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How Do You Drink Bourbon Whiskey

What Does Bourbon Taste Like

How to Drink Scotch and Bourbon Whiskey

Youre just going to have to taste some and find out!

Its tough, I know!

But if youd like a little guidance, heres a tasting guide to get you started.

Bourbon can have very complex flavor profiles, but in his book Bourbon Curious, Fred Minnick breaks bourbon into four main flavor profiles:

  • Grain Forward:Great for beginner bourbon drinkers!
  • These bourbons tend to be younger, and taste strongly of grains.
  • Try Smooth Amblers Small Batch or Town Branchs Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Nutmeg Forward: These bourbons have spicy or nutty overtones.
  • Try Elijah Craigs Barrel Strength or Evan Williams Black Label
  • Caramel Forward:My personal favorite!
  • These bourbons pick up more of the sweet flavor from the charred oak.
  • Try Makers Mark Barrel Strength or Makers Mark Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Cinnamon Forward: The husbands favorite!
  • These bourbons are spicy, and tend to have rye-heavy mash recipes.
  • Try Makers Mark 46 or Bulleit Bourbon
  • If you want more tasting help, I highly recommend Bourbon Curious as a tasting guide!

    Fun Fact: Did you know theres a bourbon equivalent to a wine sommelier? In the world of bourbon, theyre called Stewards.

    How To Read Bourbon Labels

    Bourbon labels can get a littlea lot complicated and confusing.

    Here are a few labels to look out for while youre shopping:

    • Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey: This means that instead of blending multiple barrels together to get a standardized flavor, this bourbon is from a single barrel. These bottles tend to cost more than blended bottles.
    • Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey: This term appears on a lot of bottles, and means that only a small number of bourbon barrels were mixed together. However, it isnt actually a regulated term.
    • Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Bourbon whiskey aged at least 2 years. It may be mixed together from multiple barrels or bourbon recipes.
    • Blended Bourbon Whiskey: A blend of whiskey and bourbon whiskey that contains at least 51% bourbon whiskey.
    • Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey: A blend of straight bourbon whiskeys.
    • Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon Whiskey: A product from a single distillery, all from the same season, bottled at 100 proof, that has been stored at a federally bonded warehouse for no less than four years.

    Still Curious? Want even more information about whiskey labeling? Check out this Whiskey Label 101 tutorial.

    Is Jim Beam Black The Very Best Rated Bourbon

    Jim Beam Black has been awarded the Bourbon Trophy, the very best attainable award on the 2016 Worldwide Wine & Spirit Competitors , held earlier this week in London. The judges famous that Jim Beam Black bourbon is a premium bourbon with a extra flavourful character made to be sipped and savoured.

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    Hot And Spicy Bourbons

    When someone describes a Bourbon as spicy, they can mean one of two things. Spicy can mean hot like red pepper, or it can mean that a Bourbon is full of the spice flavors of baking spices.Hot and spicy Bourbons are certainly the first. Sometimes this heat comes from the alcohol content, and sometimes it comes from where and how the Bourbon was aged.In either case, it can present itself like the capsaicin from a red pepper. And like a spicy pepper, that heat can be very enjoyable if surrounded by the right blend of flavors.

    Rules For Drinking Bourbon Correctly

    How Do You Drink Your Whiskey
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    Americas homegrown whiskey has become one of the most popular pours around. And with so many bottles flooding the market, the backbar has turned into a crowded landscape, one that could easily overwhelm the average drinker.

    So we found a spirit guide. Beau Williams, the owner of Kansas Citys, lauded for having one of the countrys most outstanding bourbon selections, shares his rules for picking, sipping and mixing Americas favorite spirit.

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    Bourbon Can Be Used For Excellent Cocktails Too

    While bourbon has certainly stood on its own served up neat for decades, there’s a lot more you can do with this American spirit. Bourbon provides the ideal complex spirit for a delicious cocktail, and bartenders have been coming up with unique recipes to complement and enhance its qualities for years.

