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Is Knob Creek Bourbon Or Whiskey

Knob Creek Small Batch Kentucky Straight Whiskey Bourbon 70cl

Ep 156: Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review and Tasting with Glen Breton 10 Cameo
Honey, Apple, Pear, Vanilla, Peach
Alcohol Content
  • Aged in white oak barrels with maximum char
  • This is a long-aged, high-rye bourbon from Jim Beam
  • Long, rich and glowing
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Knob Creek Vs Woodford Reserve: The Battle Of The Bourbons

There are plenty of American Whiskey options out there. But who had the idea to ferment corn and distill a small batch bourbon for the first time? Someone should send them a thank you card. Or maybe a really nice gift basket.

The beauty of a truly excellent glass of bourbon, with its rich, sweet, caramel notes and aroma can melt all your troubles away.

But now, of course, youre wondering which bourbon is truly excellent, or the perfect everyday bourbon. While I cant tell you with certainty if there is one perfect bourbon for any bourbon drinker, lets compare two of the most popular and see which fits your perfect glass! A comparison of Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve is a good place to start our hunt.

The Main Differences Between Makers Mark Vs Knob Creek

The main differences between Makers Mark vs Knob Creek are:

  • Makers Mark has a deep rust-color with a leaning toward orange, whereas Knob Creek has a deep caramel color, like burnt orange.
  • Makers Mark has a caramel, malt, vanilla and cinnamon aroma, whereas Knob Creek has vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and maple syrup notes.
  • Makers Marks finish consists o corn, caramel and oak, whereas Knob Creeks finish consists of caramel, cherry and corn.

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The 19 Best Bourbons To Drink In 2021

Everything you ever wanted to know about Americas favorite brown spirit, including, of course, the best bottles you can actually buy.

Bourbon, the Great American Spirit, is not as simple as one might think. Yes, its definition is writ in but a few sentences on the holy stone of Federal Decree: It must be made in the United States its grain bill must include at least 51 percent corn it must be produced at not more than 80 percent alcohol and stored in charred new oak containers at no more than 62.5 percent . And yes, it is a blue-collar spirit, made by thirsty farmers, for thirsty farmers. But underneath these fundamentals swims a deep sea of factors additional rules and regulations, hype machines and deceptive marketing, false myths and a boom that began in 2008 and is still going strong today that make bourbon more complex than it seems. Sour mash and Bottled-in-Bond, non-distiller-producers and high-ryes. Wheres the thirsty modern man, farmer or otherwise, to begin?

Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon Review

Knob Creek

Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon

Hard on the heels of the return of the classic Knob Creek 9 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon, Jim Beam has gone one better and introduced Knob Creek 12 Year Old as a permanent brand extension. Five years after the bourbon world went hysterical with talk of a shortage that was going to wipe all the good whiskey off the shelves, Beam has turned the no age statement trend on its head.

Although it remains unclear just how much Knob Creek 12 will be on the market, the key elements are 1) its older and 2) its in regular release, and not a one-off. Moreover, Knob Creek 12 is available at a reasonable price, comparable to many premium, attainable whiskeys. The shortage, if there ever really was one, was short-lived indeed.

The BourbonIn the glass, KC12 has a clear, middle amber look, but its the nose that tells you straight away youre dealing with a very different kind of creature from Knob Creek. Its mustier and woodier than KC9 and especially the discontinued KC NAS, but in a pleasant way that adds to its brawny character. Beneath that signal of age is a thick base of caramel, ginger cookies and brown sugar.

This bourbon takes the classic Knob Creek profile and builds on it in a way that cant really be called more sophisticated, but still brings more character to the table. If you are the kind of bourbon fan who likes what Jim Beam does, get a bottle.

The Price

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Woodford Reserve Product Range

Woodfords product line contains more than just bourbon. They have their classic bourbon. But they also have a rye whisky, a malt whisky, a wheat whisky, and a double oaked whisky . So you could basically spend a day at Woodford and understand the nuances of each individual grain.

They also have several specialty lines including a Masters Collection, a Baccarat, and a select set that are only sold at their distillery or Kentucky-only retailers.

Youre also allowed to make a personal barrel selection via their website.

Product Range Match? Draw.

Its As American As Abraham Lincoln

Knob Creek is the name of an actual creek in Kentucky. Allegedly, the creek ran through Abraham Lincolns family farm, which Lincoln referred to as the Knob Creek place. Some sources say Abes father worked as a seasonal hand at a nearby distillery. None of this is definitively true, but all of it is pretty darn charming.

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Knob Creek 12 Year Taste And Aftertaste

Knob Creek 12 Year has very sweet caramel, vanilla, baked apple chips, cinnamon, chocolate, roasted, oak, clove, and a hint of nuttiness at the back end. All that flavorful caramel, vanilla, and chocolate actually catch me a little off-guard because this doesnt really taste like any other Jim Beam / Knob Creek bourbon. At 100 proof, there isnt much alcohol sting, but I wish there was an extra 5-8% ABV to add a little more intensity and richness.

