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Mojito Ingredients 1 1/2 Oz White Rum

Helpful Tips And Tricks

Passion Fruit Mojito
  • Use fresh limes not the concentrated stuff.
  • Quality counts. With only five ingredients, each one is super important. Just like the lime juice, you want to be sure to use a quality rum that you actually like the taste of. Some favorites include Bacardi Superior or Cana Brava.
  • Avoid over-muddling. Gently, yet firmly, press the limes and mint with your muddler and gently twist. Were not trying to rip the mint to shreds, that just makes your mojito bitter.
  • Add some fruit for a fun twist.

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The Cocktail College Podcast: How To Make The Perfect Mojito

The Mojitos simple, refreshing combination of rum, lime, sugar, and mint has become a favorite among poolside and city-dwelling bar-goers alike. Its a drink thats meant to be playful, according to Los Angeles-based former bartender Yael Vengroff. After all, some things are meant to be just that simple and enjoyable to make and to drink.

In this episode of Cocktail College, host Tim McKirdy talks with Vengroff about her approach to the Mojito, along with the ingredients and processes she uses to create her take on the classic cocktail. Plus, the two explore Vengroffs current ventures, including a newly released canned Mojito cocktail she created in collaboration with Aaron Polskys LiveWire Drinks.

Tune in to learn how to make the perfect Mojito.

How To Make The Best Mojito

We absolutely love the simplicity of a classic mojito cocktail. Thanks to white rum, fresh mint, lime, and a little bit of sugar, mojitos taste fresh and light, making them perfect for warmer weather!

Mojitos are easy to make for one or for a crowd. For the best tasting cocktail, dont skip the fresh mint and freshly squeezed lime, theyre essential on this one.

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Mojito Variations To Try:

  • The Pink Strawberry Mojito Recipe – In this riff, the classic Mojito is elevated with the addition of strawberries as both an ingredient and garnish. A generous splash of grenadine adds a pleasant pink hue.
  • The Jamaican Rum Punch Recipe – This small batch recipe uses a French press to extract flavors of cinnamon, mint, and jalapeño, along with rum and toasted coconut. The longer the mix marinates, the more powerful the flavor.
  • The Blackberry Mojito Recipe – This tasty Mojito calls for blackberries, blackberry jam, and a sprinkling of sugar. Muddle the components with lime and mint to fully release all of the drinks flavors and aromas.

Mojito Pitcher For A Crowd Recipe

The Real Mojito Recipe

Please a crowd at any party, wedding, catered event, or other gathering with this mojito pitcher recipe. Simply pour all of the ingredients into a pitcher, mix them up, and serve. With this quick and easy recipe, you’ll have a tasty beverage for your guests in no time. Plus, you’ll be able to fulfill your guests’ demand for refills in a flash.

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History And Etymology For Mojito

borrowed from Cuban Spanish, diminutive of mojomojo

Note: The unsuffixed word mojo is recorded in the sense bebida compuesta de ron, azúcar, limón y agua gaseosa in Un catauro de cubanismos: apuntes lexicográficos by the Cuban essayist and scholar Fernando Ortiz, a collection originally published a year earlier in the journal Revista bimestre cubana.

Best Practices: Less Is More When Youre Making Mojitos

Its easy to botch Mojitos. Despite having four ingredients and breezy, tropical-island vibes, Mojitos require precision. In a drink with so few components, youll taste every off flavor, from subpar spirits to from-concentrate citrus.

Like their cousins, the Daiquiris, Mojitos are a combination of rum, lime juice, and a sweetener. Mojitos also involve fresh mint, an herb that seems hardy in the garden but goes from pleasantly muddled to limply lifeless in an instant. Making drinks with raw sugar also presents a challenge. If it isnt properly dissolved, youll be crunching on crystals with every sip.

We spoke with five bartenders about their tips for making stellar Mojitos. From at-home hacks, to the one bartending technique you should never ever use, here are five dos and don’ts for mastering Mojitos.

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What Goes Into A Mojito

  • White rum: The main ingredient in the traditional recipe is the white rum. You can use any of your favorite brands for this recipe or stick to the classic Bacardi superior rum.
  • Sugar: Adding white sugar or simple syrup, demerara or turbinado sugar for a richer flavor and will add sweetness to this cocktail.
  • Fresh Mint leaves: You cant have a Mojito without fresh mint!
  • Fresh Lime Juice: Lime juice not only adds a citrusy flavor to this cocktail but also brings in a slight sweetness.
  • Sparkling Water: Add sparkling water or club soda for fizz.
  • Garnish: Mint sprig and lime wedges are a perfect garnish for this classic cocktail.

Recipe Tips For Low Carb Mojito

How to Make a Mojito | Homemade Mojito Recipe
  • Citrus Fresca Club Soda: This is my preferred brand of club soda, however you can use any of your favorite. Just make sure it is unflavored and sugar-free.
  • White Rum or Vodka: For best results, use your favorite unflavored white rum or vodka.
  • Ice: If you donât like ice in your drinks, use a cocktail shaker. Fill it with ice , add white rum or vodka and lime juice, shake a few times. This chills the drink. Pour the drink in a highball or cocktail glass with muddled mint leaves, then top off with club soda and diet 7up. Stir a few times to mix everything together.
  • To make a Virgin Mojito, simply skip the rum, or vodka, and enjoy a refreshing and yum Virgin Mojito.
  • When muddling mint leaves, do it gently. Over muddling can make the mint leaves a bit bitter.

