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Is Maker’s Mark Good Whiskey

Aquafaba: The Perfect Egg White Substitute For Sours

Watch This Before Taking Another Sip Of Maker’s Mark

Aquafaba is the liquid that comes out of chickpeas when they are stored in cans. It behaves similarly to an egg in that it is a starchy binder. As an egg white substitute, add one tablespoon of aquafaba instead of two tablespoons of egg white in this recipe. The flavor of a sour is usually associated with a base beverage containing a base liquor, lemon juice, and a sweetener . Some sours also contain egg whites. The primary reason to use egg whites is that they are thick and starchy and serve as a binder to eggs. In this recipe, substitute two tablespoons of aquafaba for one egg white by using that amount.

The Best Bourbons Under $50

Broken Barrel Whiskey Co. California Oak Bourbon

Distilled in Kentucky, this high-rye release is finished using a mix of virgin French Oak staves and California Cabernet wine cask staves. The process has a noticeable and enjoyable influence on the final whiskey, imparting a prominent vanilla note and juicy red berry flavors. If youre a regular wine drinker looking to explore bourbon, this is the bottle for you. Average price: $31. Rating: 91.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The eponymous release from the Buffalo Trace distillery, this expression remains among the most widely available and easily obtainable from the brand. That doesnt mean it should go overlooked, though. This is a solid entry-level bourbon with enjoyable caramel, brown sugar, and spice notes. It also performs valiantly when used in cocktails. Average price: $35. Rating: 91.

Hirsch Selected Whiskeys The Horizon

Hirsch combines a blend of two rye-forward Indiana-distilled bourbons for this release. The first, and majority component, is a little under 5 years old, while the second made from an even higher-rye mash bill is aged more than 6 and a half years. Unsurprisingly, rye is notable throughout, lending a black pepper spice to the nose and a sharp bite to the finish. Notes of red petals and dried cherries lend further complexity. Average price: $38. Rating: 92.

Russells Reserve 10 Years Old

Pinhook Bourbon Heist

Join The Menhaden Whisky Society

The goal of the Menhaden Whisky Society whiskey tasting is to sample some unique whiskeys and engage in discussion and fellowship with like-minded people. The informal group comes together for a whisky tasting. A small, innovative taste of food will be paired with each whisky. Whisky tastings will take place monthly and whisky dinners will also be held throughout the year.

Sign up for the Menhaden Whisky Society to be kept abreast of all things whisky related at the Beaufort Hotel!

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Final Thoughts On Knob Creek

Knob Creek is a surprisingly easy bourbon to drink, especially if you like your drinks neat. While it is a little less flavorful than other high-quality bourbons, its still a solid option when youre looking for something affordable and tasty.

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks of Knob Creek is that its small-batch bourbons are no longer aged for at least nine years. While Jim Beam suggests that it is still aged longer than their other offerings, they dont share exactly how long.

Even though Knob Creek is Jim Beams attempt to stay relevant in the world of small-batch bourbons, it still has plenty of delicious offerings. I really like the Smoked Maple bourbon with my sweet tea, but I am partial to the sweeter bourbons. If you are too, I would suggest giving it a try.

Jack Daniels Vs Makers Mark: Price Comparison


Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

  • Jack Daniels is not that good, TBH. It has some ugly tasting notes that disappear when drowned in Coke but is not something you want to sip neither neat nor rocks. This is a mixer and serves no purpose beyond that.

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Maker’s Mark Gold Rating

Learn more about Weller Special Reserve1991 BlantonsOld ForesterBJ Evans 10 YearBlantonsOld Grand Dad 114 Lot 17Four RosesMakers Mark Gold looking over Kanazawa Castle in JapanDiscover some of the best bourbons under $50Meet the Author: Alex

I have far too much fun writing about whiskey and singlehandedly running The Whiskey Shelf to bring you independent, honest, and useful reviews, comparisons, and more. Im proudly Asian American and can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and some Japanese.

Buying Me A Shot

Shattered glass really sucks, so if youre on the move, this Glencairn-like stainless steel snifter glass should survive your travels. Full transparency, this is an Amazon affiliate link, so I may earn a commission if you buy this or something else from Amazon.

Hot Holiday Coffee Drink Using Makers Mark 46

This is ideal for enjoying with your friends on a winter evening. In a mixer, combine well 1 oz of each of Makers Mark 46 and Starbucks Cream Liqueur. Transfer it into a coffee mug. Now, add a few dashes of Frangelico, and then fill the rest with 5 oz of hot or warm coffee. Top with a large dollop of ice cream or whipped cream.

Makers Mark Hot Holiday Coffee Drinks

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Best Bourbon For Whiskey Sour

There are many great bourbons that can be used for a whiskey sour. Some of our favorites include Bulleit Bourbon, Makers Mark, and Knob Creek.

A Whiskey Sour is a traditional Sour Cocktail from the Sour Cocktails category, also known as Sours. They all use the same basic recipe: a spirit base mixed with fresh lemon or lime juice and simple syrup. Because a classic cocktail can be tailored to meet your personal preferences, this is one of its most appealing characteristics. The majority of classic Whiskey Sour recipes rely on Bourbon as their primary flavoring. Woodford Reserve has a smooth and rich flavor that works well with a wide range of cocktail recipes. Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon is another Bourbon that is on our list, but in a different way. Buffalo Trace Distillery produces some of the most well-known Bourbons, such as Blantons.

