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Recipe For Mojitos By The Pitcher

Soda Water Vs Club Soda

How to Make Mojitos By The Pitcher | Drink Recipes |

Speaking of soda wateris it club soda? Is it seltzer? In this mojito pitcher recipe, we use the term soda water to mean any type of unflavored sparkling water! Here are some of the differences between club soda vs seltzer:

  • Soda water aka seltzer is carbonated water with no additives straight up bubbles!
  • Club soda is carbonated water infused with added minerals, which give it a salty, lightly sweet flavor. Its great in cocktails, like these top club soda cocktails.

In contrast, tonic water is carbonated water with added quinine and sugar. Dont use it in a Mojito because of the distinct flavor. But you can use it for a Gin and Tonic, Vodka Tonic, Tequila Tonic or Whiskey Tonic!

Easy Recipe Tips For Making Pitcher Mojitos

Is Rum the only liquor that should be used for making mojitos?

  • This is a great question. Traditional Latin mojitos made with white rum as this recipe instructs, are very delicious. However, I never have white rum in my cupboard! Instead, I use Wellers bourbon whiskey to make my mojitos since thats what my hubs keeps in the liquor cabinet.
  • When it comes to cocktails, the sky is the limit and you can experiment with different liquors, according to your tastes. Vodka is also a liquor thats used quite often for making mojitos, as well.

Ive heard people say that if a mojito isnt made with freshly muddled mint, its not a real mojito. Is this true?

  • I completely agree. An authentic mojito must be made with fresh mint. However, if youve ever muddled fresh mint leaves, you know its a ton of work. Because I adore mojitos, I had to find a way to make it easier.
  • Thats where STEEPING beat out MUDDLING! Instead of muddling the mint essence from the leaves, I decided to coax it out using heat by steeping the mint in the hot simple syrup. Im so thrilled that it works like a charm!!

So youre saying I can make authentic Cuban mojitos from scratch without a muddler?

  • I sure am! Steeping the mint in the hot simple syrup mixture eliminates the need for using a muddler all together. Its truly the bomb.

Is it true that some bar tenders actually dislike making mojitos? Why?

Does it matter which type of fresh mint is used for making mojitos?

Where do I find fresh mint?

Muddle To The Mojito Magic

Add to a large pitcher the limes, mint leaves, and sugar. Using a muddler or the back of a wide wooden spoon, muddle the ingredients together. The room will fill with the bright citrus smell and the aromatics of the mint. So good!

Add the rum and you are ready to refrigerate for the best results.

Classic Mojitos by the Pitcher muddle

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How To Make Pitcher Mojitos In 3 Easy Steps

  • Make a simple syrup of water and sugar in a small saucepan when hot, add the mint sprigs to steep. When the simple syrup has cooled, remove and toss the mint sprigs.
  • In a glass pitcher, combine the limeade, rum, and club soda. Stir in the desired amount of the prepared and cooled mint syrup, adjusting it to your taste as you go.
  • Pour the mojitos over tall glasses of ice garnish with lime slices and fresh mint leaves and serve at once!
  • Mojito With Simple Syrup Instead

    Mojitos by the Pitcher Recipe

    Many don’t like it when there’s sugar granules in their cocktails. Stirring should dissolve the sugar completely, but it takes a few minutes . Real sugar will taste better and more authentic. However, a simple syrup can be an easy way to be completely sure there aren’t any sugar granules.

    Because a simple syrup is 1 part sugar and 1 part water, you should use the double amount of simple syrup than regular caster sugar. To make a simple syrup, add equal parts sugar and water to a saucepan. On medium heat, stir until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside to cool completely and store covered in the fridge. It’s perfect when you want a quick drink such as a whiskey sour.

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    What Is A Mojito Where Does It Come From

    Mojito is just the best cocktail ever. It originated in Cuba when their rum wasnt great. To mask the unpleasant taste of the rum, they made it tastier by adding lime, mint and sugar.

    During the Prohibition Era in the States, it became popular to travel to Cuba. That is when the cocktail reached international stardom. Today, the rum has gotten better, but this tropical drink is still somewhere at the top of the list of cocktails ordered. I know for sure it is at the top of my list at least!

    I have tried Cuban mojitos in Cuba. And I need to be honest, that stuff is STRONG. I bet they had three times as much rum as I have in this recipe, maybe even more. The mojito is, in my opinion, much better when lime, sugar and mint highlights the drink and is not masked by way too much rum.

    But either way, the beauty of a mojito is that you can add and subtract as much as you like as long as you have the basic mojito ingredients there!

    How To Make A Mojito Recipe With Simple Syrup

    STEP 1: Add 5-7 mint leaves to the bottom of the glass.

    STEP 2: Add plain Simple Sugar.

    STEP 3: Muddle mint leaves and the simple sugar together for approximately 1 minute. This will release the mint oil from the leaves.

