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How To Make Ice Ball For Whiskey

Glacio Round Ice Cube Molds

How to make Whiskey Ice Balls

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  • Large Ice Ball Molds Our silicone sphere molds create 2.5-inch large ice balls. More than a novelty, big ice melts/dilutes more slowly, making them ideal for your Old Fashioned, Scotch, Bourbon, or Blended Whiskey.
  • Perfect for Craft Cocktails Use them for your cocktail, popsicles, iced coffee, infused fruit, infused mint for Mojitos, or frozen lemonade. Our molds make slow-melting ice cubes that produce the best-chilled drinks.
  • Flexible Silicone Molds – Unlike the traditional stiff plastic ice cube trays, these silicone ice sphere molds are extraordinarily flexible, and their unique design makes it easy to remove ice. Great for filling ice buckets!
  • High-Quality Silicone Molds glacio’s BPA free black silicone ice molds are 100% safe and effective freezing liquids like juice, soup, and even baby food. Better yet, each mold is easy to clean off quickly because theyre dishwasher safe.
  • Guaranteed We are so confident you’ll think we have the best silicone molds on the market that we make every order with a full money-back guarantee.

How To Fill An Ice Ball Mold

Filling an ice ball mold can take some getting used to and the most effective method depends on the type of mold:

  • For a globe-shaped mold, fill the bottom half of the sphere with water, secure the top part, then finish filling it through the hole on top. With a very small funnel and a thin, steady stream of water, it is possible to fill an assembled mold.
  • To fill a tray-style ice mold, separate the two pieces and fill the bottom mold to the top of the rim . Place the top piece over the bottom and push it down. The water displaced from the bottom tray will fill the top part of the sphere. Any excess water will come out of the air holes on the top of each mold.

No matter which mold you use, a few extra tips will help create great ice balls:

  • Use distilled water for the clearest, cleanest ice.
  • Set the mold on a level surface in the freezer. Tilted molds will leak and you will not have a full ball once it is frozen.
  • Allow the mold to sit undisturbed until completely frozen.
  • Once frozen, separate the two parts of the mold. If any of the ice balls stick, run cold water over the bottom of the mold to release the ice.
  • If you use them regularly, keep a good stock of ice balls at the ready to ensure you don’t run out. Store frozen ice balls in a freezer bag or a sealed container until needed. If you keep up on the freezing cycle, you can easily have a dozen or more ice balls available at any time.
  • When hosting a party, start days in advance in order to have enough ice balls ready.

Should You Put Ice Cubes In Whiskey

As Glenlivet Ambassador Phil Huckle explains, you can put ice in single malts scotch. Phil Huckle throws cold water on our seemingly obvious assertion. I wouldnt want to overdo it. You can put one or two cubes in whisky to cool it a little, melt them into water, and then theyll help release all those delightful flavors.

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Why Should The Ice In Your Beverage Be Clear And Spherical

Aside from resulting in a better looking cocktail, worthy of your favorite spirits, there are two key reasons:Slower-melting: The surface area to volume ratio of a sphere is less than a cube of the same size or several smaller cubes. Less surface area means that a sphere will melt much more slowly than cubes, providing you with a drink that stays colder longer and is less diluted.Improved Integrity: By removing the air bubbles and impurities from the ice you are reducing the likelihood of it cracking and breaking up into many pieces, which will increase the surface area in contact with your beverage and dilute it too quickly.

Sphere Ice Keeps Your Drink At A Whiskey

Whiskey Ice Ball

Whiskey, or other cocktails with ice, chill because your ice is melting, and this cold liquid is mixing with the warmer liquid of your cocktail. Too much melting dilutes your drink, but the continued melting of your ice also continually lowers your drink temperature. Cocktails are served cold , but whiskey should be chilled enough to reduce the bite of the alcohol, but not so much that it dulls the flavor. The ideal temperature to drink whiskey is said to be around 60°F, while temperatures as low as 40°F are acceptable. By slowing the dilution of your cocktail, due to the reduced surface area of a sphere ice, your drink will remain at a whiskey-friendly temperature for longer.

