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Can You Mix Rum And Orange Juice

Orange Pineapple Rum Punch:

Orange Daiquiri: Captain Morgan Cocktails / Drinks (Spiced Rum Cocktails)

You can enjoy being on the beach at your home pool with this orange pineapple rum drink in your hands. This yummy cocktail has the tropical flavors to make your hot summer days so much fun and enjoyable at home. The best thing is not only a few drink glasses you can make big pitchers and punch bowls with the recipe too. Detailed recipe here!

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Rum Cocktail Recipes: What Mixes Well With Rum

Most people love drinking. It is an activity that adults can enjoy any time and for any reason. Some drink to celebrate a milestone, relax after a tiring week at work, or to reconnect with old friends. Whatever the case may be, people in these situations rarely say no to well-mixed, delicious drinks. From beer, to vodka, to rum, there are always different cocktail recipes that can be concocted to suit your taste buds.

One of those drinks that never go out of style is rum. Cocktails made with rum are some of the most well-loved alcoholic beverages. In fact, there are a lot of rum cocktail recipes that are so easy that you can mix them yourself. You and your friends no longer need to go to a bar to get your rum cocktail drinks.

What Is Good to Mix with Rum?

Here are some of the best rum mixers that are easily available for you to use:

Coca Cola

Orange Juice

Orange juice is another easy-to-source rum mixer. Adding orange juice to rum makes for tastier rum cocktails drinks that you can share with your family and friends. This mix is better if used with fresh orange juice. However, if that is scarce, you can also use powdered orange juice or another more readily available substitute. All you have to do is to put rum and orange juice at a 1:2.5 ratio for a better mix. If you want, you can also add a fresh slice of orange to make it even tastier.

Lemon Juice

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Ingredients For Bacardi Rum Punch

  • Rum: You can use any brand of rum for this rum punch. I enjoy Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Gold, Bacardi Black or Bacardi Spiced Rum. You can use just one type of rum or you can combine them.
  • Pineapple juice: Fresh or store bought.
  • Orange juice: Fresh or store bought.
  • Cranberry juice: Fresh or store bought.
  • Grenadine: Grenadine provides a sweet component to this rum punch, along with a beautiful red color. If you dont have grenadine, you can also use Demerara Syrup.
  • Lime Juice: I recommend fresh squeezed lime juice. You can also use Roses lime juice .
  • Garnish: Orange slice and cherry . You can also garnish with these delicious homemade Bourbon Cherries!

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Easy Rum Cocktail Recipes

Looking for rum cocktails to serve at your next drinks party? Try rum punch, rum mojitos and more in our fun collection, or check out our best gin cocktails here.

Rum has been having a renaissance of late as more and more drinkers embrace the spirit, both as a base for cocktails and as something to be sipped and savoured in its own right. Intrigued but not sure where to start or which rum brands to try? Click here and read our pick of the best premium rums available now, from clear white rums perfect for daiquiris to buttery, spiced numbers and dark, sultry spirits ideal for ideal for sipping.

Want to really impress fellow cocktail lovers? Recreate your favourite bar at home with our best drinks trolley ideas.

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How To Make A Hurricane Cocktail

Rum Mixed Drinks

This is just an overview the full ingredients and directions are in the recipe card toward the bottom of this post.

  • Add ingredients to cocktail shaker. Shake until very cold.
  • Pour drink. Add grenadine to glass and top with ice. Pour contents of cocktail shaker into the glass.
  • Garnish. Serve cold.
  • Garnishes are always optional, but with drinks they add such a fun and bar/restaurant-style look!

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    All About Orange Juice

    Made by extracting the juice of oranges, orange juice is a classic refrigerator staple. The drink can be made using any type of orange and is thus available in several varieties, including:

    • Blood orange
    • Clementine
    • Tangerine

    Grown in warmer areas like California and Florida, oranges are packed with vitaminsmost notably vitamin c. The sun-kissed growing process gives freshly squeezed orange juice a bright, energizing citrus flavor.

    Rum And Orange Juice Drink Recipes

    Summers are enjoyed best when you are relaxing in your yard or at the pool and enjoying your favorite cocktail. Now you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails at home that you have tasted in the fancy clubs or at the beaches. Here are these 21 rum and orange juice recipes to follow and make your summers much more fun at home. Either you need to enjoy some me-time yourself or you need to cater a big crowd for a home patty, these 21 rums, and orange juice recipes are really going to rock your summer cocktail menu.The rum and citrus combine so damn well to delight you up with heavenly good drinks. The best citrus for the rum is the orange juice and you are going to see a bunch of these recipes here. Not only the rum and the orange juice but there are more fun ingredients added to these drinks recipes which mostly are the fruits. Apples, pineapples, limes, coconut, berries, and even some flowers are found to be the part of these punches recipes. Another good thing about these juice recipes is that they turn out to look super exotic and gorgeous and most of them have the colors of a beautiful sunset. Also, some of the recipes are non-boozy for the kids to enjoy these punches and feel fun and refreshing. Details of the idea here!

