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What To Mix With Effen Blood Orange Vodka

Effen Vodka Prices List 2021

Blood Orange Effen Vodka

At a Glance:

Effen is a vodka brand imported from the Netherlands. It comes in plain and several flavored ones in an enticingly simpler bottle. You might have passed by it on the shelves of your local liquor store. In this article, I will cover facts that you need to know about Effen Vodka to help you decide whether its worth the try.

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Need Ideas For Blood Orange Vodka

I bought a bottle of Charbay Blood Orange-flavored vodka Friday night. Opened it up last night, with no clue how to mix it . First beverage was just a bit of the vodka mixed with club soda, to get the taste of the spirit. It was much more bitter than expected. I didn’t make another drink with the stuff, but I did one for a guest that was a bit of the blood orange vodka, a splash of vanilla vodka, some soda water. At his request, I added some sugar, which he said improved the taste.

Has anyone in Chow-land experienced this or any other blood orange-flavored vodka? What do you mix it with? Do you have any good cocktail recipes? It was kind of an expensive bottle, so I’d like a beverage where the blood orange is the predominant flavor. I’m willing to buy additional ingredients, but this is what I have in stock in my liquor cabinet right now. I’m listing everything in order to spark your creativity, not necessarily because I think it would go well with blood orange vodka.

Club Soda

Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail

by Sonila · This post may contain affiliate links ·

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As I grow older, Ive noticed Ive gotten picky with my drinks. I cant drink more than 1 so usually I want to make sure that one cocktail is a really good one. Lately, my husband and I are trying to avoid sugar and processed foods. So a low carb, fizzy cocktail with no added sugar seems like a perfect compromise, thats how I put together this Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail.

Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail

Some links in my posts may be affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you purchase items by clicking on these links. For more details, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail Recipe Tips And Notes

First, let me start this segment by saying that I hope you are 21 years old. Im writing this recipe for people who are legally allowed to consume an alcoholic beverage.

I recommend a standard 2 oz shot of vodka per one serving of this cocktail because thats the standard mixing quantity. However, Ill tell you that for myself I include a bit less vodka as I dont want my drink to be too strong. Adjust the recipe as needed for yourself.

This recipe is for one drink as usually I prepare this one drink at a time instead of in batches, even when I have guests over. I usually use 1 big blood orange for 1 drink. I slice half of the orange and juice the other half.

What Is The Best Cheap Flavored Vodka

13+ Effen cucumber vodka margarita recipe info

Over the last couple of decades, the trend in vodka production has been to produce and market higher end and more expensive vodkas. Luckily, though, high quality inexpensive vodka is making a comeback.

Dont get me wrong you can still buy a cheap vodka only to find out it is really crappy. That is especially the case among the flavored vodkas.

Nevertheless, there are enough really good quality cheap flavored vodkas out there to satisfy most of your cocktail needs. Some of the best include Summum and Deep Eddy. Both of these brands offer an array of flavor options.

Based in Cognac, France, Summum offers flavored vodkas for around $19 a bottle. Go for the zingy but well-balanced Piment dEspelette or the crisp, fresh Citron .

Deep Eddy is an Austin, TX-based vodka producer that has made a real splash with some of their flavored vodkas, especially their Sweet Tea Vodka and their Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka. They also offer Lemon and Cranberry. You can find Deep Eddy flavored vodkas for about $17 a bottle.

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Introduction To Effen Vodka

The word Effen is a Dutch word that means smooth, balanced, and even. Although imported and distilled in Holland, Effen Vodka is by heart, a Chicago product. It was created and started by three former colleagues at KBA Marketing who later took their product to Constellation Brands who bought Effen and made it grow.

Effen Vodka is made from 100% premium wheat grain that contains the purest kind of starch. The water is from a nature reserve in Holland called Drentsche Plateau and the Drentsche AA National Landscape. The distillation process is called continuous rectification using a vacuum technique and lower temperatures to reduce caramelization and harsh taste.

Effens history dates back to 1888 when Hooghoudt Distillery was established by baker Hero Jan Hoodhougt. In 2002 their 120-year-old neutral grain spirit recipe was transformed and refined into a product that will appeal to younger drinkers in the club scene. The bottle was also designed for practical grip and modern looking for fast-paced bartenders.

From Constellation Brands, Effen Vodka has been sold to Fortune Brands in 2009. It raised to fame when rapper 50 Cent became a minority stakeholder and started endorsing it with the hashtag #Effen on all his social media platforms in 2014. Although he sold his stakes in 2017, Beam Suntory confirmed that its brand partnership with 50 Cent continues.

The Best Orange Vodka

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Flavored vodka is a highly sought-after category as these expressions can take cocktails to a whole new level. This type of vodka also makes things a lot easier when a recipe calls for vodka and a certain flavor now you can do both of these in one! While flavored vodkas can be anything from warm and spicy to floral and fruity, citrus is among the most popular options.