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Are Mojitos High In Calories

While a typical Mojito includes 168 calories, by eliminating the sweet syrup, you may reduce the calorie count by 40 to 70 calories per drink. If you add a little light rum to it, you may reduce the calories by another 100 calories. Increase the amount of mint leaves, soda water, and fresh lime juice that is used in the beverages.

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What Is A Classic Mojito Cocktail

A classic mojito is a traditional Cuban highball. It is made with just a few simple ingredients of mint, lime, granulated sugar, rum, and club soda. Although it originated in Cuba it has definitely become popular around the world. Ive taken the liberty to add some fun to the classic one and give it a burst of color and berry highlights.

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Mango Margarita Recipe Tips

  • Thawing is your friend. When you first blend the margarita together, it will be thick, almost like a sorbet. If at any point you find that it is too thick to blend, dont worry about it! Just walk away for a few minutes to allow the mango to defrost, and then come back and try again. The mixture will blend more easily as it thaws, and even if you let it sit for a bit, itll still be nice and frosty.
  • Taste and adjust. The secret to making a killer cocktail at home? Adjusting it to taste! If you prefer a stronger mango margarita, add a splash more tequila. If you want it brighter, squeeze in extra lime. Craving something sweeter? Add a drop of agave or simple syrup. Tweak the ratios until your margarita has a balance of flavors you love.
  • Salt the rim of your glass. This frozen mango margarita tastes amazing straight out of the blender, so technically, you dont have to salt your glass here. Still, I highly recommend it. The salt perfectly accents the sweet, vibrant flavor of the mango and lime, and it gives your glass that classic margarita look.

What Is Classic Mojito Made Of


A classic mojito is made with white rum, sugar, lime juice, mint, and sparkling water.

A classic cocktail consists of rum, mint, lime, sugar, and club soda in a cocktail glass. Gimlets are disliked by many bartenders because they require a significant amount of time to make. It only takes a few minutes to make and it can be done from the get-go. The rum cocktail is said to have originated in Cuba, possibly with the help of a 16th-century medicinal tonic known as El Draque. It is said that Havana invented the cocktail as it is known today by combining ice and soda, which was introduced in the early 1900s. Ernest Hemmingway claimed in his book The Best Cocktail Ever that it was second only to the daiquiri in terms of popularity.

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What To Serve With Mojito

We love Mojitos for their freshness so they are great served with creamy dips with salty chips! These are my personal favourites to pair with Mojitos:

Cocktail hour is upon us. Time for a mojito!! Nagi x

The Lowest Carb Alcoholic Drink

I am always looking for fun and festive ways to enjoy cocktails throughout the year while still staying true to my low-carb diet.

A regular Mojito cocktail comes in at 13g net carbs, since most of the carbs come from sweetening the drink with cane sugar. And donât even think about purchasing a low carb mojito mix, which is packed with tons of added ingredients that arenât good for you.

To keep the sweetness, but decrease the amount of sugar and carbs, I discovered you can replace the sugar with Diet 7up for a low carb no sugar mojito. It is just as delicious and keeps the carbohydrates count in check.

  • Carbs in Unflavored Spirits: All unflavored spirits have zero carbohydrate content. When you get into the world of flavored spirits, such as coconut rum which has 8 grams of net carbs in a 1.5oz serving, the sugar and carb content increases. Stick with unflavored for the lowest possible carb cocktail.
  • Diet 7up has zero net carbs because it is sweetened with Splenda. Feel free to also use Sprite Zero Sugar, which has zero net carbs, too.
  • Lime Juice has 1 gram of net carbs which makes the total net carbs = 1 gram per drink as long as you stick to all unflavored mixers.

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How Did I Learn To Make The Best Mojitos

My easy technique comes from a bartender I met when we were on vacation in the Caribbean. He showed me that they prep a mojito simple syrup with mint and lime which ups the flavor in mojitos. You still muddle together some fresh mint and lime the old fashioned way, but adding in that mojito simple syrup elevates the flavor to a new level!

What Tools You Need To Make Mojito

Mojito Slushy BlendJet Recipe

You wont be needing a cocktail shaker for this one! Grab a jigger, a bar spoon, and a tall glass or collins glass for this Mojito cocktail recipe. Its super easy for the home bartenders.

Add sugar and lime juice to a glass. Next, add fresh mint leaves into the glass. Using a muddler, muddle the ingredients gently to extract the essence of mint. Add ice cubes or crushed ice to the glass. Then, pour white rum into the glass and top it with sparkling water. Throw a few lime wedges into the glass and garnish it with a fresh mint sprig. Bottoms up!