After 15 minutes, sphere ice holds 2 oz of whiskey at a temperature of 42°F while ice cubes, due to more dilution, cool 2 oz of whiskey to below freezing

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Best Budget: Glacio Large Sphere Ice Mold Tray

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Calcium build-up is possible

I have had personal experience with a brand called Glacio, and can attest to its functionality, says Deke Dunne, bar director at Allegory at the Eaton Hotel in D.C.

One tray makes four 2.5-inch spheres, enough for a round of drinks with a few friends, and the perfect sphere shape means slow melting and less dilution of your drink.

How Do I Make My Ice Cubes Not Crack

Clean them occasionally with distilled white vinegar to break down the mineral deposits, then soak them in soapy water to eliminate any odors absorbed from the freezer. Rinse the trays well before refilling. Hint: Food coloring adds fun to ice cubes. Mix a few drops with water, then pour into trays.

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Understand The Key Factors And Freezing Method

When making the crystal-clear ice balls, you need to consider the first water quality, and the second is the freezing method. Understand that water traps impurities and gaseous particles which makes it cloudy.

Therefore, it is crucial to remove the impurities from the water. If not, then you can use distilled water. Choose the appropriate freezing method.

The sphere ice cubes will freeze from all directions and then to the center. At the same time, the ball ice can get more transparent.

Huihuibi 2pcs Whiskey Diy Mould 4

How to use the Chillz Extreme Whiskey Ice Ball Maker

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  • High Quality:Whiskey ice hockey mold are made of food grade PP safe material, BPA free. The whiskey ice ball mold very safety and durability.
  • Tips:When injecting water, hold on the second ball with your hand. Fill only 3 hemispheres, Immediately place the ice ball mold flat in the freezer. After removing the product from the freezer, you can let it sit for a minute so that it is easier to open the product and remove the ice balls.
  • Sealed Design:The ice cube mold has a sealed silicone stopper to effectively place liquid leaks,Keep your fridge tidy.
  • Easy to Use:Just put lemon slices and fruit pieces in the ice hockey mold, close the lid, pour water from a small mouth and cover with a silicone stopper, then take the whole mold into the refrigerator to freeze about 6-7 hours.
  • Multifunction Uses:This ice cube tray can make beautiful diy fruit ice cubes,it’s also ideal partner for whisky, cocktails, juices, tea, coffe.

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The Secret To Clear Ice: Directional Freezing

The main thing you need to control to make crystal clear ice at home in your freezer is the direction in which the water freezes. This means youll have to insulate all the sides it freezes from except onethe top.

This will force the water to freeze from the top first, working its way down and pushing down air bubbles downward, leaving you with clear ice. The reason this doesnt occur with regular ice trays or the freezers built in ice maker is that there is little to no insulation from the molds that hold and surround the water.

With normal plastic or silicone ice molds, the walls are so thin that the water freezes from all directions freezeing air bubbles in a mixed formation making it look cloudy.

What Type Of Water Should You Use

Simple, good ol tap water is all you need. Since Im going to drink the water that melts from this, I used filtered tap waterbut this makes 0 difference in how clear or tranpsarent the ice looks.

Some folks will tell you that you have to use distilled or boiled water, but this is absolutely not whats preventing most folks from achieving clear ice. I used room temperature tap water for this and the results were crystal clear ice.

The cloudiness comes from bubble formations when you freeze it, so as long as you directionally freeze, youre golden. Only if you happen to have really bad and cloudy tap water, you will see a benefit from using distilled water.

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Glacio Silicone Ice Cube Trays 2 Pack

These food grade and BPA-free ice molds are similar to the other glacio sphere molds, but are simply for cubes instead.

