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How Much Alcohol Is In Ciroc Vodka

How To Drink Croc Vodka

Ciroc Mango Vodka Review

Most people would grimace at the thought of drinking vodka straight, but with Cîroc, you can enjoy it neat or on the rocks. Cîroc premium vodka can also be enjoyed in a cocktail.

Traditionally, vodka is drunk straight, and from a shot glass. For the full sensory experience, try it alongside raw seafood, caviar, or lobster.

Cîrocs smoothness means it lacks the alcoholic burn of poorer quality vodkas. Plus, sipping it neat, youll be able to detect all the subtle aromas and flavours: lemon zest, grass, and sage, and an aftertaste of black pepper and vanilla.

But whether youre drinking it straight or in a cocktail, youll first want to chill your vodka.Buy a bottle of Cîroc Vodka online and store it in the freezer. Freezing it removes any harsher flavours and subdues the sometimes overpowering alcoholic burn.

If you want to add a little mixer, such as tonic or soda, youll need a larger glass with space for ice and garnish, and a thick base if you plan to muddle together a lot of ingredients. Cîroc Vodka is between 35 and 40 per cent ABV, making it the perfect spirit for all kinds of cocktails.

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Ciroc Vodka Review By Louie

I totally agree with your comments..Im just getting into Ciroc, impressed by its sweet, smooth, consistent taste.so unique! But alas, I fear the fruity, sweet taste will eventually turn me off.time will tell. BTW, I tried Tito Vodka in the States last year and was very impressed.cant find it in Europe or SE Asia. Have you an comments on Tito? Thanks.

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What Can I Drink To Relax Instead Of Alcohol

So what are the healthy and enjoyable alternative drinks to alcohol?Kombucha. This fermented and naturally lightly sparkling drink is made from black or green tea and a sprinkling of bacteria. Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine. Sparkling Juices. Booze-free beer. Mocktails. Alcohol-Free Gin.Jan 21, 2020

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Croc Prices And Availability In Stores

Cîroc Vodka is a very popular French vodka manufactured and produced by Diageo, the leading giant in the alcohol industry. It has come up as the second ultra-premium brand of vodka in the world after Grey Goose vodka. Cîroc comes in different versions and flavors as well. Below are the flavors and Cîroc prices of all sizes at different stores.

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Ciroc Vodka Review By Realdrinker

Buy Cîroc Vodka 200ml


This review makes this website lose the puny credibility it had. You reviewed it as a shot and with mixed Monster?? Wtf? What site is this? How do you rate anything by a shot and with a stupid energy drink. This Vodka is smooth and yes it is a little fruity. But thats what makes it so good.


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Ciroc Vodka: The Story Behind The Brand

Cîroc was the creation and invention of Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, a master French distiller descending from a long line of expert winemakers. In 2003, Robicquet brought together his family history of wine-making and deep knowledge of distilling to launch Cîroc Vodka.

What makes Cîroc distinct from your average vodka? Namely that its made from grapes rather than grains. This gave rise to the brands slogan, Go Against The Grain.

The process of making Cîroc begins with harvesting the finest of French grapes: the Ugni Blanc and Mauzac Blanc varietals. Ugni grapes come from the famous Cognac region of France, while the ancient white grape varietal of Mauzac hails from the Gaillac region. The grapes are picked during the winter, just after the first frosthence the name of the original Cîroc vodka: Snap Frost.

Most vodkas require heat to release the sugars but The grapes undergo cold maceration to soften the skin and pulp. This juice is then cold fermented, converting the sugar to alcohol, producing wine.

The Ugni Blanc grapes are then distilled four times in stainless steel column stills while the Mauzac Blanc grapes are distilled in copper stills. These are then blended together at a ratio of 95% Ugni Blanc and 5% Mauzac blanc before undergoing a fifth distillation in a traditional copper pot. Here the grape spirit interacts with the metal to create the smooth, fresh, and utterly original Cîroc Vodka.

Common Recipes: What To Mix With Ciroc Vodka

It is often claimed that the premium vodka brands on the level of Ciroc, Grey Goose, or Belvedere can be comfortably consumed on the rocks, or even neat, as opposed to budget brands which should be mixed if you want to avoid getting a bad taste in your mouth. Even if thats true in your case and you have no problem downing hard alcohol in rocks glasses, youll probably want a few recipes to keep things fresh.

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Is Beluga A Good Vodka

Beluga Gold Line Russian Vodka Beluga Gold Line is Belugas best bottle, utilizing artesian water, malt and five levels of filtration in the freezing cold Mariinsk distillery of Siberia. The flavor is unbelievably soft and silky smooth with notes of grains, wheat, alpine herbs and a hint of sweetness.

What Happens When You Drink Jagermeister

Cîroc Vodka Review!

Early research suggests that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, including spirits like Jagermeister, may be linked to a lower risk of strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. In moderate amounts, alcohol appears to prevent the arteries in your brain from narrowing and putting you at higher risk for a stroke.

