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What Is The Difference Between Gold And Silver Tequila

Visually It’s Easy To Tell The Difference Between Silver And Gold Tequilas

Classifications of Tequila Best Types of Tequila Difference Between Tequilas

To the untrained eye, visually discerning the differences between types of tequilas out there is relatively simple as the spirit it generally either clear or gold in color. But when picking up bottles, there are all sorts of terms that populate labels. Silver and gold are not actually categories, according to Vinepair, but are treated as such by cheaper brands such as Jose Cuervo. The first is relatively straightforward: silver tequila is the clear, unaged spirit. Gold is where things get a little tricky.

According to Thrillist, gold tequila can be broken down into two varieties. The first is the sort of stuff that has given so many folks shot-induced PTSD, i.e., the cheap stuff that’s made from a less than pure mix of agave plus artificial colors and flavorings such as oak extract and caramel color. The second is a less common blend of blanco , or unaged, tequila made from 100% agave, and aged tequila. Differentiating the two types of tequilas can be a bit daunting, so the folks at Sip Tequila have broken it down into an easy-to-understand formula basically, if it makes your head hurt the next day, you’re dealing with the cheap stuff, and if it’s the kind of gold that makes for an enjoyable sip, you’ve got your hands on the good kind of gold.

How Do You Make A Margarita How Do You Make A Margarita

One of the best things about margaritas is that they are so versatile and customizable. You can make them with pretty much any flavor combination you can think of. When out at the bar, youll likely see the option for frozen margaritas, which are sugary and sweet and perfect for a hot summers day. But not all margaritas are like that!

Regular margaritas contain lime juice, tequila, and salt or sugar around the rim, with other flavors as well. Many people like to play with the flavor profiles of different recipes and create margaritas using fresh juice and fruit wedges. Tequila also pairs well with spice, making things like jalapeno and cayenne popular additions.

Other than that, they are typically fruit-based drinks. The basic things you will need to make a margarita on the rocks is silver tequila, limes, salt or sugar, and some sort of flavoring . They also frequently contain triple sec or Cointreau for an extra boost of flavor.

Start by rimming your cup dab it in lime juice or water, and then add your coarse salt or sugar. Many people consider margaritas made best in a shaker, so add your ice, all your ingredients, and get to shaking. Pour into your glass and enjoy! Once youve mastered the single-serving margarita, consider trying big batch options or more unique flavor profiles for your next party.

Main Differences Between Gold And Silver Tequila

  • Gold tequila has a brown colour, almost caramel appearance whereas Silver tequila has a clear and transparent look and it appears like water
  • Gold Tequila is stored in the barrels for some time during the ageing process whereas Silver tequila is packaged between anything less than two months after the making process finished
  • Gold tequila is added with necessary colouring and additives whereas Silver tequila is packaged in its purest form with no additives are added
  • Gold tequila has a smooth and sweeter taste, this taste is acquired from ageing and flavouring processes whereas Silver tequila has a more natural and harsh taste
  • Gold tequila has a lower concentration of agave whereas Silver tequila has 100% agave concentration
  • Gold tequila is consumed directly as shots because of its smooth taste whereas Silver tequila is used for cocktails as its pure form is harsh to consume
  • Gold tequila is costlier as there is a long process of making it whereas Silver tequila is cheaper as compared to former
  • Gold tequila is less popular in clubs whereas Silver tequila is very popular in clubs
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    Not All Tequilas Are Created Equally

    After reading this, you now know that not all tequila is created equally. The three main types Silver, Reposado and Anejo differ in taste, smell, hue, texture, and more. While some tequilas are made for mixing or producing the perfect margaritas, others are made to be savored and enjoyed on their own. Now that youve been educated in tequila, its time to make a toast to your new knowledge! Head over to our Shop page to purchase any Casa Mexico tequila online. ¡Salud!


    Summary Of Gold Vs Silver Tequila

    What are the differences between gold and silver tequila ...
    • The best tequila globally comes from Mexico.
    • There are around five different types of tequila tequila silver, gold, resposado, anejo and extra anejo, but the most popular is white and gold.
    • The main difference between tequila gold and white is the process involved in making gold is stored in barrels for aging while white can be bottled right after distillation or within 2 months.
    • Silver tequila is more popular in clubs compared to gold.
    • The colour difference of the two is the outright difference gold is caramel brown while silver is pure like water.

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    White Tequila Vs Gold Tequila

    Tequila is a paramour among those who love to sit back and take in an all together different experience, opting for something more up there when it comes to finer choices. Find out how this spirit supersedes others…

    Tequila is a paramour among those who love to sit back and take in an all together different experience, opting for something more up there when it comes to finer choices. Find out how this spirit supersedes others

    Were all familiar with the infamous round of tequila shots which are commonly taken using white tequila, a bit of salt as an aftershock for the senses and a slice of lemon to add in some verve leaving you salivating. While most of the sophisticated male species opt for scotch on the rocks as their much preferred drink, women are found usually sipping on vodka or wine. So where does tequila fit in? Because it is produced using the finest of ingredients, it is priced a little higher than most alcohol concoctions. It is a classy drink all by itself, while others dont stand a chance in competing. Lovingly brought up and distilled to perfection, tequila is a class apart from the rest and has proved time and again that it is the master of all drinks.

