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What Tequila To Use For Tequila Sunrise

History Of A Tequila Sunrise

How To Make the Perfect Tequila Sunrise

For all of the fanciful histories of the tequila sunrise it is most likely a variation of the Singapore Sling. A gin sling, Ngiam Toon Boons Singapore classic combined gin, a cherry liqueur, Cointreau, and pineapple juice, with fresh lime juice and soda water.

Within twenty years, the Singapore Sling was reinvented, trading out the cherry for creme de cassis, pineapple juice for orange, and losing the Cointreau altogether. The lime juice and soda were also nixed, but worth trying if youre willing to experiment.

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Is There A Lot Of Sugar In Orange Juice

Like most fruit, oranges have a lot of sugar in them. And depending on the brand of orange juice you use, there can be a ton of added sugar you dont realize youre putting into your body. Even an eight-ounce serving of orange juice contains about 30 grams of sugar, so its something to be wary of when making your low-sugar tequila sunrise.

Why Do People Love This Drink

The popularity of this drink comes from how beautiful it is when you serve it, how good it tastes, and how easy it is to make.

Thats like the trifecta of cocktail recipes. When it looks as good as it tastes, but it doesnt take a professional bartender to make it pretty, thats a great drink. Specifically:

  • The sunrise effect is memorable and gorgeous. You dont even need a fruit garnish, although that makes it even prettier.
  • The taste is orange and berry, with some agave notes from the tequila in the background. Who doesnt love orange and berry?
  • The process of making it is just pouring ingredients into a glass of ice. No stirring or shaking.

The long-standing appeal of orange juice drinks is actually the juice as much as the alcohol. It hydrates your body and provides Vitamin C to prevent or reduce hangover effects. But you still get your alcohol kick, too.

Other orange juice based drinks include the Screwdriver, the Orange Blossom and the Harvey Wallbanger.

The Tequila Sunrise is a great choice to serve guests who are just social drinkers. Its delicious and theres a high ratio of mixers to spirits in this one.

But its equally popular with more dedicated drinkers. That orange and berry flavor is a very likable combination, even for people who dont love tequila.

If you have a guest who really doesnt like tequila, you can always serve them the Vodka Sunrise. Its virtually the same drink, only with the less flavorful vodka in place of the tequila.

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Why Is Tequila Different From Other Alcohol

Unlike the other 6 types of liquor, tequila is only made in one part of the world.

Mexico is the only place in the world where tequila production is allowed. The name Tequila is the copyright of the Mexican government.

All the activities related to tequila are overseen by the Norma Oficial Mexicana . This includes the supply of the agave to the production of the spirit and everything after.

If a tequila should have a NOM identifier on the bottle . If it doesnt have this then its not authentic or regulated by the Mexican government.

This code also indicates which distillery the bottle comes from. Each distillery is assigned a NOM number by the Mexican government. You can use the NOM number to find out where it was made.

Tequila Sunset Vs Sunrise: Are They The Same

Tequila Sunrise

Who doesnt love a good tequila cocktail? It is a strong but smooth alcohol that mixes so well with almost every flavor pairing. Tequila has been around for literally thousands of years, but only in recent decades has it become synonymous with wild nights and classy cocktails.

There are a couple of varieties of tequila: silver or blanco, gold, reposado, and anejo. Their colors and tastes are dependent upon the aging process. Typically, when it comes to cocktails, silver and blanco tequilas are used. This is because these types have a purer taste, meaning no flavoring from being aged. The purer it is, the easier it will blend with other cocktail flavorings, like todays stars, the Tequila Sunrise and Sunset.

Two of the most popular tequila cocktails are the Tequila Sunrise and the Tequila Sunset. These are very similar cocktails if you like one, you probably like the other. In this article, we will take a look at the differences and similarities. Try them both, and then decide for yourself which is your favorite!