    TIP: If you dont have a Muddler, you can use the handle of a wooden spoon in a pinch. This will take a little longer because its smaller than using a good Muddler.

    STEP 4: Add Light Rum and freshly squeezed lime juice. Stir.

    STEP 5: Fill your cocktail glass with ice cubes.

    STEP 6: Slide 2-3 lime wheels or small lime slices down the side of the glass, letting the ice hold them in place.

    STEP 7: Top with club soda or a lime tonic.

    STEP 8: Garnish with a sprig of mint and lime wheel.

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    How To Make Classic Mojito Recipe

    The base for this mojito recipe can be prepped ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator until ready to par-tay all vacation long!

    First, set out a large pitcher and pour in the rum, mint simple syrup, and lime juice. Stir the mixture until it is combined. You now can stick the whole pitcher in the fridge for up to a day, or continue preparing to serve mint mojitos immediately.

    When ready to enjoy, stir in the club soda and fill the pitcher with ice and lime slices, if you like.

    Garnish the glasses with a fresh sprig of mint leaves and lime rounds or wedges. Pour the mojito into glasses and serve.

    For an extra fancy and sweet treat, you can rim the glass with lime juice and raw sugar.

    Quick Tips And Tricks For Making The Best Mojitos

    Mojito Pitcher Recipe | Mojitos By The Pitcher | Cait Straight Up
    • Prep your ingredients before mixing the pitcher. This means juicing your limes and making simple syrup beforehand.
    • Double or triple the recipe! While this Mojito Pitcher recipe makes six drinks, you might be hosting friends who want more than one drink. If so, make a second pitcher and leave out the club soda until its go time.
    • Purchase good lime juice or squeeze your own. The shelf stable bottled stuff wont cut it for this Mojito Pitcher.
    • Add extra mint for garnish! Not only is it beautiful, but it adds a lovely scent as you sip!
    • Dont over muddle the mint. Mint is a delicate herb, and the point of muddling is to get the leaves to release their oils, which provides flavor in the mojito. If you muddle them too much, they could become bitter.
    • Make the mint flavor extra strong by making mint simple syrup. To do this, follow the instructions on how to make simple syrup and throw in a bunch of mint when the sugar has dissolved. Let it steep for 30-45 minutes before straining the mint out.

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    Tips For The Best Mojitos

    Here are a couple tips that Ive learned throughout the years of making my own mojitos at home.

    • The key to this recipe is the added Mojito Simple Syrup. Do not skip it! It elevates the flavor to a whole new level!
    • Serve it chilled. Mojitos that are served extra chilled and cold go down so much smoother. Just make sure you chill the simple syrup fully!
    • Use a good quality rum! It makes all the difference to your final cocktail if you use a good quality white rum. There are so few ingredients in a mojito, make sure to use quality ones.
    • Drinks always taste better with friends. Okay, so maybe this isnt really a tip but just one of those things that I think is true!

    How To Make A Mojito In A Pitcher

    1. Juice the Limes: Slice two limes for garnish. Juice the other 4 limes, you should get about ¾ cup juice.

    2. Muddle the Mint: Place the mint leaves and granulated sugar in a glass and muddle them well until they are bruised and fragrant, this may take a few minutes. Place the muddled mint into the bottom of your pitcher.

    3. Mix: Add the simple syrup, lime juice, and rum to the pitcher. Stir to combine. Add the club soda and gently stir.

    4. Pour: Garnish glasses with lime slices and fresh mint. Add ice to the glasses and pour the mojitos over the ice and serve.

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    How To Make Refreshing Pitcher Mojitos

    Are you ready for the most refreshing cocktail of your life? How to Make Refreshing Pitcher Mojitos shares how this Latin classic has become a wildly popular summer beverage.

    A Cuban high ball, the Mojito cocktail is a blend of sweet and citrus flavors, freshly-muddled mint, and white rum. With this recipe, you can now make mojitos for a crowd!

    Stir Rum Into Sugar Mixture

    Mojitos by the Pitcher Recipe

    Mojito recipe vodka pitcher. Now that im moving into a new season of life, im all about having a cocktail, especially if. Chill at least 1 hour or up to 3 days. While the recipe below is written to serve 1, you can easily make a pitcher of these skinny mojitos to serve at a party, a girls night, or whenever the mood strikes.

    Garnish glasses with lime peel strips and mint. When ready to serve, gently stir club soda into mixture in pitcher, and add lime rounds. It just might be the perfect rum cocktail!

    Place lime juice, sugar, vodka, raspberries and lime slices into a pestle and crush until the sugar is dissolved, about 1 minute. In a glass or shaker, add lime juice, monk fruit, and mint leaves. Get a taste of the classic cuban cocktail in minutes with this recipe featuring rum, lime, and mint.

    Stir together mint syrup, rum, and lime juice in a large pitcher. Dont muddle them too much, though. After all, as a party host you need to make sure those drinks stay filled and people stay happy.

