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What To Make With White Rum

What Is A Classic Mojito Cocktail


A classic mojito is a traditional Cuban highball. It is made with just a few simple ingredients of mint, lime, granulated sugar, rum, and club soda. Although it originated in Cuba it has definitely become popular around the world. Ive taken the liberty to add some fun to the classic one and give it a burst of color and berry highlights.

Real Mccoy 3 Year Old White Rum

This rum celebrates the legacy of a man who gave us the saying the real McCoy a legendary figure who refused to dilute his spirits. This modern day tribute to Bill McCoy is made with no additives just pure, unadulterated, top-notch rum. The Real McCoy 3 Year Old comes packed with chocolate, coconut and scorches of pepper. It goes incredibly well in a Bloody Mary. Read our full Real McCoy 3 Year Old white rum review.

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Rum Made From Sugar Cane Juice

Rhum Clément

Not all rum production depends on molasses. Indeed, former French colonies are celebrated for their rhum agricole, which uses the sugar cane juice instead.

As France has produced its own sugar from sugar beets since 1811, the French Caribbean market crashed and its sugar refineries quickly fell into debt. Therefore, they quickly adapted by fermenting the primary ingredient rather than the byproduct.

As we explain in our guide to the different types of rum, rhum agricole features a distinctively herbaceous flavour profile and lighter body thanks to its use of sugar cane juice.

Initially, French rhum was regarded as inferior compared to its British and Spanish peers as it had previously been banned to protect the French brandy market.

However, after a phylloxera outbreak devasted French vines in the mid-19th century, rum production significantly improved as its demand boomed.

Finally, some craft rums may be made from turbinado sugar. Similarly, an ingredient best avoided is dehydrated sugar cane juice, which is sometimes used to make cheap rum.

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Best Overall White Rum

The best white rum for cocktails is Bacardi. It aced a couple of our metrics and narrowly got the win.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

But before we get into our findings for the best white rum for cocktails, lets take a little look at what were dealing with here.

A Short Background On The History Of Rum

15 White Rum Cocktails You

Rums origin lies in the 17th century Caribbean Islands. The first distillation of rum took place on the sugarcane plantations, located on the island of Barbados. Slaves from the plantations discovered that by fermenting molasses, a byproduct of refining sugarcane, they could create alcohol. Then by distilling this alcoholic drink, they could create a concentrated and purer spirit. This is how modern rum was first created.

After the development of rum in the Caribbean islands, it quickly spread throughout the American Colonies. The very first rum distillery was established on Staten Island in 1664. This was the beginning of a very popular and prosperous industry for New England. Rum from Rhode Island was even accepted as a currency within European trading networks.

A funny side note on the spirit. Rum became such a popular drink before the American Revolutionary War, that its estimated that every man, woman or child was drinking an average of 3.6 gallons of rum each year. Thats a lot of hooch!

The popularity of rum continued to grow exponentially after the war. George Washington even required a barrel of rum from Barbados for his 1789 inauguration into the presidency. But enough history, lets get into how to craft your own homemade rum.

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No Flavoured White Rum

A think a major player in the White Rum game is Malibu, BUT as you probably already know, Malibu is a coconut flavoured rum.

Its a fantastic cocktail ingredient If you want your cocktail to contain coconutty undertones, but for the best white rum for cocktails comparison we cant include it.

As I said above, we want to keep a level playing field when consider our white rums and adding flavoured rums to the mix isnt going to make a fair comparison.

How To Make 10 Easy Rum Cocktails

Disclaimer: Some of these posts contain affiliate links. I may receive compensation if you click on these links and buy something, but, dont worry, it wont cost you a dime! Jump to Recipe

Here are 10 easy rum cocktails that everyone has heard of and taste so good. There is no excuse for you not to know how to make them! Theyll transport you on that tropical vacation as soon as you take one sip!

I know that the first cocktail I order on holiday is a Mojito even though I prefer tequila! There is something about rum cocktails that just scream , time to have fun. On the warm days of summer, rum is the go to cocktail mixer.

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Ninefold Pure Single Rum

A modern rum from an ancient estate in the south of Scotland. This unlikely delight is un-aged and packed full of big, sharp flavours such as ginger and tart citrus but theres also plenty of smooth, chewy caramel. Put this at the base of a warm rum punch to dispel any sniffles think of it as a pirates hot toddy. Read our full Ninefold pure single rum review.

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Cape Cornwall White Rum

How to make a Bacardi style Rum in your own home

This spirit takes its inspiration from the smugglers of old and pays tribute to such a heritage by mixing Caribbean rum with Cornish water, making it as unique as it is delicious. Cape Cornwall white rum delivers on everything you’re looking for, with tropical fruits met by burnt brown sugar and fresh earthy flavours. Ideal for the base of daiquiri, or equally delicious served with ginger beer. Read our full Cape Cornwall white rum review.

