with tequila here to dial up the sweet factor.

You dont need a fancy copper mug to enjoy this, a glass tumbler will work just as nice- but if you have added a few copper mugs to your bar collection, its time to dust those babies off!

Mint isnt actually mixed into the cocktail, but it really does add so much to the drink! Garnishes add to cocktails by layering on aromas.

Picture this: You just made a fizzy, bubbly tequila mule loaded with snappy lime and fiery ginger flavors and added a sprig of mint to garnish.

As you take a sip and the mint garnish gets close to your face youre hit with a cooling burst of mint aroma! Helloooo, refreshing summer cocktail! You can totally do without it. But adding it elevates things to a whole new level. You professional, you.

Mezcal & Tequila Add Depth And Balance

How to Make a Mexican Mule

Many mule recipes use only mezcal and skip the tequila. Heres the thing:;a mule with straight mezcal tastes;very;strong and overpowers the ginger beer. As lovers of smoky flavors, even Alex and I were a bit overwhelmed by a straight mezcal drink. Mix in some tequila with a splash of mezcal, and its the perfect balance to the flavors. Whereas some mezcal drinks can handle a hefty pour of the stuff, the delicate ginger beer becomes overpowered in this case.

The recipe below uses ½ ounce mezcal and 1 ½ ounces tequila. If you prefer a strong smoky flavor to your mezcal mule, feel free to use equal parts mezcal and tequila: 1 ounce of each.

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For All My Tequila Cocktail Fans

If you enjoyed this recipe, I would love for you to leave me a comment and rate it! Cheers! Nancy

The Copper Mug For Mules

It is traditional to drink Mules from a copper mug- just as you drink a martini in a long stemmed martini glass, or red wine from a red wine glass. It is all in the name of enhancing your experience and flavor of the cocktail.

Now it is not totally necessary to have the copper mug to really enjoy this cocktail, but here are some benefits to drinking out of the copper mug:

  • Copper gets extremely cold when the cold ice and cold beverage hits the cup, keeping your cocktail EXTRA cold all the way through and not allowing the ice to melt quickly.
  • The rim of the copper mug is nice and chilly with each sip, enhancing your drinking experience.
  • It is said that copper can increase the amount of bubbles in your carbonated drink, which is always a bonus in my book. Nobody likes a flat drink!
  • I have also read that there is actually an oxidation reaction between the liquor and the copper when you mix your cocktail, enhancing the flavor of your drink. Sounds good to me!

So if you are now convinced, these are the Copper Mugs that I have. Or you can find some less expensive Copper Mug options on Amazon.

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Can You Get Drunk Off Of Ginger Beer

Most ginger beers are non-alcoholic even if they carry the name beer, which is misleading, by the way. The only plausible reason why it is called beer is because of the brewing process. But hops were not added into it and the grains used were not malted. Most have less than 0.5% ABV which means it has some alcohol content but not enough to be considered an alcoholic drink.;

There are, however, alcoholic ginger beers ginger beers range from 4 to 8% ABV. You can get drunk with these especially if you drink it fast or if you are a lightweight.

What Type Of Tequila To Use

Spicy Tequila Moscow Mule

Since you are not sipping the tequila, you do not need to use the premium, aged varieties from the best brands.;

Either one of the budget-friendly options below will be great to use in a tequila mule.

Silver tequila aka tequila blanco, is bottled directly after distilled and has a clear appearance, hence its name. Typically has a floral, citrus bouquet on the nose, pure, strong agave taste and a dry finish.

Tequila reposado this is the perfect tequila for mixing margarita and Paloma we rather like it in a tequila mule. It is rested in huge 10,000 gallon oak vats for two months and in result acquires a pale straw color.

Due to the size of the vats in which it spends time the contact with the oak is minimal and the tequila acquires only subtle cinnamon, vanilla and peppery notes. It is smoother yet its finish is a bit more astringent than that of tequila blanco.;;

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A Mexican Mule Is My Fave Summer Cocktail

I didnt realize that I loved tequila until well into my 30s. Then I needed to use it in ALL my cocktails.;

The college years really do everyone a disservice by making you think all tequila is gross and will wreck you.

Once I figured out that there are different brands, some that actually taste really good, it opened up a whole new world of cocktails for me.

Im a huge fan of the original Moscow Mule which is traditionally made with vodka .

But lately Ive been on a total kick and Im finding that I really enjoy tequila. Not like Im out doing shots or anything.

