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Where Is Jameson Whiskey Made

Main Differences Between Jameson Vs Jack Daniels

Whiskey Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey

The main differences between Jameson vs Jack Daniel are:

  • Jameson is an Irish Whiskey, whereas Jack Daniels is Tennessee whiskey not a bourbon
  • Jameson undergoes pot still distillation , whereas Jack Daniels undergoes patent distillation
  • Jameson is a triple distilled and blended Irish whiskey made from malted barley and other components, whereas Jack Daniels is produced from sour mash and mellowed with sugar maple charcoal before aging.
  • Jameson is aged in bourbon barrels, sherry butts, and port pipes which impart the complexity of the spirit, whereas Jack Daniels is aged in new American white oak
  • Jameson is produced by Jameson & Son in Midleton Single Distillery, County Cork, Republic of Ireland, whereas Jack Daniels is produced by Jack Daniels Distillery from Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Now that you can tell the difference between these two, lets get into the details.

The Brief History Of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey came into existence sometime in the 18th century i.e. the 1780s soon after the creator, John Jameson, a Scottish attorney, got married in 1786. The couple eventually moved to Dublin to manage a distillery known as Steins Bow Street Distillery.

At the time that, before the advent of Jameson Irish Whiskey, Dublin was renowned as the best producer of whiskey, especially in Ireland. Only the Irish Distillery produced and sold whiskey in the 1970s.

It was on this particular belief that Mr. John Jameson who was adamant in his refusal to cut corners on quality products built the eponymous brand that many have grown to love today.

The year 1780 has been earmarked as the year the first Jameson whiskey hit the market, and this is why it is used in Jameson marketing. The Steins Distillery which was founded by John Stein was established that same year.

John Jameson displayed highly remarkable and shrewd business acumen, and soon enough, the production of his unique brand of whiskey increased tremendously from 30,000 gallons annually to more than 1,000,000 at the turn of the 19th century.

John went ahead to establish the John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey Company in 1810. But sales became slow soon after following the temperance campaign in Ireland, the trade war with Britain, and the Irish War of independence.

What’s The Most Expensive Irish Whiskey

‘The Emerald Isle Collection‘ is The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’s second release, following the launch of The Devil’s Keep a triple-distilled, 29-year-old single malt whiskey which also set a world record for most expensive inaugural release when it sold at auction in November 2020 for $60,000 USD (approximately £ …

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Jameson Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

Jameson portrays a sweet fragrance of malted barley along with subtle oak and butter tones. The palate is also marked the same as the fragrance with the grain turning much darker and even more apparent with notes of spicy nut mixing in and out.

The whiskey finishes with honey and smoky snaps of barley which work through the long fade.

Barley Is Like Our Grape

Jameson Irish Whiskey 750ml

Jameson sources their barley from Southern Ireland, all within 50 or so miles or so from the Midleton site. They work with around 200 smaller farmers, and source the two-row spring barley from plots of land anywhere from 15 to 700 acres. These farmers plant the barley in mid March or early April, for a late summer harvest in August and September.

Jameson also uses a mix of malted and unmalted barley in their booze in a single pot still. It cant be called a single malt, because single malt is a term used to refer to liquids made using only malted barley. But it gets the distinction of single pot because its all made in a pot still under one roof in Midleton. ODonovan told us they prefer a mix of malted and unmalted barley because the green barley makes the whiskey a little spicy, a little grainy, and a little barley-er. Its a method theyve used for over 200 years, and theyre one of the few companies left on the planet that still does it.

On the other side of the barley is maize, a fancy word for corn. According to ODonovan, because Irelands cooler, grey skied climate cant support sun-hungry corn crops, the distillery has to get corn from Spains sun-rich Basque Country.

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How To Drink Your Jameson Irish Whiskey

How you drink your whiskey is always down to your taste as well as your choice. Jameson is and always has been an exceedingly pleasing sipper for robust whiskey connoisseurs and an impressive cocktail ingredient.

Therefore, you can choose to drink your Jameson Irish whiskey in the following ways:

  • Straight
  • With a bit of water
  • On the rocks
  • In cocktails
  • With ginger ale
  • With a bit of club soda

How Jack Daniels Whiskey Is Produced Or Made

Jack Daniels is made from a mash made from rye, corn, and malted barley. It is then distilled in copper stills and filtered through 3 m stacks of sugar maple charcoal.

This filtering process a.k.a. Mellowing is followed by the Lincoln County Process, which involves eliminating impurities as well as the taste of corn. It is alleged that this extra step makes the product different from bourbon.

But according to the terms outlined in Canadian law as well as the North American Free Trade Agreement, it is a requirement for Tennessee whiskey to be referred to as a straight bourbon whiskey.

The Jack Daniels brand grinds the charcoal that is used for the filtering process. After the distillate has been filtered, the whiskey is set for maturing and stored in newly handcrafted oak barrels. These oak barrels give the whiskey its renowned flavor and color.

