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What Drinks Can I Make With Malibu Rum

For A Pineapple Rum Punch:

Pineapple Breeze | Malibu Rum Cocktail | Booze On The Rocks

This recipe is very easy to turn into a punch for a crowd. Just multiply the ingredients by the number of serving your punch bowl or pitcher will hold. OR use the number of servings you wish to make.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you wish to make 10 servings of this cocktail in a 3 quart pitcher here is the math breakdown for you.

  • Captain Morgan rum-spiced 15 oz.
  • Malibu Coconut Rum-15 oz.

Coconut Pineapple Sparkling Ice Zero Calorie A Shot Of

Best Low Calorie Malibu Rum Drinks from Coconut Pineapple Sparkling ICE Zero Calorie a shot of. Source Image: . Visit this site for details:

Keeping your carbohydrate intake down also helps as these are calorie-rich foods. Try switching carbohydrates for something a little much healthier. A lot of grocery stores now stock butternut squash sheets, which are terrific in lasagnes. Attempt exchanging pasta as well as pastas for courgetti as its reduced in calories, or white rice for cauliflower rice. Utilize extra wholewheat pastas as well as brown rice, these have a much greater dietary advantage, and are far better for you.

Malibu Driver Cocktail Recipe

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The Malibu Driver is one of the simplest cocktail recipes out there, with just two ingredients: Malibu coconut rum and orange juice. Because it includes two ounces of the coconut rum, that flavor balances the sweet-tartness of the orange juice, and you get a flavor thats mellow with no rough edges.

This drink looks and tastes like summertime in a glass, but that doesnt mean its just a summer drink. In cold or dreary weather, The Malibu Driver can make you feel like its summer. Just remember not to look out the window.

Its got enough orange juice to make a difference in your vitamin C intake for the day, and its not a particularly strong cocktail. That makes it a nice choice for a brunch or party. You can definitely make this one up in pitchers ahead of time and serve it chilled.

While it seems most people enjoy the combination of orange and coconut, some dont. Of course, thats true of any cocktail you could name. But generally speaking, this one is a crowd pleaser.

Ice is optional with this one. The flavors are strong enough to stand up to a little watering down, so if youre wanting it to stay cold, dont hesitate to toss a couple of cubes in. You could also pour it over crushed ice, although that will water it down more quickly.

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How To Make Mimosas

I usually fill my champagne flute about two-thirds full with champagne and top off with about one-third of the mango nectar. I like to garnish my mango mimosa cocktail with a strawberry slice and a mango slice, just because.

You can also make pitcher mimosas if youre serving them for a brunch event or party. Just use the same bubbly to mango nectar ratio. Cheers!

Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe

Top 10 Coconut Rum Drinks with Recipes

Rebecca & nbsp|

Malibu Bay Breeze is a fruity, layered cocktail bursting with the best tropical flavors! Just one sip of this refreshing drink of coconut rum, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice will have you wishing you were on island time!

Colorful, boozy beach drinks are so fun to enjoy whether youre soaking up rays on a tropical island or just recreating it at home with friends! My Fish Bowl Drink and Rum Punchare both must-make drinks that also have bright splashes of color and flavor!

This Malibu Bay Breeze combines two popular island flavors of pineapple and coconut to really bring out the vacation vibes! All that will be missing is the sand under your feet and the ocean breeze combing through your hair!

What I love about this tasty cocktail is how easy and fun it is to whip up! With just one kind of liquor, a couple of juices, and garnishes it makes a great drink for beginner bartenders!

Although if you do have more experience behind the bar, this isnt a drink to skip over! After just one glass youll find yourself making another, and another until it becomes your new quick, go-to cocktail! I promise youre really going to love the vibrant cranberry and pineapple mixed with coconut flavor!

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Is Malibu Made With Real Coconut

Per their website, Malibu Coconut Rum is distilled from fermented molasses and blended with coconut and sugar. The brand is owned by one of the worlds largest spirits producers, Pernod Ricard. Currently produced in Canada, Malibu Coconut rum was originally made in Curaçao from fruit spirits flavored with coconut and rum.

Does Baking Burn Off Alcohol

The longer you cook, the more alcohol cooks out, but you have to cook food for about 3 hours to fully erase all traces of alcohol. A study from the U.S. Department of Agricultures Nutrient Data lab confirmed this and added that food baked or simmered in alcohol for 15 minutes still retains 40 percent of the alcohol.

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How To Make A Tequila Sunrise

Of all the tequila mixed drinks, a tequila sunrise is arguably the easiest to make. Simply add orange juice, tequila, and ice cubes to a glass, then pour in the grenadine.

The grenadine will sink to the bottom of the glass, but thats what you want! The trick to making the best tequila sunrise is to not stir the drink once all the cocktail ingredients have been added to the glass.

Garnish your drink as desired and serve immediately.

How To Make Our Fresh Simple Malibu Paradise:

Radler in Malibu | Malibu Cocktail | Rum Cocktails | Coconut Rum Drinks | Radler Kingfisher Lemon

Pour all ingredients into a large pitcher. Stir well.

