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What’s The Best Vodka For Martinis

Best For A Gin And Tonic: Burnett’s London Dry Gin

How to Make The Dirty Vodka Martini – Best Drink Recipes

Courtesy of Drizly

  • Bitter finish

ABV: 40% | Region: US | Tasting Notes: Juniper, Citrus, Floral, Bitter finish

Burnett’s London Dry rivals Gordons in longevity, taste, and thriftiness. Classically styled, it originated in 18th-century London but is now owned by Heaven Hill Distillery and produced in Kentucky. A little lighter than most, it has a nice taste that balances out the pine and citrus flavors, and the florals are surprisingly pleasant. There is some distinct bitterness in the finish, but thats not uncommon in this price range.

This 80-proof gin is carried by many liquor stores and is an excellent budget-friendly option for a gin and tonic. The crispness pairs nicely with any tonic water, so feel free to save a little money there, too. With that duo in stock, just pick up a few limesbecause even budget-conscious drinkers know that fresh fruit is bestand youll be all set for a simple happy hour drink at home.

Overall Best Vodka For Cocktails

So this is it

the final rankings to determine the best vodka for cocktails.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Im going to split up the final results into two different sections:

  • Results where the brand reputation rankings are included.
  • Results where the brand reputation rankings are not included.
  • Lets dive right in with the final results where the reputation factor is included.

    The History Of Vodka Martini

    After World War II, Americans began celebrating all things and cocktails were a big part of that. Gin was still a popular spirit and many of the classic cocktails were based on gin. As vodka became more readily available, marketing carried vodka to new heights, Gleason said. In 1950, around 50,000 cases were sold and by 1955, that number reached over 5 million. By 1967, vodka sales exceeded that of gin and in 1976 surpassed the sales of whiskey.

    With so much vodka flooding the market, bartenders needed a way to use it. The simple idea was to replace gin with vodka. The Orange Blossom became the screwdriver and the martini, when made with vodka, was originally called the kangaroo cocktail. .

    The biggest influence on the vodka martinis popularity though, Gleason said, was the spy of spies: James Bond. The vodka martini was first seen in the 1956 novel Diamonds are Forever and the famous direction, Shaken, not stirred, came two years later in Dr. No. Another icon in pop culture, Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie, also utilized vodka martinis . It was, thanks to pop culture, the drink to be seen with. As far as the garnish, that too evolved.

    The lemon peel makes way for the olive. One olive becomes two, then three as glasses kept getting bigger. Then those olives were stuffed with pimentos, blue cheese, hot peppers, caviar, and whatever else you could put in it. Eventually, olive brine was added , Gleason said.

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    What The Best Vodka For A Dirty Martini

    Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is the finest vodka to mix a good dirty martini with. Vodka made from the noble Russian beluga. Mermaid Salt Vodka is made by Isle of Wight Distillery. This distillery is located on the Isle of Wight. You can get air vodka at most airports. You can get air vodka at most airports. The vodka of ULuvka. ULuvka.

    What Is A Good Vodka That Wont Break The Bank

    Inspired By This: Vodka Martini Straight Up

    When you go to a liquor store, you will see the difference in the quality of the vodkas by looking first at the prices and secondly, where on the shelf the bottles are located.

    You will find the cheapest alcohol, in this case, vodka, on the bottom few shelves. As your eye travels up the shelves, you will notice the brands becoming more well known and more expensive until you reach the top shelf, which houses the most famous and most expensive brands.

    But back to answering the question. If you really are budget conscious, go with the Absolut brand. Its a solid vodka and wont be as harsh as other, cheaper vodkas.

    If you want a vodka that is a step above Absolut, go with Ketel One, which is even smoother. And if you want a really good vodka, go with either Grey Goose as I do, or Belvedere.