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    How Many Calories In This Recipe

    Obesity is a severe health problem, and it is linked to alcohol overconsumption. One gram of alcohol gives 7 empty calories, and excess calorie consumption can lead to weight gain.

    While creating the rum and orange juice recipe, we took this into consideration and did not put lots of alcohol in. As a result, each serving yields 189 calories.

    If its not boozy enough, lets find out whether or not you can add more rum to this drink.

    For more beverage ideas, have a look at our healthy juice roundup.

    What Can Rum Be Mixed With

    How To Make a Captain Morgan and Malibu Rum Mia Tia Tasty Recipe Cocktail
  • Lemons, also known as limes, are a citrus fruit that is used to make lemonade.
  • Club Soda is a brand of soft drink that is popular in the United States.
  • It is tonic water.
  • You can also make pineapple juice.
  • Coconut Water, to be precise.
  • The Coca-Cola Company.
  • Seltzer with a hint of flavor
  • We can drink ginger beer.
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    How To Make Caribbean Rum Punch

    You are going to LOVE how easy this recipe is! It makes a pitchers worth so it is perfect for entertaining.

    This recipe starts with pineapple juice and orange that I poured into a pitcher.

    I then stir in lime juice, both light and dark rum, and grenadine.

    You can alter the amounts of juice and alcohol to suit your tastes and as mentioned above, coconut rum would make this punch especially tropical as would a splash of coconut water. This recipe is quite adaptable.

    How Strong Is A Rum And Dew

    The rum and dew is a relatively gentle drink which is why it’s great for casual sipping on lazy days and for happy hour. On average, it mixes up to around 10 percent ABV and that’s a normal strength for highballs. Do be aware, however, that the taste can trick your taste buds into wanting more and it is very easy to drink a few too many if you’re not careful!

    Recipe Tags:

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    Classic Rum And Orange Juice

    The marriage of quality rum and fresh orange juice is a match made in heaven!

    Rum is produced in tropical regions like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Barbados and Jamaica. The spirit is distilled using locally harvested sugarcane and when muddled with freshly squeezed orange juice it creates a drink that is truly refreshing.

    Rum and Orange Juice is an easy cocktail to serve anytime of the day. We most love to sip rum and orange drinks at celebratory brunch or breakfast events like Christmas morning, Mothers Day brunch and Easter.

    If your adult family and friends are fans of fresh citrus theyll love this quick and easy brunch cocktail recipe.

    Easy Drinks To Make With Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

    Best Rum Sunset Recipe

    We all know a great party starts with perfect mixing, and no we are not talking about the DJ but combining various liquids with Captain Morgan to create a tantalizing drink which will definitely soothe your taste buds. Given below are 11 easy and tasty drinks made with Captain Morgan.

    We all know a great party starts with perfect mixing, and no we are not talking about the DJ but combining various liquids with Captain Morgan to create a tantalizing drink which will definitely soothe your taste buds. Given below are 11 easy and tasty drinks made with Captain Morgan.

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    How To Mix Rum And Orange Juice

    Before we start, note that this method works for most cocktails. So you can substitute alcohol in this recipe using vodka or whiskey.

    Like many other cocktails, the best way to mix this drink is with a shaker.

    Place ice into a shaker, pour the liquids in, close the lid and start shaking for about a minute. Strain the cocktail into a tall glass topped with ice and slowly pour the soda in for the ombre effect.

    Its important that you strain away the ice in the shaker. Theyre not as cold as fresh ice and will water down your cocktail quickly.

    If you do not have a shaker, place all ingredients into a glass and stir it well. Top it with ice and add soda.

    Heres a summary:

    Stir sugar with orange juice

    Mix in rum and pineapple juice

    Pour into serving glasses and slowly add soda

    Garnish and enjoy

    Always pour the soda in last and never stir it vigorously. Doing so can flatten your cocktail, and it would defeat the point of adding soda.

    See how we stick to this rule in our orange juice mocktail.

    Is Orange Juice And Whiskey Good

    Whiskey is a type of alcohol that tastes malty and yields different flavors when combined with orange juice.

    There are several types of whiskey, but the most common ones mixed with OJ are bourbon, Irish, Canadian, and scotch.

    Bourbon whiskey with orange juice is sweet, with touches of vanilla, brown sugar, and the tangy flavors of citrus.

    On the other hand, Irish whiskey with OJ tastes light and fruity, with hints of cedar and spices.

    Additionally, Canadian whiskey mixed with OJ tastes crisp with little amounts of nutmeg and cinnamon while scotch whiskeys will emphasize the flavors of orange juice and give a buttery finish.

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    Does Jameson Go With Orange Juice

    Jameson is a type of Irish whiskey known for its buttery, spicy, and subtle nutty flavors. It goes well with orange juice and is called Irish Mimosa often made during St. Patricks Day.

    Since Jameson is sweeter than other whiskey variations, it goes well with the citrus, tangy taste of freshly squeezed orange juice.

    Orange Dreamsicle Rum Punch:


    This creamy and boozy combination of the orange dreamsicle rum punch is going to be an utter delight for the adults in the family. Make yourself feel better and relaxed after a long tiring day by sipping and forking on this rich creamy orange dreamsicle rum punch. Your guests are going to drool over this fun rum punch so grab the recipe here!

