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How To Make Vodka Shots

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How to Make Jello Shots | MyRecipes


How Many Shots Of Vodka Can Get You Drunk – Montalvospirits

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How Many Ounces In A Shot & Other Facts About Alcohol

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How To Accurately Measure A Shot Without A Shot Glass

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Tito’s Vodka Prices Guide 2021 – Wine And Liquor Prices

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A Shot Of Diva Vodka Costs As Much As Your College Tuition

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How Many Calories Are In Vodka? Vodka Nutrition Facts …

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Fermenting The Mashed Potatoes

Only the mash water is used in this step, so a lot of the solids included in the pre-fermented solution can be discarded.

A good high-quality fermenter is key here, as any leaks in the airlock or breaches in the seal can affect how the solution ferments.

Yeast Creation

A yeast starter will be used to ferment the main vodka compound, so a good amount of time is spent creating a reliable and high-quality starter.

  • A standard mason jar is sanitized and filled with 4 ounces, or roughly 30 ml, of 110 degrees F water, or 43 degrees C.
  • 2 packets of sugar, or around 2 tablespoons, is added to the water and stirred until uniform.
  • This is where the yeast comes in. You can use standard bread yeast, but the type of yeast used will affect how the yeast can ferment.
  • This compound is mixed thoroughly and let sit for around 20 minutes. If the yeast hasnt doubled in size, a brewer would add sugar and sit for another few minutes to expand the yeast.
  • Fermenting Process

    Once a decent starter is made, the brewer would mix the mash solution and the yeast starter in a fermenter. Since only the water is used, you could opt for a smaller 5-gallon fermenter.

  • Mash water is strained out to remove any large part. Only this will be needed moving forward. Some brewers pour this into the fermentation bucket from a height to add aeration to the solution.
  • Check on the solution every 12 hours to re-mix any solids that start floating on the surface.
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    How Long Does It Take Jello Shots To Set

    It sets anytime between 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours but that depends on the amount per container. The shallower your container is, the faster it may solidify.

    To fasten the process, put them at the back of the freezer. They will be harder than normal and may turn grainy. But they will not freezer rock-solid and you will still be able to enjoy them.

    How Long Do Jello Shots Last Out Of The Fridge

    How to Make Jello Shots with Vodka

    Jello shots dont last long outside of the refrigerator. They melt faster in warmer temperatures. You should plan to consume or refrigerate the shots within 30 45 minutes.

    These Jello shots are an easy and fun addition to any party or get-together. I love making shots with different colors and flavors for all tastes. Give them a try at your next event.

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    How To Make Gelatin Shots

    FIRST STEP: In a small pan, bring one cup of water to a boil.

    SECOND STEP: Once boiling, add in jello gelatin mix and whisk until completely dissolved. Remove pan from the stove and pour the mixture into a separate pour-able container. This can be either a glass measuring cup or a small pitcher.

    THIRD STEP: Begin by whisking in cold water, and then add in vodka.

    FOURTH STEP: Once combined, pour finished mixture into 2 oz containers or any plastic shot glass until almost full

    FIFTH STEP: Allow to set in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour, preferably 2-3 hours.

    SIXTH STEP: Repeat the process for each different flavor/color of gelatin you are making.

    How To Make Homemade Flavored Vodkas

    Homemade infused vodkas are the perfect gift to give — they’re relatively affordable, they’re personalized, and they’re booze! Who doesn’t love a little liquor during the holidays? Whether you give a bottle or two to a close friend or a stranger whose name you drew for Secret Santa, it’s a gift that’s pretty sure to please.

    The best part? Flavored vodkas are incredibly simple to make, even if you have no skills in the kitchen. We’ve got some step-by-step instructions for you to follow, and you’ll be well on your way to some flavored merriment. And make sure to check out our slideshow of infusions below!

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    How Long Are Jello Shots Good For

    You should eat your shots within a week. Two weeks at the absolute most!

    After that, the gelatin will start to break down and they will have a weird texture and the taste isnt great.

    See?! How easy is that? The hard part if waiting for them to set up. Its worth noting youll get about 10 or so vodka jello shots per box of Jell-O. SO if youre making one flavor youll want to grab a few boxes of gelatin. Or you can have fun with your colors and flavors and mix things up!

    The cherry, grape, and berry blue are my favorites when Im making a big batch. That being said since vodka is a neutral spirit and doesnt have a flavor, you can really use whichever Jell-O you love best! Which kind are you mixing up?

