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What Is The Most Expensive Vodka

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka

Top 10 Most Expensive Alcohol in the World

This Vodka was introduced at the Cannes Film Festival and will only set the wealthy drinker back $7240 per bottle. This Belvedere Vodka is definitely a pay for the contents purchase. It is simply packaged in a bottle enclosed inside a teddy bear that appears to be glass but inside the centuries old Belvedere process is matched with artisan well water to create the luxury liquor.

Put Skittles In Bottles

Now put your separated Skittles into 5 bottles, one flavor per bottle. You can use old water bottles, mason jars, thoroughly cleaned condiment jars, old vodka bottles any container with a secure lid plastic or glass.

Mason jars work very well because theyre easy to wash out. And whatever bottle you use is going to get a lot of sticky gunk in the bottom that will need to be cleaned.

The Eye Of The Dragon: $5500000

If you thought vodka didnt get any more expensive than almost four million, The Eye of the Dragon is here to prove you wrong at a whopping $5.5 million.

As the name might suggest, the Hong Kong manufacturing company put a dragon on the bottle to symbolize wealth. No wonder, since youll need a lot of that to purchase and drink this vodka.

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Imperial Collection Vodka Faberge Eggs


Russian vodka brand Imperial Collection launched its vodka carafes in the shape of faberge eggs in the UK three years ago.

Crafted by Russian artisans using enamel, crystals, and 24-carat gold gilding, the eggs are modelled on the world-famous jewelled eggs created by master goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé over a century ago.

Housed inside is a decanter, four Venetian glasses, and a bottle of super premium vodka made from homegrown wheat and rye.

Each egg is topped by a golden eagle designed by a Florentine master jeweller who has worked in the Vatican for over 30 years.

Gold-plated eggs carry an RRP of US$9,502, while coloured enamel eggs are priced US$4,411.

Try One Of The Most Expensive Liquors In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas in the World (Ranked)

Sure, go ahead and give it a shot. See if you cant go out and find yourself a bottle of the worlds most expensive liquors. Or at least find someone who has one. The worst that can happen is that you spend your entire life savings and dig yourself deep into debt for a bottle of something you didnt really like.

Never mind all that. This is just fantasy for 99.9% of us, and hopefully still foolish for the 0.1% that could maybe afford these bottles. But who knows one day, you might be walking past a construction site when someone offers you a sip from a golden bottle!

Until then, lets Get Our Drink On!

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How Much Is Too Much For Ultra Luxury Vodka

Family Reserve

Chopin Vodka

Last year, Chopin released its Family Reserve. Touted as the worlds first ultra-luxury vodka, its a unique spirit distilled from a special variety of young potato harvested in eastern Poland. It also retails for a jaw-dropping $150.

There have been far more expensive vodkas released over the years. But virtually all of those examples rely on some form of gimmick. In 2012, Stoli Elit launched its Pristine Water Series. The first edition utilized water from the Himalayan mountains and fetched $3,000 per unit. Since then thereve been bottles dressed in Swarovski crystals or encrusted in rare gems. The most audacious offering of all was filtered through crushed diamonds and then packaged in a platinum and rhodium encased bottle, with a diamond-set neckband designed by Leon Verres. The aptly-named Billionaire Vodka sold for $3.75 million.

Ostentatious outliers aside, high-end for vodka typically means a cash outlay of no more than $30. Chopins entry marked the first times that a brand dared to break the three-figure barrier for a vodka, based on the value of the actual liquid itself.

Atmosphere at Stoli Elit Ultra Launch Gala during Stoli Elit Launch at Ritz Carlton in Battery Park, … New York, United States.

WireImage for Nike Communications, Inc.

Karuizawa Ruby Geishas Japanese Whisky Bottlings To Be Sold Via A Lottery

Distillation was fine-tuned to help maintain some of those subtleties. After being proof down off the still, the 80-proof clear spirit spent time in 50-year-old Polish oak to mellow out any sharp edges. Quite a lot of effort for a category of liquor thats commonly derided as colorless, odorless and flavorless. Clearly, this was a gesture intended to emphatically put those notions to pasture.