Fill a cup with ice and add Fresh Simple Malibu Paradise.

Stir and garnish with your choice of a cherry or lime wedge.


As tasty as it is beautiful, Im such a sucker for something that can come together so quickly and with such few ingredients. This is a win for so many reasons. A good side note: put all the non-alcoholic ingredients in a pitcher, add two cups of ginger-ale, and you have a great kid version! My kids go nuts over it just as much as we do the adult version. Total win for everyone! We love to pair this with our Sams Club Chicken Salad for boat days too!

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Malibu Cocktails Low Calorie Caribbean Cosmo With Images

Best Low Calorie Malibu Rum Drinks from Malibu Cocktails Low Calorie Caribbean Cosmo With images. Source Image: . Visit this site for details:

When I told my sibling, Dime, the resident Granola Specialist regarding my principle for a high quantity granola, she was a little puzzled concerning that term. See, I frequently ask her for sage suggestions about recipe titling and whatnot to see to it points are clear, such and also appetite-inducing. She might or might not have actually had as affect on titling such timeless recipes as these 5 Ingredient Homemade KIND Nut Pubs and also these ah-mazing Chewy Healthy Oat meal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Best Low Calorie Malibu Rum Drinks from Bai pina colada. Source Image: . Visit this site for details:

With this Healthy Low Calorie Granola Recipe, I attempted my darndest as well as mostly succeeded, in making the greatest volume for the most affordable quantity of calories granola like ever before. Okaaaaay, unless youre comparing this reduced cal granola to, like, that wacky granola you located ages ago constructed of kelp noodles. That is one more tale for one more day.

What Rum Is Best For Pina Colada

Malibu rum is the brand that I use. It adds an extra tropical flavor to the drink that white rum doesnt. However, white rum is typically what is used in a Pina Colada, so you can use either.

I choose Malibu because it has a natural coconut flavour and a smooth and sweet finish. Ive tried other coconut rums before and some have a more manufactured taste that doesnt do well in this cocktail. If you want a really tasty pina colada, just stick with the Malibu.

Here are a few other options for coconut rum that you can order through Saucey, Malibu rum included .

You can also use a light or dark rum , if you cant find Malibu or just want to use what you have on hand. It will still be delicious.

You can get this and many other liquors delivered to your door from Saucey$5 OFF your first order + free delivery with code SAS) or Drizly.Only valid in select states.

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Low Calorie Summer Treats Flavorforless Keeping It

Best Low Calorie Malibu Rum Drinks from Low Calorie Summer Treats FlavorForLess Keeping it. Source Image: . Visit this site for details:

Break up with hefty, high-calorie dishes. These great-tasting dinners have much less than 400 calories per offering, making it easy to enjoy a healthier meal with the family.

Coconut Rum Painkiller A Rum Cocktail

Malibu Mango Frozen Daiquiri

Last Updated on August 24, 2021 by The Noms

Whats better than a twist on a classic tiki cocktail than adding MORE coconut as in this Painkiller Cocktail Recipe?

When summer rolls around and the warm evenings makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, you definitely need a cocktail that fully embraces the tropical vibe! What better way than a Tiki cocktail? We take classic tiki flavors like coconut, pineapple and rum and a little bit of inspiration from the classic Tiki cocktail, the Painkiller, to make a great tropical sipper, the Coconut Rum Painkiller!

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What Drinks Can You Make With Banana Rum

August 26, 2010 By Luke

Ever wondered what drinks you can make with banana rum?

We have the answer right here! This is a drink you CAN make at home kids. Banana rum is an interesting concept, why companies insist on altering perfectly good rum with their artificial natural flavours is beyond me, but rant over, Ive been getting a few questions from the community about what drinks you can make with banana rum, so if must be gaining in popularity?!

I really had no idea how to answer this question, as Ive never tried it myself, but for your convenience I have put a twist on your standard banana rum cream drink and put together this recipe just for you! If you make this at home make sure you comment and let me know what you think!

Now for the recipe:

Banana Rum Cream Drink there are a few different recipes for this drink, the simple rum drinks twist goes like this:

Cocktail Tips & Variations

Do not stir the rum cocktail.

  • You can stir if you don’t mind the colors being muddled.

Get the Malibu nice and cold.

  • Refrigerate or put your rum in the freezer so your ice doesn’t melt too quickly.

Want to make more than one Malibu sunrise?

  • Use the slider on my recipe card below to increase for how many cocktails you’d like to make!

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How To Make A Malibu Sunset Drink

This sweet pineapple and coconut rum drink can be made by simply layering the ingredients in a glass or by making the drink in a shaker. Either way, the recipe is the same.

Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Then either combine the Malibu rum and pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake the cocktail. Or begin by pouring the Malibu rum over the ice in the glass followed by the pineapple juice. Stir the pineapple juice and rum together. Then drizzle a teaspoon of the cherry juice from the maraschino cherry jar over the rum and pineapple juice.

Garnish the cocktail with several maraschino cherries.

