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How To Quit Drinking Vodka

How To Form Good Habits & Quit Undesirable Ones

How To Stop Drinking Vodka And Party Alcohol Free

Whether youre starting a new habit or breaking an old one, success hinges upon three things:

  • Changing your behavior either starting a new behavior or stopping one
  • Willpower being physically and mentally resilient against weak moments and temptation
  • Often you must change the way you see yourself in the world

Alcohol addiction recovery is a whole different animal, but there is some overlap. Quitting drinking, specifically, has three distinct phases:

  • Detox get all of the nasty stuff that built up from years of drinking out of your system
  • Become abstinent
  • Start the path of holistic recovery

With the understanding that you need all of these to work together, you can put together your plan to drop the bottle.

Reward Yourself For Success

As you find yourself achieving goals or hitting major milestones in your progress, dont forget to reward yourself. If its been a month since your last drink, buy yourself a nice dinner, or a new piece of clothing. Positive reinforcement is a powerful thing. Remind yourself how far youve come, and give yourself the credit you deserve.

Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol has been a part of socialising in New Zealand since the early settlers arrived in the mid-1800s. Nearly 200 years later, a culture of binge drinking has emerged, particularly in young people.

Having a good time doesnt need to involve copious amounts of alcohol. Binge drinking is not fun it can cause severe drunkenness, vomiting, shakiness, headaches and bad hangovers. Binge drinkers are at risk of alcohol poisoning, which can lead to coma or even death. Heavy or regular drinkers also risk long-term damage to their liver, brain, lungs, heart, and stomach, as well as an increased risk of cancer. They also risk becoming dependent on alcohol.

If youre having trouble enjoying yourself without a drink, you could have a problem. The Health Promotion Agency suggests that you should ask yourself:

  • Do I find it difficult to stop drinking once I start?
  • Does bad stuff often happen when I drink?
  • Have I ever gone to A& E?
  • Has drinking got me in trouble with the law?
  • Do I experience bad hangovers?
  • Does drinking cause trouble with whnau/family?
  • Does drinking get in the way of work?
  • Do I seem to never have any money because of drinking?
  • Do I want to change my drinking habits?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions you probably have a problem. If you want to make some changes, visit our drugs and alcohol directory here or call the Alcohol Drug Helpline .

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Admit That You Have A Drinking Problem

While admitting that you have a problem is the first step in many recovery programs, part of that process is realizing that youre afraid. You might be afraid of what happens if you keep drinking, but youre more afraid of what happens when you stop.

I wont lie to you and say that its guaranteed that youll have a large support network. I wont lead you on and make you think that everyone will appreciate you trying to become a better human being. All I can do is tell you that the fear is natural, but you have to proceed anyway.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Alcoholic Quotes To Stop Drinking. QuotesGram

If you drink a lot and your blood pressure is too high, you might be able to bring your numbers back down to normal by doing one simple thing: giving up alcohol. Even simply easing back on drinks can have a big payoff. Talk to your doctor about your numbers. Normal blood pressure is below 120/80. You have high blood pressure if yours is above 130/80.

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I Made The Most Of My Hangover

Alamy Stock Photo

One of the best things about giving up alcohol alongside the better sleep, weight loss, clearer skin and having more money is gaining back the time I wouldve spent hungover on the sofa. Now Ive reclaimed my weekends, I decided to make the most of my new found time and energy by running. I know its not for everyone, but Id definitely suggest trying to find something you love that you had neither the time or the energy for after drinking. It could be baking, doing a fitness DVD or simply arranging more early morning outings with the kids.

I actually started running a couple of years ago, but stopped when my hangovers started lasting several days. Back then, I couldnt run for more than two minutes without wanting a break that is no exaggeration but, I very gradually worked my way up to 5k with the Couch to 5k podcast. This is a brilliant and FREE podcast of guided runs that very gradually build up, until before you know it you can run for 30 minutes without stopping. Even the super-sceptical writer Charlie Brooker is a fan.

I moved on from 5K and downloaded a running app by Verv recently . Along with the 5K it also includes other gradual workouts to help you reach 10K, a half marathon or a full marathon.

The plus side of this one, is you can choose between plenty of different soundtracks and it also tracks your distance, speed, GPS route and calories burned.

Reduce The Number Of Decisions You Make Throughout The Day

All the little decisions you make throughout the day add up. Why? Your mind gets tired, just like your muscles do. You have a limited number of decisions you can make in any given time before you need to replenish your mental reserves. Thats why willpower is weakest at the end of a long day.

