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Where Can I Buy Pickle Vodka

What Else Can I Do With This Pickle Vodka

WTF Is Dill Pickle Vodka?! | WTFood? | Delish

If taking shots isn’t your thing, no worries. 1 part pickle juice mixed with 1 part vodka is also really good stirred into other alcoholic drinks. Vodka recipes for the win!

Replace the gin in a martini recipe with pickle juice vodka, and then you’ll have yourself a pickle martini for all you martini drinkers! It’s like a dirty martini, but the olive brine is swapped out with pickle brine. Just strain into martini glasses instead of shot glasses. I love good briny cocktails!

This pickle vodka combination is especially good inside of a bloody mary. The salty pickle brine complements the flavors of the tomato, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, black pepper, and other savory components so well. Mix it with some bloody mary mix or into a drunken shrimp cocktail.

You could even enjoy it on the rocks as a straight vodka and pickle juice cocktail.

Sour Pickle Vodka Has Arrived In St Louis

While the Bloody Mary has long been a staple of the Sunday brunch, I have seen a renaissance of sorts in the past few months, especially on Instagram, of the art of making The Bloody Mary. At its simple core is vodka and tomato juice, but then what we do next is where the art comes in. Adding creative ingredients, spices, and garnishes, embellishing here and there, with this and that pretty much makes making the Bloody Mary as fun as drinking them.

Now, more than ever, the choices of vodka have exploded. Flavored vodkas arent new, but they are getting even more creative, as distillers are thinking specifically of how to win over Bloody Mary fans, looking for the next great flavor.

What Kind Of Vodka Should I Use

When making pickle vodka, I recommend going with a middle of the line plain vodka. You dont want to go with something too cheap, because the astringent alcohol flavor can overpower.

But you also dont need to go with the highest end vodka either, since youll be adding your own flavor agents. Something in the realm of $12 to $20 will work fine.

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Where To Buy Pickle Vodka

Chilled Dills pickle vodka can be purchased online and at select retail locations in the U.S. for $19.99. s version of pickle vodka is available on their website for about $28.

And Urban Distilleries sells its pickle-infused vodka online for about $43.

Pickle-flavored vodka can be a tad more expensive than the typical bottle of the plain stuff that you might buy at a liquor store, but if youre a true pickle-lover, the extra few dollars will be money well spent!

A post shared by Chilled Dills Pickle Vodka on Sep 10, 2016 at 2:45pm PDT

You can, of course, try making your own pickle-infused vodka at home, too! Its not as difficult as it looks, according to Foodie Crush.

Who Sells Dill Pickle

Lucky Bastard Dill Pickle Vodka  Lucky Bastard Distillers

A list of places to buy pickle vodka. Chilled Dills pickle vodka is available online and in select retail outlets across the United States. for $19. For about $28, you can get Lucky Bastards version of pickle vodka from their site. And Urban Distilleries pickle-infused vodka retails for around $43 on the internet.

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How To Drink Dill Pickle Vodka

You can drink dill pickle vodka on the rocks, as a pickleback shot or as the main ingredient in a dirty pickle-infused martini .

However, if you dont mind breaking out your cocktail shaker, there are plenty of other creative ways to get your pickle fix in a drink form.

Can we interest you in a pickled Bloody Mary? Or perhaps a chilled pickle mojito? This recipe for a dill rita, a pickle-vodka take on a typical margarita, also looks refreshing and delicious.

No matter how you drink it, a pickle vodka cocktail might just be the perfect thing to break out when youre making dinner. It pairs with anything a normal vodka cocktail wouldlike wild mushroom empanadas, grilled shrimp and pineapple skewers or even a juicy burger!

Sour Pickle Vodka Arrives In St Louis

After studying Bloody Market trends and researching the existing pickle vodka market, Mark Weaver, owner of Backwood Craft Spirits noticed an opportunity.

The pickle vodkas, in a few pockets, were primarily made with dill pickles and made in various methods. I decided to use a sour pickle made with real juice because it is the true taste of pickles and the sour pickle mixes much better than a dill, said Weaver.

Weaver uses real pickle juice as opposed to pickle flavoring. He then mixes that with his own vodka in a continuous filtration that maintains the full pickle flavor and combines perfectly for a clean, balanced new Texacraft Sour Pickle Vodka.

Now, as a man who loves his spirits served neat, I will tell you that you can sip Sour Pickle Vodka straight, but it really is destined to be in a Bloody Mary. Here is where it shines. To try it out, here is the recipe I used, harkening back to my college bartending days, where still believe I mastered the Bloody Mary.

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Pickle Shots Recipe Ingredients

*Some of these ingredient links may be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.*

â½ Dill Pickle Juice : While I don’t think that all pickle brands are the same, I do think that all pickles are delicious. Use your favorite brand of pickles to make these shots. I’ve actually seen the 1 gallon of pickle juice sold by Best Maid. I think I need to invest in that.

