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What Do You Mix With Pear Vodka

Fuzzy Jger Cranberry Shooter

Easy Mixed Drinks | Rosemary-Pear Vodka Cocktail

The Spruce

This is a very popular bar drink with a delicious flavor. For decades, it had a name that was not in any way politically correct, but even under the new moniker of fuzzy Jäger cranberry, it remains a great drink. It also pairs peach schnapps and cranberry juice, this time accented with Jägermeister for a fun twist.

What Do You Put In A Peach Vodka Cocktail

Well, obviously, peach vodka If you dont have access to the stellar Summer Love vodka, you can also find one from Absolut or Smirnoff. Other than that, youll need some lime soda water , ice, a fresh peach and some grenadine. The fresh peach isnt TOTALLY necessary, but I like to think it is because it looks pretty, and the peach kind of sucks in the whole boozy mixture and is a tasty little treat at the end. And, its a snack. Helloooo!

My recipe makes 2 drinks. It can easily be made for 1, or for more! Or just, 4 for 1. No judgement.

The order that you mix the ingredients isnt overly important, but youll get a really pretty effect if you put the grenadine in last. And everything tastes better when its pretty, right?

Today my oldest, Oscar, starts kindergarten. I cant believe it! It makes me sad to think this is the start of his entire school career. Today! Ive been fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of his last 5 years, but he will no longer be with me EVERY day, ALL day. Its a weird sensation.

Someone pass me a drink!

If you ALSO need a drink, you should check out a few of my other cocktail recipes, including:

  • Prep Time:5 minutes
  • 175mL lime soda water **
  • 1/2 oz grenadine

Here Are All Of The Ingredients You Will Need For This Spiced Pear Cocktail:

  • A good quality vodka like Grey Goose Vodka, Absolut Vodka or Titos Vodka.
  • Pear liqueur. This is not the same as pear cognac. Pear liqueur can be found in most liquor stores.
  • Pear simple syrup.
  • Fresh lemon wedges.

The spice flavor in this spiced pear and vodka cosmopolitan is from the cinnamon that is added when making the simple syrup. You can spice it up even more with a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger and that would be really delicious with the pear flavor.

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More About This Recipe

  • Thanks to Sex in the City, the Cosmopolitan became the cocktail on everyone’s party list for a while. But, maybe you want to mix it up a bit? Try these Pear Cosmpolitan cocktails for a twist on the classic. I was first introduced to my latest Cosmopolitan-inspired fixation, the Pear Cosmopolitan Cocktail, by a mixologist acquaintance of mine. Missy concocted a fancy herb-infused version for the cocktail menu of a local restaurant.I was intrigued enough by the concept to conduct a little home mixology experiment of my own. Missy directed the subbing out regular cranberry for white cranberry, and using pear flavored vodka instead of the mandarin vodka I like to use in my classic Cosmos. The rest of the recipe, Cointreau or Triple Sec and lime juice, is taken straight from the classic Cosmopolitan recipe.The two small substitutions make a world of difference resulting in a mild tasting, not too sweet cocktail, which is delightfully pear forward thanks to the flavored vodka. The Pear Cosmopolitan has become a mainstay for entertaining at my house. Even my sister, who enforces a staunch no girly drinks policy, is a fan!It is quite versatile, working well as an aperitif or stirred up by the pitcher as a theme cocktail .

Why Is This The Best Pear Martini

Pear Vodka

Because it has a really profound and authentic pear taste.

The famous pear martini consists of pear vodka , fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and elderflower liqueur. Ive tried variations that include lime juice in place of lemon juice and ginger liqueur in place of elderflower liqueur, but this is my personal favorite variation.

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Poached Pear & Ginger Daiquiri

Poaching pears in a simple syrup flavored with warming winter spices such as clove, cinnamon, star anise, vanilla and nutmeg produces an intensely flavored fruit that can double as dessert. Once softened, the pears can go straight into a blender along with rum, lime juice and grated ginger, and get whizzed into this delicious drink.

