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Hennessy Xo Extra Old Cognac The Original

Hennessy Xo Cognac 1 Litre

Hennessy XO, Paradis & VS | Rare Cognac Reviews

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Order online your favorite Hennessy XO Cognac 1 Liter in Nairobi at wholesale price and get it delivered to your doorstep within minutes. Hennessy XO Cognac 1 Litre price in Kenya is Ksh. 34,000 only. It contains 40% ABV . The original extra-old cognac, first bottled in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy for family and friends. Darker and much more complex than the VSOP, with appealing leather and tobacco notes and a touch of spice a great cigar Cognac.

A magnum bottle of Hennessy XO 1 Litre. It was the first eXtra Old cognac. Its powerful, masculine, and generous a genuine pleasure. It releases woody, spicy aromas. Now an established symbol of luxury, its rich character is enhanced by a distinctive decanter designed in 1947. Rich, full-bodied and complex, Hennessy X.O combines the spicy aromas of oak and leather with the sweeter essences of flowers and ripe fruit. Well-balanced, the initial flourish is dominated by the powerful suggestion of pepper and rancio, which testify to the long years it has spent being aged. Complex and long-lasting.

Hennessy Xo Experience Ice 2

70cl, 40%

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The Hennessy XO is the perfect Cognac for all Cognac drinkers, and can be enjoyed by newcomers just as much as aficionados.

  • Colour: Deep amber.
  • Aroma: Candied fruit and its subtle and lightly spicy create a complete harmony and a mark of its roundness.
  • Palate: Smooth, full sensation gives a simultaneously powerful and soft tonality with a hint of cocoa and a warm fruity presence.
  • Finish: Long finish expresses all the complexity of the cognacs blending and its long aging process.

The Hennessy Xo Review

We tasted Hennessy XO neat in a cognac snifter. Here is our review.


Hennessy XO is the highest priced of the big four cognac houses XO offerings priced about 25% higher than Courvoisier XO cognac and about 5-10% more than Martells and Rémy Martins XO Cognacs.

Alcohol: 40%


Hennessy XO. is a blend of about 100 different eaux-de-vie made from Ugni Blanc grapes from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fin Bois appellations that are aged up to thirty years in French Limousin oak barrels.

The Bottle/Label

Hennessy XO is packaged in an attractive pear shaped decanter. At the neck is a band that reads the original XOA plastic medallion that reads X.O. in gold lettering against a black background is embossed further down the bottle. Towards the base of the bottle is an elongated oval sticker that reads Product of FranceCognacHennessy40%/alc/volJ A Hennessy & Co Cognac France. The bottle itself is decorated in grape vines and grapes.

The Color

Deep dark amber.

The Nose

Dried and candied fruits are the first impression followed by warm cinnamon spice and light black pepper.


Orange, black pepper, powdered cocoa and oaky leather.


Very long cinnamon, pepper, vanilla and oak finish.



San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2005-2009 Gold Medal, 2011 Silver Medal and 2012 Gold Medal.

Hennessy XO: Each Drop an Odyssey Dont Wait To Experience Greatness

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Hennessy Extra Old Cognac 70cl

Prepare to be taken on an epic journey exploring each and every one of your senses, with the Hennessy XO Extra Old Cognac. The origins of the age denotation Extra Old in fact date back to the Hennessy maison, when Master Blender Maurice coined this English term in 1870 in accordance with its strong connection to foreign countries, such as the US and Great Britain. Each of the eaux-de-vie contained within this fine tapestry of spirits are between 10 and 70 years old, and there are more than one hundred of them contained in this fine blend of Hennessy XO. The average age is around 45 years old, making it an exceptionally fine-tuned selection that is bound to be one of your fondest tasting memories for the rest of your life.

This iconic Cognac maison have married the complexities of each terroir and its finest eaux-de-vie into one carefully constructed blend, to create a stunning Hennessy Old Reserve. It is a symphony of notes hailing from the Fine Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois crus, and the result is quite a masculine Extra Old Cognac. Such finesse in its selection suggests that this is pure craftsmanship at work, and warrants the price tag. Hennessy are well known for dipping in and out of many different terroirs across the region to source the most precious eaux-de-vie.

The Hennessy XO Decanter

Limited Editions of the Hennessy XO

How to enjoy Hennessy XO Cognac

About Hennessy Cognac


Hennessy Xo Extra Old Cognac 40% Vol Cognac

Whisky Hennessy X.O

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Hennessy Xo Extra Old Cognac 40 % 70 Cl

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Hennessy XO extra old Cognac 40 % 70 cl.

Alcoholic content: 10.50 %

Wine Enthusiast:

92 of 100 Points.

“Wine Enthusiast” has rated the wine “Hennessy X.O. Cognac” on 01.01.2015 with 92 of 100 points.

“The deep fig and raisin aromas hint that the palate will be equally deep and dark. Bold toffee, cocoa, fig and gingerbread round into a spiced, brisk finish. Consider as a dessert pairing.”

Wine Enthusiast:

82 of 100 Points.

“Wine Enthusiast” has rated the wine “Hennessy X.O. Cognac” on 01.01.2007 with 82 of 100 points.

“A one dimensional bouquet features reluctant scents of grapes and dates. The palate entry is aggressively sweet and oaky the midpalate is a little more balanced as the oak becomes more of a participant. Ends up seriously sweet, sticky, and far too sugary.”

Wine Enthusiast:

87 of 100 Points.

“Wine Enthusiast” has rated the wine “Hennessy X.O. Cognac” on 01.01.2006 with 87 of 100 points.

“Hennessy XO Cognac 40% abv, $150. The eaux-de-vie range in age from 10 to 70 years. Deep amber/chestnut brown hue. Nose is opulent, elegant and emits mature aromas of cheese-like rancio, black tea leaves, raisins and oak. In the mouth, this XO displays melded tastes of astringent oaky tannins, ripe grapes and toffee. Aftertaste offers parting sweet tastes of dark caramel and honey.”

Maurice Hennessy On Family And Original Xo Cognac

ByOlivia Cuccaro

In the world of luxury, there are few houses as iconic as Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, or LVMH. The H represents what has come to be arguably the most recognizable cognac in the world, so much so that songs are written about it and artists champ at the bit to impart their creativity on the decanter. As the eighth generation of the illustrious family who started the maison in 1765, Maurice-Richard Hennessy grew up in Cognac, but a life dedicated to its namesake spirit wasnt set in stone.

I studied agriculture, says Maurice, as we sip Hennessy XO on the rocks at Viceroy in New York. I came back to , but it wasnt always planned. My father strongly recommended to me not to join the business.

Maurices father, James Hennessy, left the family business to study nuclear science and quantum mechanics. James returned to Cognac upon the death of his brother and was asked to follow his father in the spirits business once again.

He was a scientist and was not interested, explains Maurice. I can understand, because he did not do what he liked. At Hennessy, they let me do what I like as long as its useful. People tell me Maurice, its not work what you are doing. Youre having a drink in a fashionable place in New York. Thats not work. And probably not, but thats the non-work I like.


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