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    What Exactly Is Vodka Made From

    The most common base ingredient for vodka is grain , but vodka can be made from anything. There are vodkas made from grapes, rice, corn, potatoes and even milk. The important thing is that the ingredient contains starch or sugar, which is fermented to produce alcohol and other aromatic compounds many desirable, some not. The next step is distillation, a process that uses heat to physically separate the alcohol and other desirable elements from the undesired ones. This is an extremely simplistic description of the process people go to school for years to learn distillation. But the important bit to know is that vodka producers use distillation to achieve a desired level of purity while still retaining some characteristics of the base ingredient.

    I find it more helpful to think about vodka in terms of texture rather than flavor. Vodkas can range from soft and almost chewy to sharp and spicy. From there, you can consider secondary characteristics such as taste and aromatics to help you find the best fit for your preferences.

    Dirty Gibson And Vesper Martinis

    What makes a martini dirty? Martinis are made dirty by adding a splash of olive juice to the final martini and garnishing with an olive. The level of dirtiness is also something you will need to experiment with and is entirely down to personal preference. So get to experimenting!

    A Gibson is a martini made to your preference either dry or wet and instead of the traditional garnish of either an olive or a lemon twist a Gibson Martini is garnished with a pearl onion. This simple change gives the drink a different undertone, transforming it from a briny olive to an earthy, light onion flavour.

    The Vesper Martini was popularised by James Bond, first described in the book Casino Royale. Originally made with gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet. A vesper is slightly sweet and bitter, garnished with a twist of lemon for freshness. Kina Lillet is no longer in production but todays closest alternative is in fact Cocchi Americano.

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    Don Corleone Gold Organic Italian Vodka

    Corleone Fine Italian

    Theres something about the jowly countenance of Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone starring out at you from an ominous black bottle, that says, This is a vodka you cant refuse. And why notits certified organic, quadruple distilled from wheat grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, and uses the purest waters from a spring in the Alps above the Distillerie Francoli in Ghemme, Italy, where this vodka is produced. And before the final bottling, the vodka is filtered one last time through cellulose panels. So take the vodka it will go well with the cannoli.

    Best Flavored: Seagrams Peach Twisted Gin


    Courtesy of Drizly

    • Almost too sweet

    ABV: 35% | Region: Canada | Tasting Notes: Peach, Honey, HerbaceousSeagram’s produces a good gin for the price. It doesn’t have the full flavor of others, but it still contains a pleasant juniper profile. The company also bottles flavored gins the lime is a favorite and watermelon is certainly quirky. However, Seagrams Peach Twisted Gin steals the show.

    Bottled at 70-proof, the original Seagrams gin is blended with peach liqueur for a fun take on the botanical spirit. The liqueur also makes it sweeter, and almost like herbal peach schnapps, so youll want to take that into account when using it in recipes. This one does well with a little soda, iced tea, or an equally affordable dry sparkling wine. In mixed drinks, hold back on any sweeteners because the gin will take care of that on its own.

    For an inexpensive gin that shines in any adult beverage, we suggest Gordon’s London Dry Gin . New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin is an excellent choice when you want to break from tradition. And, if you have a thirst for something stronger, get bold with 90-proof Booth’s London Dry Gin .

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    How Many Classic Dirty Vodka Martinis Should I Drink

    According to The Spruce Eats,The vodka martini follows suit with the gin martini, Manhattan, and other liquor-vermouth combo cocktails: Theyre not light drinks. With an 80-proof vodka and the average vermouth in this recipes ratio, it mixes up to about 28 percent ABV . To put that into perspective, two martinis are stronger than a straight shot of vodka. Sip slowly and know your personal limit.

    Bootlegger New York Craft Vodka

    Bootlegger New York

    In spite of its Prohibition-inspired name, there is nothing illegal about this award-winning spirit. Roscoe, N.Y.s boutique Do Good Spirits, creates a vodka distilled from New York corn, then slowly charcoal-filters it six times over a 24-hour period using a proprietary process, before blending with water from the Catskills Pepacton watershed. The result is a silky-smooth vodka with gentle hints of green apples and white pepper.