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Yael Vengroffs Mojito Recipe

T: One of the themes of this show, with some other drinks that weve spoken about in the past whether theyve been the topic of the episode or the conversations have gone that way is how even something like a vodka soda deserves your respect and time if someones paying money for it. I think thats very much true of the Mojito. Ive had other bartenders tell me before that it might be a pain, but there are ways that you can make this a great cocktail. Id love to get into those ways with you.

A Refreshing Twist: The Minty Mojito

How can I make my own mint julep? Mint is used to make a classic cocktail known as a mojito. This flavor not only adds a refreshing splash of color to the drink, but it also preserves the drinks lime juice. So, if you want to make a delicious cocktail this summer, make a mint julep. Its also a good idea to keep the mint.

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How To Make 5 Different Mojito Recipes

Mojitos are a refreshing summertime drink perfect for serving on your patio, rooftop bar, or at your next barbecue. This versatile cocktail can be served the traditional way, or you can get creative with new ingredients to keep up with emerging bar trends. Introducing other fruit flavors such as lemon or watermelon can transform your classic mojito into a unique and exciting cocktail that guests will pay a premium for. Check out the mojito recipe video below to learn how to make five different mojito recipes that are perfect for your summertime bar menu.

Caster Sugar Vs Granulated Sugar

mojito recipe

Granulated sugar has a larger and coarser grain than caster sugar. Though they can generally be used interchangeably, granulated sugar does not incorporate into batters as quickly. Cakes and other desserts baked with granulated sugar instead of caster sugar sometimes have a speckled appearance due to the undissolved granules.

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Are Mojitos Bad For You

Because of the presence of Vitamin C, it is clear that Mojitos will be excellent immune boosters. It may offer you with an additional layer of protection against viral infections that are more likely to spread during certain seasons. In addition to being tasty, the combination of mint and lime juice may help you to have a more healthier digestive system.

How To Make A Mojito:

So lets talk about how to make mojitos! For a single serving, simply:

  • Muddle your mint. Combine your mint, rum, lime juice, and sweetener in a cocktail shaker. Then use a cocktail muddler to gently muddle the mint a bit so that those fresh minty flavors get released.
  • Shake with ice. Add ice to the cocktail shaker, then cover and give it a good vigorous shake for about 15 seconds until chilled.
  • Strain then top with club soda. Strain the mixture into a tall glass filled with ice, being sure that an inch or so is left at the top of the glass. Top off with club soda.
  • And serve! Garnished with lots of extra fresh mint and lime, if desired.
  • That said, while making a mint mojito in a cocktail shaker is standard, I often take a shortcut and just muddle and mix everything together directly in the serving glass , which is just as delicious. )

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    What Cocktails Can I Drink On Keto

    Drinks that are Keto-Friendly For example, pure types of alcohol such as whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, and vodka are all absolutely devoid of carbohydrate content. These beverages can be consumed on their own or blended with low-carb mixers to enhance their flavor. Wine and light versions of beer are likewise low in carbohydrates, with 34 grams of carbs per serving on average in both cases.

    What Are The Ingredients Needed For This Berry Mojito Cocktail

    How to Make a Mojito Cocktail Home | Pro | Expert

    Fresh Mint Leaves. Choose the freshest mint possible. Lucky for me I have a ton of it growing in one of my flower beds and it has overtaken the space. So Im constantly looking for recipe ideas, especially cocktails, to use wherever I can.

    Homemade Simple Syrup. This is one of the easiest things to make and have on hand. You use a ratio of one part granulated sugar to one part water. Heat the water and then add the sugar. Simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Let the simple syrup cool then store in the fridge for up to three weeks.

    Fresh Limes. Please dont grab the bottled lime juice from the shelf. The key to a perfectly fresh mojito is the limes themselves. Here Ive included a few good tips for choosing them. Look to see if it has a nice green color. Scratch the surface of the skin, if it smells distinctively lime-ish, its probably ripe. It should have a good weight to it. A ripe lime will be heavier because it contains more juice. When you squeeze it, there should be a slight give but not too soft.

    Berry Infused White Rum. You can find out how to make this recipe by following the steps below. There are so many different infusions to alcohol that you can make to spruce up a cocktail. Fruits, herbs, jalapeno, fresh ginger, vanilla bean, cucumber, etc, add some fanciness to favorite alcoholic drinks.

    Club Soda. This is the bubbly topping that softens the intensity of the rum. But just a splash is all you need.

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    What Ingredients Are In A Mojito

    1 1/2 oz White rum1 oz Fresh lime juice2 teaspoons Sugar6 leaves of MintSoda WaterMojito/Ingredients

    Are Bacardi Mojitos gluten free?

    A classic rum cocktail that combines the sweetness of the Caribbean with fresh lime, revitalizing mint flavor, and sparkling soda water. BACARDÃ Real Rum Cocktails are made with BACARDÃ Superior Rum, all-natural flavors, real ingredients, and are gluten free with no artificial sweeteners.

    Whats in a Bacardi cocktail?

    1 1/2 oz Bacardi white rum1/6 oz Grenadine syrup2/3 oz Lemon or Lime juiceBacardi cocktail/Ingredients

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