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Which Patron Tequila Is The Smoothest

Can Tequila Be Smooth It Sure Can

Patrón Añejo Tequila – Simply Perfect | Patrón Tequila


Like any Tequila, Agavero is distilled in the region of Jalisco, however it has the honour of being created by master distiller Lazaro Gallardo. It is a secret recipe guarded by his close friends. A 100% blue agave tequila that is blended with essence of the Damiana flower which is indigenous to the mountains of Jalisco.

In addition, Agavero has introduced the new Orange flavoured version as well, infused the oranges and pure agave nectar to make another fine addition to the family. Best way to describe Agavero think sweet, smooth, and oranges. No need for limes and salt with this one, garnish a shot with a slice of orange and brown sugar. A nice surprise for regular drinker.

Patron XO

Patron are known as the big boys of tequila, and they have good reasons to be the best tequila distillers in the world. Firstly, they are traditional. Most distillers use industrial distillers and crushers to press the agave to extract the much needed base, however Patron use the old methods of giant Tahona wheels to recreate the age-old process from years ago. You may have noticed that each bottle is created to be exactly like the last, as each one is inspected, as well as each harvest and finished tequila by world-class testers. Finally, Patrons range of products is excellent.

Olmeca Reposado


There’s A Great Tequila For Every Taste And Budget

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Whether you enjoy tequila shots or want to mix up a great , todays tequila market offers many excellent choices. Blanco tequilas are the most versatile and often preferred because they cost less, while the aged tequilasreposado and añejoare a nice upgrade worthy of the occasional splurge. For most styles, the best tequilas include the words “100 percent Blue Weber Agave” on the label, and you will pay a little extra for premium brands, but the majority of these are relatively affordable.

That means there’s no need to hesitate about mixing any of these best tequilas into your favorite cocktails.

Best Aejo: Don Julio Aejo

Courtesy of Reserve Bar

Region: Jalisco | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Caramel, Baked yam, Ginger

Don Julio, Chasse notes, takes care of its raw materials. When the producers were planting their fields, they used much more land than other producers and spaced the agave out so as not to overtax the soil and sap it of its nutrients. Thats important when the plants take so long to come to maturity, and it leads to some lively flavors in the spirit.

Hurley notes the baked yam, toasted oak, caramel and vanilla notes that two and a half years of wood aging give this añejo. But its round, sweet qualities are balanced out, says Chasse, by a gingery, peppery spice.

Good to Know: Want to nibble while you sip? Try fatty things with a crisp blanco, like guacamole and chips, a grilled steak and carnitas tacos. For aged tequilas, Hurley advises dark chocolate. And any sipping tequila goes great with spicy or salty foods, chased by a Mexican lagerjust the way the distillers like to drink it themselves.

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Why Is Patron So Expensive

Patron tequila is expensive due to the combined effects of its reputation, popularity, taste, quality and packaging. The tequila is also made from what is considered the best type of agave for spirit distilling, Blue Weber Agave. The agave is grown in the worlds best region for agave production in Jalisco, Mexico.

Similarly, Whats the most expensive tequila?

At an estimated 3.5 million US dollars Tequila Ley .925 Diamante is the most expensive tequila in the world. This extra Anejo bottle is of premium quality and has been aged for seven years in the barrel. This most expensive Tequila was created in Jalisco at Hacienda La Capilla distillery.

Subsequently Is patron better than Don Julio? Ok, thats a generalization, but in most categories in their respective lines, Don Julio is better than Patron. Patron is flashier, with shinier bottles and a lot of hype, but for the money, Don Julio Añejo is one of the better sipping tequilas on the market. Make cocktails with Patron, or do shots of it.

Is patron worth the money?

Is Patrón Silver Worth the Price? As much as we enjoy Patrón, I do not recommend purchasing it at full retail price. There are better tasting tequilas available that are a better use of my money. I would take the blanco from Corazon over Patrón any day.

Best Overall: Tequila Ocho Plata

Patron Reposado Tequila 750ml

Courtesy of

Region: Jalisco | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Pepper, Citrus, Grass, Stone fruit

The beautiful story and unique process behind this tequila really help it shine, says Chasse. The family that makes Tequila Ocho Plata has been distilling for generations. They use traditional brick ovens to slow-roast extremely ripe agave, which is chosen from specific fields each year, so that the nuances of the terroir and weather come out, especially in the blanco.

It changes depending on the field and year, says Chasse, but in general, it offers crisp, clean peppery notes, bright citrus and grassy flavors, along with the fruitiness of the extra-ripe agave. The finish also offers a nice balance between floral and earthy notes.

Good to Know: How should you drink a sipping tequila? Hurley and Chasse suggest trying it neat in a tequila glass . Add a few drops of water to open up the flavor. Medina prefers to sip his aged tequila in a snifter with one large cube of ice, which melts slowly, keeping the spirit cool but not diluting it.