    The Bourbon Old Fashioned may be the most popular cocktail on the bar utilizing bourbon, paired with Angostura bitters, sugar, and water with a garnish of an orange peel. It’s been around since the early 1800s to showcase how delicious bourbon could truly be.

    The Mint Julep is another popular bourbon cocktail, using the spirit that is made in Kentucky. It was made the official drink of the Kentucky Derby in 1938, but it’s really not hard to see why. With bourbon, simple syrup, fresh mint, and a fully packed cup of crushed ice, a Mint Julep is a simple, yet incredibly refreshing, cocktail highlighting Kentucky-made ingredients the perfect celebration drink for the derby.

    In An Improved Whiskey Cocktail

    Fans of an Old Fashioned or Sazerac, the Improved Whiskey Cocktail is best, Wheat says. For bourbon aficionados looking for a boozier option this recipe calls for 2 ounces of bourbon, a bar spoon each of Maraschino liqueur, Demerara sugar, and absinthe four dashes each of Peychauds bitters and Angostura bitters and a lemon peel for garnish.

    Then, voila! Youll have a delicious bourbon-forward cocktail. Wheat adds, Its complex and it keeps your palate more interested than an Old Fashioned.

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    Your Genes Determine How Whiskey Affects You

    Everyone is completely different when it comes to what flavors and types of alcohol they prefer, and whiskey is definitely one that appeals to a certain set of taste buds. However, a person’s genetic makeup has a major impact on how whiskey affects their body as well.

    For one, whiskey is usually thought of as more of a “man’s drink.” Fortunately, Jim Beam has been at the forefront of changing this perception, as actress Mila Kunis has endorsed the company’s whiskey in their commercials. Interestingly enough, women are thought to be better at taste-testing whiskey than men are, according to science. It’s apparently due to their more heightened sense of smell, as noted by Forbes.

    It should go without saying that people who require medication and drink whiskey, or any other type of alcohol for that matter, can be at a substantial risk to the drink’s more negative effects. This also applies to pregnant women, current or recovering alcoholics, and those with liver disease .

    How To Drink Bourbon: Everything You Need To Know

    How to properly drink whiskey!

    Wondering how to drink bourbon?

    The first thing you need to know is there isnt a one-size-fits-all answer.

    The best way to drink bourbon completely depends on the setting and your palate.

    Do you like the taste of bourbon?

    Are you trying to acquire a taste for bo


    Are you drinking with a bunch of bourbon connoisseurs?

    Or just casually with friends?

    The best answer depends on your answers.

    Because if youve never really had bourbon before, youre going to hate it.

    Just being honest

    And if youre drinking with bourbon lovers, theyre probably gonna make fun of you if you try to make a cocktail that isnt an old fashioned.

    So, its critical to know the unspoken rules of bourbon drinking and your options if you arent used to the punch-you-in-the-face taste yet.

    Thats exactly what Ill show you in this straightforward guide.

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    How To Drink Bourbon According To A Kentucky Bartender

    Kentucky is known as the bourbon capital of the world. According to the Kentucky Distillers Association , in 2020, the state counted over 9 million barrels of aging bourbon and filled more 2 million, breaking the state record for the second year in a row. The stats serve as a testament to just how massive the Bluegrass States bourbon industry truly is.

    Louisville native and spirits expert Dante Wheat has a personal connection to bourbon. What I appreciate most about bourbon is, its an art that requires patience. You cant rush it, Wheat says. If you want good bourbon whiskey, you have to wait four to five years. Its one of the last big businesses thats built around waiting most of the big businesses are built around what can be done immediately as soon as possible. Bourbon cant be like that, and never will be like that.

    Wheat pursued a career in bartending after deciding medical school wasnt for him. He says he always knew he wanted to work in a restaurant but didnt know in what capacity. I wanted to go the path of being a cook, but I hate being hot so, the next best thing was bartending, Wheat says. He walked into Louisville-based restaurant, 8UP, without any prior knowledge of bartending, but convinced management to hire him as a servers assistant and within two months, he became a bartender for the restaurant, he says.