Creating A Pear Cocktail Recipe

I brought it home and recreated it, but her measurements were a bit off. Like most bartenders, she eyeballs a lot to make it perfect. I found her measurement for the lime was too much, so I cut it down. Too much lime overpowers the subtle delicious pear in the pear vodka. Fresh lime juice is also much better than bottled lime juice.

As long as you have the ingredients, it is easy to create your own pear Cosmopolitan cocktail at home. Its also the perfect party cocktail, especially in the autumn and winter months when pears are found in abundance at the local shops. Harry & David would be proud to have this served alongside their famous pears, Im sure.

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The 5 Best Cocktails To Make With Flavored Vodka

The beverage industry has been saying that flavored vodka is dead for years. Yet there they sit on liquor shelves and discount racks across the country. A glut of bottles without a home, gathering dust while hip young guys with mustaches hit the bourbon aisle and baby boomers spend their retirement money on liquor that connotes some level of class and sophistication.

What once seemed like an unstoppable force in the alcohol industry since Absolut introduced the first flavor, Peppar, in 1986, has become something to roll your eyes at. In came the party girl flavors like whipped cream and birthday cake, but at the height of flavored vodka mania in 2012, 122 of 171 new vodka products were flavored. That led to flavors that relied on shock value, but those have become less and less common. And good riddance. Does anyone really want to drink salmon vodka?

As for the more reasonable vodka flavors, we can only hope theyre here to stay. These five VinePair cocktails are built around five of the best flavored vodkas out there. Enjoy.


What Makes A Martini A Martini

How To Make Pear Infused Vodka

traditionally, a Martini is pretty simple. Gin mixed with Vermouth and a twist of lemon. That has grown to include Vodka recently, and with the expansion of flavored Vodkas, there is now a Martini for any taste preference. I have even had a martini that uses Sake. The Vermouth is omitted in many of these designer martinis, its distinctive flavor not mixing as well with the fruit/coffee/creamy concoctions. This Pear Martini does not include Vermouth, but it is served in a Martini glass, and that seems to be the most important factor

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Have A Hard Time Doing Cocktails We Do Bartending

If you happen to need a bartender as well as someone to deliver your order, then keep reading! If you go over to our bartenders page, youll find that we can help out with that. Once your order is done, then we can have one bartenders ready for you. You will need to let us at Saucey know what the date and time of your event is, though. We also must have a count for the number of guests you intend to have. Be sure to serve Ciroc vodka, since its awesome! But keep me far away from it, hahah!

Your bartender will arrive thirty minutes before your planned event in order to set things up. Saucey can provide up to six bartenders at any time.

Spiced Pear And Vodka Cosmopolitan

This easy to make spiced pear and vodka cosmopolitan is the perfect Fall and Winter pear cocktail and so easy to make. This pear and vodka cosmopolitan gets its pear flavor from a pear simple syrup and a pear liqueur and it is so delicious.

If you like easy drinks and you like pears then this pear cocktail is for you. I love pears and I think they are a delicious Fall fruit that tastes great in cocktails, like in this recipe or in desserts like my pear frangipane tart.

I also like easy recipes and with this pear cocktail, the only step that you need to do ahead of time is make the pear simple syrup. This simple syrup is a lot of the flavor in this pear cocktail and it is very easy to make.

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Does Apple Pucker Go Bad

To maximize the shelf life of schnapps for quality purposes, store in a cool dry area away from direct heat or sunlight keep tightly closed when not in use. The shelf life of schnapps is indefinite, but if schnapps develops an off odor, flavor or appearance, it should be discarded for quality purposes.

