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What’s The Best Tonic For Gin

Best Budget: Schweppes Tonic Water

Sea Levels and Gin & Tonics


Schweppes is a ubiquitous and affordable brand, and its tonic water works well in any drink or on its own. Its sweet, with just a little bitterness from the quinine, and has been used in countless gin and tonics all over the world. All in all, this is a straightforward, readily available option.

Whats In A Gin And Tonic

Called a G and T or gin tonic in some countries, this refreshing drink is made in countries all around the world. The Gin and Tonic was invented in the 1850s by British soldiers, who mixed gin with their tonic water as a way to drink quinine . Tonic water of today no longer has quinine, but the drink stuck around! Naturally, its made of two things:

  • 1 part gin
  • 2 parts tonic water

The gin and tonic is very popular in Spain, called a Gin-Tonic . I studied abroad in Madrid years ago so to me, this drink has a nostalgia that reminds me of sipping in Spain. Speaking of Spain, were taking cues from this country to bring you tips on how to make the best gin and tonic.

Who Should Not Take Quinine

Pregnant women and children aren’t allowed to consume quinine. If you have drunk tonic water with quinine before and experienced a bad reaction, you shouldn’t try to drink it again. Moreover, you are advised not to take quinine if you: have low blood sugar, have abnormal heart rhythm, have other medications, or have kidney or liver disease.

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The Best Tonic Waters For 2021 Are:

  • Best overall ;Double Dutch Indian tonic water, 200ml: £1.19, Boroughbox.com
  • Best citurssy tonic ;Luscombe elderflower tonic water, 200ml: 95p, Quickes.co.uk
  • Best full flavoured tonic ;Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, 500ml: £1.95, Tesco.com
  • Best zero-calorie tonic Gallybird premium tonic water botanical blend, 200ml x 12: £8.16, Diversefinefood.co.uk
  • Best feel good tonic ;Belu garden tonic water, 200ml x 24: £23, Belu.org
  • Best tonic for straight sipping ;The London Essence pomelo & pink pepper tonic, 500ml: £1.85, Sainsburys.co.uk
  • Best tonic water ;Marlish dandelion and burdock, 200ml: £1.99, Thetonical.com
  • Best range of tonic flavours ;Franklin & Sons rosemary & black olive tonic water, 200ml x 24: £16.99, Drinksupermarket.com
  • Best quirky tonic ;Intune tonic+ CBD mixer, 200ml x 12: £23.60, Intune-drinks.com
  • Best light version ;Navas light tonic, 200ml x 12: £14.40, Navasdrinks.com

The 12 Best Gins For Gin And Tonics

Gin and Tonic Cocktail

Gin & Tonics are the coffee of the cocktail world difficult to fully appreciate at first but once you jump on board, you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Served over ice with a citrus garnish, G&Ts deliver all the refreshment of simpler highballs but dial up the complexity with an array of botanicals from the base spirit and the challenging bittersweet profile of tonic water.

With just two components, theres nowhere for the ingredients to hide, and its impossible to overstate the importance of reaching for a high-quality bottle when mixing G&Ts. The following 12 bottles not only deliver that quality, but jive with their slightly awkward dance partner to serve the most impressive versions of the cocktail. Here are the best gins for gin and tonics.

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The 7 Best Tonic Waters For Cocktails In 2021

Tonic water is a carbonated beverage like club soda or seltzer, though it does not have their more neutral taste. Tonic water is known for its signature bitterness thanks to quinine, an ingredient that can be found on the bark of cinchona trees. First used by Europeans to treat malaria, British soldiers in colonial India then started to mix in carbonated water and sugar to make it more palatable, resulting in the tonic water we know today.

Also known as Indian tonic water, there is no difference between the two names regardless of the brand though tonic water manufacturers may draw the distinction in their offerings. Although tonic water remains a go-to mix for the best gins, it still plays an essential role in enhancing the taste of spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

Brands usually infuse their tonic waters with artificial sweeteners, sugar, and high levels of fructose corn syrup to tame the bitterness. They have also started experimenting with earthy and citrusy additions to their products, which may be appealing to consumers who like to try something new. Are you ready to shake up your next drink? Lets get to know the best water tonic options for cocktails this 2021, all made to rejuvenate your heart and soul.