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    The Best Vodka For Cocktails In : Everything You Need To Know

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    Our Verdict of the Best Vodka for Cocktails:

    Smirnoff VodkaSmirnoff Vodka

    Because it has a neutral flavour that mixes well with other flavours.

    Its the Chameleon of the cocktail world.

    But what is the best Vodka for cocktails?

    Lets not beat around around the bush. Our recommendation is:

    Smirnoff VodkaSmirnoff Vodka

    BUT if youre interested in finding out why we think its the best Vodka, continue reading.

    In this article:

    • Youll learn which is the best Vodka for Cocktails based on value for money.
    • Youll find out which Vodka has the best biggest and best reputation.
    • Youll discover which Vodka sells the best on Amazon.
    • Youll learn which Vodka is highest rated.

    Thats a lot to unpack, so lets dive right in.

    Are there any brands of Vodka you feel need to be on this list, but arent? Get in touch via or at let us know!

    Anyway, lets first take al look at what exactly are we going to do to figure out the best Vodka for cocktails.

    Choosing Your Liquor: Gin Or Vodka

    [42+] Recipe For Vodka Martini Shaken Not Stirred

    Like much in the world of cocktails, your spirit of choice largely comes down to your personal preference. But, a dirty vodka martini will taste much different from one made with gin. Since vodka is a neutral spirit, the olive brine and salinity will be more predominant in a vodka martini, explains Jose Pereiro, beverage director of Storico Vino in Atlanta. A dirty martini made with gin will be more complex because the botanicals can open up sweet notes on your palate, which pair nicely with the olives.

    If youre going for a dirty vodka martini, try incorporating a potato vodka, like Chopin , into your martini, says Will Patton, the beverage director of Michelin starred Bresca and Two Michelin starred Jont in Washington, D.C. The full-bodied, earthy flavor of these vodkas isnt bullied by the assertiveness of the olive brine, he says.

    For dirty gin martinis, Darron Foy, bar manager at The Flatiron Room in New York City, recommends Hendricks Gin , which has notes of cucumber that plays well with olive. Or, for something more herbaceous and floral, opt for a bottle like The Botanist , Foy suggests.

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    Terminology: The Key Terms To Know When Buying Vodka

    ABV: Alcohol By Volume the percentage of ethanol in a beverage.

    Charcoal Filtered: Filtering with charcoal is thought to remove off-flavours in vodka after the distilling process before the spirit is bottled and sold. This helps to produce a more premium flavour with smoother notes.

    Distillation: A process where liquid is heated and cooled for purity.

    Neutral spirit: A term for a spirit thats without distinctive character, aroma, taste or colour. While most vodkas might be regarded as neutral, they still arent technically neutral spirits.

    Proof: Another term for measuring the alcoholic content of a beverage. The proof is double the alcohol by volume measurement.

    Vodka belt: The Vodka Belt is the part of Europe where around 70 percent of the worlds vodka is produced. It includes the Nordic states , Baltic states as well as Russia, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

    How Strong Is The Vodka Martini

    The vodka martini follows suit with the gin martini, Manhattan, and other liquor-vermouth cocktails: They’re not light drinks. With an 80-proof vodka and the average vermouth in this recipe’s ratio, it mixes up to about 28 percent ABV . To put that into perspective, two martinis are stronger than a straight shot of vodka. Sip slowly and know your personal limit.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Vodkas

    What are the top 10 vodkas?

    The top 10 vodkas, renowned for their flavour profiles, smoothness and use of high-quality distillation methods, are: Belvedere, Beluga, Grey Goose, Crystal Head, Hangar 1, Ciroc, Absolut, Ketel One, Pinnacle,and Svedka.

    Which is the smoothest vodka?

    The smoothest vodka is Belvedere vodka, which is almost velvety on the tongue and has a premium flavour to match.