Everyone told him it was a bad idea, recalls brand ambassador Joel Caruso of the costly endeavor. But Tad had a vision and he saw it through. And its amazing.

Caruso has a biased opinion on the subject, of course. Yet after sippingyes, actually sippingthis liquid, its difficult to dispute. There is smoothness, body, a touch of rose petal sweetness and even clove-like complexity to its gentle finish. It is undoubtedly unlike any vodka youve ever tried before.

In fact, the only alternative that draws anywhere close to comparable sophistication comes from Chopins direct competition: Belvedere. The other premium Polish vodka labelnow owned by luxury giant LVMHdebuted its Single Estate Rye series in 2018. As you might suspect from the name, each release draws its grain from just one farm.

Single Estate Rye

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Terminology: The Key Terms To Know When Buying Vodka

ABV: Alcohol By Volume the percentage of ethanol in a beverage.

Charcoal Filtered: Filtering with charcoal is thought to remove off-flavors in vodka after the distilling process before the spirit is bottled and sold. This helps to produce a more premium flavor with smoother notes.

Distillation: A process where a liquid is heated and cooled for purity.

Neutral spirit: A term for a spirit thats without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color. While most vodkas might be regarded as neutral, they still arent technically neutral spirits.

Proof: Another term for measuring the alcoholic content of a beverage. The proof is double the alcohol by volume measurement.

Vodka belt: The Vodka Belt is the part of Europe where around 70 percent of the worlds vodka is produced. It includes the Nordic states , Baltic states as well as Russia, Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World 2022

World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka Stolen

Vodka is considered to be one of the purest liquors in the world. Some is filtered through pure mountain waters while others are purified through a fine sand made of crushed diamonds, giving it a smooth taste, no burn, and the ability to make it a favorite libation among those around the globe. Its always been considered a fairly inexpensive alcohol to get easily drunk off of so anyone can feel like a rockstar if they order the most expensive Vodka that bottle service has to offer in the club, right? Think twice, partygoers. Heres the list of the ten most expensive bottles of Vodka in the world.

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Why Is Tequila Harder Than Vodka

Depending on the type of tequila you drink, tequila has a higher sugar content than vodka. Blanco or white tequila is made from 100% blue agave which is aged for two weeks to several months.

The blue agave comes with natural sugars as well as the added preservatives to the tequila, which makes it harder.

Tequila is distilled at different lengths of time depending on what type of tequila it is, rather than vodka that is fermented.

For example, Extra Añejo tequila is distilled in barrels for up to 3 years, which gives it the strongest taste of all the tequila types.

As vodka has a low sugar content , it is considered less hard than vodka.

Flavored vodka will be filled with extracts from both real fruits and added preservatives, which will make the drink sweeter.

Bombay Sapphire Revelation $200000

Bombay Sapphire gin is known around the world, and although great, its certainly not too expensive. Thats why Bombay decided to boost their brand by putting their gin into a hand-cut crystal bottle in the shape of, what else, a giant crystal. Add in a sapphire and diamond-studded lid, and youve got the Bombay Sapphire Revelation.

But hurry, only five bottles were ever made, and theyre sure to be selling out fast!

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Whisky Is Big Business And No More So Than In 2020 It Seems With Distilleries Temporarily Closing Due To Covid Restrictions And Production Slowing Casks Produced In 2020 Are Predicted To Become Some Of The Rarest And Most Valuable In The Future Believes Cask Whisky Investment Company Whiskey And Wealth Club

While it will be some years before that prediction is proven true, 2020 has certainly been tumultuous, which could well see it remembered as a significant time for the history of the whisky industry, the company has said.

