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Can Margarita Be Made With Vodka

Stupid Easy Vodka And Coke Cocktail Idea

How to Make the Perfect Vodka Margarita : Margarita Recipes

There are easy recipes and there are EASY recipes. While some wouldnt call a Vodka and Coke a cocktail recipe, I totally do.

Im not a bartender. Im just a gal who likes to make mixed drinks at home.

If you like easy vodka recipes, this might become a favorite for you.

Especially because Im going to share some simple flavor variations to make this your own.

Plus, sometimes you really dont care about making a craft cocktail and just want something refreshing to sip on.

This is totally that!

I love easy cocktails to make at home but I dont consider myself an expert.

I do like to read up on trends and watch what legit bartenders create.

They wouldnt call Vodka Coke a recipe. Theyd call it a 1 and 1.

It totally makes sense. Its just one part this to one part that.

Since I hardly ever drink soda, this easy cocktail idea is really a treat.

Coke is a great cocktail mixer and adds the perfect amount of fizz and sweetness. And vodka is so versatile that it pairs perfectly. Check out even more Coke Cocktails to make since you probably already have the ingredients. And also try Coke and Rosé. Sounds weird, I know. But trust me. YUM!

You can even use Coke to make a Soda Cake!

I measure everything and research recipes before I make them. Even for a two-ingredient cocktail idea like this one.

Corn: Prairie Organic Vodka

Prairies organic, GMO-free vodka is made by Phillips Distilling Company in Minnesota, where its produced by distilling locally grown corn. And no, it doesnt taste like corn-based moonshine or white dog. Instead, Prairie is lightly sweet with notes of corn, melon, pear and citrus. Its creamy on the palate before finishing clean and refreshing. Prairie Organic Vodka is a natural addition to cocktails, including classics like the Vodka Collins, as well as creative drinks featuring fresh fruits and vegetables.

How To Garnish This Bloody Mary

If you want to make your drink more aesthetic, the best way is to garnish.

We recommend getting your garnish inspirations from the cocktail ingredients. Here are a few ideas for you to garnish this vodka and tomato juice:

  • Lemon: You can either cut a thin slice or wedge to hang on the glass. Or, use a peeler and cut some lemon peel, twist, and put it in the glass.
  • Tomatoes: Although we dont use cherry tomatoes in todays vodka and tomato juice recipe, they still make a good garnish. Simply pierce two or three cherry tomatoes on a toothpick and put it in your cocktail.
  • A stick of celery: Pick a fresh piece of celery with leaves on top and put it in your glass. The bright green color of the celery is a nice garnish and can make a great snack, too.

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Why Is It Called A Kamikaze Drink

In Japanese, the word kamikaze translates to “divine wind.” It initially referred to the typhoon that the Mongols were met with while trying to invade Japan in the 13th century. It’s also often erroneously attributed to a name used by the Japanese military for its pilots and their missionsalthough it seems they later adopted the phrase despite the fact that the word used for their pilots was slightly different. It’s most likely that the drink took on the name due to its origins in Japan, bold flavors, and alcohol kick.

How Long Does Tomato Juice Last In The Fridge

Ridiculously Easy Simple Vodka Drink

Store-bought tomato juice can last for days in the refrigerator, but we cant say the same for homemade juice.

Fresh tomato juice can last up to 48 hours, assuming you keep it refrigerated in an airtight bottle. The juice may separate, but its still safe to drink just give it a shake before using it.

If you plan on serving vodka and tomato juice at a party, you can make it ahead of time. Juice the tomatoes the day before, put it in the fridge, and itll be ready for your party.

And if youre a tomato juice lover, we have a collection of best tomato juice recipes, where you can find a delicious beer mixed with tomato juice just for you. This article has all the interesting facts about tomatoes and how to turn these juicy fruits into delicious, refreshing beverages.

But for now, lets get back to making this cocktail.