What Tonic To Serve With Gin

For a classic G&T we would suggest a crisp, classic tonic to really let the botanicals in the gin shine. The bitterness in a classic tonic really compliments the piney juniper of gin and keeps your G&T from being overly sweet.;

However, there are now many flavoured tonics available pink grapefruit, cucumber, basil and orange are some of the more popular flavours. When mixing your gin with a flavoured tonic, be sure to do your research to see what flavours will complement the tasting notes of the gin without overpowering them.;

For example, a citrus-led gin like;Dry Island Gin, which includes;botanicals of lemon myrtle and strawberry gum, pairs;beautifully with the Fentimans Valencian Orange Tonic water. The sweet and zesty orange of the tonic water balances;perfectly with the fruitiness of the strawberry gum.;

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What Customers Have To Say

One Amazon customer commented that this is an excellent tonic with great elderflower flavor. He paired it with rhubarb gin and garnished it with a slice of lemon and a single fresh raspberry. Another one said that Q makes some serious quality mixers, and they definitely have your back. For him, this elderflower tonic water is just the bees knees and a nice mix up from his usual gin and tonics.

Tip : Add Fun Garnishes That Accentuate The Gin

Neat gin and how to drink it!

Another cue we took from the Spanish gin and tonic tradition: use lots of garnishes that accentuate the gin flavor! According to this , the use of vegetables and herbs to highlight the botanicals is popular. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Lime or lemon wedge
  • Blood orange slices
  • Rosemary

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Nordstrom Home Launches First

Tonic water is essentially a measure of quininea bitter compound derived from the powdered bark of the cinchona tree and a tremendously effective anti-malarial dissolved in carbonated water with an optional sweetener to help mitigate the bitter flavor, Ford explains. The cinchona originated in South America and was used for several health remedies. But it wasnt until the European influence spread across the continent that its efficacy in treating malaria was discovered. For some, the bitter flavor was a bonus and added a dimension to the drink that couldnt be found anywhere else. And to this day, its a unique flavor that cant easily be reproduced.

The basic G&T is one of the easiest cocktails to master: one part gin, three parts tonic, a light … squeeze of citrus, and garnish. And yes, you can add extras such as cucumbers, berries, herbsor whatever else your heart desires.

Eric Medsker

Fast forward to the present day and youll find that tonic is not what it once was. The amount of quinine has been cut drastically to play down the bitternesswhile sugar content jumped.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co

Jack Rudys tonic water was refined, not only complementing the gin but improving its flavor in the perfect marriage. Vibrant and well balanced on the palate, with clean aromas that reminded one taster of sake. The company also bottles remarkable small-batch tonic syrups, to be mixed with gin and sparkling water to build an alternative style G&T.

Average price: $2 for a 8.4-oz. bottle

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Best Flavored Tonic Water: Regatta Dry Citrus Sparkling Tonic

Regattas Dry Citrus Tonic Water lives up to its name. Its a beautiful combination of bitterness and assertive citrus notes that blend the sweetness of candy with the assertiveness of bitter orange.

Like many flavored tonic waters, Regatta Dry Citrus will overpower sheepish and shy gins but if youre looking for a flavored tonic in 2019, youre probably pairing it with an aggressive and boldly flavored gin. I love the way this flavored tonic pairs with a juniper-forward London Dry.

San Pellegrino Variety Pack

The Best Gins Under $25


Eight bottles of three various sparkling drinks are included in the San Pellegrino Variety Pack. Two are tonic water-based beverages, while the third is a spicy ginger beer. All of the slim-style bottles are shaped the same but feature different colored branding per drink type.;

One of the included tonic waters is oakwood flavored for a dry finish which pairs well with white rum. The other embraces hints of citrus for a more fragrant taste and makes a mean match with gin.

