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What Do You Need To Make Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Drink Recipe

How to Make a Tequila Sunrise

I love a good cocktail and even more so if that drink has fresh juice in it. I just love the taste of fresh juice in my drinks so I tend to stick to that pretty much when it comes to my drinks unless I am out to dinner and then I’ll try a fun, signature cocktail. The tequila sunrise is one of those classic drinks that I just believe should be made with the absolute best tequila you can afford and always the best mixers. This really makes a huge difference in the overall taste of your beverage. If you are on a budget, make the first one top shelf. If you are searching for the best tequila for sunrise easy, tequila sunrise cocktail recipe, how to make sunrise drink, tequila sunrise best tequila or even make tequila sunrise drink, then our sunrise alcohol drink is exactly the tequila sunrise drink recipe you need. We hope that you love this Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Drink Recipe.

Casamigos Cocktail Recipe Ideas

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Im usually quite the skeptic when it comes to celebrity backed spirits often times these heavily branded boozes lack the sort of substance you want to see in your liquor cabinet.

So you can imagine the first time I came across marketing materials with a Casamigos bottle next to that handsome George Clooney face, I didnt exactly expect for the tequila to become a mainstay in my liquor lineup. But it turns out that Im actually quite a fan of all four Casamigos products .

None of these are perfect tequilas by any stretch, but theyre incredibly drinkable and make for a great experiences as both sipping tequilas and for use with mixers. Here weve compiled a list of our favorite Casamigos cocktail recipes for you to try out the next time you pull this tequila out.

Tips For The Best Tequila Sunrise

Because this tequila cocktail is so straightforward, you want to use the best possible ingredients. Im not saying you have to squeeze the orange juice yourself , but see if you can get your hands on juice thats not from concentrate.

In that same vein, buy a quality tequila as well. Remember: this drink has just three ingredients, so you want them all to taste good!

Lastly, its crucial that you do NOT stir the tequila sunrise after youve added the grenadine to it. The grenadine is supposed to sink to the bottom, thus making it look like a sunrise.


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What To Do With Leftover Pineapple

In case youre wondering, which youre probably not but Im going tell ya anyway heres how pineapple juice ended up in these tequila sunrises. Well, see, I had a lot of leftover pineapples hanging around from when we grilled pineapples the other weekend

Because Im never one to waste food Ive been hanging on to these leftover pineapples waiting for the perfect opportunity to add them as an ingredient to a recipe. I totally get that from my grandmother, who I distinctly remember always drank leftover fruit juice straight up from the can rather than pouring it out.

So, yeah, I was prepping these tequila sunrises in order to share a cocktail idea with you all and I wanted to make these a little different than just your typical tequila sunrise and thenbingo! I realized I had found my opportunity to use those pineapples and the juice.

My grandma would be proud and I know she would have loved these cocktails. Im sure youre going to love them too. They are just so pretty to look at! Theyre really easy to prepare just be sure to follow the instructions for adding each ingredient to achieve that layered sunrise look and whatever you dodont stir!

What Is The Difference Between A Tequila Sunrise And A Tequila Sunset

Tequila Sunrise Recipe {Low Calorie and Easy}

A tequila Sunset has the same ingredients as the original Tequila Sunrise, but with a splash of soda water mixed with grenadine to give the drink a red hue at the top instead of the bottom. Others like to use blackberry brandy in place of the grenadine in the sunset version.

  • If desired garnish with orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

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How To Choose A Tequila

Just like sparkling wine made outside of the Champagne region of France cannot be called champagne, agave spirits made outside of Mexico cannot be called tequila. In fact, by law in Mexico, Jalisco is the state of choice for tequila-making, while a few regions in other states have limited permissions.

Tequila is a spirit made from the blue agave plant. The blue agave plant is endemic to the Jalisco, especially the town of Tequila, and some neighboring states. Again like grapes, the agave plant is influenced by the soil in which it grows. This influences the flavor of the tequila. The variations in taste do not vary as widely due to vintage as with wine rather, brand producers create the spirit to taste distinctive from other brands but homogeneous within the brand from year to year. One way they accomplish this is through aging.

Tequila is aged in oak barrels. There are three levels to the aging process: blanco, reposado, and añejo.

Reposado means rested the tequila has rested in oak barrels for two months to under a year. Because the process takes longer, reposado tequila costs more than blanco. Price is increased due to the type of oak as well. French oak, as with wine, is the ultimate level. However, American and Canadian oak are also used. Oak aging mellows the taste and imparts flavor. At the distillery they may toast the barrel, further imparting such flavors as vanilla and spice. Reposado tequila is best enjoyed with training wheels, lime and salt.

