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What Does Tequila Go With

Effect 08 Per Mille Alcohol

â?³ Yeah, Alcohol Can Go Bad. Here is Proof. Tequila & Liqueur Taste Comparison

We can hardly concentrate anymore and it comes to the tunnel vision. Thats what they call it when our field of vision is limited by about a quarter. With this per mille value, our reaction time is extended by about 30 to 50 percent and we have to struggle with imbalances. At the same time, many become euphoric, uninhibited and overestimate themselves, a dangerous combination. The intoxication can hardly be overlooked for our environment.

How Quickly Does Alcohol Break Down In The Body

This cannot be answered in general terms. How much alcohol you have in your blood at any given time in the evening does not only depend on how many alcoholic beverages you have drunk so far. It also depends on whether youve eaten something before. Your age, weight, and size also play an important role.

Why Does Liquor Go Bad

So what makes a liquor go bad? There are three main factors that can affect the quality of liquor over time: light, temperature, and air. When liquor is exposed to daylight over a long period of time, it can lose colors. For liquor, color changes are indicative of flavor changes. Similar to that, temperature changes can degrade an organic molecule called a “terpene,” which alters the liquorâs flavor. Lastly, air exposure can lead to oxidation of liquor that affects its flavor.

That said, if you store hard liquor in moderate temperature away from direct light, it lasts indefinitely. At 30% to 40%, liquor is not a hospitable environment for bacteria. And if itâs not opened, youâll deal with virtually no oxidation.

But once you open a liquor bottle, oxidation begins. Thatâs why most hard liquors will âgo badâ within a year or two. But when we say bad, we donât mean they grow mold, become toxic, or coagulate. What we mean is that the amount of oxidation degrades the flavor and quality to such a degree that you may as well not drink it. But you can if you want. We recommend that you finish the bottle as soon as possible after you open it. Because once you open a bottle, timeâs not on your side. Adhering to the proper standard pours and keeping track of your pour count is a good way to avoid waste.

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Why Is Alcohol Absorbed More Quickly When The Stomach Is Empty

Alcohol moves quickly from the mouth to the stomach and on to the intestines. Some of it is absorbed directly through the lining of the mouth and esophagus, some through the walls of the stomach and the rest is absorbed by the intestines, mainly the small intestine.

If there is no solid food in the stomach or intestines, the alcohol will come into contact with the intestinal walls more easily and pass quickly into the blood. All the alcohol of one drink may be absorbed within 30 minutes.

If your stomach is relatively full, the alcohol will stay there longer. The absorption process will be slower and may take up to 90 minutes.

How To Store Tequila

Does Tequila Go Bad? [Simple Answer]

Since tequila is a distilled spirit, you store it the same way you store other distilled spirits, such as vodka, rum, or whiskey. That means you keep it away from sunlight and sources of heat, in a dry area thats relatively cool. The pantry would be best, but room temperature is okay too.

Once you open the bottle, oxidation starts to be a problem. In short, oxidation is a process that slightly changes the compounds in alcohol. That results in altered flavor.

To experience the results of oxidation you can leave some tequila in a shot glass for 24 to 48 hours and compare its taste with tequila poured right out of the bottle. If you have a bit of experience with the drink, you should notice the difference.

The critical step to prevent oxidation is to keep the bottle of tequila sealed tightly when not in use.

If you drink tequila in small amounts and only on rare occasions, you might want to pour the alcohol into a smaller bottle once the original one is about half-empty. The more oxygen in the bottle, the faster the oxidation process, therefore pouring the spirit into a smaller bottle will slow down the process.

Of course, that only makes sense if you plan on storing the opened tequila for more than a few months. The oxidation process proceeds gradually, so if you finished the bottle in a month or two, the quality gains would be negligible.

Image used under Creative Commons from fasteddy760

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Drinking Tequila Every Night Won’t Make You Go Crazy

Contrary to popular belief and way too many country songs tequila won’t actually make anyone go “crazy” nor automatically have the desire to get naked at a bar. The fact of the matter is even if you drank tequila every night, your body will still handle it the same way.

According to experts who spoke with The Atlantic, tequila is merely another kind of alcohol and alcohol, no matter the kind, gets you drunk. However, depending on how much tequila you drink or how fast you drink it, it may make you lose control quicker than if you sipped a glass of wine over the course of a meal. “If a drinker slams tequila back in shots, then he’ll get intoxicated faster than if he were gently sipping scotch,” the publication explained. “Presto: tequila gets a reputation. That leads to the issue of self-fulfilling prophecy. If people believe tequila makes them rowdier, they may opt for tequila when they want to be rowdy.” If you drink tequila every night you won’t go loco, but, if you drink too much of it, you probably will have some crazy nights.

El Tesoro Aejo Tequila


If you want to discover an authentic Mexican tequila with a bold yet traditional flavor, then order a bottle of El Tesoro tequila. El Tesoro may be owned by Beam Suntory, the Japanese company responsible for Suntory Whisky, but this tequila is still made from traditional methods and Mexican agave plants. In fact, the grandson of founder Don Felipe Camarena oversees production today. El Tesoro Añejo is aged in American oak bourbon barrels for up to three years, which results in a perfect mix of agave and oak flavors. If you try this tequila neat, youll notice sweet notes of maple, vanilla, and caramel. Thanks to its historic legacy and delicious flavor, El Tesoro is one of the best tequila brands in the world today.

