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What Goes With Cinnamon Whiskey

Delicious Drinks You Can Make With Fireball Whisky

How to Make Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Gummies

5 Delicious Drinks You Can Make with Fireball Whiskey

Oh yes, its that that time of year again. The leaves turn and fall, the air becomes brisk, and the temperature of our food and drink is gets turned up. Enter Fireball Whiskey, a Canadian favorite with a kick that has helped our comrades to the north combat the artic winters; and the tagline: Tastes like Heaven, Burns like Hell, gives a pretty accurate description of the kick that the drinker endures during consumption.

Likened to Red Hots candies, the cinnamon flavored firewater is 33% alcohol by volume –being warmed from the inside-out seems like an understatement. So, if youre not the type to sit sipping a Hot Toddy by the fireplace, may we suggest another method? Try one of these delicious drinks that will satisfy , no jacket required.

What Is Fireball Whiskey

Fireball Whiskey is a favorite in colder regions and boasts the tagline, Tastes like Heaven, Burns like Hell. It warms the taste buds and offers a strong shot of that spicy cinnamon flavor that people love this time of year. It pairs nicely with many flavors, including apple, and youll absolutely love this recipe! This Apple Brandy Slush or Apple Pie Sangria are other delicious apple cocktails to try. And if you love whiskey cocktails with extra kick, try this Desert Wasteland Whiskey Cocktail or this Whiskey Sour Recipe.

And if you cant get enough Fireball, use it in this Cinnamon Whiskey Sangria and this Easy Fireball Fudge!

Cocktail Recipes Using Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

To the spirits universe, flavored whiskey is a fast-growing category. In fact, one might even say its booming. But to describe this surge as a boom implies there may be a bust somewhere along the horizon. And at this point? That seems highly unlikely.

From the subtle to the bold, Bar Managers and Beverage Directors alike are stocking up on spicy spirits in droves. And you dont need to run a whiskey bar to understand just how versatile flavored whiskey is.;

One popular spirit? Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire. Did you know it can be used in some of your guests favorite cocktails to create unique, bold and surprising flavor combinations? That’s because Jack Fire does things a little different when it comes to Cinnamon-Flavored Spirits. And thats precisely why today, were highlighting it on The Craft. Heres four easy-to-make cocktails using Jack Fire and a few other ingredients you probably already have behind the bar!

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Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey

Another well-known whiskey brand jumping on the cinnamon bandwagon, Jim Beams Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey is a success no surprise there. Their legendary Kentucky whiskey serves as the base for this sweet, hot, spicy treat.;

Their Kentucky bourbon was already wildly popular, so it’s natural that their cinnamon creation would catch on quick too. The distillers at Jim Beam do well to balance the flavors of the bourbon and cinnamon, with neither overpowering the other. They also achieve a lovely smoothness that makes for a great sipper, even without chilling first.;

They keep it simple, with sweet, candied cinnamon dominating the nose. The palate follows with a similar punch of sweet cinnamon with notes of bourbon to balance it. The whiskey has a fiery kick, no doubt, but it doesnt overwhelm the senses.

Smoked Fireball Whiskey Meatballs

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey  Halloween Collection  750ml ...

The yummy fireball whiskey meatballs are quick and easy to make. These little patties are good for those for a way to find spices that go well with fireball whiskey. You can make these meatballs with beef, pork, and bacon in BBQ sauce. The trio is blended with breadcrumbs to give a flavourful dish. The kick of cinnamon whisky adds to the taste of this dish.

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How Do You Serve Cinnamon Whiskey

Cinnamon whiskey can be enjoyed in many different ways. You can enjoy this popular liquor straight, on ice, or with a mixer. And it’s always a good way to add some spice to your drink!

Here are a few ways to enjoy your favorite bottle of cinnamon whiskey:

  • cinnamon whiskey mixed with coke

  • cinnamon whiskey mixed with ginger ale

  • cinnamon whiskey mixed with apple juice or apple cider

  • cinnamon whiskey mixed with cranberry juice and lemon-lime soda

  • DAMN GOOD cinnamon whiskey mule !