â½ Vodka: Use your favorite vodka to make these shots. Get out your good quality vodka or go with bottom shelf. One of my favorite vodkas is Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

â½ Tajin: Tajin is a seasoning that has flavors of lime, chili peppers, and sea salt. It goes great on pretty much anything including the rim of the pickle shot glass. In fact, it may be the best part of the shot.

You can leave it off if you want, but you’ll be missing out on this great flavor. If you don’t like it spicy, you could also rim the shot glass with celery salt.

â½ Round Dill Pickle Slices: Round slices of dill pickles are so cute when used as a garnish for these shots.

I like to take the shot and the follow it up with a pickle slice and eating the rest of the Tajin left on the glass. If you don’t have any pickle slices, you could also chase the shot with a bite of a pickle spear.

What Are Pickles Flavored With

Zakuski for Vodka – Food’s that Russian’s eat when drinking vodka
  • The garlic dill. The katamatite garlic. The katamatite garlic.
  • Im making old school cooking with peppercorns. Im making old school cooking with peppercorns.
  • The Pickled Watermelon Rind, Blake Mccluney. Blake, McCcluney.
  • It has cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves. It has cornersmith. It has cornersmith.
  • Sweet and Spicy. A photo on Instagram.
  • I love super spicy food. karen8mc
  • The Bloody Marys, 2bluedogz, and
  • Pickles made with mustard. Becca MacLeod.
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    All Pickle All The Time

    Leave it to the geniuses over at Chilled Dills, a company that exclusively sells pickle-flavored vodka, to come up with this.

    They combined the crisp flavor of a dill pickle with an ultra-premium vodka to create their signature pickle vodka.

    Theyre not the only ones jumping on the pickle train, either.

    Sazerac Co. and Canadian distilleries like Urban Distilleries, and Last Mountain Distillery also produce their own dill pickle vodkas, which seem to be targeted at people who love slurping down the leftover juice at the bottom of a pickle jar.

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    Mix The Vodka And Pickle Juice

    Ive said it before and Ill say it again. If you want a final product that tastes delicious, you need to start with fresh, good-quality ingredients. Choose a vodka brand that youd enjoy sipping in your standard martininot the cheapest stuff you can find. The same goes for pickles! Use your favorite brand or homemade pickle recipe.

    Once youve chosen your ingredients, pour the vodka and pickle juice into a clean glass container. Then add a whole dill pickle or two.

    Editors note: Depending on the brand of pickles, there could be pickling spices in the jar, such as black and white peppercorns, maybe some dill. We left the spices in the pickling liquid. Feel free to strain these out, though.

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    How To Make Pickle Vodka

    Its a short list to make your own pickle vodka. All the more reason to start making your batch now! Heres what you need:

    • 1-1/2 cups vodka
    • 1/2 cup pickle juice
    • 1 large dill pickle

    Editors note: For this recipe, we used approximately 1-1/2 cups of Titos vodka, 1/2 cup of Claussens dill pickle juice and half of a large dill pickle . The ratio of vodka to pickle juice is 3:1.

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    What Type Of Pickles Should I Use

    Pickle Vodka

    I recommend dill pickles for this infused vodka. The salt and dill flavor really works with a hard alcohol.

    But you can also try other types of pickles if youre a fan. Experiment with bread & butter, sweet, sour, or spicy pickles.

    You could even try using other pickled vegetables like jalapeños, pepperoncinis, or banana peppers.

    I recommend using standard-sized dill pickles. However, if you dont have whole pickles, you can go with a roughly equal amount of spears.

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    You Need To Know About Pickle Vodka

    Its what your Bloody Marys been missing.



    Its definitely been the summer of the pickle in the Delish kitchen. All season long, weve served up recipes incorporating crunchy dills in every way possible, from pickle pasta saladto bacon pickle fries, and though the process has renewed our love of the zesty snack, well admit to feeling a bit pickled out. However, we recently came across a pickle product so different and delicious that we just cant keep it to ourselves. My friends, pickle vodka is here.

    Sparked by the popularity of mouth-puckering pickleback shots, one Washington distillery got inspired to create their own spin on the pickle + liquor combo. The experts at Blue Spirits Distilling hand-select pickles at their production facility on Lake Chelan to go into their potent, 120-proof, pickle-flavored vodka.

    At Blue Spirits tasting room in Leavenworth a cute, Bavarian-themed town 50 miles away visitors get to taste the briny concoction, and theyre frequently shocked by how much they love it. Tastings allow visitors to choose three base liquors , which they sip straight, before the staff makes them creative mini cocktails using the spirits. According to one tester, drinking the liquor is like eating a fresh pickle. Its smooth and has a salty flavor without being overpowering.

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    California Supply Chains Act

    McCormick Distilling Co., Inc. is a distilled spirits company located in the United States, doing business in the domestic and certain foreign markets. We comply with federal, state, and foreign laws regarding labor practices wherever we operate.