On the product label, you will notice the words sour mash whiskey what this means is that during the preparation of the mash, some of the wet solids from a previously used batch are mixed in to help facilitate the fermentation process so that it can operate consistently. This practice is a common one in the production of American whiskey.

All straight bourbon produced today, especially since 2005, is made using the sour mash process.

Many oak barrels, after they have been used for aging Jack Daniels, are moved to Scotland where they can be used during the production of Scotch whisky.

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You Can Bake With Jameson Irish Whiskey

If you’re a huge Irish whiskey fan, then you know the flavor is unique and delicious. But what if you took that flavor and brought it to the table by baking with it? Talk about a total game-changer.

One traditional Irish dessert actually uses Jameson Irish Whiskey as its main flavoring ingredient. Irish whiskey cake has been a staple in Irish kitchens for decades, pairing a cake similar to pound cake with the flavors of Irish whiskey. The cake recipe utilizes whiskey in the batter, but it’s the icing that really ups the alcohol content in this cake. The treat is traditionally topped with a simple glaze made from water and sugar, with six to eight tablespoons of Irish whiskey stirred in. And while it may seem like a cake covered in whiskey syrup is harmless, one slice or two will pack a punch.

Irish whiskey can also be a popular addition to mint chocolate chip cookies for a unique St. Patrick’s Day theme or you can capture the flavor of whiskey and make an Irish whiskey cheesecake.

Jameson Uses A Very Specific Water Source

Jameson Whiskey: The Making Of

While it seems like water might not be all that important of an ingredient when it comes to distilling alcohol, it can actually change the product entirely. And that’s why Jameson Irish Whiskey is quite particular about its water source.

When it comes to making whiskey, or any craft spirit or beer for that matter, regular tap water simply won’t suffice. Water is added at the beginning of the distillation process to create the mash, and that’s when sugars begin to be extracted and turned into alcohol. Once the distillation process is finished, water is often added to the cask after the product is fully matured to bring the alcohol proof down to its legal level. So, if the water isn’t from a great source, or it imparts unwanted flavors, the end product has the potential to be ruined.

For Jameson, an incredibly local water source is used for distillation, bringing in water from the Dungourney River, which actually flows right through the distillery. You can’t get much more local than that.

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Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey

Jameson is a traditional Irish brand that has been distilling some of the best whiskey in Dublin since 1780. True to the family motto “Sine Metu”, Irish Gaelic for “without fear”, the successful family believes that more is experienced if one is less afraid. Jameson is always open to new things – whether they are opportunities, partnerships, or procedures.

The Best Jack Daniels Whiskeys

It is touted as Americas most famous whiskey and produced from the first, registered distillery in the United States. The distillery was established in 1866 by Jasper Newton Daniel a.k.a. Jack Daniel. The distillery was the birthplace of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey as we know it today.

The rapid growth of the Jack Daniels brand i.e. the Old No. 7 earned a gold medal at the Worlds Fair in 1904. That was the first of the seven gold medals that the alcoholic beverage has won consistently to date.

Jack Daniels has come a pretty long way in its almost 150-year history. However, it wasnt until the 1950s that the alcoholic beverage was able to solidify its place in pop culture when it started telling the world its story. Jack Daniels is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee by the Jack Daniel Distillery. This distillery was acquired by Brown-Forman Corporation in 1956.

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Distillation In Column Stills

The first fall of Irish Whiskey began with the invention of the column stilldistillation in Scotland. This process allowed a continuous and more efficient distillation of cheap Whiskey. The invention came from a man named Aeneas Coffey, who made it possible to distil unmalted grain in the distillation columns. This allowed a continuous and more efficient distillation of cheap Whiskey and the Column Still was given the nickname Coffey Still.

Nowadays Irish Whiskey, mainly Grain and Blended Whiskey, is also produced on column stills. High quality MaltWhiskey is still produced on pot stills only.

The column still uses fractional distillation to separate the spirit from the wash. The way it works is that the wash is inserted high and flows down through the still. At the bottom steam is inserted and rises against the stream of wash. The alcohol is more likely to evaporate and rise in the still. In the end the different elements in the wash are distributed through the whole still. The lighter alcohols are at the top and the water and residue are collected at the bottom. Most distilleries have more than one coloumn still to have a better separation.

A column still is made of many sections that are bolted together. Inside these sections you have even more layers that slow down the flow of the liquid downwards, but lets the steam rise through from below.

Why Is The Jamesons Rarest Vintage Reserve Expensive

Third Time

On the Jameson prices mentioned above, you may have noticed that the Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve is the most expensive compared to the other bottles listed.

It is expensive, and the reason behind this is the blend of different aged offerings of Jameson. The Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve blends have been left on the casks for 18-20 years. Another thing is the higher alcohol content, which makes the drink prices go higher.


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A Brief History Of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

According to the official website of the Jack Daniels brand, the founder of one of Americas bestselling whiskeys, Jasper Newton Jack Daniel, was born sometime in 1850 which is the date on the founders tombstone. But in reality, no one really knows for sure as his birth certificate was destroyed in a fire when he was very young.