The best orange vodka is always in high demand, but the citrus category also includes lemon, lime, grapefruit, and more. These spirits are indeed sweet, tart, and overall delicious, but theyre popular for other reasons, too. Citrus has a way of brightening up any cocktail or balancing out intense sweetness when necessary. It can add just the right amount of zing without going overboard.

As with anything, its always best when natural fruits and flavors are used. Artificial flavors and sugars are cheaper but often push the drink over the edge into a fake, cloying sweetness that overwhelms the palate. Thankfully, we have many high-quality, naturally-made orange vodkas out there from trusted experts that have long ago perfected the craft of delicious vodka.

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Blood Orange Vodka Spring Drink Recipes

The classic Negroni cocktail recipe is always a personal favorite go-to drink for summer or winter sipping enjoyment. When it was time to review the SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Vodka, a variation of the Negroni instantly came to mind. Blood orange and grapefruit flavors both go rather nicely with the Negroni flavor profile. They seem to thin the drink recipe out a bit for warmer weather sipping. This makes the drink a great refresher. The cocktail recipe variation below just might be the ticket for soaking up a little sunshine.

By the way, March 31 is Oranges and Lemons Day. A Vodka infused with orange or blood orange would be perfect for the day!

Blood Orange Negroni

1 ounce SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Vodka

1/2 ounce Campari

2 ounces Club Soda

Orange Slice Garnish

Fill highball glass two thirds full with ice. Add liquids to glass in order given, topping with club soda last. Garnish with orange slice.

If you feel like sipping something a little different , then check out the Blood Orange Sgroppino drink recipe photographed and described in great visual detail on the Italian La Bella Vita blog. This cocktail looks amazing and sounds delicious!

Orange Breeze

2 ounces SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Vodka

1/2 ounce Pineapple Juice

1/2 ounce Lemon Juice

Orange Twist or Orange Slice Garnish

What is SKYY Infusions Blood Orange Vodka?

70 Proof / 35% alcohol

Suggested Retail Price:$15 to $19 range depending on area

Availability: Main market area is United States and Canada.

Blood Orange Vodka Sparkler

Effen Vodka Dutch Raspberry and Blood Orange Review

Its that time of year again. Its citrus season and it seems that blood oranges have taken front stage again. Blood oranges make a beautiful and refreshing cocktail. A little more sophisticated than its older brother/sister the screw driver . What makes it so? The addition of carbonated water gives it that refreshing fizzy taste. Using blood oranges makes it a lot more pleasing to the eyes and the rosemary simple syrup adds a wonderful warm and woodsy flavour to this and any cocktail.

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Why Add Bitters Or Simple Syrups To Cocktails

Adding either of these is optional but a nice way to add flavour. Bitters are boozy flavoured extracts made by infusing barks, flowers, roots, berries, and various other bits and pieces of plants in alcohol. Just like baking extracts, they are added in dashes or drops and improve and align and accentuate flavors in cocktails. Simple syrups do the same except as the name implies, they are simple to make and infuse, and are simple enough to make at home infused with herbs and spices. They enhance and add subtle hints of spice to cocktails, cakes, and even hot beverages like coffee, tea and cocoa. You just need to infuse equal parts boiling water to sugar and then steep with the herbs and spices of choice, strain and store in a sealed container in the fridge from 2 weeks up to 6 months. A great way to elevate any cocktail and a fairly inexpensive way to do so.

What Is A Blood Orange

Blood oranges may have originated in the southern Mediterranean since the 18th century, but its origins are still unknown. They are a common orange grown in Italy. Blood oranges are a special variety of orange, it is in essence a cross between an orange and a raspberry.

These are only grown from December to May during winter and spring. The cooler weather helps develop high levels of anthocyanin pigment . Therefore giving blood oranges its distinctive red color.

Read more about blood oranges like types, uses and how to store here.

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The Price Of Effen Vodka Versus Other Brands



$13.99 – $20.99

Effen Vodkas price is in the range of $20 $30 and most vodka products within this price category are distilled four to five times. Effen Vodka goes thru a meticulous distillation process one hundred times. It creates a level of purity comparable to premium brands such as Grey Goose.

Effen Vodka has been gaining tons of great reviews on the internet nowadays even without 50 Cents endorsement. Some say its even better than Diddys Ciroc, but of course, everyones palate is different. I personally like the bold orange taste and scent of the Effen Vodka Blood Orange. Its something that you can drink up straight or on the rocks and it goes smoothly with less of a burn. It can even give you that needed extra kick on your orange juice in the morning.

What Are The Flavors Used In Flavored Vodka

Effen Blood Orange Vodka 375ml

Vodka makes an outstanding base for almost any flavor combination, and therefore the possibilities are almost limitless.

So what are some of the flavors infused in vodka? Cinnabon, bacon, blueberry pancake, peanut butter and jelly, buttered popcorn, smoked salmon, and electricity have all been flavors that distillers have sought to combine with your favorite white liquor.

Dude, seriously, that list should probably be illegal.