Predicting the futures big selling drams is an inherently risky business, but what is clear is that the whisky investment has never been more buoyant, with returns typically outpacing wine, art and jewellery, with the value of whisky rising by 582% since 2009, according to Knight Franks 2019 Wealth Report.

Earlier this year, an amateur collector sold a bottle hed bought for just £11 in the 1970s for £2,700 at auction. Michael Amphlett, from Cholsey, Oxfordshire, bought a bottle of 1937 Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the late 1970s as a present for his father, costing roughly a third of his wages at the time. Amphletts story proves the potential in savvy purchases, if you can hold onto them long enough. But his hammer price pales in comparison to the sale prices achieved by some of the worlds biggest and most sought after whiskies in the world.

While The Macallan is well known for its record-breaking achievements on the world stage, and is predictably well represented in the following line-up, bottles from Japan, and a new distillery founded in 2013 in the Scottish Highlands, are also proving their worth with collectors.

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Diva Premium Expensive Vodkas

Grey Goose Vodka Bottle Light. $20.00, via Etsy.

At an estimated value of 1 million US dollars, DIVA Premium Vodka is one of the most expensive vodka bottles in the world. The bottle in itself is very beautiful, and you can use it as a decorative item.

The original price of an adorned bottle is just 3,700 US dollars, but this particular bottle will clean your pockets of 1 million dollars.

DIVA Premium Vodka is often described as premium English vodka for its smooth premium taste. It is triple- filtered via spring water ice, then birch charcoal and lastly sand made from precious stones to remove impurities and achieve a luxury taste.

The vodka is crafted from the finest winter-wheat to acquire the best taste. Precious crystals like peridot, pink tourmaline, amethyst, and Smoak topaz are enclosed inside each bottle that you can use it after finishing the vodka.

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What Are Expensive Vodka Brands

A million-dollar prize awaits the owner of Diva Vodka. The old Russo Baltique is for sale at $740,000 The Belvedere Bears Vodka is worth $7240. It costs $6,920 for a bottle of Oval Vodka There was not a ton of Iordanov Vodka, and it cost $4,353. Vodka with Swarovski crystals, titled Alize Limited Edition 2000. A bottle of Absolut Vodka costs $1,000. Ultra magnum grey goose vodka $815.

Absolut Elyx Vodka $22+

Absolut Elyx is Absoluts big sister if you will. The more luxury version of its namesake, Elyx is made from single estate winter wheat and the finest water from Sweden, drawn from a pristine aquifer, then passed through a vintage copper column still from 1921. The result is exceptionally pure vodka thats crafted entirely at the hand of the Master Distillerwithout the use of computers. A very rare vodka-making feat these days. The copper theme runs deep throughout the entire brand as well, as evidenced by cheeky drinking vessels like the Elyx Copper Pineapple of Hospitality and Felix the Gnome of Elyx. Absolut Elyx Vodka, $22+

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Leon Verres’ The Billionaire Vodka Can Set You Back By A Whopping $37 Million A Bottle Unlike Other Premium Vodkas This Vodka Comes In A Bottle Encrusted With Platinum Rhodium And Diamonds And The Label Is Pure Gold

If you have all the money in the world and decide to splurge a bit on a drink to flaunt your newfound luck before your stunned and discreetly jealous friends, what would you do? Where would you go to get it. This story intends to lay the world’s most luxurious vodka out on the table for you to peruse.

Have you ever heard of the Billionaire vodka?

Leon Verres’ The Billionaire vodka, so aptly named, is the most expensive bottle of vodka you can buy now in the world. But be warned. This thing can set you back by a whopping US $3.7 million. Translate that to the Indian scenario. Purchasing The Billionaire means spending more than Rs 30 lakh, if you do the math in rupees, all the while praying that customs would not slap duties on this gem of a drink.

Did I say gem? Well, gems are one reason why this vodka’s price remains in the stratosphere.

