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Where Is Herradura Tequila Made

Herradura Tequila Standard Bottles And Prices

Tequila Herradura Silver Tasting Notes

Here is the list of Herradura Tequila bottles and prices.


Amongst these standard HerraduraTequila bottles, this is the most popular one,

Herradura Legend Tequila

Tequila Herradura Legend is made from 100% blue agave, which is matured for 14 months in heavily charred new American oak barrels. The deeply grooved barrels improve the rich flavors of toasted oak, resulting in a unique style of Anejo tequila. This drink has a deep color with a velvety smooth taste. It costs $125 for 750ml.

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Its Made Near The Base Of Tequila Volcano

Unless its carved out of ice and sitting at the center of the bar at your BFFs bachelorette party, Tequila Volcano refers to an actual volcano in Jalisco . The agave for Herradura tequila grows around the base of the volcano, or the lowlands, and we can thank that volcano for the rich, agave-friendly soil, and then maybe pour one out at its base just in case, since the last eruption was 200,000 years ago and we want to keep things nice and quiet in Jalisco.

Gayot Explores Casa Herradura In Jalisco Mexico Which Has Been Producing Tequila Since 1870

There is some dispute as to who first said, No one should see how laws or sausages are made. But theres no dispute that seeing how Tequila is made is a fascinating experience.Vodka can be distilled from potatoes, wheat, grapes or other substances. But Tequila is only made from blue agave, one of the 200 known types of agave. On a trip to Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico, we got to visit the Herradura estate where blue agave is grown, harvested and transformed into Mexicos finest export.Casa Herraduras official name is Hacienda San José del Refugio, and the high-walled compound once served as a refuge for Mexican Catholics who were being targeted by the government. The pastoral hacienda, where wild horses roam through the fields and some workers still live in casitas on the property, has been producing Tequila since 1870. Close to the town of Tequila, the estate is about an hours drive from Guadalajara, but visitors can opt for the Tequila Express, a train that connects the estate with Mexicos second-largest city.

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What Is The Strongest Tequila In Mexico

  • The Sierra Silver Tequila has an alcohol content of 75%.
  • The Luchador is a alcoholic beverage with a 55% alcohol content.
  • The Tapatio Blanco is 55% alcohol by volume
  • It has a 50% ABV, made by Don Fulano Tequila.
  • In Pueblo Viejo, the ABV is 50%
  • ABV of Sweet White Life is 50%.
  • This tequila has a 45% alcohol content.
  • There is 43% alcohol by volume in Tequila Cabeza. ..
  • Review: Milagro Tequila Select Barrel Reserve Silver

    [BUY] Herradura Reposado Tequila (RECOMMENDED) at

    60 bucks is a lot to pay for a silver tequila, so it better be good, right?

    Well, even if its not, it helps if its a work of art. Milagros Select Barrel Reserve line come in some of the most gorgeous bottles Ive ever seen, amazingly crafted with a glass rendition of an agave plant blown right into the base. It really has to be seen to believe, and once you do youll understand the reason for the plastic, padded case the bottle comes in.

    Fortunately Milagros SBR Silver has the legs to go the distance with its looks. Im not a huge fan of Milagros standard bottlings, but SBR is a significant improvement, toning down the bite of standard Milagro considerably. Here, however, though aged for 30 days in oak, it shows an awfully strong charcoal character, perhaps the result of too-aggressive filtering. Agave is huge here, with an herbal punch and a touch of mellow caramel on the finish. Still has some kick to it, though, before fading into that charred finale.

    A very worthwhile tequila, but I regret to inform youll find better tasting tequilas for less money though theyll be nowhere near as pretty.

    80 proof.