To save your brain power for the decisions that really matter, set up systems that take care of the small stuff for you:

  • Automate bills so you dont have to think about them
  • Meal prep lunches for the week so youre not deciding what to pack every morning
  • Plan outfits for the week or use a capsule wardrobe so you can get dressed without thinking
  • Make a schedule with your gym buddy so you dont have to decide whether to exercise on any given day

If you can keep your decision-making gears clear of all the days gunk, you can make decisions that line up with your goals. Its super helpful to be free of decision fatigue when faced with the important ones like whether or not to take that drink.

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How Long Does It Take

According to the American Addiction Centers, initial detox takes about a week. However, a person may find that their symptoms continue for longer. In most cases, a person can expect the following timeline:

  • About 8 hours after the first drink, the initial stage of withdrawal symptoms begins.
  • After about 2472 hours, symptoms generally peak.
  • After about 57 days, symptoms may decrease in intensity.
  • After the first week, some side effects, particularly the psychological ones, may continue.

Dont Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption Remind Yourself How Happy You Are To Be Free

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol Without AA

The hard way to stop drinking alcohol is to frequently remind yourself of why you want to stop drinking. Wouldnt it be so much more wonderful to keep reminding yourself of how happy you are to be free?

Mainstream advice recommends cutting down gradually to control your alcohol. Yet they dont recognise that cutting down is even harder than stopping. How many times have you tried to cut down in the past and failed? It ends up as torture and misery.

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How To Quit Drinking Alcohol

While no single form of rehabilitation will be an appropriate fit for everyone, the National Institute on Drug Abuse outlines several principles of effective treatment for treating drug and alcohol addiction.7 Many alcohol addiction treatment programs operate with similar principles. In general, treatment for AUD will include:

If You Are Struggling Seek Further Support

And finally, if you are struggling and finding it difficult to cut down on your drinking, or you think you might have a problem with your drinking, then we advise that you get in touch with your GP. They will be able to provide confidential advice and refer you for extra support.

You can also find support over the phone:

  • Drinkline is a free confidential helpline for people concerned about their, or someone elses drinking. Call 0300 123 1110 .
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, whose helpline is open 24/7 on 0800 9177 650. If you would prefer, you can email them at or chat live via their website at

If you are alcohol dependant, then you might experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly cut down or stop drinking and should seek medical support. Visit: for more information.

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Duration Of Alcohol Withdrawal

People who suddenly stop drinking and develop alcohol withdrawal symptoms often have two main questions: “Is this normal?” and “How long does it last?”

Withdrawal is different for everyone there really is no “normal” and it can be hard to predict an individual person’s experience.

It’s typical for withdrawal symptoms to begin within hours to a day or two after you have your last drink. Symptoms are often at their worst around 24 to 72 hours after you stop drinking.

Some symptomslike changes in sleep patterns, fatigue, and mood swingscan last for weeks or months. You’ll likely begin to feel better around five days to a week after you stop drinking.

Help For Alcoholics: Where To Find Sobriety Resources

How To Help An Alcoholic Stop Drinking

People with alcohol use disorders dont have to look far to find help. Almost every community in the United States has communityinitiatives, support group meetings and some form of help for alcoholics.

Those seeking assistance while working to overcome alcoholism can talk to a therapist or expert in person or on the phone.

  • Alcoholism hotlines: Several toll-free hotlines provide free information for people with alcohol use disordersor loved ones of people affected by alcoholism.
  • Other alcohol-related resources: Several websites, support groups and nonprofit organizations can help you learnabout overcoming alcoholism and staying sober.
  • Rehab facilities: Addiction treatment centers can provide over-the-phone assessments and help you determine howyour insurance policy covers treatment for alcohol addiction.

If youre still unsure of how to find help in your community, contact your local hospital or health department. Most healthcare organizations can direct you to helpful resources near you.

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Tips On How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Look at why you drink

If you want to cut back or stop drinking, its helpful to start by asking yourself what role alcohol plays in your life. Understanding why you drink is often more important than how much or how often you drink.

Thats because for many, drinking is their way to cope with things like emotional pain, relationship problems, anxiety, stress, and a host of other issues. Over time, it can get harder to face challenges like these without alcohol, which often prevents them from exploring better ways to manage their emotions and address these issues in healthy, productive ways.

Most, if not all, physical symptoms subside within a few days. Psychological and emotional symptoms may persist for several weeks to months for heavy users which is why detoxing off weed can be more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

Make a list of reasons why you want to quit

If you want to cut back or stop drinking, its helpful to start by asking yourself what role alcohol plays in your life. Understanding why you drink is often more important than how much or how often you drink.

Thats because for many, drinking is their way to cope with things like emotional pain, relationship problems, anxiety, stress, and a host of other issues. Over time, it can get harder to face challenges like these without alcohol, which often prevents them from exploring better ways to manage their emotions and address these issues in healthy, productive ways.