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Casa Noble Anejo Tequila

Casa Noble

When anejo tequila is done right, its at once rich and flavorful, smooth yet complex. Thats what you get from Casa Nobles anejo blend, aged in new French oak for two full years with notes of dried fruit, toasted oak, creamy butterscotch, chocolate and spice. An undertone of sweet cooked agave recalls this tequilas fresh Blanco roots.

Like all of Casa Nobles offerings, this one is certified organic, and took home the Best Añejo Tequila prize at the 2017 World Tequila Awards. Best sipped slow for a warm, inviting mouthfeel.

Best Overall: 123 Certified Organic Blanco

Organic, delicious and environmentally friendly what more could you want? 123 Organic Tequila is the brainchild of David Ravandi, a long-time agave grower and artisanal tequila producer. This easy-drinking blanco is produced from 10-year-old agave plants that cook for two days in traditional stone ovens. The juice is then double-distilled for purity and bottled shortly after. Notes of lemon zest, fresh agave, pepper and crushed rocks burst from the spirits clean and precise palate. Sip neat, stir into cocktails or do both.

This sipping tequila is crafted by Carlos Camarena, a third-generation tequilero, and Tomas Estes, the official ambassador of tequila to the EU. Agave for Tequila Ocho Plata is harvested from high-altitude growing sites and is distilled with close attention to detail. Flavors of candied limes, citrus rind, almond, starfruit and briny pineapple lead to a soft and lingering finish. No need for mixers herethis spirit is the star of the show.

“Many people dont think of blanco as a sipping tequila, but I love the taste of organic agave thats slowly roasted to perfection,” says Turner. “When something is good, theres nothing to hide and it should be sipped neat.”

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Percent Blue Weber Agave

When shopping for tequila, look for these words on the bottle. It is easier than ever to find them because almost every tequila brand has realized that this is what drinkers really want.

Blue Weber is known as the most elegant expression of tequila. While tequila falls under the mezcal category, several distillers around the town of Tequila began distilling a superior form of mezcal. They used the whole heart of blue agave, which is indigenous to the region, describes Brian Olson, the founder and owner of Café Intermezzo.

Whats The Difference Between Silver And Anejo Tequila

Smoothest Tequila Ever!? Tequila Fans Agree, PaQui Is The Best

Silver is the freshly distilled liquor that does not age at all. Reposado is rested for anywhere between two and eleven months in oak barrels. Anejo means that the tequila is aged for more than a year in oak barrels. These tequilas are often darker in color and have settle vanilla or toasty notes from the barrels.

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What Is Better Patron Gold Or Silver


16 answersMost gold tequilas have an added color to them, the silver tequilas are in their more pure form so to say. Gold tequila, like the anejo, is aged in oak barrels which gives it a darker appearing color. The silver is usually not aged and is typically stored in steel which keeps it clear.

Secondly, which tequila is best for shots gold or silver?

  • Best for Mixed Drinks: Silver tequila.
  • Best for Shots: Gold tequila.
  • Best for Sipping: Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo.

Keeping this in view, which patron is the best?

While Patron is a good tequila, I don’t think it is the best. In my opinion, Don Julio and Herradura make better tequilas than Patron. As Josh mentioned, there are three types – silver, reposado and anejo.

Why is silver tequila better than gold?

Including caramel or other additives also gives the tequila a smoother taste, which makes it optimal for shots. Sometimes, gold tequila is 100 percent agave, however. This is typically made by mixing a silver tequila with a top-shelf, aged tequila.

What Is The Smoothest Tequila

Here are the best sipping tequilas our experts recommend to drink right now.

  • Best Highlands: El Tesoro Reposado.
  • Best for Beginners: Casamigos Blanco.
  • Best Under $30: Espolòn Reposado.
  • Best Under $50: Cazadores Añejo.
  • Best Splurge: Don Ramón Limited Edition Extra Añejo.
  • Best Gift: Casa Dragones Añejo Barrel Blend.

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Best Under $: Don Julio Blanco

Most great tequilas clock in around $40 to $50, so choosing just one can be challenging. However, in terms of availability and quality, Don Julio always overperforms. This blanco tequila is made from hand-picked blue agave and is double-distilled . Notes of citrus zest, vanilla and pepper dominate the spirits flavor-packed palate. Sip over ice with a squeeze of lime or mix into your next cocktail for an elevated drinking experience.

This ultra-satisfying tequila from Casa Dragones is fresh, fruit-driven and layered with flavor. Notes of juicy tropical fruits, green apple skin, grapefruit, black pepper and a touch of minty freshness dominate the spirits smooth and full-bodied palate. For those looking to step up their tequila game without breaking the bank, this simple upgrade is a no-brainer.

What Are The Best Tequila Brands

Is Patron Tequila Gluten Free?

If youre ready to pick up a couple of new bottles of the best tequila brands , here are our favorite bottles to buy. Most of these spirits are available on sites like Drizly and Reserve Bar, two super convenient alcohol delivery sites. For some of these options, weve also made suggestions to pair them with certain foods, just as you would a fine wine.