    Is Titos vodka good?

    Titos is a multi-billion-dollar small batch brand and is a bestselling vodka in the United States. Its a smooth vodka filled with character that comes at a good price. Its known for its sweet, black pepper and corn notes and is a popular choice across the world.

    What mixes best with vodka?

    As a spirit famed for its lack of strong flavours, vodkas versatility means it goes well with most mixers. To bring out the notes of the spirit, go for soda and a squeeze of lime or pair it with tonic water. For a more flavourful drink, orange juice or grapefruit juice both mix well with vodka.

    What is the best tasting vodka?

    The best tasting vodka is Hangar 1 Fog Point, a small-batch vodka with notes of pear, citrus and honeysuckle. Drink it neat for best results.

    Ology: How We Select Test And Rank The Best Vodkas


    Vodka has kept its title as one of the most popular spirits in the world for many years, which means there are hundreds of different brands to choose from. However, while there are more brands to sample than we could ever reasonably sip, there are a handful that are known for being consistently excellent.

    When we put together this guide of the best vodka brands, we looked at all of the new vodka brands that have joined the market in recent years as well as those that have kept their title of success for a longer period of time. We looked at the process used for distilling the spirit, the number of times each bottle was distilled as well as any unique factors included during this process.

    We took into account the quality of the grain, potato or other base product used by each brand as well as its sustainability and whether or not the alcohol was produced locally. Then, we factored in the price of each bottle, its purpose and versatility, and its range of flavours and aromas.

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    Best Organic: Ocean Organic

    Region: Hawaii | ABV: 40% | Tasting notes: Crisp, Fruity, Mineral

    Organic sugar cane grown on a family estate in Maui combines with desalinated water pulled from 3,000 feet below the depths of the Pacific Ocean for a flavor that’s clean, easy, and long-lasting. In its round, blue bottle, Ocean Vodka exemplifies the beauty of organic spirits. Its pure, light taste, with a muted sweetness, works well with fresh fruit juices including coconut, mango, and pineapple.

    The Best Vodka 2021 For Cocktails And Drinking Straight

    From Grey Goose to Russian Standard, the best vodkas on the market

    BySarah-Jane Butcherlast updated 30 November 21

    The best vodka is, contrary to what many people think, very drinkable, and won’t make you go blind or challenge strangers to fights. That’s if used in moderation of course. Considering you can make everything from screwdrivers to vodka martinis with it, there’s no doubting the versatility of vodka either. The best gin may be more on trend and the best tequila may be more glitzy but vodka is the world’s favourite spirit with good reason.

    Here, we bring together our top picks for the best vodkas you should be drinking right now. Whether you are simply buying a bottle for after-dinner drinks at home or want to find a unique gift for someone, weve found a fantastic range of local and international brands that are changing the way we view vodka.

    These days you can get a wide variety of different vodkas to cater to your palate and even dietary requirements. With the rise of food intolerances and health trends, gluten-free vodkas are now available quite widely, so if you have any special requirements, keep your eyes peeled for these options. At the other end of the scale you can find things like vodkas made from milk so there really is something for everyone.

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    Best For Highballs: Broken Shed

    Broken Shed

    Region: New Zealand | ABV: 40% | Tasting notes: Citrus, Grass, Honeysuckle

    As Abou-Ganim points out, theres been a return in the highball, a three-ingredient cocktail of spirit, bubbly water, and crucially, ice. Tall, cool, and refreshing, the highball is the drink of summer for home bartenders, and the New Zealand-based Broken Shed vodka works beautifully in the glass. Distilled from whey and pristine aquifer and mountain water, this spirit has a floral honeyed character and a creamy, luscious body. Yet, theres nothing overly sweet or cloying in there.

    It has a beautiful natural taste that is light and crisp with a smooth warmth to finish it off, says Fred Flynn of Wilmington, N.C.’s Manna. Flavorful yet bright, it makes you want to go back for another sip.

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