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    There May Be Too Much Agave In Your Tequila Or Mezcal

    *As a side note and a correction to my original article, sulphuric acids are only used if a difusor facility does not use autoclaves for hydrolysis. All of the facilities that I have visited or seen pictures of, do in fact, have an autoclave to convert the starches to sugar. If sulphuric acids were being used, there would be lines labeled as such running to the difusors. I have looked for, and have never seen such lines since I have learned about this *While the aguamiel was sweet like agave nectar, it was very bitter and not very enjoyable on my palate. Compared to cooked agave from an earthen pit, horno, or autoclave, this is a major disappointment and the first step in realizing what is wrong with agave spirits produced from difusor technology.hours***I have recently learned that organic only applies to the agave, not the production processProducers and NOMs of those who use difusors, and brands that are made at that distillery interesting video

    Traditional Clothing And Dance

    The traditional ranch style clothing of Jalisco is an imitation of Spanish dress that the women of the court wore. The original was heavy in expensive lace and ribbons but the Jalisco version focused on multicolored ribbons. The dresses were made from cotton instead of silk and brocades. The popularity of this dress grew during the to various parts of the country, as it was worn by a number of famous female soldiers of the time. Today, it is one considered one type of traditional Mexican dress. Today, this dress is mostly worn for dancing to sons and jarabes. The ribbon dress of Jalisco consists of an ample skirt in one of a number of bright colors. The bottom ruffle generally measures up to 35 cm wide onto which are placed ten strips of ribbons about 1.5 cm wide in colors that contrast with that of the skirt. The blouse is usually of the same color as the skirt with sleeves extending to the elbows and also decorated with ribbons, especially around the collar. This and other type of folk dance is most often worn on special occasions when traditional dance is performed.

    • Dresses

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    Is Sauza Tequila Good

    Sauza is a budget-friendly, easy-to-find tequila for easy-drinking shots and enjoyable frozen margaritas. This tequila has one of the bolder flavor profiles you will find, yet it retains the smoothness that defines great tequilas. This the aged tequila you wont want to miss because it makes superior margaritas.

    Herradura Invented The Reposado And Extra Aejo Tequila Categories

    Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila

    Another reason to pour one out: Gabriela de la Peña introduced reposado, which effectively bridged the gap between blanco and añejo. She also introduced extra añejo, a category that dared to even approach the gap between tequila and brown spirits like bourbon, rum, and Scotch. Reposado Herradura came out in 1974. Reposado is aged between 60 and 364 days, and in the case of Herradura that aging happens in white oak. And while the brown spirits-proximate extra añejo category wasnt introduced by Mexicos Tequila Regulatory Council until 2006, Herradura had actually introduced its Extra Añejo Selección Suprema all the way back in 1995.

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    How Strong Is Herradura Tequila

    A margarita made with this tequila is never the same. The margarita has more agave flavor and is unparalleled because of its 45-day aging process, which gives it a hint of oak and color. Notes on this 40% abv 80 proof: light straw in the eye. A slight woody note is present as well as notes of green agave and cooked agave.

    Is It Cheaper To Buy Tequila In Mexico

    In Mexico that includes good tequila for a good price. For a whole lot of brands, you can expect to pay half what you would in the USA. So prices are good, but some items are not as cheap as in poorer countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Bolivia, for instance. Nobody beats the Mexican prices for tequila though.

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    Choosing A Tequila Train: Jose Cuervo Express Vs Tequila Herradura Express

    There are actually two different tequila trains from Guadalajara, one run by Jose Cuervo and the other by Herradura. On the surface, they seem similar. They both depart on Saturdays, visit tequila distilleries in the same region, and are even the same price. But there are some notable differences to be aware of when deciding between the two tequila trains.

    • Distillery: Perhaps most obvious, is that the trains go to two completely different distilleries. Cuervos La Rojena distillery receives good reviews, but expect it to be busier and more touristic than Casa Herradura.
    • Departure time: The Cuervo Express departs earlier in the morning compared to Herradura .
    • Lunch included: The Herradura Express includes a full 4-course lunch with drinks, while the Cuervo Express lunch is not included. Instead, you are allotted a few hours to find a lunch spot on your own during the Cuervo Express.
    • Train both ways: The Herradura Express has a train that goes both ways to/from Guadalajara, whereas the Cuervo Express travels by train one way and by bus the other way.

