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What Is Gin Distilled From

The Kyoto Distillery: Top Shelf Gin To Try Once In Your Life

How gin is made at the Singapore Distillery

The Kyoto Distillery is Japans first dedicated artisanal gin distillery. The region might typically be known for sake, but a rising level of interest in other spirits has kept tourists returning for the gin, too.

Its focus is on using local botanicals to create a smooth, enjoyable drink in the form of its Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Japanese Gin. This gin wasnt available internationally until 2017 but its release was well worth the wait. It uses a spirit base distilled from rice combined with juniper, yellow yuzu, hinoki wood chips, bamboo, gyokuro tea, and green sansh .

The result is a unique gin that encompasses every inch of its name, which translates to The Beauty of the Seasons. Alongside citrus, tea and herbal flavours comes a spicy edge from the ginger root added during the distillation process.

It might not be the easiest gin to get hold of, but its a bottle worthy of a good spot in the liquor cabinet if you can find it.

Top shelf gin to try once: Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Japanese Gin

‘vapour Infusion Method Of Gin Distillation

With this method, the mix of juniper and botanicals do not come into contact with liquid spirit at all. Instead, they are placed in baskets inside modified stills and only encounter the spirit as vapour. The botanical-infused vapour then condenses into a botanical-infused spirit and water is added to reduce to bottling strength.

The two methods above may be combined with some distillers using a combination of steep & boil and vapour infusion. In this case some botanicals will be steeped in the boil pot with the same still also having a chamber to hold the botanicals, through which the botanical infused vapour from the boil pot will pass. There are other variables a distiller may employ as follows.

Gins Distilled From Potato

The choice of a potato base especially one with residual potato spirit character is not one to take likely. Potato can have a very distinctive and very divisive flavor. Some describe it as musty, dank, and unctuous. This is because potatoes have a great deal of impurities that can come out during the distillation process.

But when properly done, Potato base spirit has a rich, thick, almost fatty texture that is unlike what you can get from any other grain.

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Bombay Sapphire: Best Value Gin

Its ubiquitous blue bottle makes Bombay Sapphire an unmistakable choice behind any bar. Despite being a relative newcomer compared to Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire is another to have made a name for itself in the spirits market globally.

Known as one of the worlds most famous gins, Bombay Sapphire contains ten botanicals sourced from countries covering almost every continent. Alongside juniper, the spirit features lemon peel, coriander, angelica root, orris, grains of paradise, cubeb berries, cassia bark, almonds and liquorice.

The brand also uses a unique distilling process to create its distinctive flavour profile. Instead of boiling the botanicals, Bombay Sapphire uses a Vapour Infusion process to release the aromas. For its price point, Bombay Sapphire is an excellent choice and deserves its title as a staple brand.

Best value gin: Bombay Sapphire

What Are The Methods Of Gin Distillation

MurLarkey Distilled Spirits

There are many different methods of distillation, each of which can be used to create different flavors of Gin. The two most common forms for extracting flavors from botanicals are:

Steep Method of Gin Distillation Vapor Infusion Method of Gin Distillation Combination of the two above Vacuum Distillation Method

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Top 4 Differences You Must Know Between Vodka And Gin

May 1, 2020 Vodka can be infused with flavors from whatever is mixed into it like orange soda, cranberry, or other things. Gin is primarily distilled from malt and

Nov 29, 2017 Gin is made by distilling fermented grain mash, in a process similar to the production of whiskey and vodka. Barley tends to be the main grain

Gin is made by distilling a neutral grain alcohol with juniper berries and other botanicals to make the fragrant spirit we all know and love. The botanicals are

How Is Modern Gin Different To Traditional Types

Some new types of gin dont fit into the traditional categories

This term encompasses anything that doesnt fit into other neatly outlined categories and gives distillers lots of room to manoeuvre.

While there are no quality guarantees with modern gins, this category is where some true visionaries are playing and they have a whole world of flavour at their fingertips!

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How To Drink Gin

Gin is almost always enjoyed in mixed drinks, rarely straight or on the rocks. The Dutch still prefer to drink genever straight, often using a small tulip-shaped glass specifically designed for it. Tall soda mixed drinks with a citrus wedge and short martinis are the most common gin cocktails, both in bars and at home. Unless mixed with heavy flavors like fruit juice, cream, or egg, gin martinis are often best stirred some think shaking bruises the botanicals. Though there are a few, gin doesn’t make an appearance in many shooters.

Gins Distilled From Rye

How Gin is Made

Rye base spirits often require a bit of barley malt to get started. Once it gets going a rye base can be one of the most distinctive and characterful bases a distiller can choose.

Many people describe Rye once distilled and aged as having a slightly sour, slightly peppery character. Neutral rye base spirit can taste even more botanical.

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From Medicine To Dutch Courage

A Dutch physician who went by the name of Franciscus Sylvius is thought to be the inventor of gin having started prescribing a juniper-based distilled spirit for medicinal purposes in 1550.