Frozen Watermelon Coconut Mojitos

5 EASY Coconut Rum Cocktails you can make at Home | Dead Mans Fingers Rum

The Spruce

Frosty, fruity, and sweet, the frozen watermelon coconut mojito is a fantastic way to cool off on hot summer days. Fresh juicy watermelon, bright lime juice, and garden-fresh mint blend with coconut rum in this iced concoction that makes an ideal patio or deck sipper. Garnish this frozen fruity slushy with coconut shreds, lime slices, mint sprigs, and watermelon wedges.

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Coconut Mixed Drink Recipes With Alcohol

Best coconut rum mixed drinks. These drinks contain malibu® coconut rum, for the best possible mixes. The best coconut rum mixed drinks recipes on yummly | tropical coconut rum cocktail, mango passion fruit rum cocktail, strawberry agua fresca rum cocktail There are many more coconut rum brands but ill keep it between these 2 only now for the sake of this specific head to head.

Bahama mama drink recipe sooo good! This tiki cocktail uses a trifecta of gold rum, demerara rum and jamaican rum. Or just swap it for rum to make a coconut spin on the rum and coke or mojito.

Best malibu coconut rum drinks. Pineapple malibu drink 4oz of coconut rum 8oz of pinapple. My favorite malibu brand is malibu mango, i usually drink it straight, great flavor!

It is best in mixed drinks. Add fresh nutmeg on top for added flavour. The recipe consists of coffee, coconut sugar, rum, coconut milk, with optional coconut cream and toasted coconut shavings.

From pineapple malibu drink 4oz of coconut rum 8oz of pinapple. Ready for take off, pour the drink into the glass of your choosing. Mixed with fresh orange and lime juice,.

See more ideas about coconut rum drinks, rum drinks, alcohol drink recipes. A day at the beach amaretto, coconut rum, grenadine, orange juice airhead amaretto, coconut rum, cranberry juice, dekuyper razzmatazz, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, sprite, triple sec, white rum Crushed ice, and 1 t.

Peach lemonade delic!! Spiced rum, Fun drinks, Coconut rum

Malibu Barbie Drink Recipe : Pure Homemade Experience

You can easily make this delicious and delightful Malibu Barbie drink Recipe at home. Look no further if youre seeking a simple cocktail recipe.

The gorgeous Malibu Barbie drink is a coconut rum drink that combines coconut rum, pineapple, and sweet grenadine.

Layered cocktails, like this one, look great but need very little skill. If youve never had this Malibu Barbie drink before, we recommend giving it a try. Its a delicious combination of tastes that takes you to an island getaway.

People prefer to make them in a pitcher for outside BBQs and pool parties.


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Winter Sunshine Rum Cocktail

Most Malibu cocktails are all about summer and the beach, but this icy mixed drink is geared more towards the winter months.

Honestly, it still screams summer to me, thanks to the overwhelmingly sweet flavor and aroma of coconut, but it looks like a glass of winter snow, making it ideal for the holidays.

Island Tiki Mai Tai Recipe

Malibu Sunset Cocktail

This beautiful tiki drink tastes sweet and fruity with a hint of rum to warm up your taste buds. A much lighter rum flavor and much more fruity drink than the classic Mai Tai. If you love pineapple rum drinks with coconut rum go for this version.

Cruise ships and resort bars often serve some version of this fruity recipe. Sweet drink lovers adore this recipe. Its a dandy Malibu rum and Captain Morgan Drink.

If you order a Mai Tai youll most often get this sweeter Island Tiki Version. For all fruity mixed drinks connoisseurs this is the ONLY Mai Tai.

We placed the proportions for the single serving for this drink recipe in the printable recipe Card ingredients list.

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This Is The Fruity Sweet Alcoholic Drink Recipe With Malibu Rum And Captain Morgans

This is the fruity sweet alcoholic drink recipe with malibu rum and captain morgans. It is great it drinks with juices like pineapple out orange juice. My only slight complaint is if you drink it . A refreshing twist on a . Delicious and refreshing malibu sunset cocktail mixed drink. So whether you are looking for some simple drink recipes with coconut rum, some awesome cocktail recipes with malibu or some simple coconut . Malibu coconut rum is my favorite alcoholic beverage. Coconut flavoring can be mixed with some sodas, almost any juice such as pineapple, or sipped on straight up. Delicious and easy drink, made with only 3 ingredients: Ingredients · 2 ounces* malibu coconut rum · 2 ounces pineapple juice · 2 ounces orange juice ·½ ounce grenadine · ice, for serving . Ingredients · 1 ounce vodka · 1 ½ ounces malibu coconut rum · 1 ½ ounce peach schnapps ·½ ounce grenadine · orange juice · pineapple juice · ice . If you don’t like that strong alcohol taste and like mixed drinks then this is perfect. A sunny winter rum cocktail to brighten up the winter blahs!

If you don’t like that strong alcohol taste and like mixed drinks then this is perfect. Made with malibu rum, coconut milk and orange juice. This easy to make layered drink is a sweet blend of coconut rum, pineapple, . This is the fruity sweet alcoholic drink recipe with malibu rum and captain morgans. Coconut flavoring can be mixed with some sodas, almost any juice such as pineapple, or sipped on straight up.

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