He became orphaned when his father passed way in the Civil War and left home since he didnt get along well with his step-mother.

Jack Daniel was taken in a little later i.e. as a teenager by a local moonshine distiller and preacher known as Dan Call. The preacher had a master distiller who was an enslaved African-American named Nathan Nearest Green who was burdened with the task of teaching young Jack Daniel the art of making whiskey. Nathan Green gained his freedom later on, but he stayed and continued to work with Call.

Jack Daniel inherited some money from his fathers estate from which he founded the distilling business with Call, only this time it was a business that was duly registered and legal to operate. Call handed the reins of the business to Jack Daniel for religious reasons sometime in 1884. He purchased the entire hollow land where the distillery is presently situated.

Jameson Whiskey: The King Of Irish Whiskey

The Jameson Whiskey was owned by John Jameson, the General Manager of The Steins Family Bow Street Distillery. He took ownership of the distillery in 1805, expanded it, and changed the brand name to what we all know today.

John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey Company, or Jameson Whiskey for short, are made from the finest and traditional ingredients that make the alcohol very smooth. Even their family motto, Sine Metu, which means without fear, is on the bottle. For almost 250 years in the business, no wonder that the popularity of the spirit makes Jameson the King of Irish Whiskey.

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Americans Drink A Lot Of Jameson Irish Whiskey

You’d think that a distillery in Ireland would mainly catch the attention of its fellow Irish citizens, but that’s not the case with Jameson. Yes, of course, there’s plenty of whiskey to be consumed throughout Ireland, but when it comes to sales numbers in other countries, such as the United States, they’re much higher than you might expect.

According to Forbes, Irish whiskey was the fastest-growing spirits category in the world, as the beverage reached a goal of selling 9.7 million cases internationally, outside of Ireland in 2017. During that year, Jameson contributed to one-third of those sales, selling more than three million cases. The same year, the category also saw an increase in sales of 10.6 percent, and the Irish Whiskey Association set its sights even higher, with a goal of 12 million cases for 2020 and 24 million cases for 2030.

And while those may seem like lofty goals, Americans are certainly helping to put a dent in those numbers. As of 2018, the United States was holding the spot for the number one importer of Irish Whiskey, next to Russia, after Americans spent $897 million on the spirit in 2017.

Ownership Price Point & Value

Jameson Orange Irish Whiskey Review

Paddys Old Irish Whiskey is a product of Sazerac, a growing international drinks business based in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a considerable corporate presence in Kentucky. Sazerac purchased the brand in 2016 from Pernod Ricards Irish Distillers company. At the time of the sale, Paddys was the No. 4 selling brand of Irish whiskey on the global market.

Paddys can be purchased at a retail price of about $20 for a 750mL bottle at 80-proof, or 40 percent alcohol by volume. Its entry into the global marketplace coincided with a bump in price. It has recently been rebranded to a premium product, elevating it from its decades-long value proposition.

Paddys packaging includes a cardboard gift sleeve as well as newspaper-like packaging. These packaging presentations are often bemoaned by whiskey fanatics as a precursor to a price range.

But in the case of Paddys, the packaging offered a lot of information about the brand. The fictional The Paddy Post and Press newspaper print included a bio of the namesake salesman who built a name for himself in the industry. In addition, it included a full page of news copy, complete with ads and even a sports piece about hurling. Quite an impressive feat for the marketing team at Sazerac. Sure its marketing copy, but at least its interesting.

Jameson is produced by Pernod Ricard subsidiary Irish Distillers. A 750mL bottle at 80-proof will cost about $28.

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Production Types And Recipes

Jameson Irish Whiskey is a brand of Irish blended whiskeys produced at the Midleton distillery in County Cork, Ireland. Appreciated for its smooth, reliable taste, it is one of the biggest and best-known brand names among all styles of whiskey. Jameson is made by blending triple-distilled barley whiskey with grain whiskey. There are a number of expressions available the youngest is aged for four years, and some whiskeys for much longer. No matter which bottle you choose, Jameson is enjoyable on its own and a popular base for a variety of Irish whiskey cocktails and shots.

Jack Daniels Tasting Notes

Jack Daniels Black Label which is the flagship drink of the brand offers gentle aromas of vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel on the nose. A hint of toffee notes as well as wood is also very apparent, especially when it opens up in the glass.

On the palate, Jack Daniels has a smooth, smoky sweetness that is thrilling with a corn syrupy note. The light licorice note which is apparent in all the various types of whiskeys produced by the brand is not overwhelming but enhances the flavors of toasted oak, vanilla, nuts, freshly brewed coffee, and English toffee.

The complexity and depth that is hidden in a bottle of Jack Daniels cannot be fully comprehended. This is because when you settle down with one and think through the different flavors that appear on your palate, you will be surprised at the end of the day.

Jack Daniels has a quick but sweet finish with a hint of spices, oaky notes and a little touch of cedar mixed with warm caramel. These, however, give way to walnuts and pepper.

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