If buttered popcorn and blueberry pancakes dont sound all that appetizing as vodka flavors, youre still in luck. There is an enormous array of more conventional flavors to choose from. Traditional flavors include honey, citrus, pepper, vanilla, chocolate, cranberry, coconut, and mint, to name only a few.

Its important to note that many vodka producers simply inject flavor extracts, which are often derived from synthetic chemical processes. Be sure to look at the label it should tell you if the flavors are artificial or natural.

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Blend 2 Cups Of Cubed Watermelon In A Blender Then Pour It Through A Fine Mesh Strainer To Obtain 1 Cup Watermelon Juice

Watermelon martini recipe with cucumber vodka. Strain into a martini glass, and garnish with a mint sprig and. Add the watermelon mixture and vodka. Shake vigorously and pour into a highball glass filled with ice.

Craft this refreshing watermelon pucker martini with dekuyper®. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Muddle until the watermelon and cucumber has liquified.

Here are the basic steps : Place the watermelon and mint in the cocktail shaker and muddle them (gently. Add the watermelon puree and 3 ounces cucumber vodka to a cocktail shaker with ice.

All youll need is a cocktail shaker and a martini glass. Other than watermelon and cucumber, the organic watermelon. Add the orange juice, lime juice, vodka, and simple syrup.

Add simple syrup, fill with ice, cover and shake until ice cold. In a large glass, muddle the watermelon with two basil leaves to release as much juice as possible. Adjust sweetness with more honey if desired.

Our watermelon pucker martini recipe features effen® cucumber vodka and watermelon schnapps. This is a very tasty cocktail that goes down oh so well, perhaps a little too well! Garnish with a cucumber slice and lemon peel twist.

Rim the glasses with a cut lime and dip in the lime rim mixture. Add your favorite vodka, and fresh sour mix. Place the watermelon juice and vodka in a cocktail shaker.

Strain through a fine sieve and reserve the juice. Shake and strain into a. 4 ounces cold pressed organic watermelon juice cucumber, garnish.

Blood Orange Moscow Mule + A Giveaway


Blood Orange Moscow Mule is a fruity fall twist on the classic cocktail. Now that blood oranges are briefly gracing us with their presence, get in on the goodness in every way possible!

Blood oranges are a bit fleeting here in Colorado. They come in and like a tornado, they are gone seemingly moments after they get here. Im pretty sure its all those foodies lurking around, just waiting for them to hit the product section so they can hoard them all to themselves.

Let me tell you, finding them was a massive pain a much larger pain than I thought it was going to be when I initially thought about doing this recipe.

I almost resorted to blood orange vodka , but I really wanted the freshest flavor possible in these Moscow mules.

You all know that I have an affinity for Moscow mules on Cake n Knife. I love making seasonal variations any chance I get .

This time Im bringing something a little extra to the party New stunningMoscow mule mugs!

I mean just look at these arent they gorgeous?! Im so used to seeing the plain ol hammered or smooth copper mugs I never realized there were such pretty ones out there! These Kajamo Mule mugs are 100% copper just like the mugs you know and love, but they have an eye-catching design AND they are 16 oz.

Yea, you read that right. Now you can make 16 OUNCES worth of Moscow mule deliciousness without having to go back for multiple refills.

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What Is The Best Flavored Vodka For Shots

Taste is highly personal, so answering this question will vary greatly. Even so, there are still some good suggestions that we can make.

When in doubt, start with a staple. Absolut has been making flavor-infused vodkas for decades, and theyre still one of the best in the game. Theyre most famous for Absolut Citron, but we particularly like the Absolut Lime if youre looking for something new.

The Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is also an excellent choice, especially if you chill the vodka . The aftertaste of tea means no chaser needed!

Of course, these are only a few options. Be sure to check out our full list of the best flavored vodkas!

How To Make A Blood Orange Martini

Blood Orange Vodka, Is It Lit? [I BEEN DRINKIN] Episode 10: Effen Blood Orange Vodka

Pour the vodka, blood orange juice, Cointreau, and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Shake to mix the martinis.

Strain into two martini glasses and garnish with an orange slice and maraschino cherry.

I ran a bamboo cocktail pick through the top of the orange slice, then through the wholes in the cherry, then the bottom of the orange slice.


  • I used Absolut Vodka, but any premium vodka will work.
  • For even more citrus flavor use citrus vodka.
  • I used Cointreau, but triple sec will work as well.
  • If your oranges are really sweet, you may not need to add any sweetener.
  • I used these cocktail/dessert/martini glasses.

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How To Choose The Alcohol To Mix

This really and truly is up to your taste and what you have available. Citrus goes well with rum, bourbon, vodka, tequila and gin as well. Those are pretty basic mixers but I have had citrus cocktails with tequila, aperol and even amaretto. You can also intensify or develop the citrus flavours even more by adding Triple Sec, Grand Mariner, Cointreau or using citrus infused vodkas or tequilas. The options are endless and really guided by your taste and what you have in your liquor cabinet. This is why I love citrus bases cocktails you can get as fancy as you like or keep them as basic as you like. We are just building back our liquor supply after our move and basic is fine with me.

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