How Strong Is A Tequila Sunrise

Assuming that you pour an 80-proof tequila and end up with a 7-ounce drink, the alcohol content of either tequila sunrise will be around 11 percent ABV . You can pour as much tequila or as little juice and soda as you like to make stronger or weaker drinks, but it’s almost always a relatively mild cocktail.

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Sangria With Grand Marnier


Sangria is a wine cocktail that you can make with either white wine or red wine.

Typically, sangria is infused with various types of fruits, and it tastes even more wonderful when it is allowed to sit for a while.

This recipe is a red wine sangria that uses apples, lime slices, lemon slices, tangerines, orange juice, and oranges. Its made absolutely perfect with the addition of Grand Marnier.

Have you wondered what to mix with Grand Marnier? When you fancy a cup of tea, how about spiking your favorite Earl Grey with some Grand Marnier?

This cocktail uses Earl Grey loose tea, granulated sugar, and water to make the simple syrup.

For the cocktail, you need ice, the simple syrup, Grand Manier, fresh lemon juice, and an orange slice for garnish.

Do you want to learn more about all of the different types of Grand Marnier for your Grand Marnier drinks? Watch this video.

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How To Serve A Tequila Sunrise

If you are hosting a Mexican event try the Mexican glasses below. However if you are looking for a more tropical feeling , you need to have the long stem glasses. Serve it with a slice of lemon and an umbrella.

Now have your camera ready for those memory moment photos.

SorryWere in a relationship. With food.

What Youll Need To Make These Pineapple Tequila Sunrises

The only thing special you might need for this is a set of highball glasses and cocktail picks.

If you want to go all out, add some pretty paper straws.

The size of the glass matters! In order for the sunrise garnish to rest nicely on the top of the glass, you need to use highball glasses because they are narrow enough to have the orange slice rest on top. When youre shopping, choose big oranges just to be safe.

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How To Make A Tequila Pitcher Cocktail

A tequila sunrise is the perfect drink for unwinding in front of your favorite TV program or make a few for a casual evening in your backyard with a couple friends.

But for that long holiday weekend fiesta youre throwing, you can triple or quadruple this tequila cocktail recipe to have it ready to go in a pitcher. Preparing by the pitcher is so much easier than making drinks one-by-one when youre making drinks for a crowd. People can serve themselves from the pitcher and you can relax. Pure bliss!

My one piece of advice for turning this tequila sunrise into a pitcher cocktail is to leave the ice out of the pitcher, otherwise your cocktails will get watery. Instead, store the pitcher in a cooler and have ice on the side so the drinks still stay cold.

For Tequila Sunrise Jello Shots:

How to Make a Tequila Sunrise Cocktail
  • Dissolve red Jello in 1 cup of grenadine over medium heat.
  • Stir in tequila & pour into 1 or 2-ounce shot cups.
  • Place on a baking sheet and put in the refrigerator to set.
  • Dissolve orange Jello in 1 cup of orange juice.
  • Add tequila and pour over the set red shot cups.
  • Place in the refrigerator until Jello shots are completely set. Serve.
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    Try Clear Ice For A Stunning Look

    If you want to take your tequila sunrise over the top, think ahead and make up a batch of our clear ice. Youll need to think 24 hours in advance, but you can make a batch that will last for many drinks and store it in the freezer. All you need is 24 hours and a small cooler! It makes perfectly clear artisan style ice like youd see in a fancy bar. Go to How to Make Clear Ice.

    Tasting That Tequila Sunrise

    Orange dominates the flavor of this drink, followed by berry. The tequila adds its own notes, and what those notes are depends on the exact type of tequila you used.

    For this drink, you dont need to break out your top shelf bottle. Any good, drinkable tequila will work in this cocktail.

    If youre looking for a recommendation, Altos Tequila Plata makes a good choice. Its 100% agave, so you get hints of something herbal, but it also has citrus notes that brighten it up and make it smooth and easy to enjoy.

    Some versions of the recipe call for white tequila and others for gold, but either can work. Whats so great about this cocktail is that its hard to get it wrong.

    If you want to garnish this drink, add an orange slice and/or a cherry. That will cue people into what the main flavors are going to be.

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    How To Create The Perfect Sunrise Effect

    Its all about the grenadine! Slowly pour it so that it doesnt all sink to the bottom. Bear in mind that the weight of the syrup will cause a more muted effect this isnt one of those cocktails with clearly defined layers floating on top of each other.

    If you want to switch it up, stirring the vodka sunrise creates a beautiful pink color.

    If You Like This Try These

    How to make Tequila Sunrise

    The obvious sister to the Tequila Sunrise is a Screwdriver, which’ll do the trick if you’re short on tequila but stocked with vodka. Then there’s the Mimosa with OJ and champagne, to which you can even add a teaspoon of Grand Marnier, to give it a backbone.