They provide a solid and inexpensive option you can use to make ice cubes that are just under 2 inches.

Again, this wont make clear ice for you, but can to create clear ice if you follow the right methods.

Why Is There A Ball Of Ice

How to Make Whiskey Ice Balls: 12 Steps (with Pictures ...

An ice cube chills and dilutes the whiskey, and then keeps on diluting it as it melts. The less surface area that is exposed to the warm liquid, the slower the ice will melt. Therefore, a sphere of ice will melt more slowly in a drink than a cube of ice. This way, you can chill the drink without quickly diluting it.

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Best Single : Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Doesnt take too long to freeze

  • Each mold makes one cube, so youll have to buy a few

These sphere ice molds from Tovolo are incredibly simple with a no-fuss design that provides great results with each use. Just fill with water, freeze, and youll have the perfect ice spheres for whatever drink you wish to use them in.

BPA-free, with a bottom made from durable sturdy plastic, these molds can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. While this set comes with two dishwasher-safe molds, youll likely want to buy a few, so you will have enough ice when entertaining friends or family.

Plastic Ice Ball Molds

Plastic molds are far more economical and similar in price to a quality ice cube tray. The basic design is the same: a two-part mold that you fill with water. Single ice ball molds are available, though you’ll often find trays that make two to six balls at a time. Some molds let you remove individual ice balls as they freeze with others, you’ll need to empty the entire tray.

A higher volume of water requires more time to freeze, and that is the main disadvantage to these molds. Plan on twice the time needed for a regular ice cube tray in your freezer. In really cold freezers, this may take just five hours, though overnight is generally best. Place the mold in the coldest part of the freezer or a chest freezer to speed it up.

Pay close attention to the mold’s size when shopping online. There are numerous ice trays, molds, and presses that are merely a redesign of the standard cube tray. While mini ice balls are fun, two-inch balls are more effective for slow dilution.

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A Freezer Mold For Clear Ice Cubes

I tried out this freezer mold to try to make clear ice cubes without having to do any potentially dangerous chiseling. I did multiple attemps, following directions exactly and each time the results were similarthere were still some bubbles at the bottom so it was about 95% clear.

To be fair the cooler method has bubbles at the bottom too, but theres just so much more clear ice with that method, that its easier to chip away at the bottom at the hazier, bubbly part. With this mold, the bubbly area is too small to chisel. If you were really set on 100% clarity, you could perhaps dip it in a plate of water til the bottom melted off.

All you have to do is fill it up to the fill line , freezer for about 18-20 hours, slightly thaw, then just like the cooler method, break off the frozen bubbly bottom and then pop your cubes out.

Silicone molds with this product may be somewhat healthier since you arent freezer water on a potentially BPA-filled plastic cooler. There are multiple brands selling very similar products, but I went with the cheapest one . It worked well and seems like a pretty high quality product.

The Clear Ice Revolution

How to make a whiskey ice ball from a plastic Easter egg

This is about to be like chemistry class in high school, but since were talking about bourbon, I would assume youre more interested.

The first thing to know about whiskey ice is that the ice from your ice maker isnt good.

Its filled with air bubbles and impurities that make it melt faster .

Theres a more pure form of ice called clear ice that you can make that doesnt have these bubbles or impurities.

And it melts much slower and is incredibly satisfying to look at.

Making clear ice isnt a requirement for properly drinking whiskey, but its important to know what it is and how to make it.

Who knows, clear ice could make whiskey on ice even better.

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When To Use Ice Balls

Ice balls are perfect when you’re drinking straight liquor on the rocks and lowball mixed drinks like the black Russian and old-fashioned. It’s also nice to use ice balls in iced coffee drinks and milk or cream cocktails that you want to keep cold and free of excess water.

An average ice ball diameter is around two inches . They fit into most lowball glasses and some wider-rimmed tall glasses. Those that taper inward at the rim will not work, and your ball may sit on top.