The liquid comes in, well, please hold the bottle tightly now, a platinum- and rhodium-encased, diamond-encrusted crystal bottle, with unadulterated gold labels and a neckband studded with thousands of diamonds. Take a close look. The bottle is crowned with diamond-speckled hand-mounted platinum-flocked foil seal.

Time to peek in to see the inside of the bottle.

Swarovski Studded Alize Vodka

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodka in the World

The limited edition Swarovski Studded Alize Vodka was created as a special run in honor of Valentines Day. Pink crystals adorn the exterior of the bottle while the contents include a delectable mixture of premium French vodka, passion fruit, strawberry, and rose.

Swarovski-Studded Alize $2,000

Fortunately, the average consumer doesnt have to spend millions or even thousands of dollars to enjoy a well-crafted vodka cocktail. Plenty of lower priced vodkas exist even if they arent triple-processed through diamond dust or crusted with jewels, crystals, and gold.

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The Most Expensive Vodka Overview

How much is the most expensive Vodka in the world?

Many around the world love Vodka as its a versatile drink, you have many types to choose from, and you can pick a bottle that fits your budget.

What would you buy if money was not an issue for you?

What type of Vodka are the richest people in the world buying to satisfy their lavish lifestyles and show the world that they have made it big?

Keep reading as I will present to you the most expensive Vodka in the world.

As a fun fact, did you know that Vodka means Little Water in Russian and in the Polish language.

Now, without further ado, lets see what is currently the worlds most expensive bottle of Vodka.

How Many Calories Are In Vodka

It depends on the proof. However, for 70 proof vodka, there are 85 calories in 1.5 ounces . The higher the proof, the higher the calories.

If you enjoy vodka but are trying to limit your caloric intake, drink it over the rocks or choose a zero-calorie mixer such as diet ginger ale, some club sodas, etc.

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Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis Xiii Anniversary Edition $16000

Starting at #10, at a measly $16,000 per bottle, weve got Remy Martins The Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition. This is a complex champagne grape cognac thats blended from 1200 different batches with ages ranging from 40-100 years old. Sounds great, but it better be at this price.

Baccarat beauty

This pricey cognac is bottled in a beautiful decanter designed by Baccarat. Its plated with layers of carbon, titanium, and gold to give off an amazing shine. Only 775 of these bottles were created, so that pushes the price up too. Cant afford one? You could get a Remy Martin lamp such as the Remy Martin V.s.o.p. Cognac Magnum Bottle Table Lamp instead.

Belvedere Bear Vodka $7240

Seems legit: The most expensive vodka in the world  Prestige Online ...

Yet another vodka with a limited edition bottle, the Belver Bear launched during the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. The teddy bear-shaped, translucent Plexiglas bottle also comes equipped with backlights making it a unique attraction at gatherings. The intriguing design was the result of Belvederes collaboration with singer and songwriter DJ Jean-Roch.

While the bottle is indeed noteworthy, its contents also come at a premium. Belvedere is known for creating some of the most smooth and flavorful vodkas in the world. Despite being distilled four whole times, the flavor and texture of this vodka are top-notch. The combination of the limited-edition bottle and premium vodka? A whopping $7,240.

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Billionaire Vodka $37 Million

Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive vodka in the world, as the website states. The brand prides itself on being the most expensive and elite brand of vodka. It is claimed that the vodka is filtered three times, once through sand made from crushed diamonds. You can pay for the bottle via PayPal, surprisingly enough, and it is delivered to you by Billionaire Aviation, Billionaire Yachting, and/or Billionaire Car anywhere in the world. On top of all of this, the bottle is diamond encrusted and it delivered to you in a platinum-rhodium case.

Absolut Crystal $ 1000

Most Expensive Vodka

Another renowned vodka brand, individuals at Absolut set out to craft an expensive and extravagant container of vodka for their Absolut Crystal project. The effects is an incredibly special blend that comes housed in a limited edition Crystal Pinstripe bottle. Each of the only 800 limited version pieces cost around $ 1,000.

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