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What Can I Mix With Coconut Rum

Pia Colada Jello Shots

5 EASY Coconut Rum Cocktails you can make at Home | Dead Mans Fingers Rum

Jello shots are a fun variation on cocktails, and coconut rum makes fantastic jell-shots because it blends so well with the various flavors of gelatin. Blending it with pineapple gelatin and pineapple juice makes a tasty Piña Colada flavored version. This makes 12 shots.


  • 1 box pineapple flavored gelatin
  • 1 cup coconut rum

Frozen Watermelon Coconut Mojitos

The Spruce

Frosty, fruity, and sweet, the frozen watermelon coconut mojito is a fantastic way to cool off on hot summer days. Fresh juicy watermelon, bright lime juice, and garden-fresh mint blend with coconut rum in this iced concoction that makes an ideal patio or deck sipper. Garnish this frozen fruity slushy with coconut shreds, lime slices, mint sprigs, and watermelon wedges.

Coconut Rum Painkiller A Rum Cocktail

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Whats better than a twist on a classic tiki cocktail than adding MORE coconut as in this Painkiller Cocktail Recipe?

When summer rolls around and the warm evenings makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, you definitely need a cocktail that fully embraces the tropical vibe! What better way than a Tiki cocktail? We take classic tiki flavors like coconut, pineapple and rum and a little bit of inspiration from the classic Tiki cocktail, the Painkiller, to make a great tropical sipper, the Coconut Rum Painkiller!

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Or Use Coconut Rum For A Tropical Flair

Another type or rum to use in Rum and Lemonade is coconut rum! Most brands of coconut rum are actually a coconut liqueur, because they have a lot of added sugar and a lower alcohol content than rum. Heres what to note:

  • Coconut rum has delicious tropical notes: and sugar! Its got a delightful coconut-y finish. This version will be sweeter than with the types of rum above.
  • Malibu Coconut Rum was launched in 1982 as a way for bartenders to simplify making the Piña Colada. Its the most popular brand on the market, but there are many others you can try out.

Or Serve It On The Rocks With A Gradient Effect

Coconut Cream Martini

Its also fun to serve a Bahama Mama on the rocks. You can use either crushed ice or solid ice, and it makes a lovely gradient effect like a Malibu Sunset. Heres what to know about making the sunrise colors:

  • Mix the drink in the glass with ice. You dont even need to shake it in a cocktail shaker.
  • Pour the grenadine right into the middle of the drink. It will settle to the bottom, since its denser than the other liquids.

Want to go even simpler? Just make a Malibu and Pineapple! Its simple and just as delicious.

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What Else Can You Mix With Tequila

  • Tequila goes well with lime, whether it is juiced in a Margarita or consumed after a shot.
  • This is a grapefruit.
  • Weather is good. Wet weather is good
  • It has jalape*o in it
  • The juice of a tomato
  • You can use aloe vera to soothe sunburns and skin irritations.
  • I am drinking coconut water.
  • Creme de Violette, a bonus.
  • Malibu And Ginger Ale

    Want a tasty, refreshing Malibu cocktail that takes 1 minute to mix together? Try Malibu and Ginger Ale! Its similar to a Dark and Stormy, but the ginger flavor is subtler and melts right into the coconut rum. Add a squeeze of lime and its the perfect refreshing highball. Its a great way to make a fast and easy cocktail with a bottle of coconut rum.

    Ingredients: Malibu Coconut Rum, ginger ale, lime

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    How To Make This Rum And Cranberry Juice Cocktail

    This rum and cranberry juice cocktail is a classic shaken cocktail: youll simply shake it all up in a cocktail shaker. Here are the main steps:

  • Shake in a cocktail shaker. Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, then fill it with ice and shake!
  • Strain into a glass. Strain the drink into a stemmed cocktail glass.
  • Garnish: The drink looks lovely with the contrasting green of a lime slice!
  • Mixed Fruit Smoothie With Banana And Pineapple

    Toasted Coconut Rum Cake (with custard filling) Alcohol Free Version

    Make a puree of 2 ripe bananas and 1 cup crushed pineapple. Now, add 3 oz Malibu, 1 cup canned coconut cream, juice of half a lime and crushed ice and blend until smooth. Transfer into a pitcher and freeze for 15 minutes. Pour into glasses and garnish with mint and pineapple or lime slices.