What Soda To Mix With Whiskey

Made by aging fermented and distilled grains in wooden barrels, whiskey has been the drink of choice for centuries.

For whiskey lovers, theres nothing better than kicking back with a good glass of scotch, rye, or bourbon.

While some people enjoy the drink neat or on the rocks, others prefer cutting it with a mixer.

In this article, we explore the best soda to mix with whiskey.

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Amazing Cinnamon Pairingsfor You To Tryadam Ajune 8 2020

Cinnamon is a sweet, warming spice and if you buy the good stuff has a little bit of zest. When I try to remember what it tastes of I think of Cinnamon rolls, mulled wine, or on really bad days, Dr. Pepper.

It has two great abilities. The first is to amplify the sweetness of its accompanying ingredients making it suitable for desserts and baking. The second is to provide depth to what would normally be flat tasting dishes. Soups, curries, and stews can all benefit from a little cinnamon.

The spice comes from the sun-dried inner bark of the cinnamon tree. There are several varieties of the tree each having their own nuance on the spice’s end flavor.

The Verum and Cassia varieties are the most common. Cassia could be described as the musclehead of the two with it being full-on sweet and spicy but having very little to offer beyond that. It can easily overpower and so it is more suited for stews and curries which are robust enough to keep it under control.

Verum on the other is lighter but a lot more complex having not only sweet and spicy notes but also a little zest. This complexity makes it the most desired of the two.

You can tell the difference between the two just by looking at them. Cassia looks like thick pieces of unattractive dried bark whereas Verum looks more like delicate quills of brown paper.

What Alcohol Goes Well With Milk Cocktail Punch

How To Make Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Applesauce

The fact that this recipe exists is an indicator that whiskey is good for a milk cocktail punch.

My opinion alert! I think any non-flavor liquor will go well with a milk punch cocktail, as long as there is a sweet ingredient to balance everything out.

Also, make sure that the proper measurements are used.

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Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Whiskey

Fairly new to the scene, Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Whiskey is taking the world of cinnamon flavor by storm. It caters to those that really love the spice and want something hot and bold without too much sweetness to take away from it. They achieve this goal, offering up one of the most intense cinnamon drinks with enough heat to stand out from the crowd.;

Despite the bold heat, they still manage to make the whiskey smooth. This means you can do whatever it is you want to do with your cinnamon flavor. Shots, sipping, cocktails you can have it all with this all-around fantastic spirit.;

Their goal is simple so its natural that the whiskey is simple, too. Offering a profile filled with cinnamon spice, the drink doesnt mess around and you wont find much else. The nose is full of cinnamon and the palate follows suit. This may not be for everyone, but at least theyre honest about it. Not everyone can take the heat, but Cinerators cinnamon whiskey is made for those who can.;

Quick Review Of Fireball

  • Cinnamon flavored whisky good for mixing in cocktails for extra kick
  • Originally a Canadian product
  • Made with Canadian whisky as the base
  • Low alcohol content at only 33% ABV, 66 proof
  • Main flavor profile is cinnamon candy
  • Doesnt taste much like classic whisky
  • Pairs well with apples, pears, and chocolate

Flavored Whiskey;/33% ABV;/;Kentucky, United States

What you have here is smooth whisky with a fiery kick of red hot cinnamon. Fireball Whisky is best enjoyed straight up as an ice-cold shot.;

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Where Is Ole Smoky Whiskey Made

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is a corn whiskey distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Their downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee facility features two working copper stills. Visitors are able to see the distilling process up close while learning about the history of moonshine production in the Smoky Mountains.

Fireball Is Great On The Rocks

Cinnamon Whiskey + apple cider = you cant go wrong ...

Unlike some whiskies, which only the truest aficionados dare drink as a straight shot, Fireball is sweet and perfectly delicious served on the rocks.