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Alcohol By Volume For Popular Whiskeys Vodka Gin And Rum

In a recent post I mentioned the number of drinks it takes to become intoxicated varies depending on many factors. One of the factors is the type of alcohol and the alcohol by volume in the drink. Below you will find some of the statistics when it comes to ABV and the proof of a whiskey, vodka, gin or rum drink.

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Shot Of Vodka + 6 Oz Of Kombucha + Pinch Of Stevia + Herby Garnish

The cool thing about Kombucha is, that aside from its awesome health benefits, it has such a funky, fizzy flavor that makes for the perfect marriage to vodka. Theyre both fermented, too! I hear wedding bells

Alls I do is fill a glass with ice.

Add a shot of vodka .

Add about half a bottle of Kombucha or just enough to almost fill the glass.

Add a pinch or two of stevia for some extra sweetness.

And finish it off with a fresh herb like mint, basil or even cilantro.

A great thing about this drink is that you can use any flavor and brand of Kombucha you like so you can vary the cocktail A LOT.

If you read about the health benefits of Kombucha here, youll then understand why I called this my Tox While I Detox Drink.

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Ciroc Vodka Review By Loudon

No Rating

Only shot this a couple times but drank many a bottle in mixed drinks. For bay breezes this is my favorite vodka. A ciroc bay-breeze is totally fruity drink heaven. Sooooo easily drinkable, you hardly realize youre consuming alcohol from the taste, but they most definitely get you after a few!!! For mixed drinks Id give this vodka a 9.5 out of 10 .


Ciroc Vodka Review By Carlyn613

Ciroc Vodka

I came to your site because I was trying to find out more about Ciroc. I have never tried it and wanted to try it and get opinions on it.

I was also shocked by your comment I was under the impression that the gangsta set goes for cognac and I think thats what Mike_Cracker was talking about.

Although I didnt like that statement, I did enjoy your review. I think Ill stay away from it.

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Smirnoff Sourced A Gluten Free Flavored Alcoholic Drink

If you love flavored drinks, then Smirnoff Sourced is a healthier option for you. And, if youre allergic to gluten, you can drink Sourced without any fear.

This is because Smirnoff Sourced contains neither synthetic sugars nor gluten. Instead of fructose-rich corn syrup, it contains 10% pure fruit juice.

The unflavored vodkas of Smirnoff are safe for you to drink if you have a gluten allergy. This is because Smirnoff vodka is made by distilling corn.

As a result, theres no gluten in it. In fact, all vodkas made from potato or corn are gluten free, as you must have already understood by now.

But, the problem begins when you pick up a flavored drink even vodka. Flavored alcoholic beverages contain synthetic sugars. And, that is how gluten makes its place in the flavored drinks, making them unfit for you. And that is where Smirnoff steps in, with Sourced, with three flavors.

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Croc Celebrates Its Birthday In Style

While a typical liter bottle of Cîroc goes for around $45 an expensive bottle, even when compared to other luxury vodkas like Grey Goose and Belvedere it has an even pricier offering. Cîroc Ten, a bottling developed to celebrate the brands 10th birthday, is sold in a fancy, circular, 1-liter bottle and costs a whopping $190.

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What Is The Main Ingredient In Vodka

Water is the main ingredient in most brands of vodka. After all, vodka comes from the old Slavic word voda, which translates to little water. The typical ABV for vodka is 40%, making the water content around 60% and resulting in an 80-proof spirit. While the United States ABV minimum is 40%, the European Unions is 37.5%, allowing the water content to be slightly higher. Either way, itll stay liquid in your freezer.

While some brands of vodka, like Devil Spring and Balkan 176°, have an ABV of up to 88%, theyre intended to be diluted by the consumer before ingesting, like Everclear and other rectified spirits.

Now that you know all about this unassuming spirit, its time to mix up one of these choice cocktails.

What Proof Is Vodka

Ciroc “Coconut” Vodka Review

If youre wondering what vodkas proof is, Im sure youll find the overly common answer: 80 proof. Although thats somewhat correct, its not entirely true. Yes, a vast majority of vodka in the U.S. is 80 proof aka 40% ABV.

In fact, U.S. regulations require vodka to be at least 80 proof. However, the spirit can be 100 proof, 120 proof, or more.

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Recommended Alcohol Consumption Advice For Diabetics:

There is not an absolute restriction for people with diabetes to avoid alcohol. But there are recommended quantities that can be followed to keep a check on your health and drink freely.

There is a said mark that states two units for women, and three units of alcohol for men, per day is the right amount. This means

Either three individual measures of 25ml spirits, or one-pint lager or cider, or a normal 175ml glass of wine. Anyone of these choices in one day is a safe amount of drink for women diabetics.

It is around four 25ml spirit measures or one pint and half of lager or cider, or a 250ml serving of wine, in a day.

It is best to stick to these units daily and not overdrink on any day as compensation for not drinking over the week.

Try to keep your drinks clear, dry, and out of sugar or sweeteners to risk the rise or fall in blood sugar levels and always record your blood sugar levels.