The English first got their hands on the spirit while fighting Spain in Holland during the Thirty Years War, where they drank it to calm their nerves before going into battle. Yes, thats right. Gin is the original Dutch Courage. And, when the soldiers returned home, they took their newly found favourite spirit with them, of course, and they never looked back.

Come To A Virtual Flavoured G& t Tasting

If you love flavoured gins then you need to come to our virtual flavoured G& T tasting event on Friday 8th October at 7pm. Well be trying four fabulous flavoured gins from across the UK neat and in specially curated G& Ts while chatting to the distillers behind each one. Its going to be so much fun!

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The Above Two Methods Can Also Be Combined

While some botanicals are steeped, others will be placed at the top of the still to infuse the vapors. One famous example of this is Hendricks Gin, which uses two separate stills and then combines the distillates for the final blend, along with the addition of its well-recognized cucumber and rose petal essence.

London Dry Distilled And Compound Gins

Pure Spirits: Goldjunge Distilled Dry Gin

Gin is a liquor and its predominant flavour comes from juniper berries. So, juniper is the main botanical and it is the only thing that all gins must have in common. There isnt a specific amount of this botanical that a gin must have, but it has to be the prevailing flavour.However, many other botanicals can be used to enhance the flavour of this spirit. The most commonly used botanicals are: coriander, lemon and orange peels, cinnamon, among others.Ever wondered what is the difference between a Gin, a Dry Gin and a London Dry Gin? Well, we will explain it below.

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What Is The History Of Gin

Gin has been around for centuries, but its impossible to say with absolute certainty where and when gin began. We do know that Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides lauded a mixture of juniper and wine to cure a common cold remedy in 70 AD.

This suggests blending juniper with alcohol was already a well-established tradition by then, though at this point the spirit was more about utility than enjoyment.

This tradition of blending juniper and wine remained over the centuries: a 1055 AD reference notes that monks Solerno, Italy, drank juniper-infused wine. Whether that was for fitness or fun, however, remains unknown. But a method and usage similar to the Greek was found in the Netherlands circa the 16th century.

It was then and there that the Dutch mixed juniper and wine to create a medicinal spirit called Jenever. Later, during the Eighty Years War, the English sipped what they called genever before battle an apocryphal story that allegedly led to the term Dutch courage.

Genever became increasingly popular in the United Kingdom in the years after that conflict, though by this point it was sometimes referred to as Geneva, and later, gen and, finally, gin. In fact, the first usage of gin dates to the 1714 book The Fable of the Bees, or Private Vices, Publick Benefits, in which gin is described as liqueur of juniper berry.

Later, once alcohol was again legal in the U.S., gin became most Americans go-to drink until the 1960s, when vodka took over.

Sensory Properties Of Distilled Spirits

Figure 13.1. Baileys The Whiskey had a very limited production run and was test marketed for a short period of time in Dublin, Ireland, around 1998. It never found commercial success due to the ambiguity of its whiskey status because of the incorporation of Baileys flavours during cask finishing. Very few of these rare bottles survive. Blackwater London Dry gin.

Figure 13.2. Rum products popular on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Chairman’s reserve rum, considered one of the finest on the island and Kweyol spiced rum infused with the bark of the Bois Bande tree, a West Indian aphrodisiac. Vodka produced by the Dingle Distillery, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

C.W. Bamforth, in, 2014

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All We Are Sayingis Give Gin A Chance

Gin has really been pigeonholed and given an undeserved bad reputationpartially because of its rocky history. Everyday craft gin producers are experimenting with new botanicals to bring gin enthusiasts and skeptics the products that appeal to all palates. Mixologists are creating masterpieces with this versatile spirit and each gin is as unique as its drinker.

So if youre a gin drinking virgin head on over here for some of our favorite bottles to get started if you havent already. For those of you who have been avoiding gin based on a sip you had years ago, think again. The gin revolution is in full swing and there is so much more to this re-distilled, botanically infused sip to explore and appreciate.

So dont be shy, its always gin-o-clock somewhere! While youre out exploring wed love to hear what youre finding and learning. Share your favorites here so we can try them too!

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The Best Gins To Drink In : 32 Great Gin Brands Tested

What is Gin? | Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for the best gin, then you have come to the right place. ShortList has a gaggle of experts on hand to taste test great gins all to let you know which gin is the best for you.

We know that trying to choose the bet gin isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are hundreds of gin varieties out there, and that’s before you even start on the flavoured gins. Then there’s the tricky task of figuring out how to best pair your gin – the right gin and tonic combination is one of the best drinks of all time.

UPDATE: We were lucky enough to taste test The Whisky Exchange’s gin of the year 2022 recently and have fallen in love with it. Height Of Arrows gin is from The Holyrood Distillery and one of the very best gins we have tried in recent times.

There is a reason that finding the best gin is harder than ever. It’s because the alcohol category has seen a veritable explosion of new gins arrive. This is all thanks to the relaxation of the gin producing rules around a decade ago, has meant that small batch gin makers have cropped up everywhere – and there are plenty of small batch gin makers on this list.