    The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 seeks the elimination of slavery and human trafficking from product supply chains and requires that large companies who do business in California disclose their efforts toward the elimination of slavery and human trafficking. The information below relates to our efforts to comply with the Act.

    1.) The vast majority of our suppliers are located in North America, principally in the United States, and in the European Union. To the best of our knowledge and belief, no supplier to our company, whether located within or without the United States, has ever been accused of engaging in forced labor or human trafficking.

    2.) We reserve the right to audit our suppliers operations to ensure compliance with the Act. Currently, audits are not regularly performed by the company or an independent third party.

    4.) To further our efforts to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from our supply chain, we have now asked suppliers to return a signed statement to us acknowledging that they support the elimination of forced labor and human trafficking.

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    How To Make Dill Pickle Infused Vodka

    Its easier than you think to make dill pickle vodka. First things first: make sure your container is very clean and sterile is possible. I recommend a 32oz mason jar with a lid. Put it through the dishwasher or boil it to make sure its clean.

    Add your ingredients to the jar and then submerge everything with the vodka. Make sure theres nothing peeping out of the top!

    Let it do its thing on your counter for 7 days, shaking once per day. Then strain. Thats it!

    My Big Pickle Vodka 6 / Case

    Pickle: How to Pickle Everything? (Crunchy Easily Made Pickles!) | WhatsforDinner?


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    Pickle Vodka Exists And Our Bloody Marys Will Never Be The Same

    Charleston-based Chilled Dills sells award-winning pickle-flavored vodka.

    I was doing a little research on pickle-flavored snacks when I discovered there was something even better than pickle popcorn or popsiclespickle vodka! Chilled Dills, a Charleston-based liquor company, is dedicated to making your Bloody Mary or martini better than ever with their one-of-a-kind pickle-flavored vodka.

    The founders of Chilled Dills were vacationing in Clearwater Beach, Florida when they tried pickle shots for the first time at one of their favorite watering holes. They couldnt get enough of this briny, boozy refreshment, and after several pickle runs to the grocery store for more pickle juice, they decided to make their own pickle-flavored vodka.


    Chilled Dills is not only passionate about pickle-flavored vodka, but also the way its produced. The vodka is distilled six times before the flavor infusion process begins, which uses patented technology to make sure the pickle flavor holds up well in mixed or iced drinks. The result is a cleaner, more pure spirit than what youd find with traditional distilling practices, according to the website.

    More Popular Shots Recipes:

    â½Caramel Apple Shotsâ½Green Apple Jello Shotsâ½Cinnamon Whiskey Jello Shotsâ½Pickle Juice Tequila Shotâ Check out all of my alcoholic shot recipes!

    Bon appétit!

    *This Pickle Shots with Vodka blog post and recipe may contain some Amazon affiliate links. These link to products that I personally use and recommend. If you purchase anything using my links, it will not cost you anything. It will though give some financial support which helps me keep this blog running. Thank you for reading my blogs and your continued support.

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    Capital K Tall Grass Dill Pickle Vodka

    Item # 23818 | UPC 628055612049 | 750 ml

    Natural infused dill pickle vodka, produced grain to bottle right in Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Tall Grass Dill Pickle Vodka is the result of premium quality Manitoba local wheat and rye, naturally infused with fresh dill, cucumber, horeseradish and peppercorns. The end product is a delicious, unique vodka that gives a distinctly Manitoba flavour to caesars.

    Information on product images appearing on, such as the vintage or package label design, may vary depending on inventory received. This includes product available to purchase online and in stores.

    Privacy Notice

    Actual items may not be exactly as shown. Items vary by location. All prices subject to PST and GST. Prices subject to change without notice. Store hours and features may change without notice.

    AIR MILES® Reward Miles offer is calculated before taxes, cumulatively over the course of a complete calendar month. ® Trademarks of AM Royalties Limited Partnership used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation.

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    Pickle Shots Made With Vodka

    Pickle Vodka

    In college, we would go to this shot bar that had the best pickle shots. Every time we went out we would find ourselves there ordering up that salty pickle goodness.

    Then, years later, my husband handed me what he called a ‘pickle shot.’ I was caught off guard because this was not the pickle shot I was used to. Instead of vodka, there was whiskey. These are called picklebacks.

    A pickleback is a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. Ehh, not a big fan.

    I still haven’t found a place that gives you a vodka pickle shot when you order one. It’s usually whiskey or tequila.

    So, for that reason, here’s exactly what you need to make a delicious vodka pickle shot. I know you already have a jar of pickles in your fridge. Your taste buds will thank you!

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    What Is A Pickleback Shot

    As I mentioned previously in this post, the original pickleback is a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine. The pickle juice, in this case, is called a chaser. Usually a pickleback consists of a shot of Jameson, an Irish whiskey.

    It’s said that the pickle juice acts as a neutralizer and helps to prevent the burn of the alcohol. This makes the whiskey go down easier.

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