    My favorite flavor pairing ideas

    • Lime vodka + Cherry gelatin = Cherry Limeade
    • Vanilla vodka + Peach gelatin = Peach Cobbler
    • Whipped vodka + Lemon gelatin = Lemon Meringue Pie
    • Coconut vodka + Pineapple gelatin = Tropical Punch
    • Cake vodka + Strawberry gelatin = Strawberry Shortcake

    Overview Of How To Make A Vodka

    How to Make the Perfect Jell-O Shot – CHOW Tip

    So I figured this is a good time to do a step by step overview of how to make a vodka from start to finish, to give all those people out there, trying to figure this out a bit of a jumpstart.

    Transcript: Welcome to still it everyone. This is the channel all about chasing the craft of home distillation and making it a legitimate hobby. So if youre into distilling or craft spirits, have a look around and subscribe.

    If it looks like you also have a channel, chances are you can help me out. And I guarantee youll learn something from the other people were hanging around here, too.

    Future GC here. I just need to cut in and let you know something Ive been editing this video and it turns its running over 25 minutes. You guys are awesome, but I cant expect you to sit there and watch that. Thats ridiculous.

    So, unfortunately, I think Im going to have to split this video into two parts because I cant figure out a way to cut it down and make it manageable. And next week Ill release the video for the cuts. I know for those guys that have been following the channel, thats a bit of a tease and Im really sorry for that, but I just dont want to make people sit through a big ole video.

    All right. So I thought it might be a good idea to summarize all of the videos that Ive done in the last few weeks that pertain to this neutral spirit to give a step by step order and tutorial on how to make a neutral spirits.

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    How Much Alcohol Is In A Jello Shot

    This jello shot recipe uses 1/2 cup vodka for 12 shots = 1/3 ounce vodka per shot. Thats 4 jello shots to equal 1 regular shot.

    Even if you take out the cold water and use 1 cup vodka = thats still only 2/3 ounce vodka per shot. This is typical of jello shots. Thats 2 jello shots to equal 1 shot.

    Peach Fizz Jello Shots Are About To Become Your Go

    Peach is one of my favorite summer flavors. Its so delicious and smells amazing! When I set out to make some new unique jello shots for all our summer parties this year, I knew peach had to be on the list. This jello shot is now on my list of must make anytime theres a party shots. Theyre that good.

    LOVE THIS RECIPE? PIN IT FOR LATER!Follow Bread Booze Bacon on Pinterest

    Youd be surprised to know that finding a good peach vodka isnt that easy, but Alize Peach Vodka is awesome! Its a lower proof and as soon as you open the bottle all you can do is think about gorgeously ripe peaches. With Alizé Peach being a succulent infusion of ripe, luscious peaches delicately blended with premium French vodka its no surprise! You can drink it on the rocks or in stylish, colorful cocktail.

    These shots were a huge hit at my friends party over the weekend. I made one batch with lemon-lime soda for the light weights and one batch with champagne for a bellini-like flavor. So good! If you want some extra presentation points, top your shots with a thin slice of fresh peach to nibble on after your shot.

    I cant wait to try the other Alizé flavors like Alizé Red Passion , Alizé Gold Passion , and Alizé Bleu Passion . These vodkas are perfect for everything from cosmos to margaritas! You can find out more about the full line of Alizé products and get cocktail inspiration at or by following the #AlizeinColor hashtag.

    If you liked this recipe, youll love these cocktails!

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    The History Of The Vodka Shot

    Why do we drink?

    According to one of pop cultures coolest vodka drinkers, Roger Sterling, We drink because its good. Because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar. Because we deserve it

    We want to honour Sterlings sentiments. We should drink because its good, because it is, in a way, a form of art that should be held in high regard. Drinking should be done responsibly and respectfully as an appreciation for the spirit and its quality. We put a tremendous amount of time, patience, and appreciation into the production of our vodka and gin, and all we ask is that our patrons do the same when drinking them. When we create cocktails using our spirits, we do so with complete and utter love for the alcohol, and all the effort and care that the alcohol represents. We dont see it simply as a way of getting a buzz but instead as a journey through the different layers of our craft. A craft that we are continuously striving to perfect.

    Even though this class of cocktails is intended to be a single sip, we hope that you take the time to appreciate it. Mix up a round for your friends and family and make a toast. Treat the vodka with respect, and itll do the same for you.

    How To Make Jello Shots With Vodka

    Peach Basil Vodka Fizz by crowded_kitchen
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    Jello shots are synonymous with casual, fun parties. They are fun-to-eat treats with a boozy little bonus. They can really get a crowd going and set a laid-back tone to your event. You can know how to make Jello shots with vodka and then use that knowledge to add some fun color to any party you throw, any time of the year.