    If you want this tropical drink without pineapple or banana, you can always choose from mango, raspberry, cranberry, etc. Either way, addition of fruit pulp makes this drink healthy.

    Banana Pineapple Coconut Rum Mixed Smoothie

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    Related Drink: The Bahama Mama

    Want to try a variation on the Malibu Sunset? Opt for the Bahama Mama instead! The Bahama Mama is a popular beach drink thats very similar to the Malibu Sunset, but it adds dark rum and swaps orange juice for lime juice.

    We like to serve our Bahama Mama frozen, so its an icy blender frozen drink. But you can also serve it on the rocks, with the gradient effect just like a Malibu Sunset. Head to that recipe for more details.

    Tips For Making A Malibu Sunset

    If you cant find a pineapple-orange juice blend at your local grocery store, youre welcome to buy them separately and combine them in this Malibu drink. Equal parts orange and pineapple juice should work, but play around with the ratios to find a combination you love.

    I always eyeball the amount of grenadine I use in this Malibu rum drink, and I encourage you to do the same. Just be careful not to stir the tropical drink after youve added the grenadine as its meant to settle on the bottom of the glass!

    If making a larger batch of Malibu sunset, you may want to omit the ice and instead pour the rum mixed drink over ice. This way, your cocktail doesnt get watered down as it sits there.


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    This Drink As A Malibu Sunset Mocktail:

    If you have guests that dont drink alcohol make this fruity alcoholic drink into a mocktail in one easy step.

    • Eliminate the rum
    • Replace the coconut rum with coconut water.
    • You can still make the sunset layer as directed in the video.

    This drink with Malibu coconut rum is a REALLY popular beach party drink. It looks great at a wedding reception or showerPretty much anytime you wish to upscale an event this is a good candidate.

    This Malibu rum recipe adds a colorful tropical vibe to your party.

    Sweet alcoholic drinks like this one are VERY easy to drink WAY too fast. So be careful. This one can sneak up on you. Enjoy and Drink responsibly.

    What Drink Goes With Malibu Rum

    Malibu Coconut Rum Recipes : Bahama Mama Oz Coconut Rum ...

    Drinks & cocktails with Malibu Rum. Enjoy one of these delicious Caribbean rum cocktails made with Malibu Rum with the smooth,sweet taste of coconut,fresh fruits and enjoy the refreshing taste of the tropics. Malibu Piña Colada. Malibu Rum,Coconut Cream,Pineapple Juice,Cherry,Pineapple. Malibu Sea Breeze.

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    Can I Use Cranberry Cocktail Juice For This Recipe

    For this recipe, I used 100% cranberry juice to help balance the sweetness out. If you prefer a slightly sweeter drink go ahead and use cranberry cocktail juice!

    Who says you can only enjoy fun, fruity drinks while on vacation? Keep another exciting, fruity rum drink in your hand to channel the sunshine even on the coldest of winter days!

    What Do You Drink With Pineapple Rum

    In pineapple rum, fresh pineapple is used in the distillation process. is pineapple rum good does pineapple rum go with? You can combine it with pineapple juice, mint, and coconut to create a fruity and complex drink or mix it with Maraschino liqueur to create an exotic cocktail. This drink calls for some kosher salt, which we had on hand.

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    How Do You Properly Drink Rum

    Drink It Like Whiskeywith a Splash of Water or Ice Most spirits are distilled to 40 percent alcohol by volume, or 80 proof, but many rums are bottled at higher proofs. For those stiffer rums , adding ice or a splash of water will mellow it out so the alcohol vapors dont overpower the subtle flavors, says Vida.