Additionally, add a few ice balls to a party punch or pitcher drink to keep it ice-cold for a few hours.

Fill Your Water Balloons

Unless you’re going for a spring-break-in-Cancún-sized beverage, keep your water balloons relatively small so they don’t take up the entire glass. Different water balloons have different qualities, so if you want to become a circular ice aficionado, it’s worth trying a few different balloons . And if you want to add some flair, try flavoring the water.

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Best Unconventional Shape: Liyuanq Ice Cube Trays

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Makes six cubes in one tray

  • Fun shape that is still a sphere

  • Ice might not be totally clear

  • Can be difficult to remove from tray immediately after removing from freezer

These silicone molds make spherical ice with little spikes all over them, a fun conversation starter when you serve a drink with one of these floating inside. The molds are also really easy to fill because each has a little funnel on top that allows water to be poured inside without spilling. Also, there are buckles along the side, so once you fill and snap close this will not spill inside your freezer.

This food-grade silicone mold creates 2 inch large-diameter spheres and can also be used to freeze juice and other liquids.

Make The Rack With The Help Of A Popsicle

Here is How to Make 2

When you place the rack in the freezer and keep the mold on the rack, then ice will freeze equally from all directions.

To make the rack, you can attach the wooden sticks and adhere them over one another. If you dont have wooden sticks, then you can also use the wires.

This will help to give a suitable shape to the rack and help to hold the mold easily. While making the rack, ensure that the silicon mold doesnt pass through the rack net but stays hanging on the rack.

Also, check the ideal length of the sticks, and it should be smaller than the size of the mold. When you are done with the rock formation, then hang this in the horizontal direction. This will help to fill the water into the pot ideally.

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What Is Ball Ice

An ice ball is a large, round piece of ice that melts more slowly than ice cubes. Averaging two inches in diameters, the spherical ice prevents watered-down drinks, so theres no need to worry about your scotch on the rocks, whiskey and cola, or any other cocktail getting too watery before youre done with it.

Do Any Ice Makers Make Clear Ice

This Undercounter Clear Ice Maker from EdgeStar would be the ideal choice. The EdgeStar IB450SS ice maker is easy and convenient with up to 25 lb of storage and 50 lbs. production per day, producing restaurant-quality clear cubed ice that melts slowly and maintains its clarity even when exposed to air.

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Trenect Large Ice Cube Trays Ice Balls For Whiskey 25 Inch Easy Release Silicone Ice Cube Tray With Lid Novelty Round Ice Cube Mold For Cocktail Coffee No Side Leakage Ice Ball Maker

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  • FOOD-GRADE SAFETY: Ice cube trays without harmful components or unpleasant smell, made from food-grade silicone and PP plastic to ensure security. You can rest assured to freeze ice ball, juice or even baby food. Heat resistance from -104°F to 428°F, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • NO LEAKAGE & RELEASE EFFECTIVELY: Unique 8-buckles design for no side leakage, better sealing, get complete and clear Wanfeel ice balls. With quick-open buckles and soft silicone lid, you can open the tray and release big ice balls easily. Perfect ice ball maker for your bar and kitchen.
  • IMPRESSIVE SUPER LARGE ICE BALLS: 6*2.5 inch, large enough and lasting a long time! Perfect spheres melting slowly, keep your whiskey, cocktail and soft drinks chilled for hours without diluting it, giving you flavorful drinking experience. Host parties, impress friends and guests with novelty ice balls taken on glass.
  • STABLE AND DURABLE: Hard bottom tray makes it impossible for ice molds to spill while moving anti-tilt design at the bottom, easy to keep balance and stack up. Thousand tests of the material, our trays won’t deform, crack or break like stiff molds after freezing.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: 90 days quality guaranteed, contact us via Amazon if you have any question with our Wanfeel ice trays. We care about every detail to ensure that our products will meet your expectation. Your opinions are valued.

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