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Can You Make A Pitcher For A Crowd

Absolutely. You can multiply the ingredients to make a full pitcher and convenience will win the day. Once you start pouring though, you lose all the layering effect. But hey, I venture to say your guests will probably not have an issue with that as long as they have a glass in their hand.

  • Instead of muddling the mint in the bottom of a pitcher, add a large handful of mint to steep when you make the simple syrup, and then strain it out. Let it cool. Simple syrup will last three to four weeks in the refrigerator.
  • These are the ingredients to make a pitcher that will serve 20 people: Combine 20 ounces of cooled simple syrup, the juice from 5 large limes, and 40 ounces of berry-infused rum. Chill until ready to serve. Hold off on the club soda until you pour the drink into glasses then top it with a splash of chilled club soda.

Fruity Punch Long Drink Mixed With White Rum

Fruit goes well with white rum. For a savory-fruity cocktail, mix 2oz of white and dark rums, each, in a tall glass, along with 1 oz of mixers of your choice . To this, add 2½ oz of each of orange and apple juices, along with a dash of peach schnapps. Serve with cherries and ice cubes.

Fruity Punch Cocktail Drink Cocktail

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Sunset Very Strong Rum

Clocking in at an imposing 84.5% ABV, this may be a step too far for some. But if you’re willing to take a leap of faith then youll be handsomely rewarded. This is a rum packed with as much flavour as alcohol. Just the right amount of water and a big squeeze of lime will give you a vanilla and raisin-laced tumbler of refreshment. Read our full Sunset Very Strong rum review.

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Fresh Or Frozen Fruit

White Rum Cocktail

You can make a strawberry daiquiri with either fresh fruit or frozen. This recipe is for frozen strawberries since you can get quality ones all year round. You can make with fresh strawberries if you have them. Hull & slice the strawberries. Add another 1/2 1 cup of ice, depending on the warmth of your other ingredients.

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Bacardi Facundo Neo White Rum

The most successful rum brand on the planet pays tribute to its founder with this premium edition rum. Don Facundo kicked things off in Cuba centuries ago and his legacy is paid homage to with this sophisticated and refreshing palate of creamy vanilla and custard along with tropical fruits and pepper. Pour over ice and raise your glass to The Don. Read our full Bacardi Facundo NEO white rum review.

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Between The Sheets Cocktail

One of the most well-known rum cocktail recipes is the Between the Sheets cocktail, probably because of its tongue-in-cheek name.

The origins of the Between the Sheets cocktail are unknown, but its a spinoff cocktail of the Sidecar, which was invented in Paris, France at Harrys New York Bar.

The Between the Sheets cocktail is made with Cognac, rum, fresh lemon juice, and orange liqueur such as Triple Sec or Cointreau.

Cointreau has a wonderful orange perfume flavor that balances well between sweet and bitter, so give this a try if you have Cointreau .

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Where Sugar Cane Is Grown For Rum

As mentioned above, rum is made in across a large geographical area. Given that the sugar cane is usually locally sourced by the distilleries, it can yield in different flavours according to the soil and climate where it is grown.

That being said, there are a few distilleries in isolated areas that import molasses from other places.

For instance, much of the rum distilled in the Caribbean use molasses imported from Brazil save for a few exceptions. However, the aforementioned rhum agricole must rely on local sugar cane juice.

Nevertheless, where the sugarcane is grown will also contribute to the rich variety of different flavours that rum can produce.

Best Craft: Cutwater Three Sheets Rum

How not to make White RUM, Failed at making white RUM

Courtesy of Cutwater Spirits

Region: California | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Citrus, Vanilla, Pepper

San Diegos Cutwater Spirits is a small distillery that makes an impressive array of craft spirits, along with ready-to-drink canned cocktails. One spirit that can be found in the cocktails and bottled on its own is Three Sheets Rum.

This white rum is made from cane sugar, not molasses, and is a stellar example of how the American craft scene has embraced the art of rum making.

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What Are The Ingredients Needed For This Berry Mojito Cocktail

Fresh Mint Leaves. Choose the freshest mint possible. Lucky for me I have a ton of it growing in one of my flower beds and it has overtaken the space. So Im constantly looking for recipe ideas, especially cocktails, to use wherever I can.

Homemade Simple Syrup. This is one of the easiest things to make and have on hand. You use a ratio of one part granulated sugar to one part water. Heat the water and then add the sugar. Simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Let the simple syrup cool then store in the fridge for up to three weeks.

Fresh Limes. Please dont grab the bottled lime juice from the shelf. The key to a perfectly fresh mojito is the limes themselves. Here Ive included a few good tips for choosing them. Look to see if it has a nice green color. Scratch the surface of the skin, if it smells distinctively lime-ish, its probably ripe. It should have a good weight to it. A ripe lime will be heavier because it contains more juice. When you squeeze it, there should be a slight give but not too soft.

Berry Infused White Rum. You can find out how to make this recipe by following the steps below. There are so many different infusions to alcohol that you can make to spruce up a cocktail. Fruits, herbs, jalapeno, fresh ginger, vanilla bean, cucumber, etc, add some fanciness to favorite alcoholic drinks.