Chewing brings a lot of rich caramel and vanilla first, then baked apple chips coated in cinnamon, orange peel, cherry, dark chocolate, and licorice, and finally the slightly bitter and drying roasted oak, coffee grounds, and tobacco. I dont really get any of the dry grassy nuttiness I associate with Jim Beam / Knob Creek. It actually tastes a little like chocolate pudding at times yum. Knob Creek 12 Year has a solid oakiness, but plays well with everything else to create this awesomely dark, rich, and luxurious experience, although it doesnt quite have a wow, amazing factor . Its so easy to enjoy at 50% ABV with tons of flavor without the singe of a higher ABV, but I wonder how much better it could have been at a higher ABV. Still, its so well made as-is and shatters any expectation you have of Jim Beam and Knob Creek.

What Does Knob Creek Taste Like

Knob Creek Bourbon & Rye Whiskey History | Drinks Network

Often held up as a standard for robust bourbons, Knob Creek’s taste is big, bold, and complex. The aroma holds a bouquet of rich wood and vanilla notes with hints of maple sugar and roasted almonds. Considering its strength, it’s surprising that the palate is rather rich with a sweet oakiness and delicious fruity undertones, as well as hints of cinnamon and spice. The finish is long and satisfying, tantalizing the drinker to take another sip.

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Knob Creek Bourbon Portfolio

Youll find that Knob Creek offers several distinct bourbons. Heres a quick review of some of the more popular offerings in the Knob Creek portfolio.

This traditional Kentucky bourbon whiskey has a floral rye influence. It is light and smells of maple, potato, oak, corn husks, and a little banana. Youll notice a yeasty aroma, which is common for bourbons.

The Knob Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a sweet smell, with plenty of stone fruits. Youll notice a hint of peaches and cherries, as well as a bit of vanilla if you let allow it to sit for a moment or two.

Once you take a taste of this Knob Creek bourbon, youll notice plenty of flavors. To begin youll notice corn, with peaches, cherries, and apples, following. Spices and oak finish up this tasty bourbon.

This 50% ABV is about right for this bourbon, and the palate offers some movement but is controlled, which many drinkers will enjoy. The Knob Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey is easy to drink due to the way it balances the spiciness with the sweet. It offers solid complexity with a good body.

Finishing up youll notice light smoke with some corn layered on top of a note of oak. It has decent length, ending on a taste of peaches and apple seeds. It sweet and enjoyable, the perfect bourbon for mixing.

One of the great things about this whiskey is that adding a little water wont impact how robust it is. When you do, more flavors start to emerge.

Knob Creeks 25th Birthday Party Was Better Than Yours

In 2017, Knob Creek celebrated its 25th anniversary, and did it big. Like, 300 versions of 120+ proof bourbon big.

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Bourbon was the brands first unfiltered, cask-strength, single-barrel offering. It rang in at 120 proof , sold for $130 a bottle, and, because 300 barrels were included in the release, technically, 300 different versions of the bourbon were sold.

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Knob Creek Single Barrel Smell

Knob Creeks smell is a tale of two very different bourbons. Its absurdly hot and unruly out of the freshly opened barrel, but significantly tamer after a few weeks. Give it some time to mellow before you pass your own.

Strong and spicy wood, pepper, allspice, and cinnamon explode out of the glass grasping for the first whiffs of air, with lightly nutty and minty following right behind. Moderate mashed corn, citrus, honey, and buttercream also battle for my attention, with underlying deep and dark caramel clinging to every sniff. Even over time, the alcohol remains potent and forceful but now plays a little nicer with the other scents.

Swirling lets Knob Creek showcase more of the fruit. Now I get moderate notes of citrus, peach, dried cherries, and other fruits mixed with honey, brown sugar, and alcohol. Theres even a little bit of baked nuts and fuji apple sprinkled with cinnamon. Going in a 3rd time, I get more honey with vanilla cream, citrus, and mashed corn, with cinnamon, nuts, peppermint, and a slight wisp of musty wood. Once the alcohol calms-down, theres a wall of scents to explore.

Its Bourbon Yes But Its Not Just Bourbon

Knob Creek 9 Year Old Single Barrel Reserve Kentucky ...

Knob Creek comes in four varieties: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey, and Single Barrel Reserve. The first is a bold, sweet, pre-Prohibition-style bourbon. The rye is ideal for cocktails like a classic Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Sazerac. Smoked Maple Bourbon is a lower-proof option fortified by charred oak, while Single Barrel Reserve is a big, unblended bourbon at a whopping 120 proof.

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The Main Differences Between Knob Creek Vs Woodford Reserve

The main differences between Knob Creek vs Woodford Reserve are:

  • Knob Creek is spicy, whereas Woodford Reserve is smooth and creamy.
  • Knob Creek has vanilla and honey notes, whereas Woodford Reserve has chocolate and caramel notes.
  • Knob Creek creates pre-prohibition bourbons, whereas Woodford Reserve is the older distillery.