Croc Vodka: An Introduction

The rich and odorless taste of vodka makes it unique among beverages such as wines and beer, and Ciroc Vodka is well-known for its smooth, fruity, and fresh taste. This spirit brand is a premium product of a sophisticated distillery of ultra-premium fresh French grapes and the fifth distillation process by a master distiller in Maison Villevert. Cîroc by Diageo, a British multinational, has been part and parcel of a fifteenth-century wine-making tradition of a family in the region of Cognac.

Cîroc ultra-premium vodka is among five-star brands as it comes in various flavors like Ciroc French vanilla vodka, aromatic red berry, tropical mango, crisp apple, and summer watermelon. Add to that the fruity taste of lemonade and anise that many spirits enthusiasts love!

The brand has grown into popularity and high demand because of its superior taste and the splash of apple and grapes with a 35-40% ABV that suits any occasion. You wont have a problem with its availability as there are many distributors in every corner of France, the United States, and the world.

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You Will Like To Know That

Cîroc is the most sophisticated vodka in the world. Made exclusively from Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes, it offers an exquisite, soft, fresh and sensual experience. It is produced by maceration, fermentation and cold storage. This premium vodka is also distilled five times.

The Cîroc name is a combination of two French words: cime, meaning peak, and roche meaning rock. Its French-inspired name is reflective of the Gaillac region, the highest wine-growing region in France, where the vodka is made. It is no coincidence that the elongated bottle bears the distinctive symbol of the region: A cockerel on a heap of grapes.

Cîroc is an excellent base for delicious cocktails.

  • Taste: exceptionally fresh citrus flavour.

COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The particularity of this vodka lies in the fact that, unlike others, it is produced exclusively from French grapes: Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc. The fine French grapes are carefully selected for harvest and transformed into wine. After removing the juice its distilled five times to produce the Cîroc Vodka we know and love.


Alcohol Content And Liqueurs

Ciroc Vodka 375ML

Liqueurs are one of the biggest variables in this equation. While you can generally assume that gin, vodka, whiskey, and other base spirits are 80 proof , liqueurs are not so easy. Different liqueurs will have different alcohol content, varying from one brand to another, even between liqueurs of the same style or flavor.

The vast range of orange liqueurs is a perfect example:

  • Triple sec tends to be 30 percent ABV or less.
  • Grand Marnier and Cointreau are both bottled at 40 percent ABV .

Both of these top-shelf liqueurs have the same alcohol content as most of the rums and tequilas that they are often mixed with. Therefore, a made with Cointreau will naturally be stronger than one made with the average triple sec.

Even two different brands of the same liqueur may have different alcohol contents. You can break triple sec down even further:

  • Arrow triple sec is 17 percent ABV .
  • Bols triple sec is 21 percent ABV .

If alcohol content is a concern, then you will want to pay attention to the bottles label. Though, at times , you may also be sacrificing quality by going with the lower-proof option.

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How Do You Know When Youre Drunk

The effects of alcohol can vary from person to person, and it may take some people a quicker or longer time to start seeing signs of intoxication when drinking the same amount of alcohol. Typically, for males with little to no tolerance, they may begin to show some signs of intoxication when their BAC reaches 0.05%.8

A woman who weighs 150 pounds will reach a BAC of 0.10% after drinking about 4 drinks in an hour.8 With little or no alcohol tolerance, general impairment levels are observed at the following BAC levels:8

  • 05% = detectible
  • Unconsciousness.

Clearly People Arent Drinking Grey Goose For The Taste

Liquor reviewers who arent allowing their brains to be rewired by Grey Gooses price tag dont like the vodka. Spirits Review and others dismiss it as avian fashion victim vodka, suggesting that people are only buying Grey Goose for its name and associated hipness. Spirits Review gave Grey Goose a four-out-of-10 rating, with a score of two out of 10 on value. The refined palates of the tasters at The New York Times tried 20 high-end vodkas in 2005 when the whole super-premium vodka fashion craze was in full swing. Oh, and they threw a commoner called Smirnoff into the competition, just for fun. Smirnoff wound up being the overall favorite. Grey Goose didnt even crack the top 10 and was said to be unbalanced and overly sweet.

The reason people drink Grey Goose, according to marketing experts, has nothing to do with taste. The vodka is an everyday luxury that a lot of people can afford. That Rolex on that hedge-fund managers wrist might be out of our price range, but we can afford to splurge on the same Grey Goose martini hes drinking .

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Helps In Controlling Cholesterol Levels

Since vodka is pretty much just water and alcohol and has no nutritional value, it is a great drink that helps you keep your cholesterol levels in check. There are no carbs, sugar, fat, or cholesterol in the drink. It is known that consuming moderate amounts of vodka daily keeps you healthy by increasing your blood circulation and lowering your cholesterol.

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Whats The Most Expensive Vodka

Ciroc French Vanilla Vodka Review

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World: Russo-Baltique, The Eye of the Dragon, and Billionaire VodkaBillionaire Vokda $7.25 Million.The Eye of the Dragon $5.5 Million.Billionaire Vodka $3.7 Million.Russo-Baltique Vodka $1.3 Million.DIVA Premium Vodka $1 Million.Russo-Baltique Vodka $740,000.More items

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