Is There A Delivery Fee

Pear Vodka

Youll really like this part: Nope! At Saucey we dont do the confusing delivery fee thing. We prefer to keep pricing as easy as it possibly can be. We like it better that way, and so do our customers. And when you use Saucey for your needs, youll like it too! It doesnt get any easier than this. Make your order, and enjoy your Cocktails that use Peach Vodka! But please remember, dont overdo it drink responsibly!

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Pear Martini With Elderflower Liqueur Recipe

A simple and refreshing pear martini made with pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup.

The pear martini with elderflower is an incredibly popular cocktail in my family circle. Let me tell you, variations of this cocktail have been obsessed over for years. YEARS. I dont know what it is or how it started, but the pear martini has remained a staple in the Williams family household for as long as I can remember.

Now, I am a whiskey guy at heart, however this blog isnt just about me, its mainly about you, really. That said, If Im drinking a pear martini, Im drinking this one. For a fruity martini, its pretty good and really refreshing.

To Make The Pear Simple Syrup:

Combine all of your simple syrup ingredients in a small sauce pan and bring to a gentle simmer. Once the sugar completely dissolves you take the simple syrup off of the heat and place a lid on top and let it rest.

You will want to plan ahead for this part since the syrup needs about an hour to rest and let the flavor from the pears infuse into the syrup.

The rest of the ingredients that you will need for this recipe can be purchased at your local liquor store. This pear cosmopolitan is as easy as adding the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shaking well.

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What Flavors Go Well With Green Apple

Apple: Pairs well with almonds, apricots, caramel, cardamom, chestnut, cinnamon, citrus, cranberry, currant, ginger, hazelnut, lychee, mango, maple, orange, rosemary, and walnuts. It mixes particularly well with brandy, kirsch, Madeira, rum, and vermouth. There are many great apple cocktails to offer inspiration.

Get Your Ingredients For Cocktails That Use Peach Vodka Delivered With Saucey

Red Pear Recipe – Pear Vodka Recipes –

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Happy Hour Is Calling Your Name With A Pear Martini

Sometimes you need a break. A chance to sit back with a martini glass in hand to let your stress melt away and remember that your life needs those moments too.

Last night I had 1 million things to do . I had worked all day, meetings starting two hours before my shift at the shop and the pre-travel jitters of laundry that needed to be done and a home that needed a proper scrubbing were gnawing at me. I am off to Seattle this weekend to IFBC with my buddy Peabody where we are going to kiss hands and shake some babies as I continue the ever growing hustle that is blogging . This post was unwritten, the weekly email unfinished All the things.

But, some friends of mine were going to be gathering over a plate of half-priced nachos at the local watering hole and Handsome and I said we would be there. I am learning more and more, all of those things, they can wait. Its the here and the now and the people you have sitting around you that matter. Those people who make you laugh over the release of the mythical Windows 13. The people who lift you up and push you forward. The people you can have friendly debates with and share sorrow and achievements with. Those people are really what matter.

The laundry and chores will always be there. There will always be an email and a job. There is never going to be an absolutely clean house at the end of the day. But those moments, those memories, they will not be here tomorrow.

Simple Syrup Is A Must

I use simple syrup in a lot of my cocktails. Its a clear sugar syrup consisting of equal parts water and sugar, melted on the stove on low heat. Its a universal cocktail sweetener that easily dissolves in your drink, unlike table sugar. You can buy it everywhere, but it only takes about 10 minutes to make at home.

I highly recommend making up a jar of simple sugar and storing in the fridge for cocktails such as this. Having simple syrup on hand makes whipping up the pear martini a breeze.

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Once thats good, now youre ready to drink your beer, whiskey, vodka, wine, or whatever else you ordered.

Deliciously Sweet Peach Schnapps Cocktails

Infused Spiced Pear Vodka

Peach schnapps is the easiest way to get the fruit’s sweet taste into cocktails. A diverse line-up of cocktail recipes relies on peach schnapps, from retro favorites to martinis and margaritas, even steaming hot cocoa and a few party shooters. They’re all fun, delicious, and very easy to make at home.

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