And that’s where we circle back to the initial problem: when it comes to picking the best gin, there are bloody loads. Too many, if anything, so weve done you a favour and sieved through the rest and brought you only the best gins, all test tasted by the Shortlist team.

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But Are All Real Gins Equal

Certainly not in pricing terms very broadly, pricing tends to reflect the production process and strength, so lets think about these.

Thanks to Foxdenton Estate for much of the following:


  • is made from suitable ethyl alcohol and flavourings
  • the ethyl alcohol does not have to be re-distilled, ie flavourings can be simply mixed together with the ethyl alcohol to form the gin , and diluted with water to a level not below 37.5% ABV
  • flavouring can be either approved natural or artificial flavourings
  • there is no restriction on the addition of other approved additives such as sweetening
  • there is no restriction on the colouring of gin with an approved colouring.

For a long time compound or bathtub gin was associated with the cheapest brands, home-made brews and the Prohibition era. But examples such as Bathtub Gin have enabled it to stake its place in the Real Gin market. The producer, Ableforths, makes a virtue of use of the cold compound method, claiming that it enables botanical flavours too delicate to survive distillation, to shine through. Counterintuitively, it also says that this is actually quite a high-cost means of production .

Distilled gin is made in a traditional still by:

Hendricks is a well-known example of Distilled Gin, with infusion of cucumbers and rose post-distillation which means that it qualifies as a distilled but not London gin .

Tanqueray: Best London Dry Gin

This best-selling brand is known for being playful and always goes down a favourite behind the bar. Its not an expensive brand but its consistent popularity and fiercely-guarded range of botanicals means it could easily step up a price point.

Unlike many other gin brands, Tanqueray keeps its botanical recipe a secret. However, its known to be made up of only four different components: juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice. Its a gin thats easy to drink and perfectly balanced, preferring to keep the crowd happy rather than bringing in any flavours too rogue.

A sip on Tanquerays London Dry Gin offers juniper-first flavours with hints of citrus, florals and fruits. Its made using Charles Tanquerays original recipe from the 1830s, proving that once again, with time comes expertise.

Serve this gin with a simple tonic water and a wedge of lime for best results.

Best London Dry Gin: Tanqueray London Dry Gin

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Hendricks: The Best Overall Gin

Its almost impossible to go wrong with a bottle of Hendricks, as its a brand that knows how to please its audience. Buy a bottle of Hendricks and it could quickly become your go-to gin no matter the occasion. A popular choice all round, it touts itself as a most unusual gin and is known for its remarkable flavours and kitsch, playful branding.

Hendricks has a variety of gins on the market but the most popular is its original. It uses rose and cucumber combined with 11 botanicals to create an alluring, distinct gin.

Its a refreshing drink thats made in a way unlike any other gin on the market. The brand uses two almost antique stills to produce its award-winning gin, which is produced in batches of up to 500 litres at a time.

Its botanicals include juniper, coriander, orange, lemon, angelica, orris root, cubeb berries, caraway seeds, chamomile, elderflower, and yarrow berries. With a medium price point, its a popular gin that deserves its fame.

What Is Gin Made From How Is Gin Different From Vodka And

15% off on 750ml Premium Five Times Distilled Gin

Jan 15, 2020 Gin is usually made from a base of grain, such as wheat or barley, which is first fermented and then distilled. Juniper berries and other herbs,

Feb 19, 2021 Gin is an alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation from a base of grain . In a further procedure, botanicals along with water are

Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries . Gin originated as a medicinal liquor made by History · Legal definition · Production methods · Classic gin cocktails

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What Does Gin Taste Of

The variety of botanicals used to create unique flavour profiles are what makes gin such a versatile spirit

The reason many bartenders and master distillers love gin is its versatility as a spirit, and the reason for that is that it doesnt have a singular flavour every single brand and edition has a completely different taste profile.

The only consistent flavour threading through all gins, regardless of brand or type, is juniper, a subtle piney scent.

However, beyond that, there are hundreds of different botanicals that can be combined in different ways to produce a completely unique flavour for each gin.

Common gin botanicals include coriander, orange, lemon, angelica root, cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and ground almonds.

However, these flavours are very subtle and your gin is not flavoured in the modern sense of artificial added flavours its more like the different notes of citrus or spice you might detect in your wine.

Roku: Best Bottle Design

Roku is the gin you want proudly displayed in the centre of your cabinet. Not only does it look stylish, but whats on the inside follows through too. Created by the House of Suntory in Osaka, Japan, Rokus history of gin distillery dates back almost 100 years.

Roku means six in Japanese: named as such because there are six very important botanicals in the gin. All sourced from Japan, the bottle offers a unique flavour on the market when mixed with another eight more traditional gin botanicals: juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica root, angelica seed, cardamom seed, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, and lemon peel.

This overarching combination results in a successful taste thats both unique and delicious. The bottle design, inscribed with a floral design, adds to the appeal.

Best bottle design: Roku Japanese Gin

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