    Photography and Prop styling by Heidi’s Bridge

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    When To Serve Tequila Sunrise

    Make Tequila Sunrises all through the warm months, by the pool, for tropical themed gatherings and just anytime you want to pick up the mood with a vibrant colourful drink to get the party started!

    Its a good drink to serve thats not overly potent so its a sensible choice for outdoor functions on hot summer days .

    Bourbon And Grand Marnier Cocktail

    Sometimes, keeping it super simple is the best way to go, and perfect simplicity is what you get with simple bourbon and Grand Marnier cocktails.

    Make sure you use true bourbon, which must be aged for at least two years in new charred oak barrels that have good airflow.

    This recipe calls for Grand Marnier, good bourbon, sweet vermouth, and fresh lemon juice.

    Garnish your Grand Marnier and bourbon cocktail with a lemon slice and serve on the rocks.

    When a cocktail is so simple, sometimes it is just beautiful, and thats exactly why The Beautiful Cocktail is called that.

    The Beautiful cocktail is also sometimes called a French Connection Number 2.

    This recipe follows the theory of the B& B , which says you should enhance a good brandy with nothing but top-shelf liquor.

    For The Beautiful Cocktail, use Grand Marnier and a premium cognac.

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    Tequila Sunrise Drink Origin

    This drink has a colorful appearance and story behind it. It was created by bartenders Bobby Lozoff and Billy Rice in the 1970s at the Trident bar in Sausalito, California. The drink gained major attention and popularity in 1973 after Jose Cuervo put the recipe on the back of its tequila bottles, the Eagles song Tequila Sunrise was released, and The Rolling Stones ordered it across the country during their tour that same year. It was, indeed, the rock and roll party drink! These events made the cocktail go mainstream and cemented its International Bartender Associations inclusion.

    The original Tequila Sunrise was served in the 1930s, which consisted of crème de cassis , lime juice, and soda water. It was sparkling and light, with a dark purplish hue nothing like the popular version today that includes orange juice and grenadine. I guess it didnt have any rock and roll bands to help promote it. HA!

    Visit El Arenal For A Tequila Tasting

    Tequila Sunrise Recipe

    A Tequila Sunrise cocktail reminds me of Mexicos Jalisco region.

    El Arenal is the gateway to the Jalisco region in Mexico and the home to agave plants. For instance, one of the best things to do in El Arenal is to visit the tequila Distillery for a guided tour and tequila tasting. Which weve done. Of course our guided did not teach us how to make a Tequila Sunrise Cocktail, but he was most informative and presented the information with sheer joy and pride. Furthermore, you actually get to see the process involved in making tequila see pics below.

    And then, upon your return home, you can make your own Tequila Sunrise cocktail from the plenty tequila shopping!

    Mexico is known for its tequila, so no wonder the best brands are from Mexico and made of 100% from the blue agave plant. The first production in the 16th century was near Tequila city, northwest of Guadalajara, in the highlands of Jalisco.

    Travel and Home was in Mexico and visited Parras, the well-known wine region.

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    What Do You Want To Know About Tequila

    Tequila you either love it or hate it. Tequila has been accused of everything from causing the worst hangovers to actually changing someones personality! If youre like most people, though, you probably want to know the following:

    • How to choose a tequila
    • How to create drinks with tequila in them
    • How to avoid the dreaded tequila hangover

    You probably wont mind if a few other Trivial Pursuit-worthy tidbits make it your way as well.

    Tequila shots with training wheels.

    The three ages of tequila: añejo, reposado, and blanco.


    The Original Tequila Sunrise Recipe

    The original tequila sunrise is sparkling, light, and features crème de cassis, a sweet black currant liqueur with a deep red color. To make this drink, pour 1 1/2 ounces of tequila and the juice of half a lime into a collins glass filled with ice. Top with club soda, then slowly pour 3/4 ounce crème de cassis into the drink. Garnish with a lime wheel and maraschino cherry.

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    The Beauty Of The Tequila Sunrise

    This classic drink recipe gets its name from how it looks. It has that beautiful visual effect from the grenadine dropping to the bottom then slowly rising. That gives it a red layer at the bottom that slowly blends into an orange layer.

    That makes this a really cool-looking cocktail that always looks impressive. And yet, getting this sunrise effect is easier than you might imagine.

    The way to get that look is to pour the grenadine last. You pour it right down the center, and slowly. This method of dropping the grenadine in slowly is actually the easiest way to get the visual effect of a layered cocktail.

    If you find it hard to pour slowly, you probably need to use a over the bottle. This is especially true when a bottle is full and the lack of air inside makes the liquid tend to chug out instead of pouring smoothly.

    Pour spouts are such a help whether youre layering cocktails or just want to reduce mess. They can help keep liquid from dribbling down the side of the bottle.

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