    Jello shots are as easy and fun to make as they are to eat. You literally need 3 ingredients: a box of your favorite flavor Jello, water, and alcohol. In this case, were going with vodka, but weve had delicious results with tequila, too.

    They keep all party long in your refrigerator or ice bucket and you wont have to do any pouring. Vodka will go with every jello flavor and just the right amount of boozy kick you are looking for. Will Jello shots get your party guests drunk? Probably not.

    Even though you will taste the drink, each individual shot holds more Jello than booze. And they hold significantly less content than the average shot. Though, if youd like to take that boozy kick to an even boozier punch, theres an option in the recipe to do just that.

    Youll want to make sure you have your shot containers on hand. We went with standard shot glass size, disposable plastic containers. You should get 10-12 shots per 1 box of Jello. You can also find creative ways to make your shots like in fruit peels.

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    Best Vodka For Jello Shots

    Picking your favorite jello flavor is only half the battle. You need to have a good vodka too.

    Im not talking about the high end $35 a bottle stuff. Thats for martinis and vodka soda. For these jello shots, a $12 bottle of Absolut or Smirnoff will work just fine.

    Dont pick a bottom shelf big plastic bottle. The vodka will come through in the shots and you want a vodka thats smoother.

    What Are Jello Shots

    Simply put, it is an alcoholic party drink put in portions of jello dissolved in water and mixed with liquor. They are usually placed in small glasses to set.

    This drink was invented in the 1950s in an attempt to sneak in alcohol at an army facility where restrictions were in place. But as early as 1862, there had been a recorded recipe of gelatin being mixed with the punch.

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    Which Vodka Is The Best To Use For Jello Shots

    Since vodka is the front and center ingredient here, I would recommend using decent quality vodka in the $15 price range. For this budget range, you can get the Absolute or Smirnoff brand.

    Obviously, the more expensive brands will work as well, and be smoother. Just do not use the cheapest, bottom-shelf big plastic bottle!

    How To Make Jello Shots

    Caramel Apple Jello Shots – With Real Apples
  • Boil 1 cup of water on the stovetop.
  • Pour a 3-ounce box of gelatin mix into a mixing bowl. Pour boiling water over jello and whisk until jello is completely dissolved.
  • Add vodka and cold water, 1/2 cup each, to the mixing bowl. Whisk to combine everything together.
  • Place your 2-ounce plastic cups on a baking sheet without the lids.
  • Pour the mixture into plastic shot cups and chill in the fridge until set, about 2 hours. Once set, top with lids for storing and to make them travel-friendly!
  • You can serve them as is, or top with a swirl of whipped cream on top.
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    Easy Vodka Lemonade Shots Recipe

    This post may contain affiliate links and ads. Read our disclosure policy here.

    Looking for the perfect summertime vodka shot recipe? Give this one a try! With a simple ingredient list, these vodka lemonade double shots are the perfect addition to your summer BBQ drink menu!


    What drink is more iconic to summer than a delicious, cold glass of homemade lemonade? I love lemonade and I definitely spend the summer months enjoying it on a weekly basis. These adult beverages will make the perfect, refreshing addition to your summer entertainment menu!

    Tips For The Perfect Shots

    • Place your shot glasses or containers on a sheet pan before placing the Jello mixture in the glasses or containers. This makes it east to place the sheet pan with all the Jello shots in the refrigerator.
    • To pour the Jello evenly into the cups, try using a turkey baster to suction the liquid and place it in the containers. You can also use a measuring spoon.
    • Try making several flavors of Jello shots for a variety that will please all of your guests.
    • While standard vodka is a classic ingredient, you can use other liquors such as flavored vodka or white rum.
    • Try making layered shots by pouring a darker colored Jello in a shot glass or container, letting it chill and then pouring a lighter colored Jello on top.
    • You can pour the Jello in a baking pan to cool and then cut out small squares instead of using individual cups.

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    How To Make Vodka Jell

    The following recipe yields approximately 16 Jell-O shots.


    • 1 Jell-O packet
    • 1 cup boiling water
    • 1/2 cup cold water

    Step 1: Stir

    Empty the gelatin packet into a large, heatproof mixing bowl . Carefully add the boiling water. Whisk together for about two minutes until the gelatin is fully dissolved. Add the vodka and cold water. Stir until all liquids are blended.

    Step 2: Set

    Carefully pour the mixture into 1-ounce paper cups or plastic containers aligned on a baking sheet. Refrigerate the shots for at least 3 hours until firm.

    Step 3: Shoot!

    Now for the fun part. Loosen up the Jell-O from the sides of the glass with a spoon or your finger and squeeze the shot into your mouth. Bottoms up!

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