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Can You Use Vodka Instead Of Tequila In Margaritas

Yes, you can use vodka instead of tequila in margaritas! Whether you love vodka or hate the taste of tequila, a Vodka Margarita is the perfect quick and easy cocktail for you.

The step-by-step instructions below will show you how to make this drink perfectly every time with just a cocktail shaker and a handful of ingredients.

But what do you call a margarita made with vodka? A Vodkarita, of course. Like your favorite celebrity couple, smashing two names together is the right thing to do for this drink. Plus it tells you exactly what to expect.

If youre up on your vodka recipes, you may notice that this recipe is similar to a Kamikaze cocktail. Adding a salted rim turns it into more of a margarita than a martini.

If youre looking for more of a traditional margarita, check out my Super Skinny Margarita, My Favorite Limeade Margarita and my Basil Margarita.

Best Triple Sec To Use

Lets be honest: you can use any quality vodka youd like here. Because vodka is so neutral in flavor, its mostly overpowered by the citrus flavors in this drink . But how about the orange liqueur? Heres the best triple sec to use in margaritas:

  • Triple Sec. Yes, triple sec is a family of orange liqueurs and a product itself! It has a straightforward orange flavor. Look for a quality brand: we like Drillauds.
  • Cointreau. Cointreau is usually our default for margaritas. It has a sophisticated flavor, with warm spices and a nuance of oak and vanilla. Its actually great in a vodka margarita because it adds a little more glamour. Feel free to pick either!

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Quinoa: Fair Quinoa Vodka

Quinoa is most often seen bulking up a grain bowl or sitting beside a main course on your dinner plate. But a two-year joint research project between French distillers and Andean farmers resulted in this superfood finding its way into a bottle. Fair Vodka is a delicate spirit with a light body and a toasty, earthy flavor.

Does Tequila Make You More Drunk

How To Make A Vodka Margarita | Twenty2 Vodka Remix

So you need to drink way less tequila to get the same blood alcohol concentration than you would drinking wine or beer. BAC also increases quicker when you drink faster. So taking tequila shots gets you drunker faster, and once youre intoxicated, your ability to say no and understand your limit decreases drastically.

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Add Yeast To The Fermentable Medium

Hydrate the appropriate amount of dried distillers or other desired yeast and add it to the liquid. Stir with a clean, sanitized spoon to evenly disperse the yeast.

If using an airlock, the airlock will bubble during active fermentation, and the bubbling will slow dramatically or cease altogether as the liquid becomes completely fermented. Keep the fermenting liquid in a room that is about 80° 85° F to facilitate good, efficient fermentation. Alternately, use a heating belt in cold areas.

  • Distillers yeast will ferment cleanly, produce a high amount of alcohol , and produce a relatively low amount of unwanted compounds such as alcohols other than ethanol. The amount of yeast used will depend on the specific brand or type of yeast used.
  • Nutrients may be included with the yeast in the yeast packet. Yeast nutrients are needed when fermenting a medium that is low in nutrients, such as sugar solutions, but they can also improve fermentations when used with nutrient-rich mediums such as those made from grains.

Bitter Hemingway Strawberry Daiquiri

This recipe uses strawberry vodka with grapefruit juice for a complex flavor similar to a Hemingway daiquiri.


  • 1½ ounces strawberry vodka
  • ¾ ounce grapefruit juice
  • ¼ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Ice
  • Chill a martini glass or coupe.
  • In a cocktail shaker, add ice, strawberry vodka, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, and lime juice.
  • Shake to chill.
  • Garnish with grapefruit peel.
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    Depending On Your Mash Ingredients Decide Whether You Need To Use Additional Enzymes

    Food-grade amylase enzyme powder can be purchased from a homebrew shop and added to the mash to convert the starch into fermentable sugars, if youre using something like potatoes, for example. Use the recommended amount for the amount of starch to be broken down. There is no need to use malted, enzyme-rich grains such as malted barley or wheat when using enzyme powder.