    What Do You Mix With Malibu Rum

    ALUNA COCONUT RUM & BANANA – Easy Coconut Rum Cocktails

    Malibu rum can be mixed with a variety of ingredients to make cocktails, including pineapple and pineapple juice, cranberry juice, cola, grapefruit juice, coconut milk, citrus fruits and strawberries. It is a popular mix for a wide variety of tropical-themed cocktails and the most popular cocktail mixes include Piña Colada, Sun Splash and Twisted Pink.

    Malibu rum is a liqueur that is flavored with coconut extract. It has an alcohol by volume average of 21 percent. The original liqueur was originally created in Curacao with flavored rum, fruit spirits and coconut flavoring to make it easier for bartenders to mix Piña Coladas. As the liqueur gained more popularity, the production was moved to the West Indies Distillery in Barbados, where higher quality ingredients were used.

    Diageo originally owned the rights to the Malibu Rum brand but later sold it to Allied Domecq for $800 million. Pernod Ricard later acquired the rights from Allied Domecq. Malibu rum spawned several more versions, including Malibu Red, Malibu Black, Malibu Island Spiced, Malibu Fresh and the chocolate ice cream-flavored Malibu Sundae.

    One of the more popular cocktails using the original Malibu rum is called âSun Splash,â and it is relatively easy to mix one serving. To make a Sun Splash, mix 1 ounce of Malibu rum with 1 ounce of pressed pineapple juice and 1 ounce of pressed pink grapefruit juice.

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    How To Make A Winter Sunshine Cocktail

    Place about 1/2 a cup of shredded coconut flakes on a plate or shallow dish. Rim the edge of a martini or wide-rimmed cocktail glass with a slice of orange or water and then dip the glass rim side down into the coconut flakes to rim the glass. You may need to gently roll the edges in the coconut.

    Add 1 cup of ice then 1 oz of Coconut Rum, 2 oz of coconut milk and 1 oz of orange juice to a blender and blend on high until the liquid is creamy and there are no large ice chunks. Should be the consistency of a smoothie. Pour into coconut rimmed glass and serve immediately.

    Recipe Tips For This Fruity Mixed Drinks Recipe:

    • Use FRESH limes rather than bottled lime juice. The oils in the rind help increase the flavors of this drink
    • Use FRESH or frozen strawberries. The results of this recipe rely on fresh or unsweetened frozen berries. Do not use strawberry drink syrup like some people use with smoothies. I have heard of this but it will be awful in this recipe.
    • To keep your drink chilled longest:
    • Set your glasses in the fridge or freezer 15 to 30 minutes ahead of making your daiquiri.
    • Freeze the strawberries at least 30 minutes.
    • Chill the lime and rum 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

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    Is White Rum Bad For Health

    Yes, youve read it right! Rum consumption can give you a healthy and strong heart. Also, it decreases cholesterol levels in the body. It is also a good drink for peripheral artery disease prevention and is a blood thinner, which can help combat artery blockages, prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

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    What Liquor Is Made From Pineapples

    Malibu Rum Punch

    Tepache is a fermented beverage made from the peel and the rind of pineapples, and is sweetened either with piloncillo or brown sugar, seasoned with powdered cinnamon, and served cold. Though tepache is fermented for several days, the resulting drink does not contain much alcohol.

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    Tips For The Perfect Malibu Rum Drink

    • The best thing about this cocktail is that you can make it 100% your own! Customize your drink by experimenting with the proportions of each ingredient. If youd like a stronger drink, add more Malibu.
    • You can also adjust the level of sweetness by paying attention to how much grenadine youre adding. Start with a little bit and keep adding little by little until its perfect for you.
    • Dont stir the drink after you pour in the grenadine if youd like to have two-tone colors.