    What Is Aejo Tequila

    When most people think about tequila, they probably arent thinking of an aged spirit with hints of vanilla, caramel, and spices. But by definition, añejo is a blue agave gold tequila that has been aged for a minimum of 12 months in oak barrels, creating a gorgeous amber hue. The aging process creates a tequila that is bolder and richer than Reposado tequila or Silver tequila. Because of this, theyre typically sipped neat rather or served over ice rather than shots or mixed into a margarita or cocktail drink.

    What Makes Casa Mexico Añejo the Best Añejo Tequila?

    Slowly baked in clay ovens, naturally fermented and double-distilled in stainless steel pot stills, our finished product then rests for a minimum of 12 months in new American White Oak barrels. This transformation allows the gold tequila to obtain its exceptional taste and caramel hue through natural processes.

    Tequila aficionados appreciate the initial caramel notes and subsequent smooth oak flavors that are produced by this uniquely nuanced spirit. This expression is best served neat or with a minimal amount of ice. It is not typically used in a margarita drink.

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    Whats The Difference Between Gold And Silver Tequila

    The obvious difference between the two types of tequila is the color, with silver tequila being clear in color and gold tequila being an amber/caramel color that can range in shades of light and dark.

    The biggest and most important difference between the two is how long they are aged, which gives them a difference in color and flavor. Silver tequila is typically bottled immediately after it is distilled, but it can age for a maximum of two months.

    It is also distilled in stainless steel, which prevents it from changing or acquiring any color. Basically, this is what keeps it clear in color. The taste is also different from gold tequila. Silver tequila is strong and harsh, which is why people use lemon or lime to neutralize it in drinks or shots.

    Gold tequila is distilled in barrels. These barrels are what give the tequila its golden color . The length of time spent in the barrels makes the shade of gold vary, with a longer amount of time resulting in a darker shade.

    The longer gold tequila ages in the barrel, the more expensive and high-quality it will be. Typically it is aged anywhere from 60 days to a year, but some brands will age it for years.

    Which Will Make Me More Drunk

    What is the difference between Blanco, Reposado and Añejo Tequila?

    This comes down to personal alcohol tolerance, how you drink the spirits, whether youre mixing with other alcoholic drinks, and how much you drink. Of course, the more you drink, the drunker you will get. Different bodies will react differently to each drink. Some will have a higher tolerance to vodka than others. Therefore, its not easy to say which will make you drunker. It also depends on how you drink your chosen spirit. Its a common misconception that drinking a spirit with a mixer is less likely to make you drunk than if you drink it neat because the drink will still have the same alcohol content. That being said, if you drink vodka or tequila alongside other drinks and spirits, this will make you drunker faster. Mixing drinks is a gateway to a certified hangover and drunk mess.

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    Does Tequila Affect You Differently Than Vodka

    It depends on the person and their tolerance and relationship with liquor. There will be some people who find they become a happy drunk when they drink vodka, and an angry drunk when they drink tequila. For others, itll be vice versa.

    Generally speaking, vodka is known to lower your inhibitions and destroy your verbal filters. This means people who drink vodka are more likely to say and do whatever they want.

    Tequila is known for temporary memory loss, which is why youll often hear a lot of people say I cant remember last night if they drank tequila.

    For the most part, everyone will react differently to different types of alcohol. Other factors will contribute to a change of character when drinking, such as how much you drink, what speed you drink it, your company, your life situation, and what other drinks you consume alongside it.

    What Is Better Gold Or Silver Tequila

    When it comes down to it, silver tequila is better for margaritas than gold tequila. They are aged differently, with silver tequila boasting a stronger, purer taste while being clear in color. Its simplicity makes it the perfect companion to mixed drinks, as it matches beautifully with other flavor profiles.

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    Understanding The Difference Between Silver And Gold Tequila

    Did you know that tequila has some of the toughest regulations in the liquor industry? It can only be made in certain parts of Mexico including the area surrounding the city of Tequila the states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. Many standards of regulation have to be followed in order for blue agave based spirits to be labeled tequila. And in addition to the agave plant being grown in the tequila approved regions of Mexico, the Tequila Regulatory Council holds tight regulations over all other parts of the production as well. These tight regulations are part of what make agave tequila one of the best liquors to sip on or mix with . So its no surprise that many people hop on Google to learn more about tequila.

    Keep on reading if youve ever asked the question:

    • What is Añejo Tequila?
    • What is the difference between silver and gold tequila?

    And well answer everything for you !

    Which Is The Smoothest Tequila


    The smoothest tequila is going to be the one that is most agedextra añejo tequila. The dark mahogany of extra añejo feels like cool liquid caramel on the tongue and tastes extraordinary. Nice, right?