    For enzymes to be able to break down starches, even the starches of malted, enzyme-rich grain, the starches must first be gelatinized.

    Flaked grains are often already gelatinized. Un-gelatinized ingredients such as potatoes and unrolled or malted grains are heated in water to the gelatinization temperature of the particular starch that is used. Potatoes usually gelatinize at about 150° F , while barley and wheat gelatinize at about the same temperature. Theoretically a potato mash should only need to be heated to 150° F , anything over 165° will destroy all the enzymes. If a low temperature is used with potatoes, the potatoes should be finely shredded before adding them to the water.

    Check The Alcohol Content And Purity Of The Distillate

    Enjoy a deliciously fruity treat with this recipe for ...

    Cool a sample of the distillate to 68° F and use a hydrometer to measure the percentage of alcohol of the distillate. The distillate may be too dilute to serve as acceptable vodka , or may be more concentrated than desired . Vodka is usually diluted before bottling, so the distillate may have a very high alcohol content. The distillate may also be too flavorful and aromatic and require additional distillations or carbon filtering.

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    Choose And Set Up Your Airlock

    An airlock is a mechanism that will allow CO2 to escape without letting O2 to get in. Five gallon batches of strained mash can be fermented in a 7.5 gallon food-grade bucket or in 6 gallon carboys.

    Lids can be affixed to buckets, as can drilled rubber stoppers to carboys, but when using a lid or a stopper, never seal the vessel completely, as pressure from carbon dioxide production will create explosive pressure. Therefore, affix an airlock to lids and drilled rubber stoppers. If possible, avoid fermentation in an open bucket.

    Hot Toddy For Cold Cough Flu & Sore Throat

    Hot toddies are widely beloved for soothing what ails you: colds, coughs, sore throats, and even flus. When I’m sick, Jay often makes me a tonic of freshly grated ginger, lemon juice, honey, and hot water which I drink throughout the day. Nothing soothes a sore throat like this concoction. But these apple cider hot toddies with vodka are 1000 times more delicious. You can enjoy them in sickness and in health.

    Here’s how they help:

    Honey is a natural analgesic and can be more effective in quieting a cough than prescription meds. I have firsthand experience with this! The vitamin C in lemon juice helps a body fight infection. Freshly grated ginger adds a zip that feels amazing on a sore throat. Here, freshly pressed apple juice adds natural sweetness. Apple juice is also loaded with health-promoting properties such as vitamin C, pectin to aid digestion, antioxidants to wash away free radicals, and a host of other goodies.

    Whatever you’ve got, I can guarantee that this apple cider hot toddy tastes a whole lot better than Theraflu, and is probably more helpful, too.

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    Can You Freeze Pre Made Margaritas

    Pour blended margaritas into 1/2 pint mason jars, screw on the lids and freeze. The alcohol keeps them from freezing to a hard solid state, so theyre always ready to remove from the freezer, serve, and drink. VIRGIN MARGARITAS: omit tequila and triple sec and substitute equivalent amount of water.

    Titos Handmade Vodka: The Perfect Mixer

    How Vodka is Made Vodka Cocktail Recipe with Boardroom Spirits

    With a price tag in the $20 range, Titos is a pretty good bet for cocktails and mixing. Its smooth enough as to not interfere too much with the taste of other ingredients and its cheap enough that you dont feel horrible about breaking open a bottle with a couple of friends and mixing it up for a night of good fun and shenanigans.

    And Titos, apparently, want you to mix. Responsibly, Im sure. Looking at their website, theres an abundance of drink and infusion recipes available for every occasion and season. I, however, sort of went my own way and flirted with a few classics starting out with a high octane drink immortalized by my favorite Bond of all time, Sir Sean Connery.

    The iconic Vodka Martini: Stirred, not shaken!