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    Boozing Back To Guadalajara

    Herradura Resposado Tequila 80*

    And while the fun at Casa Herradura had concluded, we still had a two-hour train journey to complete the entire experience. The bartender was ready with an entirely new series of cocktails to dazzle us with on the ride back. And who are we to say no?

    A flurry of cocktails continued to be delivered to our seats as the train chugged back to Guadalajara. We enjoyed our first margaritas of the day. Herraduras version included lemongrass sprouting out from a highball glass. Yet perhaps our favorite cocktail was a fun & refreshing rendition of gin & tonic, garnished with a rosemary spring and cucumber slice. And yes, of course, the gin was replaced with tequila.

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    Where To Buy Tequila In The Usa

    Thanks to its geographical and cultural proximity, tequila can be easily found in most liquor and convenience stores throughout the USA.

    Indeed, the USA represents Mexicos first importer of tequila, having brought over 204 million litres of it in 2019! For context, Germany is Mexicos second-biggest importer, which only consumed just over 5 million litres in the same year.

    However, most easily-available tequila is rarely exceptional in quality or in value. In most cases, its bottom-shelf booze and rarely 100% blue agave. In fact, its easy to accidentally buy sub-part mixto tequila, which consists of a minimum 51% blue agave and other sugars.

    Nevertheless, the internet is an excellent resource, especially when it comes to liquor. There are a number of online retailers that specialise in high-quality alcohol while still offering good value for money.

    We were particularly impressed by Reserve Bar, which features a vast selection of tequila from different brands. Furthermore, Reserve Bar has partnered with a few producers in order to provide exclusives and fair pricing.

    Meanwhile, Drizly works in partnership with local liquor stores. Therefore, it tends to have a very healthy and diverse range of products. The benefit of its service is that you can discover whats locally available to you and have it delivered within an hour.

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    Herradura: A Tequila Story

    The first known owner of the Hacienda where Herradura is located was Jose Feliciano de la Trinidad Romo Escobedo. He purchased the La Concordia ranch in 1802. There is no record of whom the original owner was. The ranch came with a mezcal factory that had been operating for some time. Romo, who had recently been ordained a Roman Catholic priest, apparently kept the distillery in production.

    The ranch was renamed Hacienda del Padre by Father Romo in 1826, when he built a new main house on the property. The structure remains standing and is part of the distillerys grounds. The term hacienda is often used interchangeably to refer both to a principal residence as well as the functioning agricultural property that surrounds it.

    Technically a hacienda is a self-sustaining agricultural property. That means it must provide its own sustenance, maintain livestock and other farm animals, as well as grow its own food beyond whatever crops it produces for commercial purposes. It needs its own blacksmith shops and workshops to manufacture the tools and machinery it needs. It must provide housing to the owners family, typically in the form of a grand residence, as well as housing for all the employees who work there.

    Jimadors harvesting piñas at Herradura

    Piñas prior to baking

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    The History Behind Herradura Tequila

    Herradura Tequila brand is named after the Spanish word Herradura, which refers to horseshoe in Spanish. It was coined after the memory of Aurelio Lopez, the son of Felix Lopez, who found a horseshoe in the Hacienda property. The company was first registered in Mexico.

    The company produced fine quality tequila from Blue Weber agave grown in the lowlands of the Volcano in Jalisco, a popular tequila town in the world. They use 100% hand-harvested agave to craft the best-tasting tequilas in the world.

    Herradura was the first company to produce Reposado and Extra-Anejo tequilas in 1974 and 1995. So the company has been in the family for over a century. But it was acquired by Brown-Forman in 2007 that sells the bottles to over 136 countries globally.