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    How To Make A White Russian Without Vodka


    • 1 1/2 oz Coconut Rum
    • 1 oz Kahlua
    • 1 oz coconut milk

    You know I have a lot of vodka recipes and could have used it here, the coconut rum just felt right. I trust my gut when it comes to cocktails.

    Kahlua is one of those things that you buy for like, one recipe. If you dont have it, you can pretty much can swap it out for any coffee-flavored liquor.

    Im terrible about making sure that I have the ingredients on hand before I start a recipe. I fell in love with Drizly for this reason!

    You can buy almost everything you need to make cocktails and have it delivered to your home in about an hour! Its genius.

    You can also sub out the coconut milk for other non-dairy alternatives. This would be super tasty with almond milk too.

    All you really need to know is Kahlua, coconut rum and coconut milk is super tasty.


    To a glass filled with ice add Kahlua.

    Add the coconut rum. .

    Add in your coconut milk and then stir!

    It couldnt be easier to make this White Russian with coconut milk.

    You dont even have to exert yourself with shaking anything. And it totally doesnt even matter what order you add it all in.

    I love the way the coconut milk begins to mix with the Kahlua. I wish you didnt have to stir it and could leave it all marbley and gorgeous.

    The coconut rum gives it a slight sweetness. I see it being a big player in my summer cocktails.

    Do you like a traditional White Russian or does this coconut milk cocktail sound better??

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    A Few Notes On Grenadine

    If youre an avid cocktail drinker, youll have grenadine as part of your typical bar setup. If not, its worth a purchase! This cocktail syrup is used in many grenadine drinks to make a lovely pink color. Here are a few thing to note about this syrup:

    • Many store bought grenadine syrups have artificial colors and flavors. Its the only way to get the very bright red.
    • Or, make all natural homemade grenadine! If you choose to do so, make sure to use our Grenadine Syrup recipe and use fresh pomegranate juice! Purchased juice makes for a cloudy, dark color.

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    The Proper Glass For A Frozen Daiquiri:

    Coconut Rum Punch Recipe | Booze On The Rocks

    Surprise! There really isnt one glass associated with a frozen daiquiri. We have seen them made in martini, pina colada and margarita glasses most often.

    We chose 12 oz. Margarita glasses and the size is PERFECT. You will get two completely filled margarita glasses.

    However, any tall tom collins, cocktail, pina colada or martini glass of the same size will also work for this recipe.

    The coconut rum with the lime and strawberries is a wonderful flavor balance your mouth is gonna love.

    This gorgeous summer drink is very light in calories and alcohol and big on refreshing fruity flavor.

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    Tips For Making A Kiss On The Lips Cocktail

    You can use Malibu OR a flavored vodka such as pineapple, peach, strawberry, raspberry, whatever you love. Ive made it with both Malibu and strawberry vodka and they were both great. Use what you have on hand.

    This recipe makes one grenadine cocktail, but you can easily scale up the ingredients list to make more than one serving.

    I recommend enjoying the cocktail immediately since itll begin to melt as soon as its poured.

    Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini An indulgent chocolate martini thats perfect for Valentines Day, anniversaries, date-night-in, or a girls-night-in! Plenty of chocolate flavor in this festive, fun, and easy martini!

    Malibu Sunset Fun, fruity, easy, tropical, and they go down so easily!

    Rum Runner My favorite recipe for rum runners from a Caribbean bartender!

    Tropical Peach Pineapple Slushies Plenty of booze and no added sugar, a win-win! Cool, refreshing, and they go down so easily!

    Watermelon Lemon Drop Slushies Wondering what to do with all the watermelon you have? Make easy, cool, refreshing slushies!

    Tropical Mango Mimosas A fun, easy, and refreshing twist on classic mimosas! A party favorite at your next brunch or event! Everyone will want refills!

    Peach Mango Pineapple White Sangria A lighter, fresher alternative to red sangria! Try it for your next party!

    Tropical Strawberry Lemonade Party Punch Sweet and citrusy with a tropical vibe! So fast and easy!! Punch and sangria all in one with loads of fruit!

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