The spirit Bulleit Rye Whiskey is said to have a delicate taste and is ideal for cocktails. Ryes of this type, such as Rittenhouse Rye, have a spicy flavor that is more than just spicy Bulleit. Kentucky has produced Wild Turkey 101, another high-ABV Rye. Nikka Days is a household name in Japan, having been a leading whisky producer since its inception in 1961. The Whisky has a distinct floral, fruity, and bright flavor combination, and it also has a surprisingly high amount of smoke. With ten years of Talisker Single Malt, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Dewars 12 Whiskey Sour is a great option for Whiskey Sours.

Is Maker’s Mark Good Whiskey

Top 10 Budget-ish Bourbons (according to whiskey lovers)

Maker’s Mark, a good whiskey? Yes. With its vanilla notes, caramel, and citrusy flavors, the Maker’s Mark whiskey is a delightful whiskey under $30. You can drink the whiskey neat or mix it with cola, and it is perfect for pairing with any cocktail.

It is not a top-shelf whiskey, it belongs in the mid-shelf category of whiskey, but the Maker’s Mark Cask Strength belongs in the top-shelf category.

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The 30 Best Bourbons For Every Budget

Bourbon continues to rank among the most popular distilled spirits in the United States and its not just sales seeing a spike. As the number of producers in the country goes from strength to strength, so too does the range of styles in the category, with distillers turning to innovative fermentation and aging techniques, as well as left-field grains to stand out.

The tasting for VinePairs 2022 edition of our annual bourbon roundup offered great insight into how broad and deep the category has grown. Among the more than 150 bottles considered, we sampled brands from across the country, and encountered more craft expressions than ever before.

Speaking of craft, a large portion of the bottles considered this year came from independent brands that source their whiskey from Indiana . While this practice has been looked down upon by some in the past, the majority of brands employing that strategy now are increasingly transparent about their whiskeys origins. Producers in that field who made it onto this list did so by taking the spirit in a new direction via a finishing technique or proprietary aging process, or by blending with their own whiskey and achieving harmonious results.

With all that said, here are 30 of the best bourbons to drink in 2022.

Why Is Bourbon Used With Whiskey Sour

There are a few reasons why bourbon is often used in whiskey sour cocktails. First, bourbon has a strong, distinct flavor that can hold up against the other ingredients in the drink. Second, bourbon is a relatively inexpensive type of whiskey, so its a good option for mixing. Finally, the high alcohol content in bourbon helps to balance out the sweetness of the other ingredients in the drink.

Dorothy Parker was a fan of the Whiskey Sour cocktail. Over 250 years ago, Jerry Thomas first codified it in the book How to Mix Drinks. The Sour has been credited with elevating pragmatism in the early days of the twentieth century. In addition to lowering the intensity of liquor, the presence of lemons and limes enhanced the nutrients in the drink. What are the best Whiskey Sour bourbon recipes? Its a little bit like rye in taste. The second most important aspect of high-rye bourbon is the addition of complexity to the bourbons sweet corn base.

Jack Daniels is nearly twice as sweet as the 80% ABV required for bourbon distilled at 140 proof, implying that it is much less sweet than whiskey distilled at 160 proof. The majority of bourbon must have an alcohol by volume of 80% or higher. Despite this, Jack Daniels is technically labeled Tennessee Whiskey, which is correct because it is manufactured in Tennessee. This type of labeling has one drawback: it may not accurately reflect the quality of the whiskey.

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Whiskey Sour Without Egg White

Whiskey sours are a delicious and refreshing drink, typically made with whisky, lemon juice, sugar, and egg whites. However, you can absolutely make a whiskey sour without egg whites and it can be just as delicious ! To make a whiskey sour without egg whites, simply combine whisky, lemon juice, and sugar to taste. Shake or stir the ingredients together and enjoy!

Whiskey sour is a classic that has been around for centuries. Cocktail mixers have been using egg whites since the 1860s. Raw egg whites have a very low salmonella risk. Aquafaba, a vegan egg white substitute for whiskey sour, can be used. Whiskey sour and egg white make for a sophisticated cocktail that goes well with almost any beverage. For a vegan version of this recipe, substitute 2 tablespoons aquafaba . It makes a great whiskey sour and is suitable for sipping as a:. You can make a whiskey sour using any whiskey you want.

Best Legacy Tour: Kentucky Bourbon Tour To Maker’s Mark And Jim Beam


Getty Images

Jim Beam is a brand that is synonymous with bourbon history. 7 generations of Beam Family Master Distillers have poured knowledge and love into each of their bourbon bottles. As visitors tour the working distillery with a knowledgeable guide, they will learn about the entire journey of each bourbon bottle, beginning with the natural limestone water to the mashing, distilling, barreling, and bottling.