What To Know About Knob Creek

Knob Creek Kentucky bourbon is part of the Jim Beam family and is known as a small-batch straight bourbon whiskey. With its rich, caramel and woody flavor, youre sure to enjoy this bourbon, which is perfectly aged in charred barrels made of American Oak.

Lets take a closer look at this bold bourbon and find out just what it has to offer.

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Knob Creek Vs Bulleit

Big. Bourbon. Flavor.

Bulleit and Knob Creek bourbons are excellent representations of the American whiskey style big, bold bourbons with considerable rye content and tons of charred oak flavor.

Bourbon aficionados appreciate these two brands for their complex flavor heavy with delicious barrel notes thanks to time patiently spent maturing in the rickhouse.

If youre looking for a fantastic bourbon youve come to the right place. If youre trying to decide between these two knockout brands, grab a glass and read on well help you make the right choice.

  • Verdict
  • Buffalo Trace Vs Knob Creek

    Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey- No Time Like the Present Review

    In the showdown between Knob Creek and Buffalo Trace, the real winner is anyone calling themselves a bourbon fan!

    Each is an excellent bourbon. You may already be acquainted with the flavor profiles of these two popular brands. But whether you consider yourself a bourbon geek, whiskey snob, or are just starting out your journey in distilled spirits, learning more about their unique product attributes will help you appreciate the unique flavor profiles each brings to the table.

    While it might be unfair to pit standard and premium category bourbons against one another, we can assure you that despite having different price points, each offers an incredible amount of return on investment both in terms of flavor and value!

    Weve got a lot to discuss. So grab a glass and a barstool, and lets get right to it.

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    Place On The Whiskey Shelf

    Its a little unexpected, but Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon is great and one of the best Jim Beam bourbons out there today, exceeding standard Bookers and 14+ year old Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbons. Its even more attractive at around $60, in many ways competitive quality and price-wise with Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Russells Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, and Stagg Jr . Knob Creek 12 Year bourbon brings a unique spin on the Jim Beam bourbon experience, being less nutty and hot, and bringing more toasted sugar and vanilla richness, fruit, chocolate, and tobacco that remind me of a well-made Armagnac-finished bourbon. Thats high praise coming from me.

    I wonder if some of this newfound richness and maturity comes from the 100 proof, which may reveal more nuance that might otherwise be buried at 120+ proof. Maybe Jim Beam was right in choosing 100 proof, but I still wonder if it would have been even better at 110 proof. Maybe well find out some day, but for now, I highly recommend Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon if you can still find it. For a lack of a more sophisticated statement Jim Beam did a damn good job and you should try to get a bottle to appreciate their work. Jim Beam, you better keep releasing this.

    Knob Creek Collaborates With Craft Breweries

    As legend has it, in the early 1990s, Booker Noe, then-master distiller of Knob Creek, and Greg Hall, Goose Island founder and then-brewmaster, met at a dinner in Chicago. They got to chatting, and Hall mentioned that he wanted to do something special for Goose Islands thousandth brew. It was in this conversation that the famous Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout was conceived.

    The history from there is a bit blurry. Goose Island originally stated on its Bourbon County labels that the brand originated in 1992. Later, it was estimated that the legacy began in 1995, when the beer was first entered into the Great American Beer Festival. Whatever the case, the barrel-aged stout is legendary and recognized as at least partially responsible for all the barrel-aged beers we have today.

    In honor of Knob Creeks 25th anniversary in 2017, Goose Island debuted its first Goose Island Reserve Bourbon County Brand Stout, aged exclusively in 11-year-old, freshly dumped Knob Creek barrels.

    Knob Creek also told VinePair it will be launching a collaboration with New Belgium Brewing in September 2018. Oakspire Bourbon Barrel Ale is a limited-edition, bourbon-inspired rye ale made with Knob Creek bourbon-soaked oak spirals and barrel char. It weighs in at 9 percent ABV.

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    Final Thoughts On Makers Mark

    Makers Mark offers several bourbons, which means a lot to many people. Some taste it and swear theyll never drink anything else. Others find it bland and boring, unwilling to give it another try. However, this label has many loyal drinkers, which is why youll find it on the shelf in nearly any bar you walk into in the US.

    If youre interested in trying one of their offerings, we recommend starting with their Cask Strength bourbon. While its easy to dismiss Makers Mark for many bourbon aficionados, its still quality and smooth-tasting bourbon.

    Makers Mark is more robust and bolder than many of its competitors, which is why it remains as one of the bourbons people prefer. As one of the most recognizable labels in the US, this Kentucky bourbon is the epitome of what it means to be bourbon.

    When it comes to Makers Mark, its typically noted for the sweet flavor it has, along with caramel and vanilla. This is a departure from your traditional bourbon-making processes, which makes the label stand out among its peers.

    It is smooth and full of flavor, which makes it a pleasant experience overall. Its an easy bourbon for anyone to enjoy and makes Makers Mark a sure bet to continue in its popularity.

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