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What Tequila Is Best For Tequila Sunrise

To make a Tequila Sunrise Cocktail, you should use a Blanco Tequila, or a Silver Tequila. I will also say that you should choose your tequila for this drink by your personal preference and the budget you have.

Tequila can vary in taste and have a varying price budget. Pick your favorite brand and create this cocktail.

Here are a few brand suggestions to try:

  • Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila
  • El Espolon Blanco Tequila
  • Others Cocktails That Might Interest You

    Summer is here, and were feeling inspired by the season!

    Were putting together some cocktails that might interest you as you transition from winter to summer, and we couldnt help but share this one with you: the paloma recipe.

    This is a light and refreshing drink thats sure to take your mind off of those hot summer days. Its made with grapefruit soda and tequila, so its perfect for those who like their cocktails on the sweeter side. It also has the delicious taste of lime juice, which always makes any drink better!

    If you try this cocktail during your summer travels, let us know how it is!

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    Is Tequila Stronger Than Vodka

    The answer to the question of whether tequila is stronger than vodka is that it depends. No one spirit is automatically stronger than another spirit in every situation. Most tequilas and vodkas will be the same strength, that is the accepted standard for the majority of spirits of 40% ABV, or 80 proof.

    Whats The Difference Between Tequila Sunrise And Tequila Sunset

    The Tequila Sunrise – which one is better?

    The difference between tequila sunrise and tequila sunset comes down to a few ingredients. They say tequila sunset was invented to be less sweet than tequila sunrise, so it does not use grenadine syrup. Instead, it usually uses soda water that has been dyed red. But, there are a few versions of tequila sunset some use grenadine and add grapefruit juice instead of orange juice.

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    Is Jack And Coke A Well Drink

    Well drinks are often going to be your standard boozes, Carnam told INSIDER, listing gin, vodka, rye, bourbon, and tequila as examples. The opposite of a well drink is a call drink, a mixed libation that features a specific liquor brand. Jack and Coke, a whiskey and Coke made with Jack Daniels, is a common example.

    How Much Tequila Sunrise Can I Drink While On A Keto Diet

    Since a classic tequila sunrise is very high in carbs and can kick you out of ketosis, the only option will be the keto-friendly version. Excluding the orange slice as an optional garnish, a keto-friendly version of the tequila sunrise can contain about one to two grams of net carbs.

    This makes it very low on carbohydrates, but keep in mind that this cocktail is still alcoholic. As an alcoholic beverage, the moderate consumption amount still applies. Additionally, daily consumption is not recommended.

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    What Are The Different Variations Of Tequila Sunrise

    There are multiple variations of the classic Tequila Sunrise cocktail, including Aperol Sunrise, Tequila Sunset, Caribbean Sunrise, Southern Sunrise, Amaretto Sunrise and Colorado Sunrise. To variate a classic Tequila Sunrise cocktail drink, the bartender can change some ingredients. Instead of using tequila, the bartender can use vodka. Some similar drinks to the Tequila Sunrise are Desert Sunrise, Vodka Sunrise, Screwdriver, and Orange Martini.

    Ingredient Notes And Shopping Tips

    Tequila Sunrise Recipe
    • Tequila: For this drink, I recommend either a Blanco tequila or a Silver tequila . Whatever tequila you choose, ensure youre choosing a tequila that is 100% agave.
    • Orange juice: Freshly squeezed is best. However, if youre looking to cut calories or carbs consider a store-bought low-sugar version.
    • Grenadine syrup: Grenadine is a syrup available in the mixers section of your grocery store. I found mine near the cocktail mixes/tonic waters. It adds a wonderful sweetness and gorgeous color to cocktails like this one. I also use it in my nonalcoholic Shirley Temple too. Traditionally, grenadine was made with pomegranate juice, and it still retains that fruity flavor.
    • You can also garnish with orange slices and/or maraschino cherries.