Dont keep your goals a secret

Open The Lines Of Communication

The person you are concerned about is never going to know youre concerned unless you voice that. This may be an uncomfortable conversation for you and the drinker, but it is a necessary one. You could call this an intervention, or simply a conversation. Interventions are typically more serious and have more concerned people in attendance, so it depends on the specifics of the situation. Whether an intervention or a conversation, the desired end result is the same: bring attention to a loved ones drinking, and hope they can understand where your concern is coming from. If they can, they are one step closer to recovery.

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Will I Need Other Treatments For Alcoholism

Like many other diseases, alcoholism affects you physically and mentally. Both your body and your mind have to be treated. In addition to medicine, your doctor may recommend psychosocial treatments. These treatments can help you change your behavior and cope with your problems without using alcohol. Examples of psychosocial treatments include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous or other support group meetings.
  • Counseling.
  • Dark urine.
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes

Talk to your doctor if you have a history of depression. Naltrexone may cause liver damage when taken in large doses. Tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis or liver disease.

Finding Alcohol Rehab And Treatment

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol

If you struggle to quit on your own, have an AUD, or experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, attending an alcohol rehab may be the best option for you.9,17 Since there isnt a one-size-fits-all model for recovery, treatment has to be tailored to your needs.18 Finding the best fit means the program addresses all aspectsincluding alcohol use, co-occurring mental health disorders, and any social, legal, or employment issues, too.18 Effective treatment programs incorporate behavioral therapy and medication as needed and regularly assess the plan to make adjustments when necessary.18

Treatment typically starts with alcohol detox, where a medication taper helps ease withdrawal symptoms. This medication taper is provided to keep you safe and comfortable as you withdraw from alcohol.8,9 This doesnt address the addiction or associated underlying triggers, however, so long-term alcohol rehab is recommended.18 This may take place in an inpatient rehab center, where you stay at the facility for the duration of treatment, and staff is available 24/7 to provide support and monitoring.18,19 On the other hand, an outpatient facility allows you to live at home and follow your normal routine while attending scheduled treatment appointments.18,19 Both types of care offer group and individual therapy sessions and may include family or marriage counseling as well.18

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Why It Is So Hard To Quit Drinking Alcohol

I cant find any official statistics on this, but many would agree that most relapses happen from drinking.

There is a social acceptance to alcohol that plays a big role in ones willingness to stay sober. Aside from dealing with the physical withdrawal effects of alcohol, our society contributes to the difficulty of staying sober and avoiding relapse. The media, movies, commercials and our collective ideal of what we think is fun play a huge role in the relapse rate of recovering addicts.

Too many times have we heard I just want to have a drink like everyone else. Some people may be able to drink socially, however, most relapses end up leading to full on alcoholism.

It is for this reason that we always recommend long term sobriety, and in order to achieve that one will need to learn coping skills to deal with the everyday temptation of drinking. Inpatient treatment may be your best option.

The 11 Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse Disorder

  • When you drink, you often consume more than you wanted to.
  • You often try to stop drinking but cant.
  • You spend a lot of time trying to get alcohol, drinking or hungover.
  • You often crave beer, wine or other types of alcohol.
  • Your drinking has impacted your work and/or school performance and family life.
  • Continued drinking even after negative effects on your social life.
  • You still drink alcohol even though you know you might have a problem.
  • You have built up a tolerance and require a greater amount of alcohol to feel drunk and you feel sick without it.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Most people want to avoid the word alcoholic, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. This is a word that can actually help you. Acceptance is the first step in figuring out how to stop drinking.

When you admit that you have a real disorder, it becomes much easier to seek out the right treatment. But why should you stop drinking? Lets observe some of the ways alcoholism affects the body and mind.

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Avoid The Things That Trigger Your Urge To Drink

When you have a craving to drink, stay away from the things that might trigger it. One way to do this is by staying at home or bringing non-alcoholic beverages with you when you are going somewhere where there will be alcohol. You can avoid drinking when you stay away from people or places that remind you of drinking. If your friend is a heavy drinker and they pressure you, then it is time to stop spending time with them and to spend more time with new friends who understand your desire to maintain sobriety.

Utilize The People In Your Life

How To Help An Alcoholic Stop Drinking

If you know someone who has successfully quit drinking, speak with them. Ask them how they finally came to terms with their problem and how they were initially approached. Of course, what works for one person will not necessarily work for everyone. However, if you think their experience sounds similar to that of your loved one, ask them if theyd be willing to talk to that person for you. Sometimes information and concern coming from someone who has been through recovery mean more than when they come from someone who has not.

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