    Should You Get Whiskey On The Rocks

    Ordering a whiskey on the rocks may sound cool, but it may not necessarily be what you want. Ice actually numbs your palate and dulls the flavors, Tardie laments. But hey, sometimes you just want a cold glass of whiskey I say go for it.

    As for the type of ice, youre best off going with a large ice cube or ice ball. Small cubes or chunks of ice will melt faster than larger pieces, diluting your whiskey more quickly. If you want the chilling effect without the dilution, you might consider adding chilled whiskey stones.

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    You Can Dry Out Your Skin If You Drink Whiskey Every Night

    Though drinking a daily glass of whiskey may help ease a person’s stress, unfortunately, it can stress out their skin. After all, there are many ways drinking alcohol affects your looks. “While all alcohol can have damaging effects on your skin, dark liquors contain congeners, which are impurities,” makeup artist Molly Leahy told StyleCaster. She added, “The more congeners you consume, the worse your skin will look the next day.”

    The ingredients found in whiskey deprive a person’s body of water , causing the skin to become dry and potentially age more quickly over time. “Hard liquor can also cause skin redness by dilating blood vessels, causing spider veins and broken capillaries, particularly around nose and cheeks area,” Dr. Dimitry Rabkin, the founder of Esthetica MD, said.

    However, even with all of that being the case, a person can still enjoy one glass of whiskey as long as they take precautions with their skin in mind. Having spoken to Dr. Isabel Sharkur, a naturopathic doctor, PopSugar advised people to moisturize the morning after drinking to prevent skin from drying out.

    A Beginners Guide To Appreciating Bourbon Whiskey Wild

    5 Recipes to Help You Embrace the Scotch Whisky Cocktail ...

    How to Drink Bourbon: Straight or Blended, says Williams.Ice will chill the bourbon and add a bit of water as the ice melts, Aroma is a huge part of your bourbon experience, this seems less like Elijah Craig is the perfect bourbon for this drink and more like someone claimed it first and then a bunch of blogs echoed that first one.

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    Kentucky Produces More Bourbon Than Anywhere Else

    Kentucky has been long known as the capital of bourbon in the United States. But that certainly wasn’t just by happenstance.

    Because the base of making bourbon starts with water, it ought to be good water. Just like any other recipe, starting with great ingredients will produce better results. As it turns out, the water in Kentucky is incredibly special, as Kentucky is sitting on deposits of blue limestone. The limestone acts as a filter for unwanted minerals such as hard iron, ultimately resulting in sweeter tasting water. The unique water, paired with the incredibly fertile ground for growing corn, makes it the ideal spot. And based on Kentucky’s production numbers, it’s pretty obvious they’ve found their niche in bourbon.

    According to the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Kentucky had 68 distilleries as of 2018, and those distilleries are working to craft 95 percent of the world’s supply of bourbon. And with that production comes a lot of barrels so many barrels that for every person who lives in Kentucky, there are almost two barrels.

    Does Jim Beam Style Like Jack Daniels

    Jim Beam has a brandy taste, as whether it is combined with brandy. Jim Beam is classed as bourbon whereas Jack Daniels is a whiskey and though bourbons might be whiskeys, not all are. Jim Beam is way cheaper in comparison with Jack Daniels. Jim Beam tastes extra alcoholic and fruity whereas Jack Daniels tastes mellower and smoother.

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    What Is The Healthiest Alcohol

    7 Healthy Alcoholic Drinks Dry Wine Calories: 84 to 90 calories per glass. Ultra Brut Champagne. Calories: 65 per glass. Vodka Soda. Calories: 96 per glass. Mojito. Calories: 168 calories per glass. Whiskey on the Rocks. Calories: 105 calories per glass. Bloody Mary. Calories: 125 calories per glass. Paloma.

    If You Drink Whiskey Every Night You Could Prolong Your Life

    How to Drink Your Bourbon Properly

    Drink up, because it turns out that drinking alcohol like whiskey has been proven to actually prolong a person’s life giving them even more time to enjoy whiskey.