So I decided to try out a Tequila;Mule. I quite like it and I think you will too. Add this to your list of favorite warm-weather cocktails!

Whats The Difference Between A Mexican Mule And A Moscow Mule

A Mexican mule and Moscow mule are actually very similar, both served in a traditional copper mug, both mixed with spicy ginger beer and lime juice, both have the iconic lime wedge garnish.

Of course, vodka must feature in a classic Moscow mule recipe.

A Mexican mule, however, simply replaces vodka for tequila thats it!

The tequila works so well, youve got to give it a try.

And we think that tequila is a great substitution.

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How To Make A Spicy Tequila Moscow Mule

You will need 4 ingredients for this Tequila Mule cocktail:

  • Tequila of choice
  • Limes
  • Fresh Jalapeno
  • In the bottom of a copper mug muddle two lime wedges until they release all their juice and you can smell their fragrance. Add a 1 inch chunk of jalapeno and lightly press with your muddling utensil, just to lightly bruise the skin.

    NOTE: if you like it really spicy leave the ribs and seeds in and give it a pretty good smash in the glass. But if you just want a kiss of heat, like me, remove the seeds and as much of the ribs as you can.

    Now, add ice to the glass about ¾ full.

    Pour in 2 ounces of tequila- or desired amount.

    Then float the ginger beer to the top of the ice, about 3 ounces. Give it a little stir and then sip to taste. Add more tequila or ginger beer as desired.

    Spicy Tequila Moscow Mule

    How to Make a MEXICAN MULE
  • utes. 5
  • SHOP TEQUILA. Current Page: RECIPES THE MAKING OF Open Menu Close Menu. Open Menu Close Menu. HOME ABOUT SHOP TEQUILA ABOUT SHOP TEQUILA. Current Page: RECIPES THE MAKING OF Ranch Water. Spicy Paloma. Blackberry Lemonade. Strawberry Mule. Aguamiel Rosa. SHOP AGUAMIEL TEQUILA. Please drink responsibly, must be 21+ years old to view. INFO.
  • The Exotico® take on the popular Moscow Mule mixed drink, an Exotico® Mule pairs Exotico® Reposado, ginger beer and lime for an on-trend tequila cocktail
  • Learn how to make a delicious Black Mule cocktail with Black Barrel Tequila, Ginger Beer and Dash of Bitters. Create the ultimate cocktail with The Cocktail Project now
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    Tequila Ginger Beer Variations

    I love the simple, classic flavors of fresh squeezed lime, ginger and tequila. But sometimes its fun to muddle in a few more flavors. Here are some ways you can add your own spin to this Mexican mule cocktaail:

    • Muddle a jalapeño along with the ginger
    • Muddle some cucumber slices with the ginger
    • Add fresh mint, basil or thyme
    • Replace the simple syrup with your favorite juice
    • Make a special simple syrup
    • Infuse the tequila

    Buffalo Hot Wing Empanada

    American meets Mexican in this mash up of two classic favorites – buffalo wings and empanadas. Mix up the buffalo wing spices with the diced chicken and wrap it up. Pop it in the oven or if you dont have an oven, you can deep-fry it. Skip the egg wash if you fry it. This is perfect for the fruity versions of the Mexican Mule.

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    Mexican Mule Recipe Tips And Notes

    • Want to spice up your Mexican mule? Slice up a jalapeno pepper up and add a couple of slices into your cocktail, or, better still for extra spiciness, muddle a couple of jalapeno slices in a little ginger beer before you start mixing your cocktail.
    • Got left over lime? Slice it up, dry freeze it and then put it in a freezer bag and freeze, you then have iced lime slices to cool down your cocktails in the future.
    • Liven up your ice cubes! In an ice tray, place slices of jalapeno pepper in half a tray and slices of fresh lime in the other half, fill them with water and let them freeze. Once frozen, youll have wonderful ice cubes that will infuse your Mexican mule cocktails.
    • Not got any tequila? Thats not a problem, just replace the tequila with vodka, follow the recipe instructions and hey presto, you have a Moscow mule!
    • Dont have a copper mug? Dont worry, just use a glass instead, your mules will still taste delicious.
    • Out of ginger beer?If youve found yourself out of ginger beer then you could use ginger ale, just be warned that it wont have the same intense taste as ginger beer, so you may want to take a quick trip to the store to buy some.

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