    Tutorial: sweetcsdesigns

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    Coconut Rum Painkiller A Rum Cocktail

    Last Updated on August 24, 2021 by The Noms

    Whats better than a twist on a classic tiki cocktail than adding MORE coconut as in this Painkiller Cocktail Recipe?

    When summer rolls around and the warm evenings makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, you definitely need a cocktail that fully embraces the tropical vibe! What better way than a Tiki cocktail? We take classic tiki flavors like coconut, pineapple and rum and a little bit of inspiration from the classic Tiki cocktail, the Painkiller, to make a great tropical sipper, the Coconut Rum Painkiller!

    This post contains affiliate links for products that we think you as readers might find useful, and we make commission off of these! For more details about our affiliates, click our Disclosure and Contacts Page.

    Strawberry Blood Orange Rum Punch:

    This strawberry blood orange rum punch is as exotic and tempting in taste as it looks. The yummy cocktail drink is smooth to go down easily but not much overpowering. The things used to make this delicious booze are the orange juice, lime juice, strawberries along with white and dark rum. If you want the whole recipe click here!

    Tutorial: bojongourmet

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    What To Serve With It And When

    Because this drink is lightly alcoholic it can be served anytime of the day by itself or with any meal. It pairs very well with salty foods and snacks like chips and guacamole.

    It also is a terrific brunch cocktail and is delicious with scrambled egg dishes like Pizza Eggs and if you are hosting a party, Chili Cheese Layered Dip is simple and quick to make.

    Orange And Pineapple Rum Punch:

    Hurricane drink 2 parts cruzan rum 1 part Dekuyper triple sec liqueur 2 ...

    Now you do not have to go to the fancy clubs to enjoy your favorite cocktail drinks. You can make this ginger rummy drink at home and enjoy the tropical flavors right in your backyard. Either you are enjoying some family time at the pool or you have your girls over this orange pineapple rummy is a perfect summer drink delight for you all.

    Tutorial: lovebakesgoodcakes

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    Pineapple Orange Coconut Rum Cocktail:

    Make your summer weekends super fun and relaxing with some yummy cocktail drinks just like this pineapple orange coconut rum. The cocktail is made with the pineapple juice, orange juice, and the coconut rum and garnished with the slices of oranges to look just super pretty and tempting. You can grab the easy recipe in detail right here!

    Tutorial: joyousapron

    Orange Rum Sunset Cocktail:

    This orange rum sunset cocktail is going to win your hearts for two reasons. One is the pretty and vibrant orange color that reminds us of the beautiful summer sunset. The other is the yummy and delightful cocktail taste of this rum and orange combined drink. From your backyard relaxing to your wild parties, this cocktail can serve on each occasion. Details here!

    Tutorial: nelliebellie

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    What Drinks Are Good Mixers For Rum

    Rum is one of those drinks that never goes out of fashion. Its something you can drink all year round, but perhaps its at its best during a heat wave through the summer months. Mix it with light ingredients and youve got a wonderfully smooth, refreshing drink.

    Rum is a very diverse beverage too – you can be as creative as you like using your own ingredients to mix with your favourite brand of rum for a rousing recipe that will never get old. So, lets discuss good mixers for rum

    Don’t forget, we have some great rums including the Real English Carribean Spiced rum.

    Mixing Rum And Orange Juice

    Bahama Mama | How to make a cocktail with Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice & Grenadine

    If you are fond of cocktails, you know that the best way to make cocktails is with a shaker. That is what makes getting a drink at a bar such fun and it tastes way better. If you think you will be having company soon or you want to experiment at home, get a shaker theyre relatively cheap and you will have lots of fun creating your own recipes.

    One way you can make this rum and orange drink is this recipe:

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    Its Not Just For Tropical Drinks

    Sure, we all love our Mai Tais, not to mention the mini Frozen Daiquiris BlackTail serves as a welcome drink. But, Vida says, theres a vast world to rum that people should explore. Its a mistake to think rum is only good for Mojitos or Frozen Daiquiris, says Vida. Rum has so much more to offer. Dont be afraid to get outside of the box a little bit.

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    Sailor Jerry Rum Drinks

    You may have heard about some of these drinks before but never had a chance to order them. The drink known as the Painkiller is a favorite Sailor Jerry rum drinks.

    The Shirley Temple is a drink that almost everyone has heard of but few have tried. Now you have the recipe so theres no excuse for not trying them yourself.

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    Coconut Rum Sunrise Cocktail

    Coconut Rum Sunrise Cocktail is a gorgeous layered cocktail that contains cream of coconut, orange juice, Malibu rum, and grenadine. This sweet, refreshing drink is perfect for hot summer days when you are grilling. Plus it is a stunning drink to serve when you are entertaining.

    Don’t you just love layered cocktails like the Lava Flow and stacked drinks like the B-52? I know I sure do!

    So, I invented the Coconut Rum Sunrise, my own creation of a delicious, light, boozy drink that has beautiful layers of color and flavors. You might think making these types of drinks is hard, but I promise you it is not hard at all!

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