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Fentimans Traditional Tonic Water

For a while, it was next to impossible to find Fentimans in the USA. Now it is available again at various grocery stores. However, the formula seems to have changed, and not for the better.

Fentimans describe their tonic as The worlds first botanically brewed tonic water is made with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract which results in a unique, refreshing and distinctive citrus flavor.

Ingredients < 2020: carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, tonic flavor , quinine.

Ingredients : Carbonated water, beet sugar, glucose syrup, fructose, citric acid, natural flavors, quinine, herbal infusions , fermented botanical extracts

It is also the most expensive of all the standard store brands, and we didnt feel it was worth the extra cost.

Cost: about $2.25 a bottle 9.3 oz. 80 calories per serving

Claire Boyle Bar Manager At Straight Law Brookline Ma

We use a tonic called 1724 because of its orange rind bitterness. We use it in our Gin and Tonic Premio, garnished with a thick slice of orange and a sprig of fresh rosemary. The tonic is made in the Andes where quinine was discovered. Its truly a top-of-the-line product that allows gin to shine, and shines itself.

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What Kind Of Gin Should I Use To Make A Gin And Tonic

When making gin and tonics, choose a gin that is mid- to high-shelf. A London dry gin , Plymouth or Bombay work well. London dry gins will be more straightforward in flavor while Plymouth gin will be a bit more aromatic. Weve also used Bombay Sapphire and loved it, but we really enjoy Sapphires extra spiciness.

Best For Gin And Tonic: Fever

What Is Tonic Water? / Bitter Lemon Drink

Fever-Tree’s Mediterranean flavors come from lemon, thyme, rosemary, citrus, and herbes de Provence harvested from rocky hillside farms in Provence, France, just off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. These ingredients combine to make a lighter, more subtly herbaceous version of the brand’s Indian Tonica profile particularly excellent for mixing with vodka and, naturally, gin.

Fever-Tree is the industry standard for quality tonicat least if you’re not going the extra step to make your own, says Gavin Humes, the director of food and beverage for Scratch Restaurants Group. The small bottles of Mediterranean Tonic are my favorite for a beautiful gin and tonic. It’s got great effervescence, and it’s light and flavorful, but also allows the gin to shine.

I think lemon plays beautifully with this tonic,” he continues, “so a G&T with a twist of lemon instead of lime is my beverage of choice.”

Made with quinine from Peru and sweetened with agave, Q Mixers Spectacular Tonic Water has elegant carbonation and a broad range of flavors.

SeongHa Lee, a bartender at The Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, agrees.

Q Mixers Light Tonic Water skips the sugar in favor of a sugar and sweetener blend designed to replicate the flavors of Q Spectacular without the actual full dose of sugar.

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La Nostra Acqua Tonica Di Chinotto

In 2018, I found this tonic at a high-end specialty food store. Its from Italy and is labeled as tonic water made from citrus. From the name, I didnt expect it to contain quinine, but it does, though not much.

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Natural Vegetable Extracts and Quinine.

Notes: I was interested because of the use of Myrtifolia, which, if youve spent much time in Italy you have probably tried. The common name is the myrtle-leaved orange tree, and the fruit does look like oranges though they are rather bitter. The result is very smooth tonic water with a floral overly sweet finish that reminded me of the 7Up formula from 30 years ago and its reflected in the calorie count. The finish is pleasant and more strongly citrus-flavored than the others in this roundup. I like it as a standalone drink, however, it is completely overpowered by gin.

Cost: $0.67 / Fl oz. 100 calories

Apothecary Feek Organic Fire Tonic


The pharmaceutical appearance of Apothecary Feek Organic Fire Tonic makes it easy to understand its packed with goodness. Designed to boost your immune system, this tonic contains apple cider vinegar, turmeric, horseradish, ginger and more. This tonic can be enjoyed straight or mixed with juice or soda for a less intense hit. You can also spice up salad dressings and cocktails with it. A daily dose can do you well.