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Whats On The Label And What It Means

The tequila you buy will either be 100% Agave or Mixto . With 100% Agave, the flavors and notes will be very up front. If you are a fan of robust, exotic flavors, this will be the type of tequila you want. Mixto, on the other hand, has its flavor cut by up to 49% sugar and water. This will NOT make the tequila sweet, only less in-your-face. It will have a more subtle flavor, whose notes will linger for longer. Neither is better or higher-end than the other, its simply a matter of preference and occasion.

Beyond the two basic categories we just mentioned, there are also about a half dozen different types of tequila within each. It may sound confusing at first, but trust me, its not rocket science.

Here are the ones youll encounter the most.

Bonus: Crme De Violette

What Alcohol Does to Your Body

Admittedly not a particularly common or versatile ingredient, anyone whos ever bought an entire bottle of crème de violette to make the classic Aviation cocktail can understand the desire to find something anything! to mix with this fragrant purple liqueur. Luckily, a tequila like Milagro Silver offers the right level of floral character to pair remarkably well with crème de violette, while an older tequilas typical vanilla and baking spice notes can ease the liqueurs otherwise cloying sweetness. Just remember: A little bit goes a long way, unless you want your drink to taste like the perfume counter at Bloomingdales.

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Wondering What Ingredients You Need For A Margarita Well Outline The Basics Plus A Couple Of Extra Add

Whether youre setting up a home bar or want to re-create your favorite bar cocktail, knowing what ingredients you need for a margarita is crucial. From tequila and orange liqueur, citrus juice and mix-ins, well break down the basic margarita ingredients you should have on hand.

While youre at it, these are the classic cocktail recipes you need to know.

What Happens If You Drink Expired Beer

If you take a sip of expired beer, youâll likely notice strange cars following you over the next few days. Then the phone calls will start. A targeted harassment campaign will try to wrest you from house, home, and job. You will be left penniless, mirthless, and out of luck.

Just kidding! The only thing that happens when you drink expired beer is that you experience unpleasant tastes and aromas. You wonât get sick. No shadowy organization will haunt you. Itâll taste bad, thatâs it.

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How To Make A Tequila Pitcher Cocktail

A tequila sunrise is the perfect drink for unwinding in front of your favorite TV program or make a few for a casual evening in your backyard with a couple friends.

But for that long holiday weekend fiesta youre throwing, you can triple or quadruple this tequila cocktail recipe to have it ready to go in a pitcher. Preparing by the pitcher is so much easier than making drinks one-by-one when youre making drinks for a crowd. People can serve themselves from the pitcher and you can relax. Pure bliss!

My one piece of advice for turning this tequila sunrise into a pitcher cocktail is to leave the ice out of the pitcher, otherwise your cocktails will get watery. Instead, store the pitcher in a cooler and have ice on the side so the drinks still stay cold.

Tequila Semantics: Does Tequila Have A Worm In It Is The Worm In Tequila Alive

Does Alcohol Go Bad? Yep, So Here

Mezcal with a jar of worms

First of all, does tequila have a worm in it? It is important to realize that there is actually no worm in tequila bottles. All high-quality premium brands of tequila will never feature a wiggling little critter inside its bottle. True imbibers of the alcohol can attest to the fact that worms are only found in tequilas lower-class sister, which is known as mescal.

Therefore, whenever you find a bottle of tequila with worm inside, there is a 99.9% chance that it is not even really tequila at all. Mescal is an umbrella term that is used to describe multiple kinds of distillates that are derived from the agave plants that mostly grow in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. While tequila can only be made with one species of plant called blue agave, mescal is produced from a wide variety of agave plant species.

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The Surprising Truth About What Tequila Really Does To Your Body

Oh, tequila.

Whether you love or love to hate the taste of this drink, odds are you’ve been teased into taking a shot of it while out with a group of friends. In drunk person folklore, it’s often claimed that tequila causes more outlandish behavior than other spirits.

And recently, a slew of articles from sites including Lifehack, Elite Daily and Forbes have made tequila seem relatively healthy, claiming it aids in weight loss, can lower blood sugar, ward off hangovers and more.

So, what’s the deal? Does tequila really make your clothes fall off more than other liquors, or do hidden health benefits make it as virtuous as that nightly glass of red wine?

Why Is There Alcohol In The Breath You Exhale And In Breast Milk

About 10 per cent of alcohol is eliminated as is, through urine or perspiration. It can also be eliminated through the breath, since the bloodstream carries it to the lungs. This is why a breathalyzer can measure your blood alcohol level.

Did you know?The concentration of alcohol in breast milk is about 10 per cent higher than in the blood because of the high water content of the milk.

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A Buying Guide To Tequilas

The tequilas recommended here are by no means a comprehensive list, but rather suggestions for widely available tequilas across many price points.