Club Soda. This is the bubbly topping that softens the intensity of the rum. But just a splash is all you need.

How Molasses Is Used To Make Rum

Old Sugarcane Press

Today, any grade of molasses can be used to make rum and distilleries may use a combination of them depending on the flavours that they wish to produce.

The molasses is then mixed with water and yeast so that it may ferment. Usually, the yeast is of a certain strain but occasionally wild yeast is used instead by artisanal producers. For instance, Jamaican rum will often use dunder, a yeasty foam that can be taken from previous fermentations.

Slow fermentation will ensure a greater amount of byproducts and impurities that contribute to more complex flavours. Meanwhile, fast fermentation will result in crisper, lighter properties often desired in white rum.

The syrup then undergoes a distillation process using either column Coffey or pot stills after it has properly fermented. We cover these steps in our guide to how rum is made.

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Light Rum Aged Rum And Dark Rum: Whats The Difference

The recipes above call for different types of rum, including dark rum. Whats the difference between aged rum, dark rum, and light rum ? We break it all down here.

Light Rum : Light rum is smooth and clear, and it typically has a flavor that is much more straightforward than dark rum. White rum cocktails are some of the most popular and easy rum drinks.

Dark Rum: Dark rum is aged rum that has a rich, developed caramel flavor that has notes of vanilla and brown sugar. As the name indicates, dark rum is dark in color.

Aged Rum: You will sometimes see aged rum referred to as amber rum, golden rum, or añejo rum . When you allow the rum to age, it develops a deeply complex flavor that is similar to Cognac. Aged rum has undertones of coconut, vanilla, citrus, almond, or caramel.

Want some step-by-step instructions for making five of the most iconic and best rum drinks? This video also includes instructions for a rum cocktail you may have never heard of: the Salty Bird. Watch Steve the Bartenders popular video with rum drink recipes below.

Daiquiri With White Rum Lime And Sugar A Simple Classic

Rum cocktails

What makes a cocktail classic? Most of the classic cocktails Ive learnt to make are really simple with just a few, easy to find ingredients. The Daiquiri, a white rum cocktail with just three ingredients is a great example. Simple cocktails though, really work best if you use excellent, high-quality ingredients.

At the heart of Union Rum, founder Ruben Maduro grew up on the Caribbean island of Aruba. His aim, to introduce a new category for rum Botanical Rum might sound ambitious, but hes been following that passion since 2008 and Union Rum is now established as a leader in this emerging sector with a distillery in Amsterdam. Using rum and botanicals sourced from around the world, Union Rum , have two flagship artisan rums. Spice and Seasalt is based on a smooth cask-aged Barbados rum infused with five delicate spices, including Guatemalan cardamom, Madagascan cloves and vanilla for a sweet spice aroma. Peruvian cacao adds a deep richness and moreish honey-nut finish. To enhance both the taste and flavour, the rum is infused with a pinch of Añana sea salt.

The rum that Ive used in this Daiquiri is Lemon and Leaf. Its based on a Mauritian rum with distinctive grassy citrus notes which is then distilled with lemons from the Amalfi coast, Kina bark, Sarawak pepper and Sarsaparilla root, together with distilled blue eucalyptus and Sri Lankan Highland black tea to create a unique white botanical rum the first white botanical in the world.

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Best Overall: The Real Mccoy 3

Courtesy of

Region: Barbados | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Caramel, Spice, Banana

The Real McCoy is the real deal, a rum that comes from Barbados’ esteemed Foursquare Distillery. This rum is aged for three years before being charcoal-filtered just once to remove the color. The result is an excellent sipper that can also be used in any cocktail, filled with bright notes of citrus, banana, caramel and coconut.

Best For Pia Colada: Wray & Nephew

Courtesy of Total Wine

Region: Jamaica | ABV: 63% | Tasting Notes: Stone fruit, Banana, Cake

Wray & Nephew Overproof Jamaican Rum is a great one to have around, says Cory Mendonca of Main St. Provisions in Las Vegas. Mendonca likes to making cocktails with this rum by splicing it with other rums or spirits as the base he also uses this rum in small amounts as a modifier.

It lends this fiery, sort of old world, eau-de-vie intensity and earthy rum funk that can really add some curiosity to a cocktail, he explains.

Use it in a Piña Colada to really add intensity of flavor, along with a boost in ABV, which will dilute nicely when mixed with the other ingredients.

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A Few Ideas On How To Use The Alcohol

  • Freeze the fruit to use at a later date.
  • Make adult smoothies from the fruit.
  • Make a glaze from the soaked fruit and sugar. Pears, peaches, pineapples or berries, etc make a delicious rich glaze for all different kinds of meat, pork, chicken or salmon, etc.
  • Simmer it with sugar and use it as a topping over ice cream or a pound cake. Any recipe that you make with simmered fruit can use the soaked fruit as a substitute.
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