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How To Avoid Flat Stomach Tonic Scams

There have been brand-new updates regarding the careful nature all customers must take when purchasing real, authentic Flat Stubborn belly Tonic powder. Due to all the phony Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic impostors and powders presenting as the Japanese-based weight loss drink recipe, the creators of this special formula have actually eliminated all available marketplaces and retail platforms by simply only making the product available at the main website, FlatBellyTonic.com.

The formulators of the Okinawa-inspired Flat Tummy Tonic drink dish realized the popularity their weight-loss formula because the preliminary release back in October 2020, and wanted to make sure that all consumers have the cash back ensure policy in place and secure all users with totally verified and checked components. Prevent any Amazon.com Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic listing along with any on Ebay.com or other 3rd celebration merchants as they are all to be thought about cheap and deceptive counterfeits. Lets cover the last staying information prior to finishing up this in-depth evaluation, however do whatever necessary to prevent these stunning fraud complaints from users acquiring fake Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic weight loss powder.

Getting The Details Right

4 Simple Ways to Make a Better Gin and Tonic

By now were all familiar with the history of the gin and tonic: first a product of necessity, the G&T made bitter and quinine-rich tonic water palatable with the addition of gin, ice and citrus. Despite its initial medicinal use, the G&T has since become a favourite of drinkers around the globe and is prized for its freshness and subtle complexity.

Its no wonder that, given its international popularity, the G&T has a number of different guises. When it comes to the eternal question of;lemon versus lime, there are a few different takes on the matter. Those who argue for lime say the fruit, with its bright, punchy flavour, offers a boldness that lemon simply cant match. However, many purists argue that lemon is the only choice: as a more delicate fruit, it is less likely to overwhelm the bounty of a gins botanicals.

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Where Did The Gin & Tonic Come From

The G&T actually started its life as a medicinal cure. Back in the 1850s as the British Crown took over the governance of India, British colonial officers faced a serious threat from mosquito-borne Malaria.

It was known that quinine a derivative of cinchona tree bark ;not only cured malaria, but also prevented it. The British troops were duly ordered to dose up with quinine to help fend-off the life-threatening illness.;

The prescribed quinine powder was extremely bitter, so to make it more palatable, British officials started adding it to sugar and soda to create a tonic water which some bright spark soon realised tasted even better when mixed with gin and slice of lime and so, the G&T was born!;

Gin and tonics remained a traditional British staple throughout most of the 20th century, although by the 1980s they had gained a somewhat unfashionable and fusty image.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

Its hard to mess with a real classic. Tanqueray has become iconic because of its versatility tasty on its own, in a Martini, and especially as a gin and tonic. You can practically taste the greener notes the bottle exudes, like pine, lime, and even a bit of rosemary. Its easy to see why this bottle is in just about every bartenders arsenal.

Editors’ Recommendations

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How To Make A Gin & Tonic: The Ultimate Formula

What is the secret behind the perfect G&T? The question was recently debated by;Craft Gin Clubs social media fans and the feedback was diverse, to say the least.

Some were very precise about the number of ice cubes needed ;enough to chill the glass, but not too many to dilute the gin. Some people squeezed their limes, while others were adamant this would ruin the overall taste, and there were even some who felt there was simply no need for a garnish.

But, through a gruelling, analytical process, weve crunched the data to determine the exact elements needed for the perfect gin & tonic, as voted for by the nations gin lovers. You will need:

;; ;1 Spanish style Copa de Balon Glass;; ;1/3 gin to 2/3 premium tonic;; ; 4 ice cubes;;; ;a slice of lime, to garnish

This ratio of gin to tonic means the tasting notes of the gin come through nicely and the tonic will complement the botanicals in the spirit, without overpowering the taste.

Combine all the ingredients in the glass.;It then takes four stirs to make the ultimate chilled G&T.; Dont squeeze the lime as the sharpness of the juice may mask the more delicate tasting notes of the gin. Simply add the slice of lime for the aroma and a zesty hint.;

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