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    Best Tequila For A Tequila Sunrise

    Heres the key to how to make a good tequila sunrise: buy a good tequila! A cocktail is only as good as the alcohol you use. Look for a mid-price range tequila, since the price is typically an indicator of quality.

    You can use either tequila blanco or tequila reposado in this cocktail recipe. Since its a pretty straightforward beachy drink, we went with tequila blanco here. But, it would be even more interesting with tequila reposado: it adds subtle notes of vanilla and oak.

    Do You Mix A Tequila Sunrise Before Drinking

    Crafting your cocktails can be intimidating, especially in making the perfect tequila sunrise and making it look the way its supposed to. What goes in first in a tequila sunrise is very important its what makes the sun rise.

    That said, please do not stir your tequila sunrise well before drinking it. However, a slight stir is encouraged right before taking your first sip. Very gently stir just once from the bottom of your drink so you can create the famous sunrise look. The colors will swirl, and ingredients will ever so slightly mix together. You know youve done it perfectly when your glass looks like a sunrise.

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    Classic Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Recipe

    To make the perfect tequila sunrise, you need the following ingredients:

    • Two ounces of 100% agave tequila
    • Four ounces of fresh orange juice
    • Half an ounce of grenadine syrup
    • An orange wheel and maraschino cherry

    Please note that there are variations to this recipe and that you can use alternative ingredients and still end up with a great blue agave drink. For instance, if you cannot get freshly squeezed orange juice, you can pick a bottled version from the store. Also, don’t feel the pressure to break the bank for a pricy bottle of tequila reposado.

    It would be awesome if you could get a bottle of Don Julio Reposado or Clase Azul Reposado Tequila, but if you are working on a tight budget, you can go for a cheaper option. The idea is to have fun with what you can afford.

    What Tequila Should You Use To Make A Tequila Sunrise

    How To Make the Perfect Tequila Sunrise

    You can make a tequila sunrise with any tequila. For best results, you can use Blanco tequila. Blanco tequila is also known as silver tequila. Blanco tequila is the most used kind of tequila for making a tequila sunrise. A Blanco tequila will have a fresh, citrus flavor that will taste amazing with the orange juice in the tequila sunrise.

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    Which Tequila Is Best

    Here, the best sipping tequilas our experts recommend to drink right now.

    • Best Overall: Tequila Ocho Plata.
    • Best Blanco: Don Fulano Blanco.
    • Best Reposado: Siete Leguas Reposado.
    • Best Añejo: Don Julio Añejo.
    • Best Extra Añejo: Gran Patrón Burdeos.
    • Best Valley: Fortaleza Blanco.
    • Best for Beginners: Casamigos Blanco.

    Recipe Tips And Variations:

    • Glassware: The more dynamic, the better. Tall glasses really show off the sunrise.
    • Tequila Sunset: Some variations use grapefruit juice instead of orange juice. Other recipes call for raspberry Chambord, crème de cacao, or even blackberry brandy drizzled over the drink instead grenadine, giving the drink a darker, purplish hue that resembles a sunset.
    • Tequila Screwdriver: Make it with tequila, orange juice, and a pinch of salt .
    • Grenadine substitute: Feel free to experiment with a drizzle of maraschino cherry juice, pomegranate molasses, a splash of cranberry juice, or raspberry syrup instead.

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    Tequila Sunrise Jello Shots Ingredients

    Youll need:

    • 1 package of cherry jello powder
    • 1 cup boiling water
    • ¾ cup of tequila
    • ¼ cup grenadine syrup
    • 1 package of orange jello powder
    • 1 cup boiling water
    • ½ cup of tequila
    • ½ cup fresh-squeezed orange juice from 1 to 2 large navel oranges

    For the Garnish

    PRO TIP:

    If you cant find the 2-ounce plastic shot glasses with lids, they may be labeled as plastic condiment cups. These can be used interchangeably. You can use any shot cups you prefer, but keep in mind that your servings may differ from this recipe.