    Now, heres something to think about: what is the smoothest tequila for shots?

    Well, thats really up to you. Keep in mind that one of the main differences between gold and silver tequila is the taste. Since white tequila is sharper and more acidic, it is going to burn when you take a shot of it. Meanwhile, gold tequila is gentle, almost soothing, in its flavors. So, if you want to take pleasant shots and not go scrambling for the nearest chaser, choose a gold tequila.

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    Types Of Tequila Brands

    What to look for when buying a good bottle of tequila? Rule of thumb: look for a mid-priced tequila of any age: price does indicate quality! When youre shopping for tequila, look for 750 ml bottles in the range of $22 to $35. Anything cheaper isnt worth buying. Here are a few types of tequila brands that we recommend:

  • Espolon Blanco: inexpensive tequila blanco
  • El Tesoro Blanco: mid-priced tequila blanco
  • Patrón Silver: mid-priced tequila blanco
  • Milagro Reposado: mid-priced tequila reposado
  • Suerte Reposado: mid-priced tequila reposado
  • What are your favorite types of tequila? Let us know in the comments below.

    Wrapping Up: Silver Vs Gold Tequila

    So, whats the difference between silver and gold tequila? A lot of things! The aging of the tequila colors and the flavors are worlds apart. Clear tequila vs gold tequila is all about the flavor, price range, versatility, and smoothness. Because of that, gold tequila is considered best for sipping while clear or silver tequila is ideal for cocktails.

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    Which Is Best Gold Or Silver Tequila

    Together with caramel or different components additionally offers the tequila a smoother style, which makes it optimum for pictures. Typically, gold tequila is 100% agave, nevertheless. That is sometimes made by mixing a silver tequila with a top-shelf, aged tequila. Individuals often go for gold tequila in the case of margaritas.

    When To Use Tequila Blanco Vs Reposado Vs Anejo

    Tequila 101: Silver vs. Reposado vs. Anejo

    Whats the right time to use blanco instead of tequila resposado vs anejo? Which works in cocktails, and which is better sipping neat?

    • Tequila blanco has a straightforward flavor thats great in cocktails like or highball cocktails like Ranch Water.
    • Tequila reposado is fantastic in cocktails it adds a sophisticated nuance to the flavor of the drink. It makes an incredible Classic Margarita, or use it in classy spins like the Hennessy Margarita, Grand Marnier Margarita or Cadillac Margarita. Reposado adds great flavor notes to a highball drink like Tequila and Ginger Ale.
    • Tequila anejo has a dark, rich flavor and is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Dont waste it in cocktails!

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    What Is The Best Tequila For Shots

    10 Best Tequilas for and Shots in 2021

    • Best Overall: Casamigos Blanco Tequila at Drizly.
    • Best Top-Shelf: Milagro Añejo Tequila at Drizly.
    • Best Cheap: Sauza Silver Tequila at Drizly.
    • Best Mid-Priced: Herradura Silver Tequila at Drizly.
    • Best Añejo: Don Julio Añejo Tequila at Drizly.
    • Best Blanco/Silver: Espolòn Blanco at Drizly.
    • Best Reposado:
    • Best Gold:

    Other Aliases: Rested Aged

    During its time in the barrel, the tequila darkens to a subtle gold hue as it pulls tannins from the wood to create the warm flavors of caramel and honey. The tequilas natural citrus and spice flavors dont decrease but tend to round out as the tequila ages, which creates complex notes of dry chocolate, chilies, vanilla and cinnamon. Some producers opt for used barrels that previously housed bourbon, Cognac or wine, which contribute even more flavors to the tequilas evolution. Some reposados are hardy enough to support cocktails while subtler expressions are best sipped neat or over ice.

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    There Are 5 Types Of Tequila But Do You Know The Difference

    You may think that there are only two types of tequila: cheap tequila that will cripple you with a debilitating hangover that will make you feel like youve devoured two dozen cotton balls and a herd of elephants had danced on your head or ultra-premium and ultra-expensive tequila that will drain your bank account. But there are actually five different types of tequila and there are differences between how they are made and how they are aged.

    Tequila has some of the toughest regulations and can only be made in certain parts of Mexico. In order for a liquor to be classified as tequila, it must be produced in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, which includes the states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. There are two basic categories of tequila are 100% agave, which only has the sugars of the blue agave plant, and mixto , which uses no less than 51% agave, with other sugars such as glucose and fructose sugars as the remainder. In those two categories, there are five types of tequila are blanco , joven , reposado , añejo and extra añejo .

    What Is The Smoothest Tequila

    Difference Between Gold And Silver Tequila

    Here are the best sipping tequilas our experts recommend to drink right now.

    • Best Highlands: El Tesoro Reposado.
    • Best for Beginners: Casamigos Blanco.
    • Best Under $30: Espolòn Reposado.
    • Best Under $50: Cazadores Añejo.
    • Best Splurge: Don Ramón Limited Edition Extra Añejo.
    • Best Gift: Casa Dragones Añejo Barrel Blend.

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