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Where To Buy Cacique Rum In Usa

Ron Cacique Aejo Tasting Notes

Cacique 500
  • View: Ron Cacique Añejo has a golden, bright color.
  • Nose: As in the mouth, it presents balanced and intense aromas.
  • Mouth: It has a balanced and intense flavor.
  • Consumption Recommendation

Ron Cacique is ideal to enjoy it combined as it still maintains its aromas and its genuine flavor.

Buying Ron Cacique Añejo in En Copa de Balón is easy, convenient, and with the guarantee to get the best rum at the best price, and in perfect condition.

Distribuido por Diageo España, S.A.- Edif. Spirit. Avda. de la Victoria, 32

Tasting Notes Sight Smell And Taste

A special reserve well deserves a bottle according to its status, and that is the case of Cacique 500 with a matte brown container with the image of the Indian Cacique vigilant at all times. Once the jar of essences is uncovered, a liquid of an intense amber color escapes from it with balanced aromas of ripe fruit, nuts, wood or vanilla. Finally, in mouth these touches are accentuated, causing a rich, full-bodied and balanced step.

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Posts: 1,318 Cacique 500Does any one know if this rum is available in the US, specifically Florida, and if so, who the distributor is?__________________Rum is the answer. What was the question?
Location: Vieques Island, Puerto RicoPosts: 1,493 Hank, Cacique 500 is a Diageo Brand. I believe they bring the Cacique Anjeo into the USA. Check with the Diageo Rep or Wholesaler in your area for it and the 500 availability.__________________
Location: long island, new yorkPosts: 77 I have been searching for the two top CACIQUE’s for quite a while.I have head numerous times that the top of the line Cacique Antiguo, is incredible, and the 500 also excellent. The Antiguo, I’m told can only be obtained in Venezuela. I did get the locally available Cacique Anejo. One of the least favorite in my stash.Happy hunting
Location: Vieques Island, Puerto RicoPosts: 1,493 It seems that Diageo is distributing the 500 widely in Venezuela and Spain. I believe that it can sometimes be obtained from stockists in the UK.__________________

Rum Runner

Originally Posted by It seems that Diageo is distributing the 500 widely in Venezuela and Spain. I believe that it can sometimes be obtained from stockists in the UK.

Last edited by Count Silvio 12-08-2009 at 12:08 AM.neatdrinker

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Why Buy Rum Cacique 500

Eight years hiding in the Venezuelan jungle waiting for his moment. It could be the plot of a movie. However, we are not talking about one of the movies of the year, but about one of the best rums in the world: Cacique 500.

Let’s continue with the plot of the film: a man loses his entire group of companions and has to survive almost a decade on his own in the depths of the jungle until he is rescued and returns to his previous life appreciating each of its details and with extraordinary maturity.

Hacienda Saruño, located in the town of La Miel in the middle of the Venezuelan jungle, is the place where this exquisite broth of gods is created by the most expert hands. All the details are carried out with great care. First, the choice of the best pure spring water and the best quality sugar, ingredients of Cacique 500. After selection, a slow and very controlled fermentation, after which the rum is distilled in copper stills and then rested in oak barrels for a minimum of eight years until its flavor is optimal. Within this aging in barrels, each year evaporates 9% of the content of each barrel due to the conditions of temperature and humidity in the area, which is colloquially known as the Tribute of the Angels. A toll to pay for a taste of gods.

Cacique 500 Extra Anejo Rum

700 ml Rum Cacique 500 Extra Anejo

70cl / 40%

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A terrific reserve rum from Cacique, one of Spain’s most popular brands. Cacique is made in Venezuela by Destilerias Unidas, also the home of Pampero and Diplomatico rums.

Please note

  • Is a beauty drink, with good taste! u can feel the oak n mature drink

  • 5

    Anonymous,6 July 2016

    As another reviewer I bought it home fom aruba and told my friends to me it’s best sipping like a cognac no mixer I’m sure it would be good in a mixed drink but not as appreciated

  • 5

    Beautiful, sweet rum – on it’s own with ice or with cola.

  • Nozza,3 March 2013

    I believe this is the most popular rum in Spain. That’s not to say it’s not a great rum because it is. It’s a sipping quality rum. Smooth & and sweet. There is a coffee-like aroma – not unlike Tia Maria, & matching flavour. With a little ice it’s a lovely and interesting drink. It’s too good to mix with coke…but worth it if you can afford it because that rich, coffee/toffee flavour turns into something really special. Highly recommended.

  • Keron Roberts,,2 May 2012

    I’m from Trinidad and Tobago and being home the distinguished angostura factory, rum is part of our culture but by far Cacique is the the best tasting rum I’ve ever consumed.

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Buy Cacique 500 From Spain

Split into 3 interest-free payments with no set up fees with PayPal.26,50 & nbsp


The history of United Liquor C.A. and its distributor Seagram de Venezuela started in 1961 with the packaging of the first bottles of Vintage Cacique Rum. Today, four decades later, both companies have an annual production capacity of 16 million litres and distribute 24,000 cases per day.

Humberto Arispe, who was part of United Liquor C.A. for 27 years, was a key figure in the company’s production, from project engineering jobs through the phases of packaging and distillation, to production management. He is largely responsible for the products that have been launched under the Cacique brand in the last two decades, from the Cacique 500 years, created in 1992 as a way to commemorate the five hundred year anniversary of the discovery of America, to the Cacique Antiguo Millenium, released in 2000 to mark the end of the millennium. United Liquor produces these products in one of the most modern plants in Latin America, and its strict quality control policy has earned the company a Platinum 9000 certificate, perhaps the most coveted quality certification for any company.

The goal of each new product is clear: the Cacique brand seeks to destroy the old myth that Rum is the drink of the lower income classes. Little by little they have begun to see results.


How To Taste It Marriage

As for the best way to taste it, from Yo pongo el hielo we recommend doing it in a glass of balloon, accompanied by an abundant amount of ice, an orange twist, a branch of cinnamon and a cola soft drink. However, Cacique 500 also deserves to appreciate its nuances only with a couple of pieces of ice. With regard to its pairing, a good option is to taste it together with a good roast meat. Are you in the mood?

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