    GRENADINE: If you want to keep this recipe very simple, you can swap out the grenadine syrup for ¼ of the maraschino cherry juice from the jar of cherries. This will save you from purchasing an item that you may not use otherwise. Grenadine syrup is used in various other cocktails and has a long shelf life, so it will not go to waste if you choose to use it.

    ORANGES: I purchased three large navel oranges for this easy recipe , but if you want to make these jello shots ahead of time, or want to omit the orange wedge garnish, then you can substitute a good quality pulp-free orange juice in place of squeezing your own juice.

    TEQUILA: I used a mid-grade silver tequila for these tequila sunrise shots because it is mixed with the flavored gelatin. You can also use a gold tequila, but I suggest using one that you would drink in a standard cocktail. You do not need to use the expensive top-shelf varieties, but I would stay away from the low-end ones.

    Bonus: Crme De Violette

    Tequila Sunrise

    Admittedly not a particularly common or versatile ingredient, anyone whos ever bought an entire bottle of crème de violette to make the classic Aviation cocktail can understand the desire to find something anything! to mix with this fragrant purple liqueur. Luckily, a tequila like Milagro Silver offers the right level of floral character to pair remarkably well with crème de violette, while an older tequilas typical vanilla and baking spice notes can ease the liqueurs otherwise cloying sweetness. Just remember: A little bit goes a long way, unless you want your drink to taste like the perfume counter at Bloomingdales.

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    When To Serve The Tequila Sunrise

    This cocktail is terrific by the poolside. Its also great for a night of dancing. And it makes a great drink to have at the end of a long day, before the evening begins.

    Its even great for brunch. Not too strong, with an easygoing fruity flavor that goes with most any brunch foods.

    It is a terrific choice for barbecue cocktails because its light, refreshing and cold. You can serve it at any party, too.

    You might think of the Tequila Sunrise as a very long drink. Thats true, but it only has twice as much fruit juice as alcohol, so its still a good stiff drink.

    If you want, you can add more orange juice to make it a longer drink for sipping. Its made to be poured over ice, which will water it down after a few minutes.

    If you want to keep the flavors intense, you can chill all the ingredients in advance and even the glass, too and skip the ice. Youll get a nice cold drink this way. And you might want to pour it into a smaller rocks glass.

    Tequila Sunrise Recipe Tips

    • Want to make a tequila sunset? Replace the substitute the grenadine syrup with crème de cassis or blackberry brandy and youll have a tequila sunset.
    • Havent got any orange juice? Use grapefruit juice instead, itll change the flavor, but it still works very well.
    • No orange slice or cherry? Just use a brightly colored straw instead.

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    Should Tequila Be Refrigerated

    The simple answer is no you do not need to refrigerate or even freeze Tequila once you open the bottle.

    Distilled spirits like rum, tequila, Licor 43, vodka, or gin are perfectly fine when stored at room temperature or just a little bit lower.

    Store them in a dark and cool place and you can use them for years.

    Tequila Sunrise Drink Recipe

    Tequila Sunrise – Eagles

    The Tequila Sunrise is an old classic drink recipe that sticks around because its so tasty. Its also surprisingly easy to pour for such a beautiful drink.

    The Tequila Sunrise is a classic cocktail recipe blending grenadine with tequila and orange juice. Because the grenadine sinks to the bottom, it looks like a sunrise.

    The flavor is orange and berry, with notes from whatever tequila you use. And its worth using a small batch grenadine for a fresher taste, since it comes across in this drink.

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    What Type Of Tequila Should I Use

    More affordable types of tequila like silver or gold will work like a charm in this recipe. These varieties have a stronger tequila flavor than other types, but we all know the taste of tequila is such a wonderful combination with fruit juices.

    If youre looking for a more mild flavor, try using añejo tequila. While its more expensive, this variety is extremely smooth. I dont suggest using mezcal unless you know youd enjoy smokiness mixed with the fruity flavor of the cocktail.

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