    The recipe easily sizes up. I doubled the recipe so to fit our 2 liter pitcher, and muddled the mint and sugar ahead of time, enough for four pitchers. Get a taste of the classic cuban cocktail in minutes with this recipe featuring rum, lime, and mint.

    Stir around to mix everything together. Our new favorite keto cocktail. Using a muddler muddle the fruit and herbs together.

    Top up with soda water. Add limes and muddle until limes are juiced. Just enough so they release their.

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    How To Make A Pitcher Of Mojitos

    Juice your limes. I typically do this over a liquid measuring cup with a fine mesh strainer on top of it to keep pulp and seeds out of the final juice.

    Pro tip: Youll get more juice from your limes if theyre room temperature. If you keep em in the fridge, pop them into the microwave for 20-30 seconds to get those juices flowing!

    Next, get all your mint leaves ready. You need a lot and it is a hassle but skimping on the mint is going to mean for a less flavorful mojito, which is unacceptable. Make sure to rinse the mint leaves off, as well pat them dry with a kitchen towel.

    Add the mint leaves to the bottom of a pitcher. Bruise the mint leaves using a muddler or a wooden spoon so they can release their natural oils.

    Pour the white rum, lime juice and simple syrup into the pitcher. Stir until combined.

    Top the pitcher off with the club soda, and serve immediately, pouring the pitcher mojitos over ice in individual glasses and garnishing with lime wedges and extra mint sprigs.

    How Do I Make Mojitos In A Pitcher

    Once you have the mint mojito syrup ready, the rest is simple.

  • Pour the cooled syrup into a pitcher.
  • Mix in the rum and lime juice.
  • Then let the full pitcher chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
  • If you want to make this mojito pitcher recipe ahead of time, you can let the pitcher of mojitos sit in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Just give it a good stir before serving.

    When youre ready to serve, stir in club soda and pour into glasses of ice. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and slices of lime, and youre ready to go!

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    Mojitos Are Perfect For Parties

    Making mojitos by the pitcher is not only the best way to keep people happy at a party, but they are also a host/hostesses’ dream cocktail recipe. These taste better the longer the flavor infuses together so making a pitcher of mojitos ahead of time is ideal. That way there is one less thing to worry about when guests arrive. Just add club soda, stir, and pour. Keep refrigerated between filling glasses to keep the rum cocktail chilled.

    When the weather gets hot, these are great when you are entertaining outside. The best rum cocktail recipe for barbecues and when you are grilling with friends. You can even make more than one flavor of mojitos to offer everyone some delicious and fun choices. Everyone will be happy and have a wonderful cocktail.

    Mint Mojito Recipe Pitcher

    Mojitos by the pitcher

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    Mojito Pitcher Recipe Best Mojitos For A Crowd

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    Fresh Homemade Mojitos Spend With Pennies

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    How To Make A Refreshing Mojito Pitcher Recipe

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    What Ingredients Are In A Virgin Mojito Recipe

    • Sparkling water

    Fresh lime juice makes this drink bright and flavorful, but you can totally cheat if you want to make pitchers for a crowd, or just dont feel the desire to squeeze limes.

    Using a quality limeade is a great substitute for the lime juice and the simple syrup combo. Use 1/4 cup of limeade in lieu of the fresh lime and honey syrup. When I buy limeade I love Newmans Own brand because it tastes fresh and has a great lime flavor.

    We use plain sparkling water that we make in our Soda Stream, but feel free to use your favorite sparkling water. Want to use a flavored sparkling water? Go for it! I would stick with lime or lemon, but thats just me.

    Technically you could also use ginger ale or a lemon-lime flavored soda in lieu of the sparkling water, but Im in the camp of why add more sugar when it isnt needed.

    Classic Mojito Recipe In A Pitcher

    Guys. Tomorrow is the big day. Can you believe it!

    Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.

    Are you ready to get your fiesta on?

    I wait for this day to come all year long.

    I mean, what other holiday do you get to celebrate with guacamole, tacos and margaritas! Ya know!

    Now, while I love margaritas and I have quite a few options for you to make like my Mixed Berry Frozen Margarita, Frozen Mango Margarita, Blood Orange Margarita, Thyme Blackberry Margarita or my Ultimate Classic Margarita!

    Today we are celebrating my favorite summer time drink.

    Light, clean, simple and refreshing Mojitos.

    These bad boys are my drink of choice on vacation and in the summer because of how light they are. All you need to make these are 5 simple ingredients: limes, mint, rum, club soda and coconut sugar.

    Normally I make my mojitos one at a time in a cocktail shaker, but todays recipe is by the pitcher. Because, well its Cinco de Mayo, so why not!

    After all, as a party host you need to make sure those drinks stay filled and people stay happy. This Classic Mojito Recipe is sure to fill all those needs. I guarantee it will be the hit of the party.

    If youre looking for more party cocktails try your hand here.

    Cheers friends!

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