    Casa Noble Extra Aejo Single Barrel

    Tequila Herradura Silver
    • Country of Origin: Mexico
    • Age: Extra Añejo
    • Casking: French Oak

    Produced at the La Cofradia distillery, Casa Noble is one of the only CCOF certified organic tequila brands in Mexico. This new release is part of Casa Nobles The Single Barrel Program.

    It has been aged for over three years in a single bousiné French white oak barrel. Therefore, it features a remarkably rich profile with a smooth mouthfeel.

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    What Is The Most Expensive Bottle Of Herradura Tequila

    The most expensive bottle of Herradura Tequila is Herradura150 Aniversario Tequila. Its worth $699 for 750ml.

    Now that you have the simplest answers to the simplest questions, below youll find the prices and sizes of the entire range of Herradura Tequila, their sizes, prices, and later on, a buyers guide.


    Is Herradura Tequila Any Good

    There is a pleasant balance between tartness and sweetness in this medium-bodied tequila. There are soft spice notes, oak, agave, vanilla, and earthy notes in the finish. A light agave note follows the baking spice flavors before the finish, which is a light finish with baking spice flavors, vanilla, and a touch of vanilla.

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    Sudden Surge Toward Thetop

    When Alan Richman visited Amatitán for a story on tequila that appeared in Gentlemen’s Quarterly in 1989, he reported that Herradura was still making tequila only from the juice of the blue agave plant, although almost all other producers were also using cane sugar. The company’s adobe-walled hacienda combined modern equipment such as a chromatograph with traditional labor intensive processes such as hand washing of returned bottles. Gabriela de la Peña de Rosales, the 72-year-old matriarch of the family and majority owner of the firm, was a traditionalist who opposed replacing the adobe brick or stone ovens in which the agave core was “cooked” with more efficient modern ones and preferred Herradura’s Silver tequila to the Reposado, which accounted for 90 percent of the firm’s output.

    Herradura Double Barrel Reposado

    Review: Herradura Anejo Tequila â Thirty

    First released in 2010, this expression is a unique twist on the Reposado style of tequila. After the tequila is aged 11 months in charred American White Oak barrels, it is then moved to new charred barrels, and aged for an additional 30 days. This is expression is most commonly found in accounts that have purchased a Herradura store-pick single barrel.

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    Its Ownership Roster Reads Like A Soap Opera Cast

    The hacienda where Herradura is made was first owned by a priest, then the three Zalazar sisters who ran it for about eight years until they were forced to trade it to a worker in lieu of unpaid wages. Then that worker, Félix López, went on to turn the distillery back into a successful property, which was eventually taken over by his son, then his cousin, then a game-changing powerful female leader , then a massively powerful U.S. corporation . All of which makes Herradura sound like the important factory trading hands in a soap opera.

    Its Produced On Holy Grounds

    Holy grounds by real-estate association, anyway: Herradura distillery was established in 1870 by Félix López , but a distillery had been operating there for longer. In the early 1800s, recently ordained Roman Catholic priest Jose Feliciano de la Trinidad Romo Escobedo bought the hacienda, where mezcal was already in production, and decided to continue distilling spirits . In fact, the place was briefly named the Hacienda del Padre, or Priest House. Not quite the name wed give a party spot but there it is.


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    Best Things To Mix With Herradura Tequila

    • Lime Juice: Lime, like any sour citrus, pairs perfectly with tequila
    • Agave Nectar: Agave will enhance the natural agave flavor in the tequila, offsetting any harshness.
    • Grapefruit Juice: Again, citrus works really well with tequila. More than that, the sourness of the grapefruit will bring out the natural sweet agave flavor of the tequila.
    • Club Soda: The bubbles in a club soda can help balance the traditional harshness of tequila. Plus, the minerals in the soda will help bring out subtler flavors in the tequila, like hints of vegetables, dried fruit, or wood.
    • Jalapeno: Pairing something spicy with tequila will make it that much more enjoyable and also bring out buried vegetable tones.

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