But that fiery sweetness is just what makes it mix so well too – so here are 13 killer combinations you’ll love .

1. Hard cider

A potent blend of cinnamon and sour, Fireball and cider work brilliantly together. Just combine 1 shot of Fireball with a pint of cider . If you use Angry Orchard Cider, you’ll have created an ‘Angry Balls’ cocktail!

2. Tea, honey and lemon

Everyone loves a hot toddy. So why not make yours even hotter, by adding a shot of Fireball?

3. Liqueurs

For a decadent treat, nothing beats a French Toast shot. Just mix Fireball with butterscotch and Irish cream liqueurs.

4. RumChata

Who said cinnamon toast is just for breakfast? Mix Fireball with vanilla vodka and RumChata to create a Cinnamon Crunch Cocktail, bringing the flavors of breakfast to your evening .;

5. Red Bull

If you enjoy a Jägerbomb, then you’ll LOVE an F-Bomb, which mixes Red Bull with Fireball, instead of Jägermeister.

6. Lemonade

The perfect summertime treat! Mix 1 part Fireball with 3 parts lemonade, pour over crushed ice, and enjoy.

7. Coke

Whisky and coke is an old favorite – Fireball and coke gives it an interesting twist. That cinnamon/coke combination is a unique flavor that’s absolutely worth trying.

8. Hot chocolate

9. Ginger beer

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Tips For Creating Your Own Fireball Whisky Cocktails

Want to create your own mixed drinks using Fireball whisky? These tips can help.

  • A little goes a long way. So you won’t need to use full shots of Fireball – think of it more like an accent than the main event.
  • When combining Fireball whisky with dairy-based ingredients such as Bailey’s or heavy cream, remember that whisky can curdle cream. Always use a high fat dairy and pour the whiskey in slowly.
  • Remember that Fireball has added sugar, so it will make a drink sweeter. You may wish to adjust the sugar in the drink to help balance the sweetness.

The Best Fireball Whisky Cocktail Recipes

Love it or hate it, Fireball is a force in the beverage space. Its spicy cinnamon flavor is instantly recognizable and has captured the hearts and palates of Americans and Canadians alike. Since its uptick in popularity in the 2010s, Fireball has found its way into Disney World desserts, Thanksgiving staples, and cocktails of all sorts.

From summery beverages paired best with oceanside adventures to winter sippers to warm you from the inside out, read on for 12 of the best Fireball Whisky cocktails updated for 2021!

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How To Drink Fireball

There are several different ways to enjoy Fireball Whisky. Below are some simple and tasty recipes, but feel free to add your own twist.

On the Rocks

On the rocks = over iceplain and simple. In other words, pour the Fireball into a highball glass filled with ice, sit back, sip and enjoy. We love these handblown crystal whiskey glasses and these slow-melt ice ball molds;for a more sophisticated touch.

Straight Shot

To keep things simple, throw back a shot of Fireball by itself. Its smooth flavor delivers a subtle kick with a sweet aftertaste, making it easily drinkable. Shot glasses optional.

Cinnamon Toast Shot

This shot, according to Fireball lovers, tastes like youre eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! Its made with one part Fireball and one part horchata or RumChata. Mix well, chill and shoot. It can also be made as a cocktail over ice in a highball glass.

Dragons Blood

One part Fireball, one part cranberry juice. Mix well, chill and shoot. This concoction can also be enjoyed on the rocks in a highball glass.


Many claim this popular cocktail tastes like apple pie in a cuper, a pint glass? Simply add a shot of Fireball to hard apple cider and enjoy. You and your friends will also love this crackling hot cocoa or slow cooker apple cider on a chilly night.

Eat It!

How To Make Apple Cinnamon Whiskey Smash Cocktail

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour | Whiskey Sour Ingredients | Booze On The Rocks

The whiskey smash is a cocktail that’s been around for ages, making its comeback over the last few years. Never going out of style, but as Americans have reignited their passion for whiskey and bourbon lately it’s been creeping across cocktail menus throughout the nation.