    In playing around with a true American vodka, I couldnt help but try my luck with one of the most iconic examples of product placement, the Vodka Martini, which helped spawn the massive success of another American vodka brand with a strangely Russian sounding name. With all due respect to Mr. Bond, I could, however, not bring myself to shake my spin on the Vodka Martini. It makes for a horribly cloudy mess of a drink.

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    Titos Handmade Vodka: First Impressions From A Liquor Snob

    Upon first glance, Titos Handmade Vodka appears to be keeping it real. Despite its supposed quality and its ever increasing reputation, the bottle is kept extremely simple and non-flashy, as is the label with its simple print and subtle logo. Despite it being churned out by the millions of bottles per year, you get the impression that not a whole lot has changed since the product was first crafted and bottled. It still has the look of a handmade craft product. The back label, in an equally non-flashy way, carries a bit of information about the philosophy behind the product and the process through which it was created. Here, too, you get the feeling that not much has changed and this, also, is a good thing.

    The first test of any vodka: How does it fare neat?

    Examining the content of the bottle it is as expected colorless and crystal clear. The smell, as could also be expected from an odorless spirit is almost non-existent: a trace of alcohol and a faint whiff of sweet corn. Titos, in a sense, has the look and smell that you would expect of a premium vodka, crystal clear and by no means off-putting on the nose.

    Looking for more vodka reviews:

    If You Love The Margarita

    Try the Tequila and Tonic, which is a lot like the Gin and Tonic, but with tequila. Its bubbly and refreshing and delicious.

    And then theres the White Lizard, with tequila, grapefruit juice and lime. This is a great cocktail for reviving you after a long day.

    And definitely check out all our for lots more variations you can enjoy.

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    What Kind Of Mixed Drinks Can I Make With Vodka

  • What Drinks Can I Make With Banana Rum?
  • Vodka, which means “water” in Slavic languages, is a type of spirit originally distilled from fermented wheat mash however rye, potatoes and corn mash are also used. Though it came out of Eastern European countries, it is the most popular liquor in the United States, according to Food and Beverage Underground. Vodka is utilized to create a variety of cocktails and martinis, including Bloody Marys and fruit cocktails.

    How Not To Mix Vodka & Wine Together

    Watermelon Vodka Fizz Cocktail

    If you have never mixed wine and vodka together can I ask you to take 30 seconds to imagine what this would taste like? If you are thinking foul-tasting, sour and a sharp aftertaste then you are exactly right. Mixing wine and vodka does not produce anything pleasant, they do not combine well together by simply pouring them both into a glass with no other ingredients.

    When it comes to having a drink I think everyone would agree that they want a drink that tastes good and a drink they can actually enjoy. Vodka and wine mixed together do not give us either, it does not taste good and Im not quite sure the word enjoy even fits into the same sentence.

    I feel I have to call this out because it is something I have seen before and to this day I think they are still popular with students. There are vodka and champagne cocktails which consist of nothing more than vodka and champagne, aptly named leg breakers. With the addition of red bull, they are called Formula 1s because of the speed at which they get you drunk. They are homemade cocktails and you most certainly would not find them on many bar menus.

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    Choose The Ingredients You Want To Ferment Into Vodka

    Vodka is commonly made from wheat, rye, barley, corn, or potatoes. Sugar and molasses can also be used alone or added to other ingredients. Whatever you choose, it must have sugars or starches so that alcohol is ultimately produced.

    Feel free to introduce your own ingredients to change and enhance the flavor of your vodka. Yeast eats sugars or starches and spits out alcohol and carbon dioxide.

    • When making vodka from grains and potatoes, a mash must be made that contains active enzymes that break down the starches from the grains or potatoes and makes fermentable sugars.
    • Fruit juice already contains sugars so starch-degrading enzymes are not needed. As with fruit juice, vodka made from store-bought sugars need only be fermented, thus bypassing the need for a mash.
    • When already fermented mediums such as wine are used, the medium can be distilled right away into vodka.

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