    A team at the University of California researched what makes certain people live to and beyond age 90. Their study found that the people who enjoyed two glasses of alcohol every evening had a slimmer chance of dying sooner. “I have no explanation for it, but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity,” neurology specialist Claudia Kawas told Independent.

    Studies continue to prove this. Another study done at the University of Texas found that drinking alcohol can actually help a person to live a longer life. However, moderation is the key. They found that heavy drinking actually increased a person’s risk of death by 45 percent. Even more shocking, people who didn’t drink any alcohol over the course of the study had an increased risk of 51 percent.

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    Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail

    Looking for easy bourbon cocktail recipes to make for the holidays? This one is a winnernot only does it look festive with floating cranberries and a sprig of rosemary as a garnish, but this drink warms you from head to toe.

    In fact, this is one of my go-to holiday cocktails for my friends and family at Bayberry house this season.

    Ice Plays A Role In Enjoying A Glass Of Bourbon

    We know, it probably seems like there’s a whole lot of rules to drinking bourbon, but hear us out. It’s worth it for the full experience.

    The key to enjoying bourbon is to capture complex, bold flavors. But if you’re adding little pieces of crushed ice to your spirits glass, chances are, it’s going to become watery pretty quickly. The science here is simple. The smaller the ice, the faster it will melt because it doesn’t have the mass to hold it together. And that’s exactly why bigger ice is recommended for enjoying bourbon on the rocks.

    Molds are available for large spherical ice cubes, offering a perfectly sized ice cube for your glass. Because there’s so much surface area to the round cube, it keeps your bourbon cold, while slowly melting, avoiding adding extra water in the glass and diluting your experience. These types of ice cubes are often utilized in classic bourbon cocktails such as the Boulevardier as well, allowing you to enjoy the intentional flavors of the bourbon cocktail without any liquid watering it down.

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    Bourbon Is Always Aged In New Charred Oak Barrels

    Bourbon also must be aged in new charred oak barrels, and cannot include any additives or colorings. Other whiskeys can be aged in barrels previously used to age other spirits, and they don’t necessarily need to be whiskey barrelsport, sherry, and rum casks are used in the aging process for non-bourbon whiskeys. To be designated “straight bourbon whiskey,” bourbon has to have been aged in new charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

    Exhale Before You Drink

    Do You Know Hidden Facts In A Glass Of Alcohol?

    When your pour whiskey into your glass, you should not drink it immediately. Instead, you should exhale deeply before you take a sip. When you inhale as you drink, the alcohol vapors will hit the nerves and mucus membranes of the nasal passage, thus causing a burning sensation. But when you exhale first, you will completely avoid this situation and reduce the fiery sensation. To do this, you should first exhale a bit, sip your whiskey and then leave some air in your lungs. After you swallow the whiskey, you should then exhale the rest of the air. With this approach, you may start to notice and enjoy the flavors and aromas present in your whiskey.

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    Simple Ways To Drink Bourbon

    Before we get started, lets state the obvious: When it comes to Lux Row Distillers bourbon Rebel Yell, Ezra Brooks, David Nicholson, Blood Oath theres no wrong way to drink it. We wont even judge if you want to drink it straight from the bottle responsibly, of course.

    But bourbon is a complex beast, with many facets to unlock, depending on how you choose to sip.

    Here are the three best ways:

    NeatThe simplest method, neat means bourbon on its own, unadorned. A clear, short glass is best, to showcase the whiskeys amber color. About two ounces or two fingers is the just-right pour.

    After you pour, tilt the glass and watch as the bourbon forms a slow trail. Savor the aroma as it curls towards you. The first sip explodes with complexity, with years of aging and blending crossing your tongue, leaving a radiant warmth in their wake.

    Blood Oath Pact No. 4 is the perfect candidate for sipping neat. As a blend of three bourbons, including one thats been aged for 12 years, its a multilayered whiskey that begs to be measured on its own merits.

    WaterWith a splash of room-temperature water, the flavors of the bourbon become more discernable. A few drops will do, but you can adjust to taste.

    Bottled or filtered water is preferred, as tap has compounds that can affect the flavor. But tap water wont ruin your drink.

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