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Jose Cuervo Tradicional Aejo


Jose Cuervo is a legacy among the best tequila brands, one that has been synonymous with the spirit for over two centuries. That alone warrants its credibility. Its latest release in the Tradicional portfolio, Añejo combines the Cuervo family recipe with a touch of charred American oak to create a remarkably smooth tequila that might be confused for a light whiskey upon first taste. The company matures this blend for 12 months in oak barrels before spending an additional four months in Irish single malt whiskey barrels, adding unique flavors like cinnamon, caramel, and stewed figs to the tequilas already distinctive profile. Priced slightly above the $30 mark, its an amazing value and Fathers Day gift idea thatll warm you and the big guy up any night of the year.

Let’s Talk About Aging Tequila

The amount of aging and the amount of agave used to make a tequila are what create the different varieties. Each variety has a different type of flavor, aroma, and price point.

These are blanco, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo.

Keep in mind that añejo doesnt mean best, it just means oldest. If you prefer the flavor of blanco, then buy blanco. Extra añejos are often the most expensive tequilas.

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Rapid Growth Caused Issues With Siete Leguas

As Francisco says, Patrón sales started growing and growing and growing. The people liked the bottle and they liked the product a lot. It was something different. Even though it was very expensive, the other tequila producers said this Gringo is really crazy. Nobody else charged those prices at that time, with such a product and with such distinctive bottles.

Martin needed more Patrón to meet demand but owners of the Seite Leguas distillery refused to increase production. I dont know why. They didnt need to buy more equipment, I proposed to them that we use shifts and work through the night, but Lucrecia said no. I was very angry with Seite Leguas, so at the proper time, I quit. Its worth remembering that Francisco was on a promised share of export sales from the distiller. Hence, the more Patrón he could make, so the more he would earn. Their decision not to expand production effectively capped his salary.

Martin needed more product and around the same time there came an opportunity to make a joint venture with Seagram and they made an agreement. Martin bought a piece of land and invited Seite Leguas to participate in the joint venture, but Lucrecia refused. They were afraid of the big fish eating the small fish.

Hacienda Patrón

Best Extra Aejo: Gran Patrn Burdeos

Gran Patrón Burdeos Tequila | The Making Of

Courtesy of Reserve Bar

Region: Jalisco | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Cocoa powder, Dates, Caramel

Añejos and extra añejos should embody the flavor of the wood with the soul of the original spirit, says Hurley, so that the cooked agave flavor shines, complemented by notes of toasted oak, caramel, vanilla and cocoa powder.

This bottle from Patrón exemplifies the style. It is far too tasty, says Chasse. In part, thats due to the barrel program. A combination of used American and new French oak casks gives it a deep amber color that looks great in a snifter. Plus, a velvety mouthfeel and a drying and nearly tannic finale compels you to take another sip. But the pièce de résistance is the old Bordeaux barrels the spirit is finished in they lend a touch of the raisinated flavor youd expect from a wine.

It also does pair nicely with food, says Chasse, and if youre having a fancy day, with a fine cigar.

Region: Jalisco | ABV: 46% | Tasting Notes: Olives, Earth, Orange

If you want to know what tequila tasted like 100 years ago, Fortaleza is your go-to, says Hurley. At his estate in the town of Tequila, master distiller Guillermo Sauza makes the spirit the way his great-great-grandfather made it, using an old stone tahona and brick ovens. Bottled straight from the copper pot still without dilution, this blanco has an alluring earthy, olivey quality, says Chasse, with plenty of bright citrus, too.

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Is Patrn Silver Worth The Price

As much as we enjoy Patrón, I do not recommend purchasing it at full retail price. There are better tasting tequilas available that are a better use of my money. I would take the blanco from Corazon over Patrón any day.

If Patrón Silver is on sale for anything around $30, then this price range may be a better fit in comparison to other tequilas.

Patrón is a perfect example of great marketing and the notion that price equals quality. Many drinkers who are new to tequila fall into this trap and rely on name recognition to guide them to their selections.

Is Clear Tequila Better Than Gold

When it comes down to it, silver tequila is better for margaritas than gold tequila. They are aged differently, with silver tequila boasting a stronger, purer taste while being clear in color. Its simplicity makes it the perfect companion to mixed drinks, as it matches beautifully with other flavor profiles.

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How Is Patron Tequila Made

Patron tequila is made by fermenting the fruit of the blue agave plant. The plant takes a long time to mature, taking nearly eight to ten years to reach the perfect level of ripeness.

For this reason, Patron is often considered a premium spirit because of how difficult it is to produce large quantities. Once the plant has grown to produce fruit with optimal sugar levels, the fruit is then harvested.

The piña is then chopped up and placed in a brick oven to cook evenly on all sides. This allows the sugars in the fruit to break down more easily, which will make it easier for the production of alcohol levels.

The chopped piña is then crushed and ground up. The pulp is left for three days to ferment, and is then distilled in handmade barrels for a minimum of two months. The oldest tequila offered by Patron is their Añejo 7 Años, which is aged for seven years.

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