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Bourbon House & Lounge

Maker’s Mark began creating branded restaurants with the October 2004 opening of Maker’s Mark Bourbon House & Lounge in the Fourth Street Live! entertainment complex in DowntownLouisville, Kentucky. In addition to serving Maker’s Mark it features bourbons from each of Kentucky‘s distilleries. The menu was designed by Chef Al Paris of the former jazz club Zanzibar Blue restaurant in Philadelphia.

A second such establishment opened in Kansas City, Missouri‘s downtown Power & Light District in 2008, and a third at the Indiana Live Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana just outside Indianapolis in March, 2009.

Makers Mark 46 47% Abv

Overall rating 5/5

Maker’s Mark is a benchmark in Kentucky bourbon. It is a distillery that ripped up the rule book when they were starting out, while sixth-generation distiller Bill Samuels Sr actually burned the family’s 170-year-old recipe. It was a statement of intent as he wanted to put together his own ‘mash bill’ the mix of grains that goes into bourbon.

Bill Samuels was also radical in opting for red star wheat instead of rye to create gentle sweetness on the palate rather than bite, a feature that now defines the Maker’s Mark brand. Margie Samuels, his wife, was just as crucial to the companys success. She did the marketing, taking inspiration from her favourite cognacs when settling on Makers striking square, wax-sealed bottle.

The thinking behind this decision was that, if the whisky is different from other bourbons, it should look different on the shelf. The joke at the time was that people bought their first bottle because of Margie and their second because of Bill. Later, Bill Samuels Jr introduced Makers Mark 46 after promoting his parents’ recipe for years.

The 46 expression is created using French oak staves , which help draw out smooth and mellow flavours such as vanilla and caramel. On the nose, aromas of toffee hang thick along with popcorn, enticing you to indulge.

More like this

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Best Single Malt Scotch: The Glen Grant 15 Year Old

For this single malt, age is but a number. Despite its 15-year age statement, its floral and citrus-forward aromas give the Scotch a youthful profile. Add to that sweet undertones of cake batter, and the result is a rounded, balanced sip thats lively but with a restrained alcohol content not too hot on the palate.

Average price: $93

Makers Mark Private Selection

Maker’s Mark Maker’s Mark Cask Strength.

Makers Mark Private Selection bourbons further explore their innovative wood-stave-finishing process. To make Private Selection, distillers begin with fully matured Makers Mark at casks strength, then add ten custom wood finishing staves to each barrel. The bourbon is then aged in their limestone cellar to develop a unique flavor profile. There are 1,001 different possible stave combinations, each of which produces a unique bourbon.

Makers Mark Private Selection is aged for anywhere from 5 3/4 to 7 years, plus finished for nine weeks in cold conditions with their unique combination of staves. The flavors of Private Selection bourbons vary, depending on the combination of staves used. Its bottled at cask strength, which can range from 108 to 114 proof. Makers Mark Private Selection is only available in select markets but can be purchased directly from their distillery.

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The Main Differences Between Makers Mark Vs Knob Creek

The main differences between Makers Mark vs Knob Creek are:

  • Makers Mark has a deep rust-color with a leaning toward orange, whereas Knob Creek has a deep caramel color, like burnt orange.
  • Makers Mark has a caramel, malt, vanilla and cinnamon aroma, whereas Knob Creek has vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and maple syrup notes.
  • Makers Marks finish consists o corn, caramel and oak, whereas Knob Creeks finish consists of caramel, cherry and corn.

How To Make The Perfect Whiskey Sou

What is whiskey sour? Whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and egg white were traditionally used to make Whiskey Sour, which was historically made with alcohol and lemon juice to tame the tart flavor and produce a smoother, richer flavor. Will Jack Daniels sour whiskey be better than regular whiskey? A good whiskey sour is always made with high-quality bourbon, such as Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, or Jack Daniels. It is critical to use fresh lemon juice because bottled lemon juice tastes terrible and affects the quality of your drink. What can be used as a mixer with a whiskey sour? Pair this savory and delicious food with a whiskey sour cocktail made with pork ribs, cheese such as brie, and cheddar. A strong whiskey or a mild whiskey will determine the strength or mildness of your whiskey. Dark chocolate, as opposed to other types of fruit, is the most flavorful and tart.

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Jack Daniels Is A Tennessee Whiskey And Makers Mark A Bourbon

Both whiskeys require the same corn percentage in the mashbill and must be aged in new charred oak barrels.

The main difference is that Tennessee whiskey must go through a charcoal filtering process, which mellows the whiskeys character. For that reason, bourbon is often, but not always, bolder and has a more robust flavor.

Best Japanese Whisky: The Hakushu Single Malt Japanese Whisky Aged 12 Years

Makerâs Mark Releases Two Limited Edition Holiday Bottlings

The youngest and most available expression from Suntorys Hakushu line, this release still arrives with a hefty price tag but such is the nature of shopping for high-quality Japanese whisky. Stump up for a bottle and rest assured that the liquid inside will deliver considerable consolation. Delicately peated, this single malt serves tantalizing smokiness that weaves wonderfully among savory notes of herbal green tea. Orchard and stone fruit provide a robust, attractive, fruity core.

Average price: $204

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