Some good buying guidelines are:

  • Avoid anything that is packaged in plastic or that costs less than $15 as these are signs of cheap tequila thatll burn like hellfire down your throat and taste like lighter fluid.
  • Buy only tequila that states 100% agave on the bottle.
  • Its perfectly reasonable to find a smooth, flavorful tequila for $25-$30 thats great for shots, cocktails, or sipping. A high price does not always indicate high quality.
  • If theres a worm or scorpion or, really, any animal in the bottle, then dont buy it. Its a marketing gimmick used to sell cheaply produced tequilas and its almost guaranteed to be dreck.

If You Drink Tequila With Sugar Every Night You’ll Feel Sick

5 Easy Tequila Cocktails

According to Luis Daniel Limón, general manager of La Viñata Los Osuna, when people mix tequila with sugar, they tend to get terrible hangovers. “Often times people are ignorant when drinking tequila and they mix it with cocktails high sugar,” Limón told Elite Daily. “That’s why they think that tequila is the result of their hangovers when in reality it’s the combination.”

It’s also all too easy to quickly consume sweetened drinks. “You might not eat six slices of cake because you know it will hurt your stomach, but you’ll then have six drinks with the same sugar content,” Aaron White, senior scientific advisor to the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, explained to BuzzFeed. And while it’s true that sugar doesn’t actually change blood alcohol levels, it can worsen hangovers, cause stomach pain, and send you into a sugar crash.

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Clase Azul Reposado Tequila


Clase Azul is a brand that many experts consider the measuring stick for fine-aged tequila. Its been the standard of top-shelf tequila for nearly a decade. Taking this critical acclaim into account, along with its refined taste and supremely collectible bottle, its only fitting that Clase Azul Reposado claims the No. 1 spot on our list of the best tequila. This classy spirit is also one of the priciest options on our list, and one that youll find on the top shelf at bars and restaurants, well-deservedly. And its well worth the premium.

Made from the finest blue agave plants in Mexico, Clase Azul Reposado features notes of spice, cream soda, apple cider, jasmine, cinnamon and honey. The bottles, in the meantime, are like a work of art, inspired by traditional Mexican colors and motifs. Each bottle is handcrafted and hand-painted, so no two are exactly alike, making Clase Azul a great gift idea, as well. At over $100, this is a true premium liquor, with a bottle design and flavor profile worthy of its high price.

How To Make A Tequila Lime Mojitarita:

  • Get a simple cocktail shaker you dont needa fancy one.
  • If youve ever watched a skilled bartender in action you know theres an art to shaking a cocktail. But still, anyone can do it and make a delicious drink. Be sure to shake vigorously to dissolve the sugar and bruise the mint for the best flavor.
  • Squeeze your own fresh lime juice please dont even think of using bottled stuff. Its easy to juice citrus with a handheld citrus juicer or reamer. Unfortunately, limes are notoriously inconsistent in their juiciness, but in general, count on at least one tablespoon juice per lime.
  • Crushed ice is ideal for filling the shaker .

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What Are The Symptoms Of Alcohol Withdrawal

Mild symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Shaking

In this context, it is worth noting that the condition of alcoholic hallucinosis differs from the hallucinations that a person with DTs experiences. In the former case, the person knows that he or she is hallucinating. A person experiencing DTs perceives the images to be real. Alcohol poisoning can also lead to alcohol induced dementia.

Most of the severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal warrant medical intervention. For instance, effects like high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and irregular heartbeat can cause a life-threatening stroke or cardiac arrest if not treated promptly. Phillip Ross Boards withdrawal symptoms worsened rapidly his case is a point that alcohol withdrawal should never be ignored.

The severity of alcohol poisoning symptoms next day depend on the following factors:

Educators Guide: The Tequila Worm

Does Tequila Go Bad?

The Tequila Worm by Viola Canales is the selection for the LAIIs Vamos a Leer book group meeting held on November 3, 2014. The following information comprises a standards-based educators guide that the LAII has produced to support using The Tequila Worm in the classroom. The standards are not included here, but are included with the lesson plans in the PDF. The complete guide is available for download at no cost: Vamos a Leer Educators Guide: The Tequila Worm.

To read our thoughts on the novel, see our book review.


Sofia comes from a family of storytellers. Here are her tales of growing up in the barrio, full of the magic and mystery of family traditions: making Easter cascarones, celebrating el Día de los Muertos, preparing for quinceañera, rejoicing in the Christmas nacimiento, and curing homesickness by eating the tequila worm. When Sofia is singled out to receive a scholarship to an elite boarding school, she longs to explore life beyond the barrio, even though it means leaving her family to navigate a strange world of rich, privileged kids. Its a different mundo, but one where Sofias traditions take on new meaning and illuminate her path.


  • Américas Award Honorable Mention 2005
  • Pura Belpré Award for Writing, 2006
  • 2006 ALSC Notable Children Book
  • Judy Lopez Memorial Award Honor Book

If youre interested in learning more about the author, check out the following article/interview:


Social Studies

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