A traditional whiskey smash is a little fruity, a little minty and a little sweet. We’re going to keep those same classic qualities in our version with fresh sweet apple, a splash of tart lemon juice, fragrant fresh mint and spicy, warm cinnamon simple syrup.

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The 10 Most Popular Cinnamon Whiskey Brands

Over the last two decades, cinnamon whiskey has skyrocketed as one of the most popular new types of spirits on the market. Consumed in mixed drinks, warming cocktails, and flaming hot shots on college campuses across the country, this sweetly hot whiskey has made quite the reputation for itself. Whether you love it or you hate it, theres no denying that cinnamon whiskey is here to stay. Weve rounded up 10 of the most popular cinnamon whiskey brands on the market for when you feel like turning up the heat.

What To Mix With Fireball

Now that youve finally grown up, its time to stop taking Fireball shots. But if youre still holding on to your youth, you dont have to give it up altogetheryou just have to find some more respectable ways to drink it. Add a jiggers worth of the hot stuff to a glass and top it off with one of these mixers, and youll be well on your way.

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Our Top 12 Recommended Cinnamon Spirits

Ready to heat things up? Cinnamon spirits are the fasted growing category in the dark whiskey universe. The spice now lights up tequila and moonshine. Vodka was the first spirit to vigorously pursue flavor, but the proliferation of extreme examples from marshmallow to bubble gum may have saturated the market as interest has waned. Most producers tout natural sources for their cinnamon and not chemical formulations, but many dont reveal details. Among those who comment, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are the most common sources. Here are a dozen recommended cinnamon spirits. Most were released in the last few years with the exception of Fireball. Expect to see more brands on the shelf. Meanwhile, chill the bottles before sipping or grabbing that Cherry Coca Cola mixer.

What Goes Well With Fireball Whisky

What to Serve When You Dont Serve Fireball

Do you love fireball shots? Are you looking for a good pairing for fireball whisky? The fireball cinnamon whiskey is quite popular in American bars. This exciting cocktail is a versatile drink for all whiskey lovers.

A strong cinnamon flavor and sweetness from added sugar is a treat for your taste buds. Since 2018, this whiskey is among the top-selling whiskies in the USA. However, you can find different ways to drink it. What goes well with fireball whisky is a question that often comes to our mind.

We are here to guide you with some interesting ways to mix your fireball whisky. Some of the interesting recipes we are going to share with you.

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Homemade Cinnamon Whiskey Recipe

Susannah Brinkley Henry | Feast + WestJuly 30, 2020

Homemade Cinnamon Whiskey fills you with the warmth of bourbon and spices. Now you can make your own spiced whiskey and control the amount of spice and ingredients.

Infusing spirits is my absolute favorite thing right now.

Okay, right now is a stretch. This has been a years-long phase that probably will last forever.

It all started a few years ago when I was visiting Washington, D.C. and ate at a Russian restaurant with some friends.

Lining the walls on the way to our table were huge glass vats filled with various fruits.

I wondered for a moment why they had vats of fruit until I realized the vats were filled to the brim with liquid. Vodka! I realized. Infused vodka!

Ive never been a fan of flavored liquors. They always tasted so fake to me. That is, until I tried infusions.

The ability to flavor your own spirits with whatever flavors you love, and actually CONTROL what they taste like was so novel to me.

But that was years ago, and now Im obsessed to the point that Ill never buy the gross stuff again. Ive even gotten my fiancé interested in infusions.

We love making Homemade Spiced Rum, Homemade Honey Whiskey and Homemade Coffee Liqueur to mix into our favorite cocktails at home.

In fact, my fiancé is the one who suggested we make our homemade cinnamon whiskey recipe again, and he made this batch all himself.

The trick is using more cinnamon sticks and letting it infuse for longer.

Fire whiskey strong.

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